My mind was racing as I drove my car to Jamie's house. I followed his directions and I was on the final stretch. My stomach squirmed as I did, but I don't know why. I'd given him a blowjob already, and we've made out and told each other that we wanted each other...but I'd wondered if it was just a trick. You know, get the fag to suck your dick and invite him over and we can beat the shit out of him.

He'll learn his lesson.

[just know, I use the term 'fag' in a non-offensive happens]

As I pulled around the final turn of the driveway, the Nemes house grew out of the darkness. A massive three story mansion with all of the finest trimmings. There were vehicles everywhere! Jamie's parties were definitely the highlight of the year. We were coming off of another victory, and we were going to the district playoffs. I was ecstatic, but not nearly as ecstatic as the seniors. Jamie scored 21 points on his own, and looked at me every time. I noticed that some people wondered, but they didn't give it a second thought. Thank God...

Needless to say, Jamie was bound to be in a fantastic mood. And, based on what he'd promised me the day before, I was going to be too.

My breath barely escaped as I exited the car and walked up the sidewalk to his massive house. Just as I was preparing to ring the doorbell, the door opened, and there stood the man of my dreams. A 6 foot 2, blue eyed, stud with the perfect body: an ass to die for, and a cock that would make even the toughest guy weak in the knees.

'Hey you,' he crooned at me, a wry smile on his lips.

'Hey yourself,' I replied, returning his smile. 'What's with the look?'

'Nothing. I'm just glad you're here. Come on in and have some fun!'

As I walked through the door, Jamie grabbed my left buttock and whispered, 'I can't wait to have you all alone.'

And then he disappeared to be the host.

I nearly came. The sweet whisper of his voice and touch of his strong hand got me goin'.

I walked around, making the rounds and chatting with some of the girls and the other football guys. I drank a couple beers and kept my eye out for Jamie. After all, I was in love with the guy. Then, as I walked out onto the balcony overlooking the pool, I caught a glimpse of him. He was standing next to the diving board, wearing a black wife beater that went fantastically with his lightly tan skin. His tight jeans just made me crazy, and I nearly dropped my beer...

He looked up then, and saw me standing on the balcony. He smiled.

[my heart nearly burst from joy]

Then, Stacey Taylor, the whore...the head cheerleader...walked right up to him and started talking to him. I couldn't hear the conversation, but I could tell she wanted him. Her body said everything.

Suddenly, she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him.

And he kissed back.

I was blind with fury. There were no other guests. I knew immediately that this must be what heartbreak feels like...I threw my beer off the balcony; it shattered next to the pool.

No one even gave me a second glance as I bolted back through the house and up a flight of stairs. I shut myself in the nearest bedroom and lay face down on the bed.

[here, I'll let you know that I had a fit, but I won't get into it too much...I know what you want...]

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

'Go away! I'm busy!' I shouted.

'Brant. Let me in.'

I'd recognize that voice anywhere. I hesitantly rolled off the bed, unlocked the door, and there he was.

Jamie. The love of my life. The boy who'd just kissed a girl...

'What?' I asked him, my tone perhaps angrier than it should have been. I slammed myself back down on the bed.

'Look, before you start throwing things at me, take caution. You're in my room.'

It was then I took full notice of my surroundings. God, he had great taste. A beautiful white four-poster bed lay in the middle of the room against a wall of black. The other walls were painted red. A polished black desk sat to the left of the bed, the latest model of iMac sat atop the polished wood. His family must be loaded. Finally, after noticing my surroundings, my eyes found him again, standing by the door.

Jamie looked like he was ready to cry. He looked at me apologetically, and then muttered a small, but sincere 'I'm sorry.'

'Okay, let's talk,' I said. He shut and locked the door and sat next to me on the bed.

As upset as I was, I couldn't bring myself not to look at him. He was just so beautiful. And here he was, looking right at me, tears running down his face.

'I don't know why you're crying,' I said. 'You have no reason to be upset.'

'Of course I have reason to be upset! I've upset you. And now, I want you to listen. Stacey and I dated over a year ago. We broke up and I haven't been with a girl or even liked one since. She wants me back and tried to kiss me. At first she caught me off guard, but after a couple seconds I actually pushed her in the pool. She just left cursing and coughing.'

I couldn't help from giggling a little. His hand reached for mine, but I moved it back. He hesitated.

'I hate women,' he said. 'I hate all of them. My real interest now is you. And there'll never be anybody else. I promise.'

'But how can you possibly know that?' I said. 'We hardly even spoke to each other before yesterday! I was trying to catch a peek of you naked and you caught me!'

'And I'm glad you did!' he said, grabbing my hands. 'I came to talk to you yesterday at practice because there's something about you! I can't explain it.'

He was almost shaking. 'Brant, nothing made sense about life until I saw you. I've been trying to get your attention by being a football star. From the moment you joined the team, I knew. For some reason, I just knew you were the one I wanted.'

I could barely breathe. This was exactly what I'd been wanting to hear from him all my life [or at least as long as I'd known him] and I couldn't respond! What the hell was wrong with me!

'Brant, if you don't want to talk to me know, I understand. But I hope you will. What do you want me to do?'

His voice was so pleading and adorable. I couldn't resist.

'That's not fair.'

'What's not fair?' he asked me.

'You being so cute and pulling the "I never want another person" speech.'

He looked me straight in the eyes, and said, 'I mean it.'

'I get that. And your plan worked. I've only ever wanted you, too. Ever since I laid eyes on you.'

Jamie smiled and grabbed my face in his hands.

'I'm yours.'

Then he kissed me, as he'd never kissed me before. Every part of me wanted every part of him, and I could feel he wanted me the same way. We broke apart, and I moved back.

'What's wrong?' he asked.

'You're forgiven.'

He moved me back on the bed, and I laid back. He softly climbed on top of me, kissing me the entire way. He never missed a beat, and we moved as if we'd been having gay sex for our entire lives. It felt so right!

His strong fingers carefully unbuttoned my shirt. As he did, our mouths never separated. Finally, the shirt was gone, and in another moment, my pants were too. His mouth moved down my chest, stopping at my nipples for only a moment. I was standing at full attention, and he stared for only a second before taking me in his mouth. My eyes rolled back into my head and I moaned loudly. Thank God for that loud music pumping two floors below!

He worked on my throbbing cock slowly, not wanting me to cum too soon. I could tell he wanted me to last, and we had all night to be together. Alone in his room...

I was very near to cumming and as every muscle in my body tensed, his mouth suddenly found mine, and the feeling retreated slightly. We kissed for what felt like hours, when he suddenly released his grip on me. Removing his shirt and pants, revealing his perfect abs and pulsing 8 inch dick, I knew then I wanted him inside me.

'Do it,' I nearly shrieked. 'Fuck me. Now.'

'Patience, sir. I need to warm you up first.

He rolled my hips back and found my hole with his finger. His soft finger opened my hole gently, and I could hardly take the teasing. Then, he used his mouth. Kissing my warm hole first, then slowly using his tongue. I moaned softly and bent my head forward to watch him work. He looked up at me and smiled.

'Don't you dare stop,' I managed, and he went back to work. His swift tongue moving smoothly in and out of my virgin hole. He moved from my hole up to the tip of my prick and back again, causing me to wriggle with pleasure.

'Fuck me, stud. Do it now!'

He didn't need telling twice. His 8 inch cock was rock hard. I felt the tip press against me, and then slowly, he pushed a few inches.

'Oh, fuck!' I screamed. It hurt.

'You okay?' he whispered, his eyes locked on mine.

'Yeah, don't stop.'

His mouth found mine, and he pushed deeper. I couldn't focus on the pain because our tongues were exploring each other's mouths. Once it was all the way in, it didn't hurt anymore.

Soon, I felt his full 8 inches moving back and forth withing my wet, tight hole, and my cock was sandwiched between his tight stomach and mine. Harder and harder he pulsed until he reached his point of climax, and he shot his load in me. He moaned like a madman, and he had a wild look in his eye. I knew I'd been good. Although he'd just released the tiger, he stayed fully erect until I came all over my stomach. I'd never felt such pleasure! Oh my God! He began to lick my mess up with such passion, and continued all the way up, and found my mouth. What sweet joy we felt. At that moment, there was nobody else in the world.

There we lay, side by side, sweating and breathing as if we'd just run two miles. He rolled over me, kissed me once more, and then headed into the bathroom. I heard the shower start up, and I couldn't resist the opportunity to watch him clean off that godlike physique. I climbed in with him, giving him a smile, and he returned it with vigor. We kissed again and again, washing each other's bodies to contentment. He finished before me, and left to dry off. I washed myself thoroughly before turning off the water and drying myself off. When I entered his bedroom, he'd shut the lights off and climbed under the covers. I shut the light off in the bathroom and joined him. I noticed the music had stopped.

'Everyone's left,' he whispered in my ear as I fit next to him. I guess we'd been making love longer than we thought. I glanced at his clock, and it read 12:38 a.m.

He placed his arm over me, low on my stomach and let it hang there. We lay like that for a minute or two, and then I turned to face him.

'You really do like me, don't you?'

'Brant Beckman, I think I love you.'

That was exactly what I wanted to hear. I turned back over and lay on my side, my back against his front.

'Put your hand back on my hip, stud,' I crooned, nice and low to not disturb the mood.

He kissed my neck as his hand tenderly crooked back over my hip. I then realized how tired I was. I knew he must be even more so.

'Goodnight, lover,' I said.

'You are amazing. I want you stay here forever,' he whispered.

'I want to stay here forever. But for now, I want to sleep.'

'Oh, me too! I'm so fucking tired. You felt great, though.'

'So did you.'

He leaned my head back slightly, and kissed me on the mouth, fully. I felt myself getting hard again. Apparently he was too.

'Not again, tonight anyway,' he said. 'Sleep.'

We said no more. I was in absolute Heaven! I'd just made love with the man of my dreams, and he was currently laying with me, loving me...

As Jamie's breathing began to slow, I lay awake, my body feeling as if it were tingling. I pictured life with Jamie after high school. I fell asleep smiling and warm.

Life was good.



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