After the night spent at Jamie's house, the two of us began a secret relationship. I would go to his house every now and again, and he'd come to mine. We also had a hot make out session in a bathroom stall. But, all good things end, and so we'd reached sort of a plateau in our relationship. Football season ended, and I began swimming for the high school, and we spent less time together. Since it was a secret, I couldn't be over at his house all the time since he and I technically weren't 'friends' and we didn't hang out outside of football. We both had our own things to do.

Needless to say, I was kind of upset. He and I had argued a couple of times via text, and I barely got to see him. We hadn't had sex in over two months. Not only did I miss every inch of his body, I missed his voice, and the way he and I would talk for hours after we'd both climaxed.

The only time I ever got to see him outside of school was during swim team practice about once a month. Jamie was a lifeguard at the pool house, and once in a blue moon he was working while I was practicing. It didn't help that I was already in a skin tight speedo for practice, but having my lover there [someone who I'd felt deep inside me] made keeping my prick under control. He'd look at me sometimes, but not nearly as much as I'd look at him.

He sure had the secret part down.

Anyway, since I couldn't focus on keeping Jamie satisfied, I put all of my focus and drive into my swimming. I was really close to a state qualifying time, and having my thoughts consumed by Jamie's cock and ass and tongue in my mouth wasn't helping. Our last meet of the regular season was coming up, and it was a home meet, and it seemed like the entire school was buzzing with my close time and that I might be the first person to go to State with swimming since 1984.

It was a lot of pressure.

On the morning of the meet, I had awoken early. I wasn't nervous, really, but had the normal anxiety that goes with the morning of a tough sporting event. I was just getting out of bed and heading downstairs in an empty house [my parents had gone to London for business and didn't mind missing since my performance suffers when they're around...] when my phone buzzed in my pocket.

I opened my message and saw Jamie's name. I immediately gasped with pleasure. We hadn't spoken for a week. It simply said, 'Good luck. See you tonight.'

I know it's not much, but to me it meant the world. Jamie was coming to my swim meet! I replied with a quick word of thanks and ran back upstairs, abandoning my coffee. I had to focus on getting my best looking speedo for the night. If Jamie was coming, I didn't want him to be disappointed in how I looked. I'd want my ass to be the main focus for him, and I wanted to show off a bit.

Anyway, I packed and re-packed my bag many times, checking and double checking to make sure I had everything I needed. I had a ritual before each meet to where I would sit and focus wherever my meet would take place. Even though I had home field advantage, it still is something I do.

School went by in a blur! It seemed like everyone was wishing me luck.

When did I become so popular?

As usual, Jamie didn't look at me, really. Just a casual greeting in the hallway, and the normal 'Good luck' that everyone else was wishing me. Although I thought I saw him wink at me as he rounded a corner.

My heart did back flips.

Sooner than I expected, school was over, my ritual was over, and the swim meet was beginning. The place was absolutely PACKED with people! Not only were there signs and banners for me, but there were others for my teammates as well, which made me happy. I was hoping that this pride in the swim team program would continue!

I immediately scanned the crowd for Jamie. I didn't see him, and I was worried immediately. Considering that my phone was in my bag in the locker room, I couldn't text him. As I swept my eyes through the rest of the pool area, I saw him.

He was life guarding tonight.

My heart sank. He was forced to be here. And here I thought he wanted to come see me. Well, I was going to make it worth his while! I was gonna win, no matter what. He walked out of the life guard office, noticed me, and gave me a quick thumbs up and an award winning smile.

My heart was felt like it was in my throat! Not only did it have to do with the fact that my event was coming up [last, of course], but the fact that Jamie didn't hate me.

The team was doing an excellent job! We were winning by close to 30 points when the last event took place. I was extremely nervous, and immediately looked for the one person who could make me feel better.

Jamie. A 6'2" hunk with short blond hair and a body to kill for. The love of my life.

He looked right at me with those beautiful blue eyes of his, and I felt better. I felt as if I could fly.

It was time to step up. Time to get ready. Time to ...


I dove into the water with more force than ever. I only had to go 100 yards. Back and forth twice. I didn't even acknowledge any other swimmer, and as I came up for breath, I could hear the roar of the crowd. Something must be going right!

Flip, push off wall...STROKE! Flip, push off wall...STROKE!

The last 25 yards was a breeze. I knew I'd done it before I'd even turned into the last lap. I pushed into the wall at the end and the crowd erupted.

I looked back to find that I was first. We'd won the meet, but then I looked up to the time clock...

I'd qualified for State by at least ten seconds!

I threw my hand in the air and sank back under the water, and then was pretty much yanked out of the water and placed on everyone's shoulders. Everyone was cheering.

Even Jamie. I was the happiest person in the entire world at that moment.

Soon after, everyone left. I spent a lot of time getting congratulated and patted on the back, and by the time I walked into the locker room, everyone was gone. I was just about to climb into the shower, naked of course, when the locker room door opened, and in came Jamie. The love of my life. He looked me up and down and immediately, an impish grin appeared on his face.

'Hey you,' he said.


'Congratulations. I knew you'd do it,' he stated, not taking his eyes off my stiffening cock.

'Thanks,' I said. I motioned to the shower. 'Care to join me?'

'No, thanks. I have a better idea. Why don't you come out here?' and he started walking back out to the pool.

'Okay, let me just get-'

'No, come as you are. In all your glory,' he said.

And he left me there, contemplating what he'd just told me. I had no other inclination but to obey.

In the ten seconds it had taken me to walk from the locker room showers to the pool, Jamie had shed every stitch of clothing from his back. I'd forgotten how beautiful he was. A Greek god standing there. He walked over and hugged me.

This wasn't a 'let's have sex now' hug. This was an apology. After about fifteen seconds, I found out I was right.

'Brant, I am so sorry. I've treated you terribly these last couple months. I've been afraid that someone might find out, and I've been punishing you.'

'Jamie, I...'

'No, don't try to pass this off. Because of my fear I've treated you like shit. And I'm sorry. I should have never tried to hide it. You're my love, and I'll never deny you again.'

And he kissed me. Intensely. It was so beautiful. He hugged me close in his strong arms, our cocks touching.

After a moment I pulled away from him. I looked deep into his eyes and said, 'So, you think being naked here in public with me is going to keep this a secret?'

He laughed, an nice tone that I hadn't expected. 'I told my parents about a week ago, and they were cool with it. So, I don't mind who knows now. In fact, I don't care.'

Suddenly, he picked me up and started kissing me again. My legs wrapped around him, and I felt his cock against my quivering hole. I was aching for him. Then, without warning, he tossed me into the pool. I came up choking and saw him slide into the pool smoothly. It felt wonderful to be naked in the pool.

'And besides, everyone else is gone, and I told them I'd lock up. The doors are locked, and we're all alone. Let's fuck.' he said.

'How can I refuse?'

And he was wrapping his arms around me. Kissing me, his tongue in my mouth, searching for mine. I was hard immediately.

So was he.

We made out for a bit, our hard dicks touching under the water, and then I couldn't stand it anymore. I pushed him against the wall of the pool and wrapped my legs around his waist. His throbbing dick found my hole, and like we were made for each other he slid right in. We both moaned. Me from a bit of pain, him from pleasure.

'You okay?' he asked.

'Yeah, don't stop,' I panted.

He began thrusting. Slow at first, and then he got faster and faster. He felt so good! He was moaning and there was this look of pleasure on his face as he kept pumping in and out of my tight hole. Soon after he made an ungodly noise, and he said something I couldn't comprehend. Then he turned me around, kissed me, and then set me down on the side of the pool. His mouth kissed the tip of my hard prick and made me shiver with anticipation. Soon, his mouth wrapped around my cock, his tongue feeling every part of it. His eyes never left mine. All too soon, I felt my cum rising up, and before I knew it, Jamie was swallowing about 10 big spurts of my seed.

He pulled me back into the pool afterwards, and kissed me again and again.

'Jesus, it's like you don't want to let me go!' I said.

Between kisses, he managed a quick, 'I don't.'

And we had sex again. And again. And once more in the shower when we managed to pull ourselves from the pool.

After he set the alarm and we both left to walk to our cars, he grabbed my hand and walked me to my car and opened the door for me.

'Aww, look at you, you sentimental gentleman!' I said, teasingly.

'Oh, shut up.'

Then we kissed again. Always too soon, he pulled away from me.

'Goodnight,' he issued quietly.

And after a quick kiss on my forehead, he was gone. I watched him go, longingly. There was something about going back to my empty house that made me sad. Something else in my gut didn't want him to leave me.

'Hey, Jamie! Hang on!' I shouted to him across the parking lot.

'Oh, thank God!,' he sighed.


'I was hoping you'd keep me from going home. I don't want to leave you.'

'So, that was a test?' I asked.

'Sure was, and you passed.'

And there we went again, kissing passionately in the dark parking lot under a street light.



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