A man has private places, secret desires, unknown locales and hidden aspects of who they are and who they are expected to be.

To keep those places unknown and easily assessable, some have rooms.

In those rooms, there are the 'tools' of the trade, a variety of helpful instructional appliances to carry out the said practices of the desired instructor for their newly-arrived patrons of this particular 'art'.

I do.

I have such a place, too.

It's called 'the Room.'

I keep mine locked and labeled PRIVATE at my shop, sometimes I let my secrets spill out into the open, it does when I let an unknown person experience 'the Ropes.'

Sean just got a taste of what can be done on 'the Ropes' although there is more that can be done on it, he just got a very small taste of instruction.

"How's that ass now, boy," I say to Sean, who is still trussed up on 'the Ropes.' His cock has deflated from its prior engorged state; he limply hangs from 'the Ropes', spent. He has shot a voluminous load from his 20 plus year-old cum-filled balls, covering the concrete floor with his man-seed.

"The boy's ass has lost its virginity," Reynolds says, "for now, but a real fleshy cock has yet to penetrate the soft-walled dark crevice of his ass."

"One will fill that sweet ass soon," I say, "I guarantee it."

Moans are emanating from Sean's collapsed body as he continues to hang from 'the Ropes.'

"Did you like that boy?" Reynolds asks Sean as he strokes his steel-hard cock.

"Uhhh, huh," he answers in a low whisper-like moan beneath his ball-gag.

"Did that dildo make the boy bust his nut?" I ask, sarcastically mocking him, as the dildo was not welcomed gently into his hole.

"Uhhh, huh," he answers again in his weakened state.

"You want more boy?" I ask.

Reynolds nods his head in agreement with my suggestion.

A weakened almost inaudible 'no' comes from Sean's ball-gagged mouth; the gag has loosened from his frustrated movements.

"We have more for you, boy," Reynolds says as he traces his five fingers of his right hand over the creases and folds of Sean's hanging flesh, "I want to tap that ass; I want my tool in there."

Sean twitches at Reynolds touch, his body still sensitive and reeling from his new sexual experience.

"Boss, I want to fuck his sweet ass," Reynolds says.

"No, you have to wait," I say," he has to want it. He has to give it up, freely."

"But where is the fun in that, boss?" Reynolds asks.

"Knowing that when he gives it up," I say, "he will devour your cock with reckless intensity and mine too."

Sean begins to struggle in his bound captive state. The ball-gag slips from his mouth.

"Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck the both of you!" Sean screams out, as he is now free to vocalize his anger.

"The boy is angry," Reynolds says, "yelling out will not change anything, boy."

"No one can hear you; you know that," I say, "this shop is way off the road. Yell all the hell, you want. It just fires up the both of us even more."

I walk to my strung up and bound nephew and grab Sean by his dangling vulnerable ball-sacs.

"Scream more," I say as I squeeze him tighter, "scream more, please."

My cock grows as Sean fights against his constraints.

"He does have spunk, boss," Reynolds says, "...and he is full of it, too."

"That he is," I say, "he has shot one load, I bet he has another one in those big balls of his too."

Sean struggles in his restraints.

"I have as much spunk as you two," Sean says," I am every bit the man that you two are."

"We know that, son," I say," I have known that."

I place the ball-gag back in his mouth.

"Now shut the hell up and prepare for more assaults on your sweet little ass," I say.

"Whatcha got in mind, boss," Reynolds says.

"Put his ass on the table," I say, "we'll strap him down. Just like we do Greg."

Sean looks at us at the mention of the table and Greg. He stills himself on 'the Ropes,' unsure of what awaits him and quits thrashing about.

"That boy, Greg, has one sweet ass," Reynolds says, "doesn't he?"

"It's the reason I hired him as an apprentice, when we never had one before," I say, "he crotch-watched me as interviewed him."

"...and it wasn't his big package that drew you in?" Reynolds says.

"It helped," I say, "hahahahaha."

"He filled those shorts out, rather well, I might add, "I say, "He couldn't keep from fondling his cock as I interviewed him."

"He wanted to make sure you saw it, Randy," Reynolds says.

"Well, it worked," I say, "I couldn't keep my eyes off it."

"Ohh," Reynolds says, awed and surprised.

"At one point during our talk," I say, "his cock grew so rock-hard; it bulged up prominently in his shorts. After I saw his impressive package, I decided we needed a 'helper'."

"So that was the deciding factor?" Reynolds asks.


"Cause before you hired him, we made due with just the three of us," Reynolds says.

"Guilty," I say, "He is a ripe 18 year-old man crying out for attention which both of us has been giving him which he wants and takes."

"Oh yeah," Reynolds says.

"It's time for the First Boy, Greg," I say, "to become the Second Boy and Sean to become the Main Boy, now. What do you think 'bout that?"

"Works fine for me," Reynolds says, "I just can't wait to plug that sweet hole of Sean."

"Me either," I say, "but the boy has to learn and be properly instructed in his 'boyhood submissive role' starting now."

"Yes," Reynolds says.

Reynolds walks to face Sean, explaining what is about to happen and what he will do, what he will be compliant about.

"Boy, I am going to untie you," Reynolds says, "once I am done, you will walk to the table and you will do so willingly and quickly. Do you hear me?"

Reynolds then grabs Sean's vulnerable dangling nut-sacs with one hand and squeezes his right breast nipple with the other, making him understand that he will obey as he is commanded.

"Do you understand me, boy?" Reynolds says.

Sean nods and moans 'yes' beneath his gagged mouth, tightly compressed balls and pinched nipple.

"Good boy," I say as I observe the instruction from Reynolds to Sean.

Reynolds unties the bound feet of Sean from 'the Ropes.'

Sean shakes his legs, glad for and thankful for the short reprieve from the restraints.

Reynolds then unties Sean right hand, then his left.

Sean stands for a moment.

"Stretch a moment, boy, then lay on the table," Reynolds says.

The room is eerily quiet.

No one moves, no one says a word in the quiet stillness.


A drop of cum drips from Reynolds steel-hard cock, a plop of man-moisture hits the floor. The wet sound echoes throughout the shop.

Sean bolts towards the door, the buzzer door.

"The boy is running boss," Reynolds says.

"Get'm, Reynolds, get the disobedient boy," I say.

Sean makes it to the door; he struggles to open it, as his hands are slick from his own juices and his sweat-soaked body. He manages to open the door and makes his way into the daylight. The door buzzes as it is opened.

He bolts into the bright Florida sunshiny day, naked, with his ass leaking and cum dripping from his spent dangling swinging cock.

Reynolds trails close behind Sean. His massive size lumbers easily as he chases Sean into the outdoors. I walk to the door and see the image play out in front of me.

Reynolds tackles Sean as he reaches his truck. He flips him over on his back, firmly locking him down in a fierce grip. Reynolds balls hang over the face of Sean, his bodily wares slapping Sean in the face by Reynolds' 11-inch cock in a mock sixty-nine position.

In the distance, a rumbling sound echoes across the landscape.

It is a vehicle on the red clay and sandy dirt road.

The shop is on a dirt road, a road only used by those who know of the shop and where it is located. The shop is hidden behind a row of large spacious oak trees that line the fence between the dirt road and the property of the shop. The oak tree canopied road is a good buffer for the occasional traffic that travels down the washboard road.

Sean and Reynolds hear the far-distant noise as it approaches.

It is a truck. This is a rural area, all the men have a truck.

Reynolds does not seem fazed by the approaching sound. He is a man that is prepared for anything, he is a Marine.

The assumed truck slows down; it is coming to the shop.

I am standing by the door. My hands are at my side. My cock is hanging down, lazily, somewhat hard, falling down, between my legs.

I do not hide my nudity.

Reynolds has thrown Sean over his shoulder; Sean still struggles, somewhat, he knows he cannot escape from Reynolds powerful manly clutches.

It is my young buck apprentice, Greg; he has arrived, right on time, too.

He pulls onto the grass, off the rugged washboard rutted dirt road, parking bedside Sean's red and white El Camino, and the trucks belonging to both Reynolds and myself.

Greg is shirtless in his blue Ford pick-up and Atlanta Braves baseball cap on his head. He lets out a 'yelp' as he parks.

"Ah, am I late for the party, Boss?" he yells out.

"No, boy, you are right on time," I yell from my place by the door, "help Reynolds bring that naked ass-boy Sean back into the shop but first, get naked, out here, then help him."

"Yes, sir, "Greg shouts from the cab of his Ford truck.

Greg opens the driver's side door of his truck. He kicks off his boots and socks, leaving them on the ground below the door of his truck in disarray. He steps down onto the ground, yanking his cargo shorts to the ground and leaves them there, next to his boots. His cock springs from its confines; it rises to life among his thick nest of blonde pubes. Greg unfazed by his display, strokes his 18-year old cock, unashamed of it in the bright sunshine of the day.

"Get your sorry ass over here and quit playing with your dick, boy," Reynolds orders Greg.

"Yes, sir, Mister," Greg obediently responds.

Greg brushes his hands over the fur-covered body of Reynolds, gently stoking the cock of the beast-like man.

"Get your fucking hands off me and grab Sean's flailing hands," Reynolds says.

"Yes, sir," Greg responds.

"Get that boy in here and quick fucking around," I say, "we are not through with him yet."

I open the door as the buzzer sounds off again.

"What are we going to do with Seany boy, sirs," Greg asks with head-bowed.

"Help, Mister Reynolds strap him down to the table," I say.

"Yes, sir," Greg responds.

I pick up the plans on the table, removing all the other objects that could possibly cause harm, as pleasure is the key to the next endeavor.

Reynolds ties Sean's feet at the base of the table, the rope being strung tight under the surface of the table.

"Sean has a nice cock, sirs," Greg says.

Greg reaches and strokes the flopping cock of Sean as he struggles against Reynolds and himself.

"It is a nice cock; his balls are full of life-giving cum. We have already milked him of one load, now it's time for another," I say,

"No one said you could touch him," Reynolds angrily flares at Greg, "get your damn hands off his tool."

"Yes, sir," Sean says with bowed head toward Reynolds.

Reynolds finishes tying the hands of Sean. He is unable to move, the ball-gag being replaced back in his mouth, as he mumbles and grunts under his forced mouthpiece.

"Now you can play with Sean's cock, boy," I say, "lather-up that cock up with your saliva, get the boy hard with your sucking skills."

Greg gets up on the table and straddles Sean, placing his ass directly over Sean's face; a '69' with only one active participate.

"You see that ass, boy," I say to Sean, "You wanna taste it?"

Sean nods his head, 'no'.

"It wasn't a question, boy," I say, "It was a command. Do you understand?"

Sean does not move his head, he keeps his head perfectly still on the table.

"You want me to take his ball-gag out so he can slurp on Greg's sweet hole?" Reynolds asks me.

"Yes," I say, "if he will not slurp the boy's ass. Help him do it."

"You got it, boss," Reynolds says.

Sean begins tilting his head away from Greg's awaiting, beckoning ass-crack.

"You are gonna taste him, boy, and you are gonna like it," Reynolds says.

Sean's head rest on its side.

Reynolds yanks Sean's head directly underneath Greg's hairy 18-year-old ass.

Reynolds pulls the ball-gag from Sean's mouth.

"Fuck you, assholes; I ain't sticking my mouth on his ass, "Sean yells at the top of his lungs.

"You are going to do what I say, boy," Reynolds says, "...or you will be made to do it. What's it gonna be?"

"Fuck you, Reynolds," Sean screams red-faced and angry.

Reynolds laughs with a deep guttural groan.

"I told you, boy, once I fuck you, you can fuck me, deal," Reynolds says.

"That's not what I mean, you ass!" Sean screams.

"Boss, the boy has a temper. Don't he?" Reynolds laughs.

"Makes no mind," I say, "he is going to do what he is told or suffer the consequences."

Sean glares angrily at me. The fury in his eyes is apparent.

I walk up to him. The sweat caused by the hot workshop, running between my legs and soaks through my chest hair and pubes. I hit him in the face with my semi-flaccid cock. His anger is ever more apparent as I whip him with my tool.

Greg continues to suck on Sean's still hard steely-hard cock.

"He is still hard, Mister Reynolds," Greg says.

"Of course, he is, boy," Reynolds says, "he is enjoying this, he just wants to put up a fight. Trying to win a losing battle but it ain't gonna work for him."

"Yep," I say, "its best he learn that lesson now."

Greg smiles at me, he is young and eager, willing to please, with his ass, directly in Sean's face beckoning to be licked for the first time by Sean. Which would be Sean's first time.

"Put your ass closer to his face, Greg, let him get a whiff of that sweet tight ass of yours,"

Greg moves his ass, lower, positioning his ass-crack, directly over the nose of Sean.

"Lick it, boy, lick little Greg's ass with your tongue," Reynolds says.

Sean moves his head from side to side but as he does, his nose brushes against the hairy sides of Greg's very hairy blonde ass.

"Do it, boy," I say, "you ain't going anywhere nephew and you know it."

Sean struggles, moving his head as much as he can but his nose is still buried deep in the hairy crevice of Greg's haired-filled backside.

"Ohh, that tickles," says Greg as the released air from Sean's nose moves the hair in his butt-crack.

Reynolds forcibly reaches into Sean's mouth and yanks his tongue out. With what little tongue he can muster from the struggling bound captive named Sean, Reynolds wipes the tongue in the haired musky scent crack of Greg.

"Mmm, that feels good, Seany," Greg says, "get a bigger taste."

"Quiet, boy," I say, "we do not need any lip from you. We just need your sweet ass."

"Yes, sir," Greg obediently answers.

"Get back to sucking that cock, boy," I say.

"Yes, sir," Greg says as he resumes his rigid powerful sucking of Sean's tower-like male member as it pokes high from his heavily nest of bristly pubes.

"He is leaking cum, real heavy, boss," Greg says, "he taste real good, too. Sweet."

"Boss, he won't lick the Second Boy ass," Reynolds says, "What'd you want me to do?"

"Let it ride for now," I say, "but he will munch on man-crack, eventually, but not today."

Reynolds drops Sean's head from his grasp, along with his tight grip on Sean's tongue. Sean coughs as his tongue is released from the grip. His head bangs on the wooden table with a low cracking sound.

"FUCK...FUCK...FUCK, ALL OF YOU, ASSHOLES!" Sean shouts his loudest since his captivity.

"Get down off him, Second Boy," I say, "we have some more fun planned."

"Goody," Greg says as he hops down off the table, his cock bounces off his blonde hair treasure trail. Cum sprays from his hardened member, it is coating his stomach and pubes with a clear sheen of virile man-juice.

"Put the ball-gag back in the boy's mouth, Reynolds," I say.

Reynolds does as he is told.

"YOU FUCKERS...," Sean screams as the ball-gag is shoved back into his mouth, cutting off his words in mid-sentence.

"Second Boy, get the 'Double' from 'the Room,'" I say.

"Yes, sir," Greg says as he bounds off happily to 'the Room' to get the 'Double.'

I see Sean as he watches Greg make his way to 'the Room' he quits his tussling about, waiting to see what Greg brings forth from 'the Room.'

Sean's cock is still as steely-hard as it has been since the whole initiation session began, which he never suspected he would be 'the' party when he came to the shop to go over the Alabama job plans.

There is a banging noise from inside the 'the Room,' Greg is searching frantically for the 'Double.'

"Boy, you found the 'Double' yet?" I yell from across the empty area of the shop.

Where Reynolds and I am standing against the only object in the room, which is the table, where Sean is tied down, at the center of attention.

Sean magnificent body is pronounced, his cock standing upright standing, it is leaking its juice like a small erupting volcano of man-cum.

Greg comes out of 'the Room' with the 'Double' bouncing in its 2-foot length of rubber fantasy. Greg's own cock is harder than what it was when he went into 'the Room.' He has used some of the lube that is in 'the Room' to stroke his cock to an even fuller erection.

Sean begins thrashing violently as he now sees what is being held in Greg's hands. It is a double-pronged flesh-toned rubber dildo with a two large mushroom-topped helmeted cocks. The dildo is very thick in its girth, a real man-cock with length and width, equally proportioned.

"Boy, you know that your thrashing will not stop what it is about to happen, " I say, "relax and enjoy it. Your cock likes what is happening. It has stayed hard throughout the assault on your sweet ass, since we started on you; you have spilled buckets of cum, YOU like this."

Sean stills himself.

There is a protracted silence for many minutes in the shop.

Reynolds turns around from his staring at Greg as he walks back toward the trio.

"Ahh, the boy does like this play," Reynolds says, "I thought he did."

"You want that gag off, boy?" I say, "doncha ya?"

Sean nods his head in 'yes' fashion.

"You gonna do what Reynolds and I tell you to do?" I ask him again.

He nods 'yes' again.

"Take that fucking gag off him, Reynolds," I say, "now the party can really begin."

"About damn time," Reynolds says, "I figured he would comply once he got his ass pierced by a toy fit for a man."

Reynolds yanks the gag from Sean's mouth.

"I want that big dildo in my ass, now!" Sean yells, "I want it now!"

"Now the boy wants it," Reynolds says, in a smirking tone, "I never had my doubts."

"I want your cock in my ass, Reynolds, I want you to pound the mother-fucking shit out of my hole with your 11-inch cock," Sean demands.

"Not today, boy," I say, "we have to train that ass of yours to take a meaty-member like Reynolds but one day soon, one day real soon, your ass will get it."

"Thankkk you...sir," Sean says, as the words come out of his mouth, hesitantly but the words do form.

"Ahh, the boy has learned his place," I say, "...and he has learned it rather quickly, that means he is due a reward for his compliance."

"Thank you, sir," Sean says.

"No one says you could speak, boy," I say sharply to Sean.

Sean nods his head in agreement and compliance.

Greg lays the double-cock dildo on the table next to Sean's leg.

"Get your ass up on the table, Greg," I say, "put your ass opposite of Sean's."

Greg bows his head at me, his Master, his Mister and gets up on the table, facing his ass in the direction of Sean's ass.

"Reynolds, loosen the bonds on Sean's right leg," I dictate to my willing servant, Reynolds, and lieutenant.

Reynolds does as I say.

I never had any doubts, he would not; he is another compliant one in my schemes. Many of the toys in 'the Room' were once under the sole ownership of Mr. Reynolds McNamara, my fabricator, my genius, my Marine and glorious possessor of a monster girthy 11-inch cock Reynolds does not need any instruction as to what is needed to do next. He lubes up each end of the 2-foot dildo, adding gobs of man-made lube to the pleasure tool.

"You ready, boys?" Reynolds asks.

Sean and Greg nod their heads in a chorus of agreement.

Each head of the dildo is lined up perfectly with the awaiting hole of each man.

"Greg, slide your ass down onto the dildo," I say, as I am standing at the end of the table, closest to Sean's head.

My cock is leaking rivers of cum from my piss-slit. Suddenly, a wet lick is felt across my stiff prick, Sean has wiped the steadily dripping cum from my aching, raging hard-on of my cock.

"Good boy," I say as I pat Sean on the head like a little lap dog.

As the rubber cock slides into the tight confines of Greg's willing man-hole, sighs escape from the lips of each man.

One from anticipation, the other from being filled with the toy.

"Ohh, ohh," Greg moans as his hole takes, envelopes the malleable plastic member.

"Take it, boy, take it," I say, "you have before, you have had even bigger ones."

"Yes, he has," Reynolds says, "he has ridden me for hours and hours like a bunking bronco."

"Greg, push that cock into Sean's hole," I say.

Greg wiggles and moves his plugged dildo-filed ass in the direction of the empty ass of Sean, as the opposite end of the dildo.

It hits the hole of Sean awaiting ass.

There is a momentary pause as the thick knobbed head of the rubber cock pierces the barrier of Sean's ass.

A sigh escapes the lips of Sean as he is being 'fucked' by the lubed-up plastic sex rocket.

Greg shivers as the force of the impact ricochets completely in his own hole.

"Oh, oh, oh, "Greg voices rises as the ecstasy courses through his tensed and aware body.

"Take it, take it, boys," I say, "let that cock fill both of your asses."

Reynolds and I stand observing the servitude of our pledges, our trained and recently trained stooges to our games.

All is good.

The cock-ends have filled the holes of each boy, each buried up to the hilt in each ass.

Sean is rocking, uncontrollably, as the tool has struck him forcibly, nudging his prostate, in the scissor-like crossed action created by the overlapping legs of himself and Greg. Each shove by Greg of the dildo brings each closer and closer to explosive release.

Reynolds is stroking his massive appendage in time with the gyrating dildo fucking of Sean and Greg and my own stoking.

"Reynolds, lift me up and place me on the cock of Greg," I say.

Reynolds does as I says, making my hole easily accessible for the raging hard-on of the 18-year-old stud.

I slide down onto the hardened cock of the young buck, taking all of him, into me. With the pump of my up and downward motions, he slides into my deeply wet hole; I feel the blood course through his thickly veined tool.

He is nearing release.

I stand up and make my way to Sean's towering erect cock.

Greg moans as his cock is released from my wet ass-prison.

I shift my attention to the thickly veined cock of the bound slave, Sean.

He is gyrating into positions that I can only guess are new sensations for him. His eyes are closed, as his cock is pumping out copious volumes of his clear man-juice, he is nearing orgasmic release himself.

He has been in a perpetual state of euphoria for hours now at the hands of Reynolds and me.

I plant myself down on his statue-like member and ride him like a wild uncontrolled steer of man. I can feel the pulsing of his raging hard-on as I take him deeper and deeper into my ass; he bucks like a wild horse, bound on the table.

His cockhead, swells up in the deep dark regions of my ass, as he nears explosion.

He yells out.


In the deepest courses of a baritone voice, he empties his seed into me with an animalistic groan.

Simultaneously, Greg lets loose of his own seed, which covers me with each spurt from his cock.

As in unison, Reynolds releases his own load, cum arches from his taunt 11-inch dick, making ropes and ropes of cum, which covers, Sean and I.

With each pump of his load, Reynolds cock, like a gun, ricochets back into him, the power that manifests between his powerful muscular legs feeds his power. His masculine firing of man-seed causes beads of sweat to break out over his tensed musculature.

He was standing at the table nearest Sean's face when he empties his balls.

Stillness overtakes the room.

Sighs from each of us, are barely audible as we come off our sexual crescendo.

It has been a good day.

It is time to get down to work; we have a job to do.



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