It's been quite a day, full of surprises. Surprises that bring deeply harbored memories of days long thought buried.

I need to unwind, relax, and escape from the stress that I thought I had put behind me.

"I am going to take a bath," I tell Sean as we walk into the A/C cooled hotel room in Pensacola.

"Okay," Sean says as he pulls his own sweat soaked t-shirt over his head after he throws both our travel bags onto the floor.

He unbuttons his shorts, steps out of them, exposing himself with his full nudity. He pulls back the covers of his bed, plopping hard down upon it, saying "ah" loudly as his Florida sun-heated flesh hits against cool soothing sheets of the bed.

He had gone 'commando' but then again, he always does.

The kid does not even own any underwear, I believe.

His naked body is splayed out on the bed, legs spread-eagled to showcase his enlarging growing cock.

He is in full-relaxed mode, while I am stressing.

I watched him undress, entranced by his assuredness as a man, as a young man.

I walk into the bathroom to ready myself a warm bath.

I turn on the hot and cold-water tap in the tub, getting the water set to the right temperature; I step out of the bathroom, to begin my own slow striptease, and reveal my own nudity.

"So why a bath," Sean asks.

"I just need to soak," I answer him, "it has been quite a taxing day, today."

"Quite a day, huh," he comments.

"Yep, quite a day," I answer.

My clothes fall off me, with ease, no longer bothered by hiding my nakedness since my early morning display at my home.

I am now naked; I fondle my own cock, just because I want to touch myself. This time I am not worried nor do I hide my own arousal from him. He saw my hardened stiff cock in the water of the pool while we both watched the sixty-nined display of Neil and Gerald and my hardness this morning before I showered.

I stop the dual spigots of water, which is begging, beckoning me for my waiting soak.

I step in, first my right foot, then my left; I turn and submerge all I can in the much-needed bath.

"Ahh," escapes from my lips as my ass and cock are submerged under the just-right tempered water. The warm water brushes my ass, moving the thickly soft hairs that line each side my butt-cheeks; the sensation whipping intensely through my being, that feeling is marvelously gratifying. My cock reacts to the overwhelming sensations; it grows stiff despite the wetness of the water.

"You sound like you are having a good time in there, Unc?" Sean yells from the other room.

"I am good," I reply, "I am much better now, actually."

I close my eyes, as I am lost in the memories of the days and years prior to my marriage to Sean's Aunt Mary. Days of wild unadulterated sex with numerous men across North Florida, southern Georgia and sometimes into parts of southern Alabama too. Rednecks and country boys who were so into hiding their wanton sexual desires for the same sex while being married to their childhood sweethearts but still dreaming of their high school football jock days in the locker-room with the men of their youth.

I feel my flaccid cock grow into an erection as the lukewarm water massages my balls and cock. I reach down to feel myself and am happy for the opportunity that happened today.

I needed it, wanted it.

"Are we going to talk about what happened today, Randy?" Sean says from the other room. His voice is getting clearer as it seems to be walking to me.

"What?" I answer, I was not aware he had walked from his bed and was leaning on the doorframe leading into the bathroom.

I open my eyes to see him fully erect with his right hand cupped firmly under his sperm-filled balls as he talks to me. He is acting as if this is a natural part of our kindred relationship. This is the second time today that I have seen his cock painfully, obviously hard and with an unobstructed view with only us two in the room.

He is gazing at me and gently stroking his engorged cock.

I am hard, too.

My cock is skyscraper-like, poking from the water like a periscope from my groin as I lay soaking in the tub.

"Are we going to talk?" he asks again, "I want to."

"You do?"

"Yes," he answers.

"Okay, "I say, "I will be out in a minute, the water is cooling off pretty quickly anyway."

He turns from his spot and makes his way back to his bed. His cock remains hard as he leaves. I admire what I see in him especially his departing ass as he turns away. It is a wonderful sight, those round globes of muscled flesh, which are inviting me. There are inviting my cock to part the crack of his ass and plunge my hard cock into it.

I step from the tub pull the drain up and the tepid water leaves the tub.

I reach to the metal shelf over the toilet, grab a towel, and begin drying myself off as I exit the bathroom. My cock is still hard, it ricochets back and forth, with the swipes of the towel, provoking it as I dry, the water-drenched pubes of my mid-section. It has been quite a while since I have experienced this sort of hardness since I reached my forties.

I walk to my bed, unashamed of my stark nakedness in front of my nephew. It was this same morning; I had dropped my white cotton briefs in front of him and walked to the bathroom, hard. Now he has seen me sporting my own glorious man-wood, again, for the third time, today. On our previous out-of-town motel stays, we were always covered up, our nakedness abated by faux modesty.

His Johnson thrusts upward from his thighs, as he lays spread-eagled on his bed. Unlike me, his balls are shaved and hang much lower than what mine hangs but he is a man, twenty years my junior who actively fucks his wife and other women who obviously vie for his attention and prowess.

He denies these extramarital activities or affairs from other women but I suspect he pokes quite a few of the local girls he meets at the bar a few blocks from his home. This is what has been the cause of his numerous visits on my couch.

Before I lay in my bed, I go to my suitcase and get something important.

I find it and put it on the table between my bed and Sean's.

"What's that, Unc?" he asks.

"What I need right now, junior," I answer.

I pull my sheets back in the same fashion as him and lay identical as him on my sheets.

Unashamed, I begin to stroke and fondle my own cock, as Sean is doing the same.

We are both sporting massive amounts of our manhood's, our cocks, twitch and jump with each rhythmic stroke along the length of our man-tools.

"You said, you wanted to talk," I say, "about what?"

"Do you want me to fuck you?" he says.

"What?" I say, flabbergasted at his question.

"You heard me," he says, "Do you want my cock you in your ass?"

He pauses.

"I thought you didn't fuck men," I say, surprised by his question, "That's what you told Neil."

I am thinking of how I am going to lie my way out of this.

I do want him to fuck me but I am not sure I should. I want to fuck him too. I have for a long time.

"I have seen you looking at me from the kitchen at night while I slept on the couch," he says, "I have seen you stroke your cock in the shadows as you leer at me, when you thought I did not see you or thought I was watching. I saw you, Unc. I saw you."

As he tells me what I already knew, except the part of him aware that I was watching him.

My cock grows ever harder at him knowing I am watching him.

A drop of cum leaks from my piss-slit, the sensations relays sensations throughout my entire tensed body.

"Your cock likes what I am saying, you are getting bigger," he says, "my cock is growing more too."

He points at his cock to make sure I see it.

I see it just fine.

He did not have to tell me. It is why I am so hard.

It cannot be missed.

"No, I do not want you to fuck me," I say.

It is a lie.

I do.

It is what I want most of all.

"What do you want to do?" he asks.

"To jack my cock, "I say, "...and you can join me if you want."

"You do not want me to fuck you?" he asks again, sounding disappointed.


"You sure, "he says, sounding confused by my answer.


"Then why have you stared at me while I slept?" he asks.

"I was not staring at you while you slept, " I say," I was fucking horny and since I do not get to fuck as much as you, I get up and stroke my cock during the night."

I lie.

I tell a lie to the boy, who's cock I want up my ass.

"Oh," he says.

He believes my lie.

"You still want to jack-off?" he asks me.


"You ever jack-off with your buds when you were growing up, Unc?" he asks me.

"I sure did," I say, "did you?"

"Yes," he answers.

I grab a handful of the stroking juice from the jar on the table where I placed it.

It is actually Cetaphil**, a great lotion-like cream, which makes my cock grow extra slippery when I jack-off.

"You want some?" I ask Sean.

He reaches into the little plastic jar, grabs a gob of it, puts it on his own stiff cock, and proceeds to work it up and down his inflated fleshy fuck-pole.

We stroke our cocks in unison.

"This feels good boss," Sean says to me as his steadily strokes his proud man-wiener.

"It is the best," I say, "My cock stays slick when I use it."

"Who'd you jack-off with as your were growing up, boss," Sean says, "I did it with my two best friends in our little club house out in the woods."

"It was with a friend of mine named Bob Warren," I say, "We would go skinny-dipping at a pond on his daddy's farm. It was the best place to jack off out in the wilds of nature."

"Damn, that's nice," Sean says, "I have never skinny-dipped before today but I have always wanted too in a pond or river."

"Maybe we can go to Bob's place, he lives not too far from me," I say.

"Kewl," he says.

What Sean doesn't know is that Bob has naked male parties at his 'house for men' where a lot action happens but that is not important right now. It is best he be surprised if he ever gets to go there with me.

I aim to make that meeting happen, some day, eventually.

"Hey, why'd you start calling me 'boss', Sean?" I ask, "You never have before, today."

"I don't know," he says, "it somehow seemed right to say that, now."

I think I know why but it would not be something he would understand.

"When you are ready to blow your load, "I say, "I want you to do it on my chest."

"Okay," he says without hesitation as if he wants to do it without having to be told.

"You were asked if you would fuck a guy, you said, NO," I say, "Would you, really? Now, you want to fuck my ass. What's up?"

He stops stroking his cock. I can see his hands. His legs are still spread wide as he rests back on the bed. I cannot see his face.

Sean sits up on the edge of his bed, between our two beds. His hands fall to his side, his cock is still thrust up, hard like a steel beam, like some little soldier saluting attention from his midsection.

"I have fucked a guy before, Randy," he says.

"When?" I say, surprised.

"At my bachelor party," he says, "I got drunk and fucked my wife's brother."

"Oh," I say," you were drunk?"


"Did you like it?" I say, "Putting your cock in a moist ass of a man, did you like it?"

"Yes," he says again, "I liked it. We both woke up, naked on the floor of the hotel room. He wanted my cock again, so on my wedding day, I fucked my future brother-in-law again before we both showered and rushed to the church for me to get married."

"Are you still fucking him?"

"Yes, I am," he says, "I have been for years. He is the only man I have ever fucked."

"So it is him you have been fucking?" I say, "...and not a girl?"

"Yes," he says bluntly.

"You still want to fuck me?" I say.

"Yes, I have wanted to do it for a long time," he says.

I stand up, turn around and offer him my ass.

My ass anxiously anticipates his much-vaulted member.

It is all it takes, he rams his leaking cock in my presented ass and goes to town like a manic on crack, mine.

He eases his steely hard cock into my anxiously awaiting ass. His crowned head opens me up, wider and wider, as he slides gently into me. I feel the veined member, the blood pumping it ever harder as I feel him stimulate my prostate as he slow fucks me.

"I knew it would be nice," he says, "damn, you feel good, Unc, you are tight."

He slides deeper into me, still being gentle, letting me become more accustomed to him, preparing me for more. I feel his furry pubes hit the bare flesh of my muscular smooth round ass. I am not quite the bubble-butted man, as I once was in my youth. It tickles me, his pubic hairs.

His fucking brings back memories of Bob fucking my ass in our late teens as we camped out at his father's pond. Bob was gentle man too but I like it rough. Gentle was fine when my ass was still a virgin, I am no longer a virgin to my ass being violated.

"After watching your hard cock tent in your shorts while you slept sprawled out on my couch at night. I knew it would feel just as good," I say, "and it does."

Sean begins working up momentum as he plummets in and out of my ass. The swishing sound of his hardened young cock slides in and then exits driving me crazy in his sexual charged frenzy.

"Harder," I yell out, "harder!"

He does, harder.

The flesh against flesh sounds fills our hotel room.

"Uncle," Sean says as he slows down on his thrust," how many men have you fucked?"

I do not immediately answer his question. I worry my answer may scare him off or it will get back to his Aunt.

"Too many," I say.

"How many is too many?" he says.

"Concentrate on my ass, bud, "I say," it is all you should be concerned with."

He pounds me harder, as I reprimand him. Maybe he wanted to be disciplined. I can do that too, if he wants. I can do much more than that at 'the shop.'

"Pound my ass, sweet boy, plunge that hot cock into my ass," I yell out as Sean proves the type of man he can be.

We continue on, I am being brought to the peak of release many times. Sean keeps on going like the Energizer Bunny, going and going.

Suddenly, a loud booming knock bangs on our door.

Caught unawares we are wrapped up in the ecstasy of our fucking to care about who is banging furiously on the door.

"Shut the fuck up in there, people are trying to sleep, you fucking assholes," the voice booms from behind the room door.

Knowing that we can be heard, it excites Sean even more, he explodes deep in my ass, his climax, rocks the back of my ass as he explodes. The cum fills my ass, I feel the warm liquid of his manhood; fill my deepest darkest parts of my being. Sean collapses onto me, with his cock still buried deep inside me.

The knocking, pounding on the door continues but I do not care. I have been filled with the sweet manly essence of my nephew.

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