Sean backs up, exposing his open vulnerable ass to me.

It waits for my cock.

It wants to be plunged deep into his anticipated butt. I have wanted his ass for the longest time now, since he first hung from 'the Ropes' in Randy's shop.

His ass is inviting, it has welcomed many cock today, now it is my turn.

He flexes the muscles of his hole, the ring of fur that circles it, breathes in and out, as he lets me know that, in its winking, his ass is ready for me.

"You ready for that ass, Reynolds?" Randy asks me as he stands over my shoulder steadily stroking his own still-steely-hard cock.

"It's a beautiful furry hole," he says, "isn't it?"

"Yes, "I answer him happily, "Yes, it is.".

I lean in, gulping him down, swallowing down Randy's tensed taunt hard rod, the cum leaks profusely from the tiny slit as it is fed from its protein-loaded discharge receptacles, his balls.

His savory liquid coats my throat as I suck him, massaging the length of his cock with my mouth, with the right amount of pressure, my suction, gets him harder, I can feel his cock tighten up as more blood is forced into the veins that feed its engorged hardness.

The vein that runs the length of his tool, is pumping blood throughout his swelled member, making it grow ever harder the more I take him into my mouth.

I can feel the ridges of his many veins, which cover and pulse through his cock, as I swallow it repeatedly into my moist mouth.

Randy sighs as I continue my wet manipulations of his dong.

I take my mouth off Randy's tool, white caked-up Randy-man-fluid condensates on the corners of my slobbered mouth, his liquid, fleeing, wants to escape from my expertly skilled mouth.

I turn my attention back to the ass, Sean's, who is anxiously waiting for me to fuck it.

"What do you want, Sean?" I say, "What do you want? Tell me, Sean, what do you want?"

"I want your cock, I want your cock," Sean says, raising his voice an octave higher as his excitement builds-up for me.

"Well, boy, plant your sweet little self on me and ride me, boy" I almost yell as I make my intentions known, "prove that you can take my big man-cock, like you claim you are ready to do."

"Yes, sir," Sean begs, he pleads, "Yes, sir...yes, sir."

As Sean sits on me, moans and sighs, are whispered from his pursed lips, my cockhead, the mushroom crown eases into the soft folds of his fleshy ass.

He body tenses, his back arches, as he takes me into him.

He lowers himself, slow, letting my fullness, my thickness, become accustomed to his soft confines.

He pauses as he swallows me, with his ass.

My cock-head is inside the folds of his being, on the cusp of even darker corridors.

"C'mon, boy, you can take it," I say, "go lower, c'mon, stud, you can take it."

"Yes, sir," he says, as he resumes his elevator-like downward spiral onto my engorged 11-incher.

The soft walls of the inner caverns of his ass slowly engulf my hard crowned cock.

The blood courses through the veins of my tool.

I feel his soft tender walls, his muscles, as his instinctive nature, press and react to the cock that is in his tight ass.

Each beat of my heart, adds more red life-giving fiery fluid to my penis, growing it harder with each individual rhythmic heartbeat.

"Go lower, boy," I say, whisper-like," take it all."

He moves closer to the pubes of my cock, he has taken seven of my eleven inches into his ass.

I have more for him.

There is more.

As he does, the harder his own cock grows from his filling of mine.

Sighs escape his lips, but screams do not.

Soft gentle moans whimper from him, contained excitement.

Adrenaline-filled excitement fuels his hunger for my cock; I can feel it as he goes further down my steel-like rod.

He 'mans-up' and when asked, he does.

He stops, at the eight-inch mark of my cock, the three other inches, he denies himself of them, are still waiting.

"You can't go all the way down, boy?" I ask.

"Not yet, sir," he says, "not...yet, but I will."

"It is okay, stud," I say.

He rises and falls on my tool, while he faces away from me, reverse helicopter-like style.

Each action is slow and deliberate as he is learning how to master the art of 'taking cock up the ass.'

He is doing well.

I spread my legs, wider, as I do, I place my hands on Sean's broad manly shoulders, gently adding more pressure to his downward motions, as he rises and falls on my cock, I force him down onto my swelled rod.

He is not aware that I am pushing him further, down upon my cock; he has now taken in nine of my eleven inches into the crevice that has welcomed so many today. I feel the top of my cock, my swelled head, touching the top of the anal canal of his hole.

As my cock pushes further into him, ticking the prostate, he is further stimulated, he jumps at the sensation, the fullness that fills his once virgin-hole.

Each jar of the prostate, he finds himself going further down my 11-inch shaft; he has now taken 10-inches, as his ass-hairs are now tickling my own pubic hairs, mingling, man-to-man. The suctioning sound grows louder and louder as he is being squeezed tighter and tighter by the girthy fullness of my lower cock as he nears the base, closer to my furred pubes.

As he grows more accustomed to my thickness, his hole stretches, more, widening from the piercing fullness of my cock.

I pound his ass, harder, as he backs up on my cock, repeatedly.

"Boy, it's time to rotate that ass of yours around," I say, "to face me."

As I pick him up, my arms stretched out to his strong muscular legs. I grab his knees and bring them into his waist, squat-like but not on the ground. When this happens, he sinks all the way down onto down my cock, which is buried deep in his ass.

I turn him around, where his cock is facing me; it flaps hard against my furred happy trail. His ass hairs are as one with my pubes; my cock is buried to the hilt.

He has taken me, my total girth.

He sighs and moans loudly, as I am inside him, completely, down to the root.

My pubes form a nest-like resting place against which Sean's haired backside, sits, mingling together, man-to-man.

"That feel good, fucker?" I say, "That cock tweaking that little prostate?"

As I ask him, Sean's cock unloads more and clear cream from his own swelled member. His belly is covered with a thin sheen of his own juice as it puddles in his pubic hairs and happy-trail, which are soaked with his masculine essence.

Sean nods his head, dramatically, to my question; he is overwhelmed with my fullness in him.

I pivot him, roughly, on my cock, as he faces me in the chair, the new position of my cock, touches different places than our previous sexual position, as he continues riding me.

Sean's face becomes beet-red as his excitement is multiplied from the change.

Randy comes up behind Sean, resting the weight of his body on Sean, making Sean's body rest more on the length of my cock. The added pressure makes Sean's play that much more enjoyable, pleasurable for the both of us.

Randy's stands proud because his nephew has taken the biggest man here, me.

Gerald, Neil and Greg stand on the sidelines watching us, as they continue to stroke their own cocks.

I motion Gerald over to me with a nod.

He comes, with his long lean missile-like cock, pointing out seductively from his groin, as he strokes the length of it, gently, drops of cum, pour out the piss-slit.

"Yeah, man," Gerald says," whatcha want. You are tearing up that ass; you want another cock in that hole with yours?"

"No, I want you to pound Greg's ass with your tool," I tell him, "quiet him down. Be forceful, be rough, pound that ass for all its worth."

He nods his head at me and walks to Greg, grabbing him by his cock, roughly, and flipping him around and forcing him down, onto his waiting cock. This happens so fast that Greg is unaware of the entry before he screams out, as his anus is pierced by Gerald's cock.

Once he adjusts to the fullness of my cock in his former tight little ass, expanded today by the constant work of many cocks that have called it home.

Sean takes my continued poundings with ease.

The girth of my cock slides in and out of his haired hole, easily and easily, the more I exert my strength upon it, the more willing Sean becomes.

The natural fluids produced by our ministrations lubes him up; the wet moist sucking sounds grow in loudness, the more rapidly I pound the once-virgin ass.

I feel my own cockhead grow in size, inside his red and battered anus, each natural suction, produced by his hole, squeezes me ever tighter and tighter.

"Boy, "I say, "I am about to blow."

Sean's face lights up in anticipation as I voice my nearing climatic explosion.

"Give it to me, daddy," he exclaims in excitement.

His cock has swelled to gigantic proportions, too. With each volley of my cock into his ass, his cock flaps frantically against his belly and my happy trail, from the motions I am producing.

The rest of the men, gather 'round us, as they are ready, themselves, to dump their loads on Sean's battered and abused body.

Gerald continues to rear-end Greg's ass with his powerful tool. They move closer, although Gerald does not extricate himself from the dark recesses of Greg's beaten inflicted hole by the 10-inch flesh missile.

Randy moves closer, to Sean's face, his cock almost touching Sean's nose, as it too, is swelled to its fullness.

Neil is on the other side opposite Randy, as he too, strokes furiously on his member.

Greg is furiously stroking his own cock, as Gerald continues pounding his sweet 19-year old ass, the wet sounds created by their fucking echo the ones being made by Sean and myself as I feel myself nearing volcanic release.

I explode violently in his ass, unloading my engorged cock.

I have created man-butter with my dasher of a cock, going in and out of my still emptying cock, my balls rapidly deflating as the seed is spilled from their flesh-sacs.

Simultaneously, Randy empties his balls onto the face of Sean; Neil joins in and empties his balls too.

As if on a timed cue, Gerald empties his balls into Greg's ass.

Greg spills his pent-up seed onto Sean's back.

He yells out a glorious, "FUCK!" when he empties his balls.

Excited by the white protein icing of cum that covers his face and back, Sean excitement grows.

Sean blows his own load.

Sean rocks, back and forth, exploding his own seed onto my hairy chest, my face, as he works me, while he rides me.

Relief washes over him as he violently expels his happy frustrations.

I am still buried deep in him, as my cock slowly deflates in his battered and beaten hole.

"Fuck," sighs, echo loudly among us, as we reveal the outward manifestations of our manhood with white gooey milky man-batter.

His ass, stretched, expanded by the girthy male members of the four men, some more girthy, some blessed with length.

Greg is denied access, as he was not granted the privilege to sample Sean's available wares.

Gerald, Neil, Reynolds and I poked our cocks into Sean's hole.

Sean's ass proved it could take what is dished out.

A real trooper, a real man.

Its time to clean up.

I reach behind Sean's back, his legs still tucked onto his chest, his cock, still close to my face, his ass still locked tight upon my cock.

I lift him, all of him, and hold him, as he is a smaller man than I am.

I stand from my seated position with him in my arms, my cock eases out of his moist hole, covered in his natural juices and mine, still expelling the liquids from our encounter, visible for all the men to witness.

I walk him to the pool, his cum, still streams down my chest, running down, onto my own cock, balls and pubes and further down onto my legs.

I toss him in the deep end of the pool.

He sinks beneath the water's surface, warmed by the hot and humidity of the southern Alabama sun.

As he swims, the milky cum, forms small cloud-like clusters, jellyfish-like, across the water, eventually dissolving into the water, disappearing, becoming what it once was and now what it is again, leaving his ass as he waddles in the water.

He emerges as I dive in, surfacing next to him.

I brush my hairy body next to his smooth one, pulling him close to me and kissing him.

Our tongues mix in each other's mouth as I roughly devour him with a kiss.

"That was hot," Greg says, "I want a piece of that ass."

"Boy, calm yourself," Randy says, as he stands near Greg, while he rubs the ass of the young buck-boy, "the trip is not over."

Greg pouts like a four year-old, a boy who has been denied a taste of a lollypop, whining like a child, which he passed years ago.

Randy pushes Greg into the water.

Greg gurgles as he resurfaces, caught unaware of the unexpected push.

Randy, Neil and Gerald dive into the pool, after him.

"Damn it," Greg shouts, as he surfaces.

After I kiss Sean, he is rubbing his ass, massaging the used muscles that have been plummeted with many cocks today.

"Your ass sore, boy?"

"Yes, sir," he says, "it is sore...but it feels good."

"You will loosen up the more you are fucked," I say, "but you did well, you took us all."

"Except me," Greg pipes in to a conversation he is not a party too.

Randy looks over at Greg and gives him an angry scowl.

Greg bows his head and paddles to the other end of the pool, where no one is standing.

He pouts.

I rub Sean's cheeks and ass, under the water, gently with my hand; he relaxes as the massage loosens his muscles along with the sun-heated water.

"Your ass did get mighty red, but you will be okay," I say, "you are more than ready for your next fuck."

"Alright, guys, enough playtime, it's time to get Mr. Holmes kitchen finished," Randy says, "break time is over...for now."



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