Sean jumps from the table, rushing to cover himself as Reynolds storms loudly into the shop. His rough calloused hands barely cover his hardened cock and furry pubes, which are peeking out from underneath his cupped hands as he attempts to hide his swelled manhood.

Reynolds, a towering man of 6'4", a bald shaven-headed former Marine, walks up to me. His barrel chest, muscled, covered with a thick mat of hair is revealed through his barely opened coveralls. His coveralls are unzipped down to mid-chest. As he walks to me, his own cock steadily grows and revealing itself, as he is 'going commando' under his work-wear, the lower tented portion of his coveralls, exhibits his equipment prominently.

I am still naked, sitting on my stool and sporting a massive woody, myself. I do not hide. Why should I?

Reynolds has seen what I have, many times as I have seen his, too.

"You finally got into that boy's pants I see, boss?" Reynolds says, surprised but not alarmed.

"It took a while," I say, "but the moment arrived."

I fondle my still hard cock. Wiping the cum-juice over the head of my teased cock, I use it as lubricant for my continued stroking. I reach out to the front of Reynolds' blue coveralls, his cock too is hard and producing a visible tent in his one-piece work attire. There is a large wet spot in the center of his blue coveralls. He unzips them down further down to reveal wisps of pubic hair.

"Boy, quite cowering like a little pussy-boy covering your tool," Reynolds bellows out as he makes his feelings known, "move those hands away and stand proud. I have a cock too. So what the fuck are you ashamed of?"

Sean moves his hands to his waist and stands tall and upright, projecting his stiff tool outward from his sticky saliva soaked pubes.

His cock, thrusting out in all its glory is presented to Reynolds and me in the shop.

"That's right, boy, be proud of your tool," Reynolds says, "I ain't ashamed of what I have and neither should you be."

Reynolds work coveralls are unzipped further down his midsection, the hair on his chest, his treasure trail and wisps of his pubes escape from the V-shaped opening, his hard-on still tents the waist of his cover-alls. The cum-spot still shines out on them as is grows from his increased leakage. A visible bulge of his manhood, a rod of manhood, is still hidden inside his clothes. The temptation of what he possesses as a man, still unrevealed, hidden under his clothes.

Reynolds' grabs, with his strong and powerful hands, both sides of his opened coveralls on both of his rather broad shoulders and brings them down off his shoulders. As they fall from his broad muscled shoulders, the full majesty of his person, his manhood, is exposed. The fan in the shop whips his densely matted chest hair and pubes into a whirled frenzy. The manufactured wind stirs his cock into further magnificent glory. Once his cock is free of its confines, it bounces off his pubic area and springs to erect magnificent glory.

He reaches down and loosens the matted pubic hairs from its attachment to his impressive appendage. It is a monster; he gives himself a slight stroke, travelling the length of his 11-inch shaft, reveling in the attention of a new admirer, Sean. The knob is impressive in its proportions. He is clearly the bigger man in the shop with his man-meat.

"Uhh, boy," Reynolds says in a guttural moan, like some wild untamed beast, in his clasped right fist, ape-like, he pounds once into his haired chest in one swift motion, "be proud. Be proud man."

"Ooh, yah!"

Reynolds stands in a defensive stance, ready to tackle anything thrown at him.

"Have you shown the boy, 'the Room' yet boss?" Reynolds says in an animalistic tone, in a warring Marine mode.

"Not yet," I say, "it is the next thing on the list, I was just waiting for you to get here."

"What room, that one," Sean says as he points to the reinforced steel door with the sign that says, PRIVATE on it, "that room?"

Sean's cock points in the same direction too, as if it as a magnetically drawn to it.

Reynolds and I nod to each other as Sean asks questions about 'the Room.'

Sean does the once over, of the body of Reynolds, clearly swayed by his dangling steel-hard tool that obstructs all other views in the room. As it is the main tool on display in this shop, overshadowing both Sean and myself.

"Damn impressive dick, Reynolds," Sean says, "You have one mighty big piece of equipment there. I expected something a little different though, smaller."

"Boy, keep your pussy-assed mouth closed," Reynolds says, forcefully and authoritatively, "until you have it up your ass you don't have any idea just how big it can actually become."

"He doesn't take it up the ass, Reynolds," I say.

"Awww, he thinks he's too much of a man to take a cock up his virgin ass," Reynolds says, "I take cock up my ass all the time and like it. You have a problem with it."

Reynolds growls and leans in on Sean. Sean cowers back at the presence of Reynolds up in his face. His cock is still at full mast, not ashamed of his overwhelming power between his thighs and showing Sean that power.

"I can handle your wimpy ass, any day of the week, "Reynolds brags as he reaches for the dick of Sean.

Sean takes a step back, avoiding the clutches of Reynolds strong grip.

"The boy is intimidated by the real man in the room," Reynolds smirks as he responds to Sean's behavior towards him, "the boy thinks taking a cock up the ass will make him a pussy, NOT a real man. REAL men aren't afraid of a little cock in the ass. I ain't."

Reynolds not deterred by Sean's avoidance and leeriness, reaches once again for Sean's male member.

"I don't back down so easy boy, "Reynolds' says, "I get what I want and I want your ass."

"Do you, Reynolds?"Sean questions him.

"I do," Reynolds answers as he grabs hold of Sean's engorged blood-filled hard-on, "told ya."

Reynolds' squeezes the hard cock in his oversized hand; Sean gets even harder from the pressure.

Sean does not move away nor does he object to Reynolds' touch. He relaxes and enjoys the 'handing' he is receiving from Reynolds, once he quit backing away.

"Ohhh, Ohhh," Sean moans in pleasure as the vice-like grip of the muscled bound bald giant of a man tightens on his cock, Reynolds does not loosen his hold, he grasps the cock harder.

"Before we show him 'the Room' let's have a little fun, first," I say.

"Okay," Reynolds responds favorably.

"How 'bout 'the Rope'?" I suggest.

"Sounds good to me," Reynolds smirks in delight at my suggestion.

"What is 'the Rope'?" Sean questions, his facial expression, showing some fear.

"Boy, you see that pole over there?" Reynolds points to a pole with the large eyebolts screwed into each end of the 5-foot tall fence post.

"That one?" Sean says, "The one that I have asked y'all about many times and you would never answer me."

"Yes, that one," I say, "Get it boy, do as Reynolds told ya sorry ass to do."

Reynolds lets go of Sean's cock, freeing him from his clutches and now with the ability to do his demanded, ordered task.

Sean bends down to get the dual eye bolted post leaning against the side of the workshop.

As he leans in to get the post, his ass spreads, naturally, revealing his hirsute ass for Reynolds and me.

"That's it, boy, show us that ass?" Reynolds demands.

"Guys, I don't play that game. I fuck ass. I am not fucked," Sean says demanding-like with authority he believes he has.

"Okay, boy," Reynolds says, "I hear ya, I hear ya."

Reynolds smiles coyly at me from across the Room.

I know what is on his mind.

"Good," Sean says, "I wouldn't mind putting my wick into that sweet ass of yours, though, Reynolds."

Reynolds smiles, flashing his glowing white teeth and Cheshire cat grin; he says nothing he does not have to.

"Before ya get it, you have to give it, boy," Reynolds says, "My rules."

Sean says nothing.

He smirks at Reynolds 'rule' comment.

I grin myself. I know what Reynolds means and he means what he says.

"Bring it here, boy," Reynolds bellows out in his eased Alpha male attitude.

Sean tosses the pressure-treated pine fence post over his lean muscular shoulder and walks to where Reynolds is standing. As he walks, his hardness flops about, his cock hitting and bouncing off his thickly blanketed treasure trail between his stomach and pubes. Flesh against flesh sounds are echoing throughout the hot stifling shop.

We are all sweating buckets of perspiration.

"Thanks boy," he says, "you do what you've told like a 'good' boy should."

"I ain't a damned boy to be ordered about," Sean comes back at Reynolds, irritated by the comment from Reynolds.

"Sure, you aren't" Reynolds says as the post is brought to Reynolds.

As Sean walks away, Reynolds slaps Sean on his bare ass.

The sound of the fresh flesh slap echoes throughout the shop.

"DAMN IT! Reynolds, I ain't your play toy," Sean says angrily.

"Whatever you say, BOY, prove it," Reynolds says.

Sean lunges at Reynolds but his size is a detriment for Sean but it is an asset for Reynolds, as Sean is much smaller, although muscular; Reynolds is a combat-trained Marine. Sean is a good-ole country boy, from a world that is limited and narrow.

Reynolds gets his arms around Sean's neck, easily, which causes Sean to pass out from the applied pressure.


"Wake up, boy," Reynolds says.

As a bucket of water is splashed onto the face of Sean and drenches his entire naked body.

"Wakey, wakey, "I say.

Sean is on the floor, trussed up like some Thanksgiving turkey on 'the Rope.'

Reynolds and I am standing over him, admiring our mutual handiwork.

Sean, stirring, finally begins to 'come to' from his 'passed out' state, in his mouth, a red ball gag.

He is tied-down to the dual eyebolt pine post that he carried to Reynolds. The one that he had numerous questions about as to what its use was, now he knows. His arms secured by soft wrapped rope around the post and his arms. His legs are spread eagle-wide and secured down to a similar post at his feet in the same fashion.

He mumbles as he becomes aware of his predicament.

He jerks about feverously at the situation but is unable to move.

"You move around too much boy," I say, " are going to have some nasty ropes burns that are going to be hell to explain to your wife, boy. You best settle down."

Sean quits his moving around.

He is vulnerable.

Fear shows on his face.

"Sean, this is 'the Rope'," I say, "How do you like it? I created a little contraption for my pleasure. I am now pleased."

I hear muted laughter from behind me.

It is Reynolds.

Reynolds walks up to Sean.

His cock, hard, which projects out gloriously from his haired crotch, as he stands looming over Sean's head, his ass exposed to the bound gagged captive. Reynolds squats down, his ass, coming within a few inches of Sean's ball-gagged face. Sean turns his head but cannot escape the dark trench of Reynolds offering.

"Told ya, I get what I want," Reynolds says, "take a look at my ass. You aren't touching it."

Reynolds stands and walks from Sean and does as I say, the 'boss.'

"Raise him up, Reynolds," I say.

"Will do boss, "Reynolds says.

Reynolds runs to the crank on the side of the shop, his cock flopping from side-to-side as he runs, which feeds 'the Rope' that threads through the pulley that stretches from the ceiling of the shop. Another rope threads through both ends of the eyebolts of the pine post, keeping it taunt. It has others uses to, but Sean did not know about this particular one.

'The Rope' is attached to the metal eyebolts of the post, as it is raised, Sean's arm are kept extended and his feet spread wide and weighed down as he is lifted upright into the air.

As Sean is raised, his vulnerability becomes all the more apparent.

He is naked, exposed, and open for all to behold.

As he is finally raised, just a few inches off the floor, he is secure and unable to fight.

Although if he moves too much, he will have some nasty rope burns.

Reynolds walks to the back of the dangling bound man.

"Boy, I told you, I get what I want," Reynolds says, "I want your ass but I promise to be gentle."

"I don't," I say, "You fucked my ass last night in Pensacola. Tonight I fuck yours."

Sean mumbles under his ball-gagged mouth and shakes his restraints in his suspended state. He can move all he wants, though limited he is not going anywhere.

"Your thrashing will not stop us, boy," I say, "It will only make Reynolds and my fun all the more enjoyable. I like a boy with who has spunk, one that fights when he is the subject of 'the Rope'."

Sean's eyes grow wide in justifiable fear.

His face grows red, either from intense anger or from fear of the unknown.

He is unaware of what is about to happen to him.

What awaits him is a mystery to him but not to me or my obedient employee and fellow man, Reynolds.

Reynolds strokes his cock, watching it grow again to its massive proportions. He parades his man-piece in front of Sean, waving his cock in a sword-like fashion, pointing it, intimidating Sean with its girth and length. Cum is a drip like a spigot from his man-sword, slinging his juice about the room onto the concrete floor as he walks.

Sean continue to show the fear through the wide-open glaring eyes, his words still stifled by a mouthful of rubber from the ball gag.

Reynolds' cock is as big as he is. It matches the other dimensions of this man, himself.

As blessed as he is with his gigantic size, his cock, the instrument that Sean was surprised about matched the same hefty proportions, showing his strength now at its full erectness.

Sean's eyes glare at it in with awe.

"Is Reynolds scaring you, boy?" I ask Sean.

Mumbles of incoherent words rumble from underneath his plastic sex toy-filled mouth.

"Do you want that cock in your weasely little virgin ass?" I tease, "Do you want my cock in your untouched hole?"

I wave my own cock in Sean's direction, not nearly as hefty as Reynolds own, but more than enough to stretch Sean's little untapped hole.

"You thought last night as you fucked my sweet ass that you would get some more tonight, didn't you, boy?" I say, reminding him of the liberties he took with my hole at the hotel.

"Boss, likes sweet ass too, boy," Reynolds says as he still trots around the room with his horse-cock, tightly gripping it in his powerful hands," Ass for ass is our rule, boy. You gotta give yours up if you want to touch us."

Reynolds smiles glaringly at Sean as he makes his proclamation, which is still unable to speak and leave, cautiously nods his head.

"You gonna gve it up, boy, willingly?" I say, "Or is it going to have to be taken?"

Sean's nodding ceases. He is lost in thought as to what he should do.

"Boy, we ain't got all day," Reynolds says in an intimidating tone.

Reynolds moves one of his fingers to his mouth, slobbers it up with spittle, and presents it to Sean.

Sean begins thrashing about, unable to flee from what he knows the finger can do.

Reynolds walks behind Sean as he hangs in full presented spectacle. He teases his wet finger on the taunt globes of the hairy ass. He gently rubs his spittle-lubed finger in circles across the hairy ass of the captive Sean.

"Don't tense that ass up, boy, "Reynolds says, "It will only hurt you when I poke it in. Relax, boy, relax."

"You best do as his says," I say, "a tense puckered hole hurts."

Sean eyes dart from side-to-side, taking in the warnings said by both Reynolds and me.

"You know what this is, boy?" I say to my bound boy on 'the Rope,' "it is lube for that tight hole of yours."

I plop it, loudly, with a long bang, the oversized bottle of lube onto the table.

I give Sean a smirky grin.

Fear is apparent on Sean's face, afraid of the unknown.

He knows why the lubricate is used.

"It'll make it much easier for my cock to slide into that dark cavern called your ass, when I am ready."

Reynolds leans in an wipes his tongue across the face of Sean. The stubble of Sean's unshaven face is rough as the wet appendage wipes his face.

"The boy is salty," Reynolds says, "his fear and anxiety has him sweating, boss."

I laugh at the fear that I know is welled up in my nephew.

Reynolds moves his finger ever closer to the hole of my nephew.

"I'm getting closer, boy, "Reynolds says, "...much, much, much closer. You best loosen up that sweet asshole or my finger is really gonna hurt."

I walk behind Sean, to see Reynolds in action, to get a better view, waiting to see the long extended digit of Reynolds massive muscular hand slide into the waiting, puckered-up hole of our 'hanging' boy-toy.

"Un-squeeze that ass, boy, "I say, "or it will hurt more."

Reynolds continues to tease Sean with the threat of his finger.

"Maybe, you best use some lube on that finger before you put it into that virgin ass, Reynolds," I say, "I wouldn't want the boy to hurt too much."

I hand Reynolds the lube off the table and another special surprise for Sean. A finger is should not all be all that should concern him.

"You are right, boss," Reynolds says," My finger could be painful for his unprepared ass."

Reynolds lubes up his long flesh digit and prepares to explore where no man has gone before, into Sean's ass.

Sean is rocking, swinging, frantically, on 'the Rope' anxious and scared at what is about to enter his untested hole.

"You ready, boy," Reynolds says, anxious to stick his fingers in and play, "I know I am."

"Looking good there, boy," I say, "put up a fight and make this better. I dare ya. C'mon boy, fight."

Sean struggles, frantically trying to get himself out of the situation that he unknowingly put himself in when he came to the shop today. Like Randy said, he expected to fuck his hole again.

"Struggle boy, put up a fight," Reynolds says taunting Sean, "you want it, boy; you want what I got for you."

Sean becomes deathly still, realizing that his actions will cause him more pain if he fights.

"Ahh, the boy ain't got no more fight in him," I say.

"Boss, he's puckering his hole, "Reynolds says as his cock continues to stick out from his pubic area like some majestic flesh-missile, "It's a sweet hole, boss. I want it."

Reynolds strokes his cock, as a rope of cum attaches from his piss-slit, more added to what he has already expelled. He brings the man-juice to his mouth, to taste, and lube-up the entry to Sean waiting ass.

Suddenly, Sean bellows out as his ass is breached.

He rocks violently as he realizes that it is not Reynolds finger that has breached his ass but a sex toy, a rubber dildo.

"You like our little surprise?" I say.

Reynolds slowly works the 6-inch rubber dildo in and out of Sean's ass.

Slowly, Reynolds works the cock-shaped dildo into the untouched ass.

Sean accepts the gift.

"He's tight, boss," Reynolds says, "just like you said he would be."

"We decided on a small rubber dick for your ass," I say, "we are being nice to you, boy, who proclaimed that he does not get fucked."

"He can't say that anymore, boss," Reynolds says as he continues sliding the toy back and forth out of the tight virgin ass of Sean. He smiles, jester-like, as he toys with Sean and slaps his ass, playfully. His cock squirts more cum-ropes as he continues his game with Sean.

As Sean is on full display, bound to 'the Rope,' and being plummeted with the rubberized dildo going into his hole, his cock is constantly dripping his man-cream from his hardened cock.

"The boy likes that his ass is being assaulted," I say," his cock proves it with its leaking offering."

I walk around to Sean, his face, and grab his erect cock and squeeze him forcefully.

"You want me to squeeze harder, boy?" I ask Sean.

Of course, he is unable to answer; the ball gag is still in place in his mouth.

He struggles as I hold him firmly in a vice-like grip on his genitals.

Reynolds continues to plunge Sean's ass with the 6-inch rubber cock, as he does this, he is raking his other hand over Sean's chest, stimulating his nips and fucking him with the lubed-up cock. The tattoos randomly places on his body shakes and changes shape as his body is wrapped up in supreme ecstasy from the dildo being brought in and out of his ass.

"The boy likes this, you think, Reynolds," I say, "his ass is loosening up."

"I think he does, boss," Reynolds says, "look at how his cock twitches as I plunge his hole with the fake cock, it is jumping and leaking buckets of cum."

"Yes, it is."

I release my firm grip on his cock and squat down in front of Sean's massively swelled organ, his thickly veined cock jumps erratically as Reynolds continues to plummet Sean's open exposed hole. I extent my tongue to the underside of Sean's cock, he reacts to the soft touch of my hot wet oral organ. As my tongue travels the length of my nephews cock, he rocks uncontrollably on his crucified stance.

His pent-up edged cock explodes onto my face, hair, soaking me with thick gobs of white sperm, cum, and man-juice, some manages to make it down my mouth. He tastes sweet, proteiny, and good.

"Damn, boy," I say, "what a fountain of juice you have."

Reynolds continues to tweak the nipples of Sean as his spurts the last of his man-juiced offerings. He falls limp as he empties the last vestiges of his DNA from his stiff cock.

"So the boy is a man after all, he shoots a load like a real man does," Reynolds says, as he pulls the impaled rubber cock out of Sean's de-virginized ass," now you are ready to be fucked by a real cock."

Sean's ass resumes its pre-rubber cock filled status.

Shrinking back to its prior place.

The relief shows on Sean's ball-gagged face as he is emptied of the foreign object inserted into his prior untested hole.

Reynolds smiles, mission accomplished.

Sean has been fucked, willingly, with a 6-inch dildo.

The preparations are in place for further exploration of Sean's still untapped ass by a piece of real man-flesh, but it is getting ready for it.

The question is when.



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