The drive to Alabama is a much-anticipated one; I have expectations of what may and may not happen while we are here. After what happened at the initial consultation with the architect named Gerald and the homeowner named Neil Holmes, this day should be riotous and even louder and bolder.

Reynolds has come along to help install the new range hood that he constructed and to help finish the kitchen. He is also along on this job because he wants to see if what I said about the homeowner is true or not. The sub-contractor has done his part of the job; we just have to finish the kitchen. My young helper is also here; the large range top hood installation requires much help, since it is large bulky pieces of metal. The more men, here, the merrier, I always say, even more so when there are men such as these that are here now.

Sean and I are riding together in my truck with a trailer being towed behind us, hauling the disassembled metal fabricated hood, where it is tied down; Reynolds follows behind us in another truck with the young man.

I have secured a hotel room for all of us, as this will be an overnighter for a day or two, I am anxious to see what will transpire today and tonight and in the following days. Since Sean has been introduced to the pleasures of having his ass plugged with a hard rubber cock while his own cock drips and leaks with his man-cum, he now likes being fucked.

He begs for it.

He had yet to be entered with a true man-flesh-rocket but a dildo has been plugged in his ass many times since that night he was tested on 'the Ropes' and he has been double-fucked with a dildo with Greg on the other end.

Sean had slipped into his role, effortlessly, of a cowering slave-boy now; he even delights in wearing a butt-plug. He has one stuck up his virgin ass, now; it is still a virgin because he has not been pierced by any real man-flesh. Maybe it will happen today or tonight but it will happen, in the next few days, I guarantee it.

We park our trucks in the dirt next to Neil's secluded backwoods home. The trees are dense; privacy is obvious out here in the boonies. There is another truck parked in the unfinished yard with no driveway or landscaping done as of yet, it is Neil's, I assume.

Sean jumps out the truck in a hurry, as a slave-boy, should.

He did this hurried pace before his 'awakening' to the pleasures of being a submissive, he reacts even faster now because of his status.

He is learning quickly.

I am his teacher, as is Reynolds.

He goes about untying the tie-down straps, in a rapid pace, that are holding down the disassembled metal pieces in place.

"Boy, you are dressed to much," I say, "take those damned clothes off, now, boy."

Sean looks at me.

Nods his head, submissively.


He obeys.

He pulls his standard white cotton t-shirt over his head and faces us, revealing his muscles in all their entirety.

He unbuttons his shorts, unzips them and drops them to the ground while still facing all of us.

He is naked.

He steps out of them, leaving them bunched up, piled up in the dirt.

"Turn around, boy," I say.

"Yes, sir," he obediently answers.

He does.

"Bend over," I say in my usual forceful authoritative tone.

He does.

In his ass is the medium-sized butt plug I placed there before we all left the shop before our many hours' long trip to Alabama.

"Grab that plug and work it about in your tight little ass, boy," I order him to do it, "turn it, and twist it."

He does so, without hesitation.

He does it willingly.

He reaches with his right hand, between his legs, and twists and turns it, a soft gentle moan escapes from his lips as he manipulates his personal little sex toy planted in his tight ass.

"That's nice, boy," Reynolds says as he watches Sean go about his play.

"He's got one fine ass, there," the young buck-man chimes in at the outdoor display.

"So do you, Second Boy," I say to the younger apprentice," your ass needs to be drilled again; maybe I'll let Sean sample your wares, soon."

"It would be my pleasure, sir," Sean says.

"Boy, it's not about YOUR pleasure," I say, "it's about mine and Reynolds' pleasure."

Sean drops his head, cowering at his disobedience.

"Yes sir," Sean says.

"Put your cargos back on," I say, "but leave your t-shirt off. I want to see those muscles flex and stretch as they work while we get this hood inside."

"Yes sir," Sean says again.

Sean walks over to his shorts and pulls them back on, covering his muscled hairy legs and semi-erect cock. The butt-plug is still in his ass.




"It seems that some things have changed since your last visit here," Neil says from the little porch off the front of his home, "I can't wait."

"Yes, they have," I say to Neil as I walk towards him with an extended hand, "this day, will be interesting, I can guarantee it."

We shake hands.

"Good," Neil says, "Gerald will be here shortly."

"The more the merrier," I say.

"I agree," Neil says.

"Me too," Reynolds pipes in.

"Damn," Neil says when he sees Reynolds," damn, damn, you are one big fine hunk of a man."

"I have heard that before, my names Reynolds, I constructed your new hood."

They shake hands, too.

Neil lingers in his gaze as he looks over the man named, Reynolds McNamara.

"I hope you are gonna get naked too, Big Man?" Neil says.

"I would have to say 'yes,' if it is okay with you. We have much to do, sir, before I can," Reynolds says.

Neil's nods his head, grins from cheek to cheek.

"I am Neil," he says, "it would be a pleasure and perfectly fine with me, I assure you."

"I am sure you are," Reynolds says, "I am sure you are."

Sean walks up next to Neil and Reynolds, his head still lowered by submission.

Neil reaches toward Sean's cargo shorts fondling his covered groin and cock through the fabric; a cock that he has seen before and knows what is hidden under those restrictive clothes.

Sean does not look up, head still bowed.

"Tell Neil, 'thank you for fondling your cock'," I say.

"Thank you, Neil for fondling me," Sean says.

"I like this," Neil says, "I like this very much."

Neil squeezes Sean's packaged bulge one last time, taking all that Sean has between his legs into his hand before releasing him.

Neil then sees the young 18-year-old apprentice.

"...and who is this young buck?" Neil questions.

"I am Greg...sir," he answers.

"Nice!" Neil says, "Why don't you take that shirt off too, uhh, little Second Boy."

Greg looks back at me, as a boy would do to his Master.

"Boss, can I?" he asks.

"You do what Mr. Neil says, you too, Slaveboy Sean, you do what he says," I say.

"Yes, sir," Sean and Greg echo each other in their obedience.

Greg pulls the t-shirt over his head, revealing a muscle-defined chest with chiseled abs and a hairy treasure trail that disappears deep into the waistband of his own cargo shorts.

"Give me that sweaty shirt, boy," Neil says.

Greg hands Neil his shirt, bowing his head as he does it, as Greg walks away from him.

Neil sniffs the odors from the sweat soaked man-scent t-shirt of the boy known as the Second Boy.

"Stop a minute, boy, come here," Neil orders Greg, "Don't walk away from me, yet."

Greg, ever obedient, walks up to a man that will also be a Master to him today.

Neil grabs the waistband of Greg's loose shorts, pulls them away from his waist, and peers deep inside, peeking, seeing what leads down from his hairy treasure trail to the prize at the end of 'rainbow'.

"You are nice, a hairy furry cock," Neil says, "why don't ya pull those nasty shorts off and work naked for me, young man."

Greg looks to me for guidance, again.

"Whoa, wait a minute, Neil," I say.

"What?" Neil says stunned at being denied what he wants.

"Hey, Neil," I say, "It's too dangerous for these 'boys' to work naked, the sharp edges of the new hood, the metal could cut them."

"Got it," Neil answers.

"You will see them both naked soon enough," I say," once we install it. They will both work in the nude."

"Good, "Neil says happily, "that pleases me."


Neil stands in the doorway to the pool that leads into the spacious and expertly crafted and designed kitchen by Gerald and Randy. Neil is naked, sporting an impressive woody that he has been fondling, since we arrived, as the large faux antiqued range hood is installed.

"That look nice," Neil says.

I am leaning on the doorframe, inside the doorway. My shirt is off, laying, on the partially constructed kitchen counter, next to the others shirts. I am bare from the waist-up. Happily pleased and satisfied as I watch my design come to life.

It is nice to see Sean, Greg and Reynolds work shirtless in the heat of this hot humid Alabama day. Sweat roles off their exposed flesh; the hood has slipped a time of two but was quickly placed back in its proper position and attached by the three men. Their muscles stretch and strain because of the weight of their burden, each showing their individual strength and masculinity. The 'boys' shorts nearly fall off them several times as they worked, which would have revealed their glorious cocks, as each of the three men 'go commando' under their clothes. Their pubes are very apparent, as is the hilt of their cocks, next to their root of where their cocks connect to the rest of their fine leaned muscled bodies from the shorts falling as they work.

"What the boys?" I say, "Or the faux antiqued hood?"

"Both," he answers bluntly, "Mmm that is some fine pieces of ass up there on those ladders on full display."

"Yes, it is," I say, "I think they are done, now."

"Yes, we are," Reynolds pipes in, loudly, as he steps down off his ladder. He wipes his long muscled hands over his dusty-dirty hairy chest; the swipe of his hands makes waves in his densely packed covering of fur.

Sean and Greg are still up their ladders from their part in the installation of the rather large range hood.

"Sean, Greg, drop your shorts," I order the 'boys.'

"On the ladder, sir," Greg asks.

"Yes, on the ladder," I answer.

Each says 'yes sir' as they unbutton, step out of them and drop their shorts from their high positions on the ladder. They each still wear their steel-toed work boots, socks, and nothing else, except the hair covering their bodies and the butt-plugs deeply planted in their beautiful muscled asses.

The butt-plugs in both of their furred holes protrude prominently from their bases as each are being pulled in and out by the natural movement of Sean's and Greg's cramped holes.

The shorts fall on the dust-laden tile floor of the kitchen, a puff of dirt and debris rise from cluttered floor as they hit.

"Spread those legs," I say, "let Neil see those hairy butt-plugged filled holes you both possess."

The boys come lower down on the ladders, revealing their treasures are poked, willingly, up in their asses.

"You wanna taste those sweet holes, Neil?" I say.

"Yes, "Neil says as he leaves his place, stroking his cock as he walks, by the backdoor and walks underneath Greg's ladder and begins licking the ass high above him, filled to capacity with the toy, the packed butt filled hole.

Greg lets out a silent moan as the long wet tongue of Neil circles Greg's naturally hairy-ringed ass and plug.

"Mmm," Greg says, as his cock grows hard from Neil's elongated tongue still tweaking his ass.

"You are tasty, boy, "Neil says.

"I am ready to get naked, I want to taste Sean's ass, some more," Reynolds says.

Reynolds begins unzipping his coveralls and untying the long sleeves that are wrapped around his waist, his hairy filled crotch revealed, as the coveralls slide down, revealing his 11-inch man-sausage.

"It is waiting for you, sir," Sean says, "it is all yours."

"As if it would be anyone else's besides the 'boss' and mine," Reynolds smirks.

Sean pokes out his ass at the mention of being serviced by his two bosses.

"My, my, my, what do we have here," says a voice from the doorway that leads into what will eventually become the family room.

It is Gerald.

His pants are dropped down to his waist, revealing his cock, which he is stroking at the sights before him in the kitchen, which is filled with naked men and hard cocks. Neil is feasting on Greg's butt-plugged ass, slobbering up the ass-man-treasure, munching away on his musky scents. The massively naked body of Reynolds, his coveralls is slowly being lowered as he watches. Then there is me, shirtless, by the door leaning on the frame, going into the pool area.

Neil glances up from his snack to see Gerald.

"Hey, Sweetie," Neil says, "we have company."

In Neil's singsong voice, he is clearly pleased at what he is partaking of, enjoying and being watched as he does it.

Gerald nods his head to the man whose ass he has fucked numerous times and sees a man he guesses is who he could be.

"It's nice to see you, Reynolds. I can assume you are Reynolds? Based on what Randy has told me," Gerald says, "I knew you were a big man, but you are far more impressive than I ever thought."

Reynolds walks to the architect, ignoring the splayed waiting ass of Sean, as he reaches for the hardened tool of the structural designer.

"Your equipment is quite impressive, "Reynolds says," Randy says you plowed the ass of that bottom-stud lapping up the sweet ass of the Second Boy."

Reynolds points to Neil, still hard-at-work on Greg's butt-plugged filled ass.

"That I did," Gerald says," we have talked on the phone enough; it is finally good to see what I have always envisioned in my mind, based on your manly-bass-baritone voice, it was true."

Gerald anxiously extents his own hand as he grasps Reynolds rapidly growing dick, each holding the equipment of the other in their palms.

They cup the balls of each other with their other hand.

"My, I do like what I see," I say while I still lean on the doorframe.

I am still clothed, as each guy has found a partner, except for Sean, he is still up on the ladder with ass poking out, waiting for someone, since Reynolds because fascinated by Gerald.

"Boy, don't you move," I say.

Sean looks to me.

"Yes, sir," he says.

"I am coming for your ass," I say.

I kick my boots off, keeping my socks on, pulling my shorts down, along with my underwear and leave them piled on the floor amidst the dust and rubbage that litters the floor. I pull back on my boots, not bothering to lace them up. I am ready to suck on some ass and cock.

As I walk towards Sean, who is perched high upon the ladder, whose ass is easily accessible for my tongue and awaiting slurp-fest.

Neil resumes his gobbling up on the haired butt-plugged filled hole of Greg.

Reynolds and Gerald are consumed we each other as they rough handle each other's equipment, testing the limits of what each man can take from the other.

I twist the plug, firmly planted in my nephew's sweet hampered hole.

He moans as I aggravate him with his toy.

"You like that don't ya boy," I say.

"Yes, Uncle, I do," Sean says.

I grab the plug, roughly, and begin slowly extracting it from his ass.

"Oh shit, oh shit," Sean says as his ass is being emptied of its treasure.

The other pairs of men stop what they are doing and gaze toward us, as Sean yelps out in his excited pleasure.

"Boss, he needs your cock in his ass," Reynolds says.

"Yes, he does," I say.

Sean looks at me after the suggestion by Reynolds.

"I want it, boss, "Sean says.

"You want what, boy?" I say.

"I want your cock in my ass, sir," Sean says.

"Oh, this is nice," Neil says, "the man is finally ready to be impaled on a flesh-pole."

"Yes, sir," Sean says to Neil, "I am."

He pauses; he is not finished with his proclamation.

"I want a cock in my ass, my mouth," Sean says, "I want all of your cocks in me."

We all stop at the mention of Sean's words.

We all look towards each other, then at him.

Everyone nods their heads, in unison.

"We can do that boy," I say, "can you handle all of us?"

"I want to try, sir," Sean says.

"Does everyone want to take a poke at Sean's untouched ass?" I ask.

"Yes," Neil says as he wipes his mouth of Greg's aroma.

"Yes," Greg says, "I want it too. Let him be plugged by the youngest man here, me."

"Yes," Gerald says,"Ass is always good to sample when it has never been fucked before."

"You know I want to, boss," Reynolds says, "I wanted to when the man was on 'the Ropes' but you said he had to want it."

"He wants it now, Reynolds," I say, "I told you he would eventually."

"Yes, you did, boss," Reynolds says, "Yes, you did."

"Let's fuck that sweet hole out there in the hot Alabama sun," Neil says," lets christen his ass out on the table I have out by the pool."

Greg and Sean come down off their respective ladders.

Greg still filled with his butt-plug.

We all stand naked in the unfinished kitchen, stroking our cocks, seeing who we can impress and out 'macho' the other.

"I like the range hood, "Gerald says, "I like your handiwork, Reynolds."

"Wait till you see what I can do with this," Reynolds says as he grips his fiercely engorged 11-inch cock.

"Wait till you see what I can do with mine," Gerald says.

"Wait till you see what I can do with mine," Greg says.

"I want to see what all of you can do with your cocks," Sean says, "quit bragging and prove it. Fuck my ass!"

I am surprised but happy.

"I can prove it, boy," Reynolds says, "but I know you know that, doncha ya."



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