His ass looks so beautiful with the black sex toy protruding out of it as he walks, seductively, out the door going to the pool. Fine hairs pepper his round globe-like buttocks, which are standing up from his excitement. An excitement that courses through his body like stifled unharnessed electricity. My right hand rests lazily on his muscled left ass-cheek; a thin sheen of perspiration blankets his half-mooned shaped buttocks as the sun hits them. Is it excitement? Or, is it abated anticipation at his unexplored territory that is his ass, being conquered and impaled by a willing bevy of men. I want to reach out and work that butt-plug furiously in his tight little waiting ass but I want my own excitement to built-up, the desire and the energy that I have stored to pound that ass in my own adrenaline-fueled sexual fervor.

"You have one very enticing backside, Sean," Greg says," I have wanted my cock in it since the first day I met you."

"Boy, you will sample his ass, "I say, "After everyone else first dips their own leaking wicks into it. You are still the Second Boy. Don't you forget that?"

"Yes, sir, Master Reynolds," Greg says, submissively, "I momentarily forgot my place, sir."

"See that you do not, do so again, boy," I say, "your ass has not been pierced by a fleshy cock in a while, but you may be trussed up, one day soon, for a flesh-rocket at the shop."

Greg cowers, his head, bowed into his usual submission.

"Yes, sir," Greg says.

"Mmm," Neil says," you guys are rough; I like that, I like that shit a lot."

"Wait till we pound his ass," I say as I gently pat the bare bottom butt-cheeks of Sean, "you will see how rough we can really be."

"With a rod like yours," Gerald says, "you are most definitely rough with that 11-inch knob. It will rip any ass to shreds. Today, it will be his."

"Or submission," I say," I prefer submission."

"Boss Reynolds' cock feels so good when it fills you up," Greg says to me, "I want it every time I can get it. Which is not near enough."

"I would too," Neil says, "I would too."

Neil smiles at me as he gazes longingly, lustfully, at my 11-inched girth-sized cock.

"Your ass is sweet boy," I say to Greg, "it is not going to get busted from it seams, today. Today is for Sean. His ass is the prize that is going to be awarded to all of us, for service and filling."

I lube up my finger up before I realize that Sean's ass is still filled with the medium-sized rubber butt-plug.

I grab the plug and rotate it in a circular pattern in his ass.

Sean stops in his tracks, unable to continue walking because he is caught off guard by the rotations of the toy.

I grab the 'handle' of the toy, giving it a hard yank, removing it from his ass with one swift powerful force.

As I do, the surprise forces Sean onto bended knees.

His ass whistles from its unexpected emptiness.

"Oh fuck," he yells out as his ass is freed from its containment.

A big drip of cum drips from his cock, it is leaking from the wide piss-slit of his cock at the sight of the other dicks swings, dangles, provocatively in his face.

He twitches as his ass adjusts to its newfound freedom.

The air escapes from it, as it is relieved of its foreign pressure.

"The boy's ass is whistling, wanting to be refilled," Randy says.

"Yes, he is boss," I say, "yes, it is."

"Reynolds, that ass begs to be filled with cock," Randy says, "He is commanding attention for his sweet assed-hole."

"Where is that table, Neil?" I say, "Let's lay out this boy and ram his hairy bum with our five stiff hard cocks."

I pick up Sean, grab him across his smooth tight hard muscled chest, with my own ripped and muscular biceps, from his kneeled position on the cement slab of the pool area and firmly, roughly, place him on the picnic table in the bright Alabama sun. I grab his legs, slide his young ass to edge of the table, spreading those hard-muscle-toned legs apart, welcoming the entry of the many waiting cocks that surround him as he lies on the picnic table. His ass is aligned perfectly to receive our five waiting cocks, to enter into his untapped virgin ass.

"Be rough with me, sir," Sean says.

"We all intent to, boy, we all intent to," I say.

"Who is going first?" Sean says further spreading his legs, welcoming whoever will enter his hole, first, as he rubs his hands across his hairy-ringed anal canal.

His hairy hole, offered up as an invitation, waiting to be answered with an RSVP cock.

"Spread those legs, boy, I get first dibs on that ass," Randy says.

"Get it boss," I say.

Randy stands stroking his cock while looking at the spread legs of Sean. It has been a while since he has plugged a virgin-ass with his mature experienced cock.

He actually seems nervous, as the guys are watching him as he prepares to pierce Sean's virginal assed veil.

"Put that cock in me, Uncle Randy," Sean says, "do it, do it, now!"

Sean says with a raised excited in his voice. A hint of an unabated squeal is heard in the back of his words, excitement manifested.

Randy walks to Sean's inviting hole. The ass-hairs are wet and moist from his hours-long plugging by the butt-plug.

I nudge the Boss to let him know I want to prepare Sean for his hardened cock. He steps aside to let me indulge in the sweet nectar of the untapped ass of his nephew.

I have to get a taste of him first though.

He lets me lap this young man, take in all his masculinity.

I lean into his hole, first sniffing it, smelling his masculine aroma, and then with my tongue, I do a nice long swipe of his hole with my tongue, tasting him before I let Randy enter him. He smells and tastes good. I extend my elongated tongue in and out of his hole. Still small squeal-like murmurs escape from Sean's lips as I do this. I rub my baldhead into the sticky moistness of Sean's hair-filled hole. I continue to poke my tongue into his prepared hole, tongue fucking him with my elongated moist appendage, while his juices drip from my smooth head, mixing again with his juices as they merge in my mouth.

When I finish my tasting, I rub my baldhead, once again, across my own juices and Sean's into my scalp, his scent fills my nostrils and his juices continue to stream down my face.

His juices coat my shaved head, his man-aroma wafts gently into my nose, filling my nostrils with his masculine scent, the hotter I become in the Alabama day.

"You ready, boy," I ask, "you ready for your Uncle Randy's cock?"

"Yes, sir, Master Reynolds," Sean says, "Yes, sir, I am. I want it."

I poke my finger into his hole and pull it out, coating it with more of the sweet juices from his virgin hole.

He is sopping wet.

Sean moans.

"You are ready," I say.

Randy strokes his cock, as I come up from behind him and whisper into his ear.

"Take that ass, boss-man," I say, "Ready him for the rest of us."

I place my hands on Boss Randy's hairy buttocks, rubbing him gently as I walk him closer to Sean's inviting hole.

As his cock-head touches the haired-hole of Sean's ass, he gently eases it in. He feels Sean's dark interior envelope his stiff tool. He goes deeper and deeper, squeezing it harder and harder as he plunges himself into Sean.

He takes him; he takes all of him into his ass.

Randy leans into him, his bristly hairy chest against Sean's smooth one. He proceeds to rock, back and forth, thrusting his cock in and out of the deep cavern of Sean's innermost recesses.

Sean is on his back with his legs sprawled over his Uncle's shoulders.

His cock grows harder and harder, with each thrust. He is so hard; he can feel Sean's heartbeat through his thickly veined member as the blood is pumped into his plummeting cock.

Sean's own cock is a throbbing rod too; it is hard, red and full of unspent life, ready to explode.

"Ahhh," Sean yells out in the wide expanse of the Alabama day, "Fuck me, fuck me, Uncle."

At the bellowing moans of Sean, Randy thrust ever harder into his cavern.

I place my hand on the shoulder of Boss Randy, firmly and whisper into his ear.

"Slow down, boss, "I say, "save that seed for later."

Randy pulls out, his mushroom-head, suctioning Sean's hole, it does a popping sound as he exits.

As his cock comes out of Sean's hole, a stream of moisture escapes, a rope of cum-juice stretches from his cock to Randy's hole.

Randy's cock glistens in the southern sun.

"Let the boy clean it off," I say.

Greg leans down to clean him.

"No, let Sean do it. Let Sean taste himself, not you Second Boy," I say.

"Yes, sir," the ever-obedient Greg answers.

"I want to taste myself, boss," Sean says, as he wipes his tongue across his lips, "I want it. I want it."

Randy walks to where Sean's head is on the table. Sean takes the wet cock, soaked with his own juices, into his mouth and swallows the still hard cock all the way to Randy's excessively hairy pubes.

He swallows all of him, not hesitating at Randy's swelled girth.

"Whoa, what a mouthful boy, "I say, "you are learning fast."

I stand watching Sean engulf the rigid member of my friend, my boss, and my fuck-buddy. He is mastering the role of the submissive; Sean is very willing to please.

"Gerald, get your cock, up here," I say, "you are gonna plug this hole next."

"Nice," Gerald says as he stands stroking his own long lean cock, the opposite of Randy's thick member.

"You go deep with that tool of yours, man," I say, "work it into places that we thick-cocked blokes cannot reach."

"I will do that," Gerald says, "I want your hands on my ass, like you did on Randy's, rub that 11-incher of yours against my hole while I enter Sean's hole. I want to feel you."

"I can do that," I say, "but I want a kiss from you, first, stud."

We kiss; my sweat magnifies the manly wet scents that cover my head that came from Sean's hole that I had earlier coated myself with when I lapped up his essence on my bald, cock-shaped head.

"You smell, wonderful," Gerald says, "covered in Sean's liquid greatness."

"Why doncha put that beautiful cock into Sean's waiting hole, Randy has loosened him up," I say, "now he is ready to take cock number two into his ass."

"Stick that rod in me Gerald," Sean says, "plug my ass like you did Neil's the last time we were here. Make me squeal like Neil did that last time."

Sean reaches down to his empty waiting hole and rubs his index finger around the hairy ring that circles his now, de-virginzed ass. A real flesh and alive, cock, his Uncle and Boss, Randy, have entered that ass that has been fucked several times with artificial cocks but now.

"Fuck me, Gerald," Sean says again, "Fuck me with that long lean cock of yours."

"Alright boy, I will," Gerald says as he walks toward the beckoning hole of Sean.

Gerald wants to plug the 20 plus year old man, a man barely out of his teens but still a man.

Sean's fingers are still encircling his hole; he likes the feel of a stiff prick in his hairy hole.

"Fuck that sweet ass," I say to Gerald as I whisper into his ear, "the boy wants your cock, give it to him and don't be gentle, fuck him hard and rough."

My hand is on Gerald's left buttock as he centers his cock, ready to be the second cock ever to enter Sean's waiting ass.

Gerald's cock remains at the entrance of Sean's hole, circling the hairy-shaped ring before he plunges it, forcefully, up to its hilt. Once he has placed his full cock all the way into his deep recess. Gerald stops, as Sean's ass muscles adapt to and begin squeezing the inner walls of his ass around Gerald's missile-like dong.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, "Sean screams out as he is filled with Gerald's long lean cock, the second longest in the group, next to Reynolds' 11-inch thicker knobby-headed cock. Gerald's cock easily measures 10 inches, although not thick and girthy, it is lean with a slicker aerodynamic crowned cockhead. A true missile-like cock in its appearance, which Gerald knows will pierce quicker into any, waiting and wanting, ass. It targets the prostate of any man, tickling that sweet organ to a man's maximum pleasure.

"Plug that sweet little ass, Sweetie," Neil says, "like you fuck me. Ram it in and make the boy scream like I do."

Neil leans in and kisses Gerald as he rams his cock, rapidly and roughly into Sean's presented hole.

I stand behind Gerald's ass, running my own stiff cock between his ass-crack, slathering my own pre-cum into the folds of his ass while they kiss and works his masculine magic on Sean's hole.

Randy's cock continues to leak it pre-cum as he stands near Sean's head, big drops of his essence drips dollops of cum as continuously strokes his manhood.

"Oh, fuck, oh fuck," Sean screams out as he is rammed again and again by Gerald, which such force, that Sean's ass grows a bright red from the intensity of each thrust.

"You want take a dip into that sweet hole, too, Neil?" I ask as we are face-to-face while I rub my cock between Gerald's ass-cheeks.

"Yeah, I want a taste of that hot young man's ass," Neil says, "but I want my lover's, Gerald's, cock shoved up, far up, in my ass while I fuck that boy's ass."

Gerald rams and rams his steel rod-like cock repeatedly into the dark cavern of Sean's ass, tickling and tweaking the prostate of the once virgin-ass of Sean. Each entrance of Gerald's dick into Sean's ass solicits a loud 'yelp' from Sean as he is plummeted.

"Pull that pud out bud," I lean in and whisper into Gerald's ear.

Each man is sweating, from the Alabama sun and the high humidity, the energy being expelled by each man is tremendous.

"Pull that cock out, man," I say again, "let Neil get a crack at that ass. You can fuck Neil's sweet ass, while he takes a turn on Sean."

Gerald pulls out, slowly, his cock, it maintains a suction before it breaks the pressure of Sean's innermost chamber.

"Oh shit," Gerald exclaims as his cock is freed from the dark recesses, "that boy's ass is fucking nice and tight."

Sean moans loudly too as his hole is once again empty of bull man-cock.

"Who is going to fuck me, next?" Sean yells as he grabs both side of empty ass, through his spread-wide open V-shaped legs, opening himself up further, for another cock entry, "Who is next? Who is next? I want more cock, now."

Sean has been overtaken by an intense sexual fervor.

"Whoa boy," Randy says, "the boy is hungry for cock. Cock-Hungry. Do not keep him waiting. Who is gonna plug that hole next?"

"I am," Neil says, "I am finally gonna let that young stud see what I have for him."

"Well, fuck me, already," Sean says, almost yelling, as he begs for more cock," I WANT COCK!"

"Calm down, boy," Neil says," I am coming."

Neil, stoking his cock, walks up to the well-lubed hole of Sean.

"The boy is juicy, ain't he, lover?" Neil says to Gerald who is rubbing his right hand over the bubbled ass of Neil.

"Honey, that ass," Gerald says, "can take a lot of cock. Take your turn; put that thick piece of meat in there."

They kiss.

"Put that cock in me," Sean says, "I want it."

"I am on my way, boy," Neil says," Are you ready for me?"

"Neil, I have wanted you from the moment I saw you ass being fucked through the fence by this stud," Sean says as he fondles the cock of Gerald, "that fucking was so hot. I had to hold back from outright jack-off that day, I watched through the fence."

"It was hot, "Neil says, "but this is so much hotter."

"Quit talking and put that wonderful piece of meat in my hole," Sean says fidgeting as his ass continues to be empty.

Neil stands at the entranceway to the emptied ass of Sean.

Neil lifts Sean's legs, places each leg on either shoulder, as Randy had done, too and shoves his cock forcibly into the open inviting ass of Sean.

"Let him have it, "I say," give him that cock, Neil."

Neil begins ramming his cock where two others have already been, pumping Sean's hole like a flesh-drill.

"FUCK ME, FUCK ME!" Sean screams as he is plummeted again with another tool of manhood from a third guy at the kitchen remodel.

"Fuck that hot ass of my nephew, the one you wanted to plant your seed in last time we were here," Randy says.

"His ass is so tight," Neil says as he shoves us stiff member in and out of the anxiously awaiting ass of Sean.

"Squeeze those ass muscles, Sean, "Randy says, "Like you did mine. Let Neil feel those soft walls of your velvety ass."

"Yes, sir, "Sean says as he moans at the immensity of Neil's hard dick in his ass.

Oh, Oh," the moans escape from Sean's lips.

"Are you gonna stick your cock in my ass, Gerald?" Neil says, "Or are you gonna stand there watching me fuck Sean?"

Gerald walks up behind Neil as he fucks Sean's ass.

He pokes him playfully with his hard cock, teasing Neil with his long lean cock against his waiting hole. Neil wiggles his ass against Gerald's lingering cock as he swipes it against his own empty hole.

"Stick it in," Neil says, "stick that rod in my ass. Stick it all the way in, I want to feel you as you bump against my prostate with your pleasure pole."

Gerald slides his long wet cock into the waiting hole of Neil, as he does; Neil bucks his body in response to the member easing into his own innermost recesses.

As this is done, Neil shoves his own cock further into Sean.

"Take it, boy," Neil says," do not force me out of you. I can feel you fightin' me. Squeeze those ass muscles tighter 'round my cock."

"The boys ass must be getting worn out after the many cocks that have already been forced down into his once virgin hole," I say as I walk about surveying these men as they are wrapped up in the sweet ass of Sean.

"When are you gonna fuck that ass, Reynolds?" Greg, the Second Boy asks," I want a crack at it."

"You don't worry the fuck about when I am going to slide my 11-incher inside that well-plowed butt," I say, "you just concentrate on keeping your own cock hard or your ass will be as red and battered as Sean's is right now."

"Yes, sir," Greg answers, who is stroking his still hard and furry cock, which is leaking juice from it aching piss-slit.

"Is my ass red?" Sean asks as Neil slowly slides his cock in and out of the well-worn ass of Sean.

"Oh boy, it is red, really red," Neil says," it has been battered but it can take more, it will take more."

"Oh, oh...," Gerald moans as he works his own cock in and out of Neil's hole, while Neil continues to work his own cock, in and out, of Sean's battered hole.

"How's that ass of yours, Sean?" I ask him as I stand with my cock pointing at him, almost taking his eyes out as I Iean in to take his swelled cock into my mouth.

"It is good, Master Reynolds," Sean says, "take me down your gullet, taste me, take me."

I swallow his cock down to the hilt of his root.

I nestle my nose in his pubes, taking the sweaty scent of his sex and the other men as they have each left their scent on him, too, as each fucked him.

The threesome now involved between Sean, Neil and Gerald has caused the wetness of Sean to magnify, his hole is stretched, ready to accommodate my thick-long hard cock.

"Reynolds, I want your cock in me," Sean begs, "I want the biggest cock here in my ass."

"C'mon, Reynolds fuck him, "Randy says, "He's begging for it."

Neil quits pounding Sean's hole, as Gerald quits pounding Neil's hole.

"It is your turn, bud," Gerald says, "fuck that sweet hole. He wants you."

"Poke that ass," Neil says," he can take your meat now. We have prepped his sweet ass for your massive meat."

Gerald pulls himself from Neil's ass, letting out a sigh as he is freed from the tight confines of his lovers, Neil's ass.

"Oh, man," Neil says, "I hate that your cock is no longer in my ass."

"Honey, I'll get back in there soon enough," Gerald says, "I want to see Reynolds monster-fuck Sean's hole."

Neil steps back, as he does, his cock eases out of the battered, red-ringed hole of Sean.

Both breathe their own sighs of relief, as the manhood is extricated from his dark cavern.

Neil leans down and pokes his tongue into the lubed-up, stretched out ass of Sean, tasting and eating from Sean's fountain of manliness.

"Rim my ass, get me ready for the biggest dong here," Sean pleads and begs as Neil munches on his hairy holed offering.

Neil slurps in the sweet savory goodness of Sean's ass, easing his long wet tongue in to the depths of a man just opening up to the pleasures of the anal.

"Boy, I am gonna rip that hole of yours, apart," I say, "I am gonna show you what a big-dicked 'daddy' can do to a hole like yours."

"I am waiting for you 'daddy'," Sean says," Show me what you can do, be a man like I know I am."

"You are young buck, boy, I will give you that," I say, "You have not reached the age to call yourself, a 'daddy' yet."

"Yes, sir," Sean says like an obedient slave-boy that he is becoming.

I make my way to a pool chair, in the wide-open space of the patio; I plant my ass in the nearest sturdy chair. I spread my legs, wide, giving myself room to showcase my 11-incher.

"C'mere boy, "I say, "soak down my shaft with your saliva, ready it for your tender little hole."

Sean climbs down from the table, crawling subserviently to the wide-open prize between my legs. He walks cautiously as his ass is sore from the three previous cocks that have been there.

Sean takes my shaft down in one gulp, some of it, having to stop because he cannot swallow the full 11-incher down his gullet. He gags as his skills as a cocksucker are still in the elementary stage.

I will teach him how to swallow my trouser-snake, every man learns how to do a monster-cock like mine, it is an experience that one needs.

"That's good, boy," I say, "you tried; there will be more time later for you to nibble on my knob."

Sean rises up, off the cement of the pool patio.

His face shows an amble amount of fear.

The anxiety is apparent on his face.

"I am scared, Reynolds," Sean says, "I am afraid I will not be able to take all of you up my ass."

Sean leans in to kiss me; I can feel the passion and reluctance in his touch.

"You will do fine, boy," I say, "I will be gentle with you. You have done well today, taking these cocks into your ass."

"He hasn't had mine," Greg moans, as he has not had the privilege of topping Sean's ass.

"Boy, shut your damned mouth," Randy says," You will plug that ass when I say you can."

"Yes, sir," Greg says, "pardon my disobedience, sirs."

I am hard, my 11-incher strikes a fierce reaction among the men in the group, I am the biggest, the thickest and the most muscular. They are not wimpy men, far from it; they are just not as much of a man, as I am.

Where I am thick, they are leaner.

Where they are tall, I am taller.

Where they command respect, I get it, without effort.

I am an imposing statue of a man; I was not always like this but the Marines, self-confidence and experience, changed me.

I am now a force to be reckoned with.

Sean is ready to experience what I have.

He is ready, willing and more than able to take my 11-incher up into that sweet hairy-ringed inviting tight little-walled ass of his. His fur hole will suck up, smother my girthy thick, tree-trunk of a cock, or he will be split in two from its intense pounding in it.



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