He once again sleeps on my sofa.

Amber still suspects him of ongoing marital improprieties.

The peace between them only lasted a day or two.

This does not surprise me, since I have witnessed his marital improprieties, firsthand, as fully as anyone can, because I have been one, a fellow 'cheater'.

Sean is guilty of infidelities but not with those of the opposite sex, as she suspects.

He craves man-ass and cock, both as a top and now as a happy bottom.

There is the perpetual tented bulge in his shorts, which seem to be his calling card, a beacon of his visible male virility.

The man never loses his massive hard-on.

This pleases me.

Tremendously, immensely.

His manhood is a wondrous sight.

His tool seems bigger, this night, much fuller in his sleepwear.

The man is horny despite his many sexual needs being met in the days before and after the Alabama trip.

We fucked in the hotel room, again and again, that night and the following nights.

Greg drilled Sean's hole, once he was granted permission, and Sean did the same to Greg. Reynolds and I watched as the two carried on like young male bucks vying for attention from the older bucks.

I fucked and was fucked; we all took turns with each other.

It was a true raunch-fest.

Greg. Reynolds.

Sean and myself.

The room reeked of spent cum and fucking.

We did not care; our own over-sexed hormones charged us up.

It was time well spent.

We also finished the kitchen.

Neil was pleased and even gave us a tip and an offering, both monetarily and creamy.

These recent memories, stir me, invoking more needs that cry out to be met.

I fondle my own cock in my tighty-whities as I stand in the kitchen, again, lustily glaring at him through the open area-space over the peer-through of the stove.

He adjusts his swelled package, his hand resting on the bulge of his shorts, as he sees me standing in the shadows of the kitchen.

"Come here, Unc," Sean says in an alluring seductive voice, almost whisper-like but audible enough to hear.

Unlike before, I come when he beckons; we have a secret now, an understanding, a secret passion.

"I am on my way, nephew," I say, without hesitation.

I release my confined cock from its tight cotton prison and let it rest upon the elastic waistband of my underwear.

He has seen it, felt it, sucked it and has been fucked by it.

He has felt the entirety of my mature manhood.

I have no need to hide what I am so wondrously blessed with and to be in possession of as a man.

"Sweet," Sean says, as he wipes his tongue across his deep red lips.

"You know it," I say as I forcibly grab my cock, to show my own brute strength.

"Where is Aunt Mary?" he says.

"She is sound asleep, sleeping like a damned rock," I say, "the woman sleeps like a log."

"Just like her sister, my mom," Sean says, "who sleeps like a rock too."

"Let me see that handsome piece of man-meat between your legs, stud," I say.

Sean pulls down his shorts, raising his ass gently off the sofa to ease the shorts down below his knees and eventually off, tossing them to the floor. As he does this, his cock bounces back off his furred treasure of a happy trail onto his lower stomach, ricocheting back into place from its steely-hardness. The flesh against flesh sound of his tool echoes in the wee little den.

"Mmm, that is one fine dick, you have there, sonny-boy," I say.

"It's not Reynolds' cock though, Unc," Sean says, "Is it? The man has a monster dick."

"Man, don't worry about what that man has, be proud of what YOU have," I say, "You have one sweet prick between those muscular legs of yours."

"So do you, Unc," Sean says, "that cock you have there is sweet too. It felt good, up in my ass."

"Just like yours did in mine," I say.

I run my hand over his bare chest, while he lies on my sofa in the den, roughly touching Sean. It does excite me.

My cock jumps, with a mind of its own as it rests on my elastic-waisted underwear.

"Unc is dripping juice from his cock," Sean says, "I like it."

He runs his thumb over my leaking cockhead, getting my sticky man-cum on his fingers. He brings my essence to his mouth and licks his fingers clean.

"Tasty, tasty, tasty," Sean says, "I like your protein drip."

"It's more like a leaky protein spigot," I say.

Sean laughs at my joke.

I laugh at my joke.

"Are you sure Aunt Mary is asleep?" Sean asks.

"Yes, the woman is dead to the world," I say, "I guarantee it."

"Okay, Unc, "he says, "If you are sure."

"I am, "I say, "I am. She was snoring to wake the dead when I walked out of the room to take a piss and check on you, stud."

"Take those tighty-whities off, Unc," he says, "I want to see you in all your magnificence. Only another man can appreciate what is it to be a man and to have a dangling massive cock between their legs."

"True," I say.

"Unc, I want you to fuck me," Sean says, "I want you to fuck me the hardest and roughest you can."

I look at him.

I am happy to hear these words as they are uttered from his mouth because once upon a time, he claimed no man would ever fuck him; he did not do such as that.

I do not want it rough now but gentle and kind, passionate, I am afraid that Mary might hear a more rambunctious fuck-session. I want to see Sean embrace his more gentle-like side. I know he is man, he has proven it, I want to see the passion that he has as he builds toward his orgasmic release.

He does now.

He surely does.

He surely does allow cocks to slide between the folds of deep dark crevice of his tightly compacted ass.

"I want you to fuck me, too, Sean, not rough," I say," I want a slow passionate fuck, not rough like we have been doing for days now, but a deeper softer love-making, I want you to show me just how passionate you can be with me."

"I can do that, Lover," he says, "I also want you to fuck me the same way, gentle and easy, so I feel you, embrace you into my being. Can you do that?"

"Yes, I can," I say, "I like that you see me as your 'Lover' that thrills me. I have so much I can teach you that I want to teach you."

"I am willing, Uncle," he says," I want your guidance too as I explore this side of me, of who I am, of whom I have always been."

The house is eerily quiet as the only activity is in the den between Sean and me. As we engage in our unplanned tryst in these early morning hours, this witching hour.


She stirs in her sleep, startled by the empty bed next to her. It is a momentary bleep, Randy's emptiness from their bed. The void caused from Randy's disappearance from their marital bed, his absence only elicits a slight sigh in her sleepy slumber. She rolls over, grabbing his cold soft pillow, bringing it close into her bosom, smelling him as she snuggles close to his favored pillow. She falls back to sleep. The absence, the emptiness, only last a fraction of a second as she falls back into her sleepy slumber.


"Who is this man that you have been fucking?" I ask Sean as I stand over him, still with my briefs on, with my cock pulsing in its intensified hardness.

"You gonna take that underwear off?" Sean asks me as he continues to stroke his own cock.

I grab both sides of my FTL briefs and yank them down, stepping out of them, as they land in a pile on the floor.

"That's better," he says, "It's nice to see those full ball-bags, pulled up next to that wonderful cock. I want it in my ass, Uncle."

Sean stares at me, as I stand in front of him, in the dimly-light room, the only light coming from the Safety Light out by the barn just beyond the house as it pierces through the blinds into the den.

"His name is Travis, Uncle," Sean says, "he is well-built man and quite the hunter, he usually gets his prey. He got me, well, I got him."

"So he's a bottom?" I ask.

"Oh, hell yes," Sean says, "for a guy that looks like a top, he likes his ass, poked and prodded."

"Like you do now?" I say.

Sean says nothing for a second.

"Yes, like I do now," he says, "yes, yes, like I do now."

"Your ass is nice, Sean," I say, "It felt so good while we were over in Alabama."

"All those cocks, felt so damn good, too," Sean says," but I want your cock in me now, Uncle."

"Don't be fooled by what a guy looks like," I say, "some of the roughest toughest guys like a stiff hard cock up their bum. While the so-called 'sissy' is the roughest mother-fucker you have ever laid your eyes on."

"I admit," he says, "fucking is as good as being 'fucked,' nothing tops it."

"Uh, huh," I say.

"I always considered myself a top, since I only fucked women," Sean says, "...and fucked Travis the night of my bachelor party. Then it all changed for me, when you fucked me."

I smile as I hear the change in his tone of voice, considering how adamantly he first proclaimed that no one would ever fuck his ass but with some 'forced' prompting, he has grown to accept the delights of a hard cock in his ass.

We lean in to kiss each other; I feel his tongue manipulate my own in our joined mouths.

The juices are exchanged between us, sucking, pulsating rivers of saliva, elevate our expected encounter.

"I want your ass, boy," I say loudly.

"I want your ass, too."

Sean rises from the bed, grabbing me, embracing me in his tightly manly grip. We face each other, Randy slightly taller than I am. Our cocks cause some space to be in-between us, as each of us are in possession of a well-endowed member.

I turn Sean, his ass, awaits my cock, as I am hard and wanting the sweet folds of his once virgin-backside. I slide in, my cum is the lube I use to fill his bubble-butt, he takes me, as I gently plunge into his depths. As I thrust in, I direct him to the nearest wall to stabilize our passion.

He gets what I am doing and walks, filled with my cock, squeezing me, not letting me disengage from his inner chamber. Once we get to the wall, I press hard against him, shoving my cock further into him, plunging myself deep into his well-used ass. He takes me, all my long inches of manhood, as I thrust myself ever deeper.

I ride him, up-the-wall, inching him, more and more, up the painted vertical surface, his hands thrown against it, his chest pressed tight, his cock hangs down scraping and bouncing off the wall as I steadily, rhythmically pound him in place.

He takes it, my stiff cock, I feel the back of his deep ass, the soft folds envelopes my tool. I am gentle, as I said I wanted to be. Sustained passion drives me as I fuck him. I cannot get enough of him; I am drunk with uncontrollable urges, which is blanking out all reason and understanding.

I am risking everything to fuck him in my house while my wife sleeps in the other room. I have convinced myself, I am safe but am I, really.

My third leg dictates my actions now. Where I was once cautious and private, I am now foolish and stupid, as I have let my secret desires overwhelm me.

"Did you hear that," I say, as I stop mid-thrust in Sean's ass as he clings to an invisible hinge on the wall.

"No," he says, "I did not hear anything but you as you are fucking me. Do not stop! Don't stop!"

I am paranoid. I am fearful of what may happen if I am caught.

I hear a creak again.

"Did you hear that, it was the same sound," I say in a panic.

I feel my dick soften in his ass. I am losing my hard-on.

"What's the matter, Unc," he says, "your cock went limp in my ass."

I ease out, as I do; he is unattached from the wall from his invisible cable that secured him there as I rammed his hole.

I stand away from him; my cock hangs flaccid between my legs, while his is raging hard and leaking a steady stream of his juice onto the floor.

I walk into the kitchen, peer around the corner from the doorway leading from the hallway, in the direction of my and Mary's bedroom, the door is closed, no light is on, neither is one on in the hallway bedroom.

I feel a soft head of his cock ease against my backside; it is Sean and his steel-hard tool, trying to gain access to my unoccupied ass.

I spread my legs, slightly, as he slides himself, in, ever so gently into me, into my hairy-clustered ass.

He stops as I can feel his pubic hair tickle my ass with his full thickness He fills me.

He holds me against the doorframe, next to the counter-top and dishwasher, as he plummets me with his tool.

The mushroom shaped-head opens me up, with each hearty forceful thrust of his cock. He keeps the pace, deliberate, trying not to be too loud. As his aunt is only a few feet away, tucked in our marital bed, hopefully.

As I am entered, I am pressed against the doorframe, with my head bent down, my hands and arms steady me while Sean continues his powerful cock-thrusts into my hole. Wet sounds emanate from my hole with each cock-pounding thrust from Sean; he is getting louder and louder, as his excitement escalates.

I reach back; gently tap him on his left-leg, motioning him to ease up.

His flesh fills hot, sweaty to my touch.

"What?" he asks me.

"Slow down," I whisper softly," you are gonna wake up your aunt."

"You shouldn't be so wet, Unc," he says, his voice louder than mine, "Your ass likes my cock."

I am worried.

I am taking unwarranted chances to meet desires I hate denying that I even possess because I live in the South.

Sean's cock reaches the back of my hole; I jump as he stimulates me.

I cry out, whimper, as I am stimulated.

"Oh, oh...oh," escapes from lips.

"That feel good, boss?"

"Uh, huh," I say.

My nipples stiffen as parts of me are overwhelmed. The sensation is stupendous.

He pounds me, ever harder, shoving me closer and closer onto the doorframe.

I move over to the center of the open doorway, my arms on each side of the frame. I brace myself, exerting my strength, pushing back against his manly force, on either side as I fight from being shoved into the living room on the other side of the door, from the kitchen.

He places his hands on the each buttock.

He grips me, as he exerts himself, showing me his power.

"I thought you wanted gentle?" Sean asks me.

"Shut the hell up and fuck me!" I say as I raise my voice an octave higher.

"Shhhh," he says, "you are gonna wake her."

"Damn it," I say, "damn it, damn it. I want to yell out."

Our sounds fill the cramped small kitchen, the kitchen that needs its own remodel but Mary will not let me do it or any remodels to this house, it belonged to her parents.

"I want to fuck you again," I say," I want to spill my cum in your ass."

"I want you, too," Sean says, as he rams his cock again into my ass.

Sean pulls out, as he does; I feel my ass, close-up as it is emptied of his flesh-tool.

"Ahhh," escapes from lips as I am freed.

I feel his large bulbous cockhead as it exits from my ass.

The enormous crowned head, the biggest portion of his member, is released from my fleshy-walled prison.

I hate that he had to leave, so I can enter him.

"Fuck me, Uncle."

"I am."

I grab his hand, like the way you do when you had your first girlfriend (or boyfriend) back in high school, when you realized the difference and the similarities between boy and girls and were becoming aware of your sexuality, being charged by raging hormones.

"Where are we going, Lover?" Sean asks me as I lead him by the arm.

I take him to the backdoor.

"We are going outside?"

"Yes," I whisper, "I am going to fuck you, outside, under the moon."

It is a bit melodramatic, almost romantic, but I do it because Mary will not hear us or see us.

I do it for safety, not for any other reason.

My truck is parked behind the back of the house. I can see my bedroom window, the hallway bathroom window from there, too.

I feel safer.

More secure.

We walk to my truck.

"Turn around, stud," I say to Sean, he is sweaty and reeks of our hot sex, our sexual juices permeate the early morning air.

He does as I say, placing his hands on the closed tailgate, at the top, offering up his ass, as he bends at the waist.

Turning his head away from the house, he takes his right hand to his mouth, extending a finger into it. Now placing the finger into his ass, poking it in, sampling his waiting hole and brings it to my lips, which I swallow down completely.

"You are ready, boy," I say as I move behind him, readying myself to enter him, his sweet hole.

My cock, placed, at the entranceway to his eagerly waiting ass, he squeezes it, signaling me, he is ready.

It is ready to pierce his taunt muscular globes.

As I contain my pent-up passionate thrusts and plunge deep into that sweet ass.

I catch an image out of the corner of my eye, before I enter Sean's waiting ass.

A wisp of white.

I see her.

Dressed in her nightclothes.

She stands in the window, looking out.

It is Mary.

Her hand is wiping away a tear from her eye as she looks down upon us, I see her, shake.



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