"Unc, what are we going to do?" Sean asks me, again, clearly alarmed at what he is witnessing.

I did not respond when he asked me the first time.

I didn't hear him actually. I am caught up in the action happening, through the fence.

"Go honk the trunk horn, make sure you do it for a while," I say, "Let them believe we just pulled up."

"Okay, okay, "he says fanatically with much anxiety, to do what I say.

He gallops hurriedly to the truck and goes about performing the task I assigned him.

I turn my attention back to the space between the fence latts and the glorious scene being played before me.

Gerald is still pounding the ass of the rather handsome man, who is being a bottom on the diving board.

The handsome man's legs are up in the air; his hole is easily accessible for Gerald's rather long slender cock. I thought he was blessed with a big package; it seems I was right about my assessment. I had seen Gerald play and adjust himself when we were in meetings about jobs, he did not hide what he was blessed with between his legs.

They have not heard Sean or me. They are too engrossed in their sexually charged intercourse to be concerned with what is happening around them.




So begins the incessant noise from my truck. They notice it too and the alarm on their faces shows fear and panic. They are scurrying about in hyper-drive to retrieve and get their clothes on. The task is difficult as each are sporting rock hard erections that do not want to be tucked into their respective pants. They manage to pull up their pants and button them, the bulges, however, are prominent, neither shot their load, which would have alleviated that particular problem for them.

Sean is continuing to blow the trunk horn. I am annoyed by it now but it I do not wish to leave my favored spot, I am enjoying the show by Gerald and the 'handsome' man. As each are unaware that they have been seen fully engrossed in their action. I am still fortunate enough to have retained my erection; the bulging is noticeable in my own pants. The excitement fuels me.

Finally, Sean realizes that the horn blowing has been enough; I was wondering if I was going to have to tell him to lay off the horn.

He comes round the house, still frantic, to where I have been standing.

"You think they heard it?" he asks me.

"Oh, they heard it, "I say, "It was a mad dash for both of them to get their clothes back on.

Sean laughs at my words.

It is funny though, I admit.

"Go round to the front door again and ring the bell," I say, "I will be right behind you."

He does what I tell him, again. It is another reason I like having him around, he is easily lead.

Sean rings the doorbell. I hang back, out of the sight of who may be looking through the peephole of the door.

The door finally opens, it the unknown man that Gerald was planting his firm stiff cock up into his ass. His face is red and flushed. On the front of his khaki pants, there is a large wet spot. It is cum. He is shoeless and in his bare feet on the tile floor of the foyer.

Sean notices it and smirks but holds back a laugh.

"Hi, my uncle and I are here about your kitchen remodel," Sean says, "I believe Mr. Rainey has told you we were coming."

The man pauses.

"Yes, I know about you and your Uncle," the man says, "I was expecting you on the twenty-third."

I step from where I was hiding and make my presence known.

"Today is the twenty-third," I say.

"Oh," he says.

"Oh is right," I say.

He is quite flustered. His day has been interrupted, his rendezvous disrupted by men he expected a day later.

"Is Gerald here, by the way?" I ask.

I know the answer but I want to know how he will handle my asking.

"Yes, he's here," He says, "We were discussing some changes to the plans."

"Yes, of course, "I say, "you were."

I hold back at what I would like to say. I edit myself; I want to see how this drama will play out.

From behind the unknown man comes a voice, then a body, it is Gerald.

"Here I am Randy," Gerald says, "I was checking out some measurements in the kitchen."

Gerald is dressed but he is in his bare feet too.

"I am sure you were," I say.

Their lies are laughable but I will play along.

I am sure the measurements are of the flesh kind, not of wood and mortar.

"Come in, come in," the still unidentified man beckons.

We enter the house at his invitation.

The wet spot grew on the front of his khaki's as he stood in the doorway.

It does not go unnoticed by either Sean or me.

"Randy, Sean, this is Neil Holmes, the owner of this fine house," Gerald says as he introduces us to the man with the rather large cum spot on his khaki's.

Gerald looks down and the front of Neil's khaki pants and sees the wet spot. He tries to be subtle about checking his own. He has one too, although not as obvious as Neil's. His zipper is also unzipped.

"Nice to meet you," I say to Neil as he extents his hand towards Sean and me.

I take his hand and feel the perspiration and other fluids I know to be there. His hand is slippery.

Manly aromas emanate from his hand we shake hands, his and Gerald's juices mix with my own as we exchange pleasantries.

Sean hesitantly shakes the hands of our newest customer. He knows what him and Gerald were doing out by the pool but they do not know we know. His hesitation is obvious; he pulls back his hand but reluctantly shakes it.

After the pleasantries are exchanged, all four of us make our way towards the kitchen or whatever this job will call for.

I lean into Gerald as we walk behind Neil and Sean to the workspace.

"You might want to zip up," I say, "something might escape from its perch."

Gerald's shirt was peeking out from the unzipped zipper, in his haste; not all had been properly tucked in.

Gerald pushes in his hanging shirt and zips up.

His face turns a bright shade of red, as he knows I know something.

"By the way, nice performance on the diving board, more spring to the fucking, uh?" I say.

Suddenly, Gerald breathes in a deep gulp of air and falls down, passing out.

I catch him as he falls and gently lowers him to the hard wood floors.

Neil and Sean unaware of what is happening, keep walking until they realize, no one is behind them. Once they do, they backtrack to find Gerald and me on the floor beside him. There was little noise as he collapsed; it was as if he fell in slow motion.

"What happened?" Neil asks frantically when he sees Gerald laid out on the floor.

"I don't know, he just collapsed," I say.

It is a lie, I know exactly what happened.

"Is he alright?" Sean asks.

"Yeah, I think so," I say, holding back a laugh.

Sean's face seems shocked as he watches Gerald sprawled out on the floor.

"Can we get a cloth or something to wipe his brow," I say.

"I am sure I can find something," Neil says as he exits the room.

With Neil out of the room, I tell Sean that I have told Gerald that we know what was happening at the pool and that me telling Gerald, he collapsed. Sean bursts out laughing, uncontrollably.

I tell Sean to calm down but his laughter is out-of-control.

"Cool it, Sean," I say angrily at him.

His volume magnifies as he thinks more and more of what has transpired and witnessed.

Neil returns with a damp washcloth and hands it to me.

"Thanks," I say as he gives it to me.

Neil is puzzled as he looks at Sean who is unsuccessfully holding back his need to laugh.

I wipe Gerald with the cloth; he moans and stirs back to the land of the living.

"Feeling better," I say, "You took a tumble, Gerald."

"I thought you said he collapsed," Neil asks.

"He did," I say.

"What is going on," Neil asks," I am confused."

"I'm not," I say, "Do you guys want to take a swim?"

Neil's face turns beet red his blood pressure, raised. He is shocked by my comment.

I knew he would be. It is why I said it.

We stand in silence, no words are spoken.

Gerald moans as he now has the beginnings of a headache. Shock will do that for you.

"Oh my head," Gerald says aloud.

"If I hadn't caught you, "I say, "It would be hurting much worse."

"Caught us?" Gerald says in a panic, "You caught us?"

Panic shows brightly on his face, fear overwhelms him.

Sean, unable to stand still, rocks back and forth on the balls of his feet, still uneasily withholding his laughter and discomfort. His anxiety of what he witnessed at the pool as he leered through the fence increases his growing discomfort.

"I caught you, "I say, "I caught you as you collapsed," I emphasis, he obviously misunderstood what I said but only seemed to hear the 'caught' part.

I am throwing out hints and they are catching them, their bodies are giving them away. The clues I am hinting are giving away my meaning.

Neil, suddenly, unbuttons his khaki's, revealing an underwear-less cock nestled in furry bushy thicket of pubes.

"Is this what you saw?" Neil says, "As I had my legs in the air and Gerald's cock buried deep in my ass."

He is blessed with a manly cock, thick, long and well seasoned from years of experience.

Sean caught unawares, stares intently at the revealed package of Neil.

"What a package, you got there, Neil," I say.

After I say this, Sean face turns a bright shade of red, it is glowing in the sunlight-illuminated room.

Neil's demeanor changes, he is no longer projecting a subservient manner. He is now all man.

"Yeah, I was fucking him," Gerald acknowledges as he begins to move across the floor to Neil's open trousers, crawling on the floor like a panther on the prowl.

He reaches in and fishes out the cock of the homeowner, from the unzipped open khakis.

"He has a nice piece, doncha think, I do," Gerald says, "You both like?"

Sean looks at me, dumbfounded and looking a tad scared.

I reach for my own swelling package and adjust myself; I am still hard from the ongoing spectacle.

"Boy, let me see your cock," Neil says, "I know you have a big one. Your cockhead has been rubbing against your shorts since you got here hasn't it."

Sean nods.

"Take it out," Neil demands of Sean.

Sean looks at me again.

"Do what the man says, sport," I say, "Show'm what you got."

Sean unzips his cargo shorts. They drop to the floor as he does this, his hips no longer supporting them on his waist and steps out of them. He is shirt-cocking in his t-shirt and workboots.

"Stroke that cock, boy, "Neil says, "Get it hard."

Sean slowly, methodically gets a slow steady jacking rhythm on his cock; it springs to life at his touch.

I feel my own cock twitch in my pants as I stand surveying what is happening.

"You like cock boy?" Neil says to Sean.

"I like my own," Sean says, "I like it to be sucked and to plow into a worthy hole for my sought after cock."

"Is that hole limited to just a pussy?" Neil says, "Or will a guy's ass suffice?"

Sean looks around at what is happening in the room.

"I have never fucked a guy," he says, sheepishly.

"You haven't," I say, "Hmm."

"No, I haven't, boss, "Sean says to me as I watch him stroke his cock.

My cock is still in my pants, covered. There is a noticeable bulge as my prick strains for release from my briefs.

Gerald stands from his crawling position. Pulling the shirt over his head, unbuttoning his gray khakis, unzips them, drops them to the floor, and steps out of them.

He is 'going commando' too.

Since he is barefoot, he is naked in all his glory.

"Is this what you guys saw?" Gerald says, pointing at his bushy pubed, shaven balled cock, "From somewhere but where, I do not know."

Gerald's cock is hard, his shaven balls dropping in plain sight against the rest of his furry body.

"Through the fence," I say, "no one answered the door, so we went looking for y'all and looked through the fence, saw you two, and you going to town on this guy's ass."

I point over to Neil.

"Oh! "Gerald says.

"Oh, is right," I say, "you were tearing up that ass while he reclined on the diving board, yelling and screaming as y'all fucked, as you plowed his ass."

Neil turns and flashes his back side to all of us.

"You mean this ass?" Neil says.

He proudly points to his bubble-butted ass.

"Yes!" Sean says without missing a beat.

Sean's cock forms a small droplet of cum on its head and drops its dollop, another one forms as the other one reaches the hard wood of the floor.

Neil leans over, brushes the tip of Sean's cock with his finger, and takes the latest cum drippings into his mouth.

"You have more of this available, I hope," Neil says.

"Yes," Sean says, "I have buckets."

"Good," Neil says, "I want it."

"Okay," Sean says with hesitation.

"Let's go to the pool, "Neil says, "We can get more comfortable out there."

"Sounds good to me," I say.

"Me too," Sean agrees.

Gerald just walks in the direction, saying nothing.

Once we get out to the pool. I pull my shirt over my head, drop my pants, underwear and step out of my boots.

"Ahh, this feels nice," I say.

The other guys follow suit at the feeling and join me bare-assed naked too.

We all stand around sizing up the other men in our naked foursome.

Sean's cock is leaking more now; his cock-spigot has sprung an unending leak.

"Son, you have a mighty fearsome pre-cum flowing there," Neil says.

Sean is standing, with his arms firmly planted on his hips, with his cock thrust forward like some valiant super-hero saving the day, proudly displaying his wares.

Neil stoops down to take Sean's man-meat in his mouth, he spreads his legs further apart, makes his foundation even stronger as his cock is being serviced. Moans escape his lips as he is being drained of his juice. Neil's Adam's apple rises and falls as his slides hither and fro on Sean's impressive man- meat between his legs.

"Sean is one fine young buck, Neil, ain't he?" I say.

Neil nods his head but says nothing.

His mouth is full.

Gerald dives in the water.

I jump in after him.

Gerald swims up to me and grabs my cock under the water.

"You have a thick one, Randy," Gerald says," I figured as such."

"I thought yours was long," I say, "You were always playing with yourself whenever I came into your office."

"When you came in, it excited me," he says," I had to force my cock down because I did not want you to see how you excited me."

"You did?" I say.

"Yes," he says.

On the poolside, I can see Neil still swallowing the cock of my handsome nephew. Sean is still standing with his legs ajar as Neil feasts on his man-sausage.

"That man's mouth feels good, boy, doesn't it?" I ask Sean as I stare at them.

"Yes sir, it does, "he says, "The man is a wonderful cocksucker."

"I can vouch for that myself, too," Gerald says, "his ass is nice too. Why don't you take a stab at it with your cock?"

Neil stops his sucking.

"Yeah, why doncha you. I am much better than your wife, I can assure you," Neil says.

"How'd you know I was married?" Sean says.

"Your wedding ring," Neil says.

"I don't fuck men," Sean says, emphatically.

"But you let men suck you off," Neil says.

"Yes," Sean says, "Yes, I do."

"Why are you so afraid, are you too much of man to be plugged?" Neil asks.

"I am," he answers.

"Son, you are no more a man than anyone of us here," Neil says," I know Gerald has been fucked, I have fucked, you saw it. I know I am a man."

"You are definitely a man, Neil," Sean says, "anyone with a thick wiener like you, is a man."

"So you wanna have my wiener slide up that sweet ass of yours or not?" Neil says.

"No, but I will fuck you," Sean says, hesitatingly, as if he is unsure of his response, "If you want me to."

"I do, son," Neil says, "but you don't know what you're missing by not taking a dick up your hole."

"I'll just have to wonder, it's not my thing," Sean laments.

"I thought you said, you don't fuck men," I inject as I hear Sean say one thing then the other, contradicting himself.

"Naw, I don't fuck men," Sean reiterates again, more solid in his response.

Sean is obviously lying. I question now whether his wife fears about him fucking around on her, are true, maybe it is a man, he is fucking and not a woman.

"Okay, stud, whatever you say," Neil says, "Say whatever the hell you want. My ass is sweet and tight."

Neil is aggravated by Sean's answers.

Sean dives into the pool joining Gerald and I as we swim about.

Neil walks to a reclining lounge chair and rests in the warm Alabama sun of this day.

His cock, somewhat erect, nestles in the bird's nest of hair as he spreads his legs to accommodate his growing erection.

Neil begins fondling and gently massaging his cock back to life.

"Boy, you don't know what you are missing by not having a piece of meat like this in your ass," Neil says as his hands continue their manipulation on his man-meat.

Gerald swims to the shallow end of the pool, walks up the steps and walks to Neil at the lounge chair.

"C'mere," Gerald says Neil.

"No, you come here," Neil responds, "bend your ass over and suck me."

Gerald stands over Neil with ass over Neil's face and bends at his waist taking the long hard cock of Neil into his mouth, while Neil begins rimming the ass of his fuck-buddy.

As they sixty-nine, Sean and I, with water up to our waist, look on as they finish what they started when we arrived.

As the sun goes higher and higher in the sky, the sweat pours from their pores in a stream-like fashion.

"Suck that cock, Gerald," I say, "eat that sweet ass, Neil."

Neither responds as each are wrapped up in each other's pleasure.

Sean stares intently as the two perform their aerobic sixty-nine, each moaning as they near climatic explosion.

Gerald lets out a high octave yell as his nuts explode into Neil's mouth.

Neil, not to be outdone, his balls erupt, upward in an arch, striking Gerald in the chest with his thick ropey threads of man-juice.

Sean and I, our midsections, under the surface of the water, our cocks, hard, watch intently as the men, finish, what we interrupted earlier.



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