The embers smolder, gray ashes, wisps of sheepishly white smoke creep awkwardly skyward, left over from the raging fire that blazed wildly, last night, within the rock-encircled pit.

As he emerges from the tent, cast just beneath the low overhanging branches of the gigantic oak, in a meager opening amidst the thick forest of trees. He stands and stretches out his arms, letting the morning wash over his naked frame.

He breathes in the crisp, cool morning air, letting it fill his lungs, taking in the freshness of a new day. He exhales the old, deep from within his diaphragm.

He coughs, clearing the congealed phlegm from the nights hectic snoring, while he stoops, caressing his creaked and cramped legs, as the rough earth-bed has wrecked havoc on his body, tensing him, making him uncomfortable.

"Is it cool, outside?" a voice, beckons deep from inside the Coleman-made tent cries out, as he runs his hands through his disheveled hair and over his thinly haired naked torso, as he attempts to wake himself from his sleep-induced stupor.

"It is not too bad," he answers back, calmly, as the previous nights images flash back through his waking mind. His cock twitches from the self-imposed recollection.

He walks to the nearest tree, the leaf-carpet of natures refuse, rustles beneath his bare calloused feet. His cock, as if on some unseen command, let's loose its hot streaming golden piss, raining down on the exposed woody roots of the Old Mother Oak, while his left hand steadies himself, on the tree, as he pees unaided by his other hand.

He, free-pisses, hands-free, as the sun heats his naked backside, warming him and his other exposed regions.

He sighs, loudly, as the relief of an emptying bladder overwhelms him as that everyday pleasure washes over him. His sighs stir the birds and animals, looming, in the foliage, hiding from the camping invaders, eyes. Their panic feet echo as they scurry away from the waking campsite.

Behind him, he hears his tent-companion exit the solitary 4-man tent, coughing, just as he did, breaking through the momentary silence of the morn. He looks back, admiring who shared his sleeping bag in pleasure for the night.

He smiles at his good fortune and the rambunctious play that commenced once the zipper locked the naked pair inside the tent for the night.

"Are you better, now?" the person asks as he feels the coal ash covered and calloused hand grip his dangling cock, from behind, smearing the ashy chalkiness, shaking the last vestiges of yellow liquid from its limpness, while feeling, another hand, roughly cup and angrily squeeze, the soft bubble-like roundness of his ass.

"Yes!" he says without hesitation as he feels his companion's cock nuzzle, hard, against the soft folds of exposed ass.

He pushes his backside onto the stiff cock, feeling the softness of the man's pubes tickle his hairiness. The warmth of his companions piss is the first thing he feels, before the urinating cock plunges deep within his ass.

The hot liquid spills out of his ass, overflowing, unable to hold the richness of the bounty, gushing into him. His ass muscles loosen, as the hot urine stream, massages him into willingness.

Beneath his feet, the muddiness seeps between his tensed toes, making squishy sounds, identical to the responding sounds from his ass. As the liquid streams down his legs, he opens his legs further to accommodate the entry of slithering animal.

His head is forcefully turned as he is made to kiss the man that keeps up with the anxious anal assault on his tender ass.

"AH! AH! AH!"

His partner sighs as he strains and bucks his hard cock in him.

The man's pissing has ceased but the forced fucking, has not, it has amped him up, growing more furious in its intensity.

His body is thrown mightily against the oak, as he steadies, himself, with his arms, as the relentless fucking continues.

He can feel the eyes of Mother Nature, upon him, as the unseen, watches him and his companion, interact, animal-like, in the wild.

As his companions cock is yanked out, he can hear, himself, sigh, as the man-meat, escapes from the grasped clutches of his tight ass.

"Lay your ass in the bed of my truck," the man orders.

He complies by walking, to the nearby-parked truck, owned by the stranger he met, only hours, earlier.

The tailgate of the gray Chevy S-10 is down and parked near the ashes of the now non-existent fire. The wet urine soaked earth fills the crevices of his toes, mixing with the dry leaves and debris of nature's rotten folly as he walks.

The cool metal of the truck stirs his cock, as he lays back and lifts his legs, welcoming, what was once buried deep within him, mere moments, earlier.

The strong stiff cock of the towering shaggy haired man standing before him in full naked splendor, he sighs as the cock parts him. While the man's dives into the soft moist pool of his plunged ass.

The eyes of the man are all that he is focused on, as he escapes into their green-hued delight. He is focused. He is centered. He is enraptured by the animal that pounds his tightly enveloped hole.

He wants all the man has to offer.

At the bar, last night, the shaggy haired man seated across the room was what caught his undivided attention. He was not the clean-cut clone, like the others, that littered the densely packed bar, like maggots. He was unkempt, their eyes locked and never parted as the hours ticked away on the clock that hung, lazily, over the mantle of the ash filled fireplace.

When he found out that he was camping out, several miles away, he wanted to visit. He insisted upon it.

He knew that the man was not 'out.' His southern drawl excited him, as much as his Wildman-like appearance did. He did not hesitate with his invitation.

In the background, he hears the traffic on the lone country road that he chose to set his campsite off from it. He is trespassing. He knows it.

The man rams his cock, harder into him. We are covered in a thin sheen of man-scented perspiration. With each thrust of his cock into my ass, he playfully punches me in the stomach with a boundless determination to excite me with his roughness along with a tough-fingered tweaking of my erect nipples created by the morning coldness and his strength. My cock hits my abs, ricocheting off my muscled abs with each powerful thrust of his steely-hard cock.

"You are a pretty boy, aren't you, some bored college kid," the man says as he rams my ass, again, "...but your ass is one of the tightest. I have ever fucked."

"That's what his last boyfriend said too," suddenly a voice looms ominously from over the edge the pick-up cries out.

I look up to see a face I recognize.

"FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" the man bellows loudly as I feel his cock unload its pent-up spunk, in my ass, as he did, last night, several times.

The milky-ness oozes deep within my core, filling me with its creamy abundance, as my dad sees the stranger dump his cum into my plunged ass.

"You got yourself, another one, uhh, sonny-boy, didn't you?"

I nod my head, 'yes', hitting it painfully hard against the steel bed of the truck, where I lay, presented, like a Thanksgiving turkey, with a still hard, still throbbing cock buried pubes-deep within my hairy-rimmed ass.

"Another notch on your belt, uhh, Ashley?"

"Yes, dad," I answer, "..and he is a fine one."



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