As Seen By Me

Ch. 1

Music flooded my ears as my alarm went of; really glad I switched to the radio instead of the damn "beep". I got out of bed and headed to the bathroom. After a 10-minute shower I started getting dressed when I heard my phone buzz.

Christian: Hey bitch, we're going to Starbucks before we pick you up, want the usual?!?!?!

Me: yes please!

Christian: What are the magic words?

Me: Bitch do it, you owe me anyway!

Christian: Please the party wasn't that bad

Me: If I hadn't found you, you would've hooked up with Ryan

Christian: So? He's hot! You should have let me! Damn bitch

Me: He's your brother's best friend!

Christian: What-Evs, We're here, hurry up fat ass!

I grabbed my backpack and headed out the door, and got into the car. "Really Chris? Fat ass?" I said while grapping my Lemonade Tea. "You know damn well your ass is amazing Mark, I literally only know a few guys with a skinny waist and a bubble butt, and you're one of them", "true, anyway are we picking up Seth?" "No, he's sick" Jake said as he put the car into drive.

The drive to school went by insanely fast, before I knew it we were pulling into the parking lot at school. "Who's parked next to your spot, Jake? Did Paul get a knew car?" I asked. "No that's Tyler's, he and Paul traded spots." Jake said. "Wonder why?" Chris said looking at me with a smirk. "What?" Jake said smiling. "Chris is convinced that Tyler likes me I said in a denying tone. "Mark you're so naive! Do not sit there and tell me, you don't see it. He always smiles at you and says hi, plus he did get you a birthday present and not even Scott did that and you two were together!" Chris said. "He's just nice and me and Scott were practically over when my birthday came so don't even pull that one, and even if he is interested let him be? I said as we got off Jake's car. Jake and Chris laughed as they got their bags from the trunk. As we began waling towards the doors, Tyler walked up "Hey Mark, here are the notes you asked for? I smiled as he handed them to me " Thanks you're the best Tyler". He began walking with us, next to me. "It's the least I could do, since you gave me your pie? He said opening the door for us, while Chris and Jake looked at each other with grins. "What flavor? Cherry?" Chris said trying not to laugh. "Yeah how'd you know?? Tyler asked, not getting the joke. "Just a lucky guess, well we'll see you two later," Chris said as he and Jake walked up the stairs while Tyler and I headed to Algebra II.

My morning classes passed with not much excitement and when 4th ended I was glad that lunch had finally arrived. I was entering the cafeteria when Allison met up with me. Allison is Jake's girlfriend and one of my best friends, next to Chris and Jake. "Hey you" I said waving. "Hey I heard you and Tyler are going to hook up" she said with a smile on her face "why didn't you tell me?" "What are you talking about" I asked unsurely "where did you hear that?" "Jake told me, he said you two were flirting all morning and you'd probably get with him by Friday!" She said as we got our trays and headed to our table. "OMG, no he just let me borrow some notes and thanked me for a pie I gave him" I said. "Yeah A CHERRY PIE, HIS CHERRY PIE!!" Chris said as he and Jake got to the table. "Calm you're perverted mind " I said smirking "You act like I'm sleeping with him." "Yeah but I bet you think of him at night when you touch yourself, Oh, yeah Tyler give me your hard cock!" I looked at him with disbelief while Jake and Allison laughed. Our lunch continued with a few more dirty jokes and the regular "what's up" conversation, everything was fine until Jake said those 5 words, "Mark, Scott's staring at you".

I looked over and there he was, 20 ft. away yet so close. "Look's like Tyler's not the only one who's after your pie" Chris said trying to open a pudding cup. "He probably just wants to talk," I said turning back to my friends. "Think he wants to get back together?" Allison asked. "Well maybe, it's been a month since we broke up officially, but I doubt it. I'll still talk to him though," I said picking up my tray, said goodbye to my friends. I then proceeded to make my way to my ex-boyfriend. "Hey" he said looking up at me. "Hi" I replied. "Well I'll see you guys later" he said to his friends while standing up and joining me in dumping my tray. We left the cafeteria and made our way to a janitor's closet.

The door closed as Scott turned and faced me. "It's been a while, Mark," he said locking the door and stepping closer to me, so that we were only inches apart. "It has" I looked up at him, his brown eyes locking with my blue ones. I kept my face serious, not giving into his temptation. "Hmm, you always were a tease" he said putting his hand under my chin while leaning in and kissing me. My lips parted and our tongues began playing as they once did. His hands moved to my hips, pulling me close to him, our bodies touching the way we both loved. I wrapped my arms around his neck while he pinned me against the wall. He had just began groping my ass, when our kiss broke "Mmm, I miss kissing you" he said in a stern, sexy voice. "Me too" I replied. "Let's get a little more comfy" he found a fire blanket and laid it out. He lie down on his back and put his hand on his crotch. "C'mon Mark, for old times sake" "Why not?" I said sitting down on him. He placed his hands on my hips while I leaned in to kiss him. His hands made their way to my under my shirt and he rubbed my lower back, this soon became his hands reaching into my pants.

We started to grind, I moaned lightly into his mouth. His tongue explored my mouth while playing with mine now and then. My hand moved between our bodies and stopped when it reached his crotch. I had already felt his hard-on, but feeling it with my hand just felt erotic and sexy. I rubbed him even though our bodies had been grinding for a while now. Scott pushed me back softly "Are you down?" Looking down at my phone and said "we have 20 minutes to get down!" He smiled with a devilish grin "I fucking love the way you talk". He sat up with me in his lap, held my back and switched our positions. "I knew it'd be missionary" I said looking up at him. "It is your favorite!" he said as he began to take of his shirt. Once his came off; so did mine, our pants followed and we began kissing again. With only our underwear on the feeling of his member and my hole amplified. I could feel him rubbing between my cheeks slow at first then faster. Without breaking our kiss, he took off my underwear, then his. I could feel his throbbing member; it was 8" and thick, not too much though. He had a nice bush of dark pubes that always got me going and balls that hung nicely. My hole became a little moist with his pre-cum, but we both knew it was all we needed. He pulled back "ready?" "Yes" I said putting my hands on his neck. He moved my legs and stared at my entrance then back at me, with one hand he guided himself into me.

I gasped "ohh, ugh" I winced and bit my lip. "Oh fuck baby, you're tighter than ever," he said pushing the last few inches into me. I wrapped my legs around him and my arms around his neck. He kissed me softly and began thrusting in and out. His strokes were long and rough, from experience he knew to pull out (not completely) and thrust quickly back in. "Ahh, oh shit, ooh yeah Scott, just like that!" I cried out. "Oh baby, I missed our raw sex," he said hugging me. Our sex continued, the room filled with our moans and cries. "C'mon Mark, take it, take my fat cock up that tight hole of yours" he said slamming into me. I wanted to reply but I was taken by him. I managed to moan like a kitten, which only made him go harder. "That's it, milk my rod, oh God, you're so fucking hot," he hissed into my ear. "Agh, Scott ahh, give IT to me, ohh, ahh" I pulled him tight, our bodies rubbing against each other. "Ohh fuck, I'm going to make you fucking cum with my dick up your ass bitch!" he said pulling all the way out and shoving it straight in. I moaned and moaned "oh Scott, I'm close, agh, c'mon make me cum!" "Oh I will baby, I'm going to shoot my spunk inside of you and knock you up!" he said clenching his teeth. I could feel my self so close, with his raw dick thrusting in and out of me, our bodies pressed together, the dirty talk, and the kissing, and it was too much. "Agh, agh, AGH OH GOD SCOTT AGHHHH" "THAT'S IT, MILK MY COCK, ...DRAIN MY BALLS!!!" he said slamming into me and shooting his warm cum inside of me. "Ugh, ugh," I was breathing hard and was spent, but he kept thrusting, slower and slower. We kissed again with him still inside of me. Finally he stopped and collapsed on top of me. "That was fucking hot babe," he said. "I know" I replied kissing him again.

We had 5 minutes until the bell rang when we finally got up and dressed. "We should do that more often," he said pulling me into a kiss. We put the blanket back and did some last minute touches, taking some gum and spraying a little body spray (him). I was reaching for the door when he caught me "we should talk after school Mark" "I'm free, you could come over" "I will" he said. We kissed one last time before leaving, me first; then him.

I found Chris, Allison, and Jake by my locker. "He guys, what's up? I said opening my locker. "So how did you little meeting with Scott go?" Chris asked. "Good, we really bonded" I said trying not to be cheery, but subtle about it. "That's good, anyway did you hear? Some students were screwing in a janitor's closet! Chris said nearly jumping up. "WTF, know who it was? I asked trying to sound more interested than guilty. "No but a few people were passing by and said they heard moans, they tried the door but it was locked. Wow this is so scandalous!" He was grinning ear to ear. "That's crazy, who would do it at school?" Allison asked closing her locker. "Like we've never done anything babe? Jake said pulling her towards him. We all laughed and began walking to science, I was so lucky and glad to have afternoon classes with my friends.

We arrived a minute before the bell and took our seats. Class was starting when Chris turned around to me "hey what time should we all go to your place?" Shit, I had forgot we were supposed to hang out today; there was no way to tell my friends or Scott not to come over. "Yeah um, we should just go right after school, my dad has a meeting with the officers so they'll be at the station". I said wondering how I was supposed to mention Scott going over as well. The resumed and before I knew it, we were heading to Jake's car. "I'll drop you guys off then we'll be there later," Jake said starting the car. "What, why?" Chris asked. "I have to get some stuff from my house and Jake's my ride so, yeah" Allison said. "Well I guess it'll be just the two of us," I said to Chris. "I actually have to go home first, but don't worry I'll be over at 5" he said not looking up from his phone. Well shit, I thought.



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