The next week at school was really akaward. I swear everywhere I went Anthony was there also. I was changing for track practice and when i walked out of the bathroom stall he was standing there looking in the mirror.

'Oh...Hey...' he said. looking down

'Hey....' I replied

'Kaylee and I broke up after I told her that I couldn't date her anymore. I'm sorry I don't know how I could've done that to you' he said

My heart warmed up, my mouth turned dry. What happened next in chapter 3 of our relationship, Anthony and Joey wasn't logic...It was love.

I walked to him grabbing him into a warm embrace. I pulled him as close as I possibly could to me. I broke and kissed him with more passion then I ever had before. It felt as if we were floating and I didn't want to ever let him go.

'So I propose a idea' I said breaking our embrace.

'whats that my love?' he replied

'I think we can skip track practice today and maybe go driving and we can finish talking' I said

We walked to the car out the main hallway. He looked at me and just said 'Fuck it I'm tired of pretending'

He reached down and grabbed my hand.

'What are you doing?' I asked

'I figured since I'm already in hell I'll just make it better by having a hand to hold'

We walked hand in hand down the hallway and out to my car. We got in the car and when I turned to start the car my lips met his. I grabbed his toned chest and worked my way down his body. I felt his shorts and I could feel his big cock already hard.

'Someone has missed you' he said with a smile flashing those pearly white teeth at me.

My heart began to melt when he flashed that gorgeous smile at me. I was so happy that this man was back in my life.

'I see someone needs some attention'

I bent down and grabbed his hard on with my hand. I pulled down his gym shorts and his Under Armor Jockstrap was bulging out completely away from his body. I grabbed it and started jerking it back in forth.

'ahhhhh. I've missed your touch.'

I leaned in to kiss him again. This wasn't just sex it was love.....with Anthony.

We drove home to my house. My parents were still at work and wouldn't be back till 8.

We walked into the house. I set my keys down and turned around and my lips met his. I grabbed him and picked him up and carried him into my room. We stopped in the kitchen and he looked at me

'What do your parents do for a living. This place is amazing. Dude you have a pool outside and everything' he said

'Wait till you see my bedroom'

We walked into the first room of my bedroom. It had 2 small couches with a full wall of windows. It looked towards the back of our house overlooking the pool. It was complete glass with a door that lead to a spiral staircase that goes down to the pool.

He sat down on the couch. It was white leather and was very soft. In fact everything in the room was white, White rugs, white couch white tvs and a white yacbook sitting on the white coffee table.

I opened the double doors into my room where my huge black canopy bed was centered. His jaw dropped a bit and I went to the nightstand to grab my custom black yacbook pro and a few other items :). He walked into my room and just as soon as I set my laptop down on the dressing bench beside me he pushed me into the bed where we shared another long and passionate kiss. I could feel his giant dick pressing into my stomach.

I pulled him even closer into me. I pulled his shirt off. I touched his toned stomach and I looked into his dark eyes and I knew this boy I was in love with. He pulled off my t shirt and I quickly pulled down my jeans. He grabbed my dick still contained within my tight briefs and he leaned back down for a kiss. I grabbed his shorts and pulled them down with a tug. I pulled off his jockstrap expected to feel his giant dick again but there was another piece of fabric stopping me. I felt around and felt the string go through his tight toned ass cheeks and I quickly gave a tug and let it snap back. He moaned in pleasure

'Well actually there is something else in there for you. But I'll show it to you later.' he said with a big grin.

He pulled off my briefs. My 7 inch dick standing at attention. He began to lick the head of my cock while his hands explored my chest and rubbed everywhere. He licked his way down until he reached my slightly hair hole. He pulled up and pushed my legs back against my chest and began to eat out my hole.

He through me into a mental high. I couldn't even control my sphincter muscles as they squeezed his tongue. Once he had me nice and wet he began by slidding one finger in, then two, then three, each time more blood rushing to my dick that seemed to be bigger then ever before.

I missed his touch, I missed his smile, I missed his love.

'get ready. I'm going in' he said with a smile

I felt his giant dick touch my hole. He pushed its way in and I felt like I was being split in half. I felt his hair begin to brush against me and I was in heaven. He began to pull out then back in again. He started picking up his pace and I felt him hitting deeper in deeper. Deeper then any other guy before. I put my hands around his tight ass and slammed him deeper in me.

'I'm gonna cum' he said in his sexy voice smiling his gleeming white teeth at me.

'Wait I'm going to cum with you' I said.

He pushed in one last time. My dick couldn't take it anymore. My ass muscles tightened sending him into overload. I felt his dick explode inside of me. His warmth, his heart, he was in me.

'I have your gift' he said while he was still inside me.

I saw him reach around to his ass and with a poping noise I saw him pull something out of his ass. It was a medium sized black butt plug. He put it in my still bent in half body and he locked his cum inside of me.

'There now I'm inside of you.' He said again smiling

I sat up and he looked at me. We layed in bed where I held him on top of me in my arms.

'Lets get a shower. My parents are going to be back in a hour or two.' I suggested

'Okay Lemme know when your done' he said

'You don't know me do you?' I said

I pulled him into another set of double doors that opened into a room about as big as the first room. There was a giant shower inclosed with glass with another wall completely glass. It over looked the wooded area to the side of our house.

Since we were naked I turned all of the 28 shower heads that were plummed in. I turned on the music and shut the automatic blinds built into the windows. We got into the shower and we began washing each others bodies. I turned him around and began to wash his ass.

I slide a soaped up finger deep in his ass and he moaned. I then slid in another. I was finger fucking him then without any warning I shoved my cock right into him.

'Oh fuck yeah' he screamed.

I began fucking him harder and harder. My dick couldn't take my more. The butt plug was pressing against my g spot everytime I pushed in and it was driving me nuts. I screamed

'I'm cumming!!!'

With a massive explosion I exploded deep inside of his ass. He I put my hand around his cock and I felt it explode into my hand and all over the shower.

I layed on the shower floor when he joined me and a few minutes later pushed my legs back up and pulled out the buttplug.

I felt his warm cum stream out of my ass and down my crack. It felt so nice. It was finally drained out and I layed there and let the water wash the rest of it out. We got out and dried each other out. We walked back into my main bedroom.

'Where is your closet?' he asked.

I led him to a set of double doors.

'Would you like to see Bottoms, Underwear or Shirts?' I asked

'You have a whole drawer just for underwear?' he asked

'I never said a drawer.' I opened the doors and we began to walk through the bottoms section, I had a full hallway like system filled with jeans, shorts, and the bottoms of the floors were lined by cubby holes that housed shoes,and a few toys that I'll be showing to Anthony later. We continued through until we reached the end where there was a single door

We were both still naked and it felt nice to have the air between my ass so I decided a Jockstrap would be best until my parents got home.

I opened the doors and I heard Anthony gasp. A room about 9 by 12 with 3 rows of shelves on each wall hanged underwear, Jockey, Calvins, Joe Snyder, Jockstraps, thongs, briefs, erotice, leather, and novelty were all catagorized.

'You've gotta be kidding me' he said 'Can we please just try all of these on?'

'Well I have worn most but what do you feel like wearing today?'

'Whatever you would like me to wear'

I selected a tight thong from a hanger and handed it to him

'I'm not sure this string looks thick wouldn't it hurt'

'nope you'll like it, trick is to get it set right. Put it on then bend over'

He did as I said and I could see his hole still stretched barely covered by the material. I moved it around a bit and then he stood up after I told him it was good.

I got a nice 3 way jock down. It had a center strap like a thong but the two side straps.I put it on and I began to walk back into the first room.

Out of a cubby I pulled a box by some designer and took it back into the room. I found Anthony jerking his cock when I sneaked back put a large butt plug in and crept back in.

To be continued....



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