Anthony Part II.

(I know it was going to be about another adventure but this time were gonna mix it up a bit)

The next day I looked around school for anthony and I never saw him. I knew he was here because I asked a few of my friends. Was he avoiding me? Did I do something wrong? I thought about it all during Calculus when I realized he hadn't texted me last night or called me which was unusual.

I sent him a quick text.

'Bud whats wrong? I havn't seen you at all today, Did I do something wrong?'

I was expected a reply but yet 1 minute passed, 2 minutes, 5, then a whole period, and then it was the end of the day and still no reply. I walked out to the football field after school. The fall air was getting cooler and I stood in my jeans and hoodie and I saw every football player, every sexy ass running in football pants and yet no Anthony. Where was he?

The next day I spot him in the hallway. He was in his locker with his head down and looked like he was going to burst into tears at any moment. I walked up to him but when he saw me he slammed his locker grabbed his things and ran off into the nearest classroom. I stood there stunned and I quickly came back to reality as I realized I had a small audience so I grabbed my bag and walked off to class. All day passed and I couldn't stop thinking about him.

He's just upset about something it will get better, I told myself. It didn't. Days turned into weeks and with everyday it got closer and closer to the day I thought I would despise. The Christmas dance was just a few weeks away and everybody was in a buzz about it. I was checking facebook whenever my jaw dropped. Anthony-In a relationship. With who!?!

Anthony hadn't spoken to me once since the locker room fuck. Was he in denial? Was he not really gay and I was so bad I turned him straight? Whats going on. Finally I decided to drop it and forget about him as that would be the best thing to do right? Wrong.

I look at his profile. In a Relationship with Kayly? Really!?! A chick. A thing with a twat that he told be he thought was gross. That fucker! Was this cunt really better looking then me? Did she have more to offer then I did. I clicked on her profile and she had ALOT more to offer.

This Kayly was about 290 pounds and looked like she was a tick about to pop. Really if he's using her as a cover up he really needs to learn what is good looking in women.

I close the window and shut down my laptop and slam the lid with a bang.

'Samantha can you believe this! That fucking asshole. AFter all I did for him and everything I helped him through!' I said to her

'Evan hes just afraid to come out of the closet. His stepsister is in the same grade as him and if he comes out she could tell his dad and you know what could happen then.'

'He doesn't have to come out to the whole school I just wanted to be his fuck buddy. Jesus whats going through his head.'

'I don't know but that bitch he's dating is so snobby. She thinks she so much better and just ugh. I can't believe hes dating her'

Soon its the night of the dance. My date is on her way (my parents don't know I'm gay and she needed a date so it worked out well) and soon she pulls in and after enough photos that we could've been in a fashion shoot were on our way to the civic center where all of the high school will be.

I walk in and of course the first thing I see is Anthony and his whale...Oops I mean girlfriend. He spots me and looks away and whispers something to his girlfriend and she looks at me and laughs. I laugh on the inside and I think to myself. 'Girl wait till you find out what he really likes you will be in for a shocker'

The night goes on and its almost 930 whenever I slip in the bathroom to fix my shirt as it came untucked whenever I was dancing. I walk into bathroom and look into the mirror and just as I began to turn around to walk in the stall the one next to it and Anthony is standing there. He walks past me and bumps into me.

'Fag....' He says under his breath.

I grabbed him and pushed him against the divider.

'What the hells your problem? One minute I'm fucking you up the ass and now your calling me a fag whats your deal man!'

'I never did that you forced me too!' he said

'Yeah right just like I forced you to get fucked and fuck most of the football team!' I tightened by grip and pushed him harder against the dividers.

I looked straight at him whenever I saw his eyes water up and tears start forming.

'Go ahead....beat my ass. I deserve it..' he said looking down and with tears rolling down his cheeks he falls to the ground in a heap and is crying.

'I can't be this way. I don't want too. My dad will hate me and you already hate me so why should I come out? I can just go on and lie for the rest of my life'

I felt really bad about all this.

'Anthony you don't have to lie and pretend to please your dad. Anthony I think your perfect the way you are. You don't have to change for anyone. Now think about how much your hurt Kayly. She likes you and your secretly gay. Your going to hurt her whenever you do come out.'

'But what if I never want to come out?'

'Anthony you will trust me. Your gonna hate lying this whole time. Now all this ignoring me? Whats up with that?'

'I was afraid if I was seen around a gay person everyone would think I was gay'

'But everybody already does. Anthony your not oging to shock anyone if you come out. Now I'm not saying you have to come out to everyone but ignoring me and acting like I have some type of disease is that really necessary?'


'Listen I just don't think i can be with you. Anthony I'm sorry'

'No you can't leave me I don't know what to do I'm lost'

'Too bad you have to figure this one out on your own.'



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