Anthony and me

This is the story of two teenagers realizing who they are and what they want in their life.

My name is Joey. I'm 18 years old and I've come to find over the past year that I am in fact gay. Although very weary to admit it I finally came to terms with myself and came out at my school. The first week of school was normal a few people finding out and by the 3rd week of school our who high school knew and everyone of my friends seemed to be okay with it.

Since the first day of lunch I had watched a kid in a grade above me sit at our table and as I watched him I began to notice more and more things about him that lead me to a conclusion I made after the second week. He was gay. I asked my friend Kayla who I sat with about him.

'Kayla I have a question and don't go repeating this. That kid that sits with us. Is he gay?' I asked

' I really don't know and by the way his name is Anthony. We all think he is but he hasn't said anything about it. Why do you ask?'

'I don't know I've been watching him for the past week or two and he seems like it. Who are his friends besides you?' I replied

'Well he used to be best friends with Samantha but now he seems like he is moving towards more Tory and Hailey' she replied

I thought hmmm. I need to meet this Samantha and talk to her and see what she has to say. But until then I'll figure this out. After a football game I walked up to him while he was walking off the field.

'You did good out there.' I said to him.

'Hey man you sit at my lunch table right? and thanks!' he replied

'Hey bud I got to go but do I get a number? I wanted to talk to you about football I was gonna play next year.' I said. I had no interest in playing football but I was hoping to be playing with HIS balls.

'Sure lemme see your phone.' he said

I handed him my phone and I saw him turn it around snap a picture of himself and hit save contact.

'There you go. Text me whenever you feel like it' he said

I felt a smile on my face whenever I realized the rest of the team had left.

'Well Anthony I'll text you soon. I hope you will send me another picture that I can remember you by.' I turned around and walked around as a flung my Dolce and Gabbana coat over me.

Should I text him now or wait a day or two? What is the rule for a out gay teenager to try and hook up with a suspected gay kid? I decided to wait a day. The next monday at school I sat down at the table. As soon as I made eye contact with Anthony he got up and left. Did I do something? Was I to up front with him? Did Kayla say something?

I grabbed my phone hiding it behind my bag and I text him.

'Hey why did you leave? Can we talk?' I sent

A few minutes went by I saw him look at his phone and just put it back in his pocket. Shit what did I do? I figured I should forget about him. He must not be interested.

My life went on a normal. Each day I went to school. Same ritual until I began to notice something. Every time I went past Anthony in the hallway I noticed he wouldn't even make eye contact anymore. Did I do something so bad to offend him. So after sitting through a whole biology and algebra class going over every sentence I decided I had to figure this out.

I walked out of class. My best friend Cortnee at my side.

'Joey whats wrong with you? You haven't spoken for two classes which isn't like you. God normally we can never get you to shut up' Cortnee said

I smiled. 'Thanks Cortnee, I'm just thinking about a guy. Its all fine I just gotta figure this out.'

I walked into lunch. I decided to move table because I figured if i was that bad of a person that he couldn't sit with his friends anymore I would move and let him sit there. I watched him during lunch to see if there was a chance I could go talk to him. I then realized I never really noticed how he looked.

He was dressed okay with Hollister t shirts and dark American Eagle Jeans. I then looked at myself a plaid shirt with Abercrombie and fitch jeans which I knew I looked really great in. I then noticed he had got up and left. I excused myself and walked out of the lunch room to see him walk into the boys bathroom. I followed him and went in. He was standing at the sink looking at himself in the mirror. He looked at me and his head dropped and it looks as I looked at him.

'So why all of a sudden your pissed off at me? Did I do something wrong?' i asked.

'No you didn't do anything. Just please let it go.' he replied

'Anthony please just talk to me.' I said when a few seconds later the bell rings signaling the ending of lunch. He walked past me and walked out the bathroom.

I texted him later that night.No reply. I tried about a week later. I suspected nothing but to my surprise a second later I got a text back from him. I read it with disbelief.

'Dude I'm sorry. I've been having a bad week. I really want to be friends. Hope to hear from you soon bud.'

I texted back immediately. 'Its okay if you want to talk about it I'm here and lets just put this behind us.' We texted a lot and eventually he moved back to the table and so did I but now we sat next to each other. Not talking much at the table but always texting during the day and night. Finally I had enough courage to ask him what I've wanted to ask him.

'Anthony if I ask you something would you be offended?' I asked.

'Of course not. What is it?' He replied.

'Nothing. Never mind its stupid. Just forget it.' I said

'No Evan come on! You can ask me anything and you know that. Now what is it?' He asked.

'Anthony are you gay?' I texted back. It seemed like forever until I got a reply. It was simply.

'I hate labels' he said.

'So what does that mean? I mean if your not thats cool but if you are thats awesome too. I mean you know I am.' I typed back.

'I'm not completely sure at this point. I hate labeling people. Gay, Straight, Bi. So I really don't know what to consider myself.' he texted back

'Do you like guys?' I asked

'I really don't know I've never been with one.' He replied

'Well you don't really have to be with one have you ever thought about a guy as more then a friend like sexually?' I asked

'Yeah I have. Alot.' he said

Why this kid was trusting me I have no clue. anthony and I talked alot but why would he tell me all about this secret that could ruin his reputation around school and his dad would probably kill him? Was i trustworthy enough to keep this secret?

'Okay well anthony as much as I hate to tell you this your now going in my mind as at least Bi. :) Maybe if were lucky enough we can get you to go in as completely gay. :) What guys do you think about. Don't worry I wont tell anyone.' I typed. I thought it over for a second but then hit the send button on my phone.

'Your a really great friend Evan. :)' He texted me back.

'We need to hang out soon. I think we would have fun' I sent him.

'Okay what are you doing during lunch tomorrow? Meet me down in the unisex bathroom by the home ec room. I want to show you something.' He replied

'Okay. You could give me a preview now.' I said. I knew what he was going to show me. I knew what he was going to send me. I was finally going to see Anthonys dick.

A few minutes later my phone vibrated. I opened it and my mouth dropped. anthony was hung like a horse. His cock could barely fit into the cameras view. I was excited.

'MMM Very nice. Now I'm even more excited for tomorrow.' I typed back.

I could barely sleep that night. One I was excited for him tomorrow. Two my cock was so hard I thought it was going to misplace a spring in the bed.

I woke up and went straight to take a shower. My dick looked up at me as if it was begging me to jack it off. I didn't so I could save everything for today during lunch. I made sure to wash all the parts that were going to be getting used today. I trimmed up everything and made sure I wore my favorite underwear. A pair of AE Briefs that they only made for a season but are wonderful. They lifted my package up and made it look like I was packing a peperoni stick in my pants and hugged my ass like you wouldn't believe. I pulled on my skinniest abercrombie jeans, a blue Hollister t shirt and a AE Hoodie and walked out. I looked at myself in the mirror and I was happy with what I saw.

The day seemed to drag on. Until 3rd period I got a text.

'Are you sure you want to do this? Like what if we get caught?' he said

'Meet me at the stage doors. Its never locked and we can go into one of the backrooms. Remember were just talking because you were upset about your parents fighting all the time? ;).' I said

'Okay hun. See you in a few.' he texted back.

Lunch came around. I ditched into the back stairway and went down and stood by the stage doors. I stood behind the door for a few minutes until I heard footsteps. I looked out into the hallway and saw anthony walking. He looked great today. Almost white worn out jeans with half the fronts missing showing his long muscular legs and you could see the legs of his boxer briefs sticking out of the leg holes. Right next to the legs of the skin tight underwear. A rod that seemed to grow with each step he took. I looked at him in the eye.

I jumped out from behind the door. Grabbed him and kissed him on the lips. I pulled him into the one storage room and I locked the door without ever even looking. We landed on the couch that the musicals used for sets and we continued making out. HIs tunge darted in and out of my mouth. His dark eyes widened as my hands moved down. Gropping every party of his tight athletic body. My hands landed on his tight ass and he groaned as I grabbed his fleshy mounds. I pushed my hands down his boxer briefs and I felt another piece of fabric.

'Anthony what is this under your underwear?' I asked.

He got up off me.

'My thong.....' He said. He looked as if he was about to cry.

'Your really wearing a thong? Like legitly' I asked.

'Yeah. My dick is to big for boxer briefs. and If I wear briefs they will make fun of me so I wear a thong underneath my boxer briefs so my dick doesn't slip out during gym or football practice.'

I got up and acted if I was going to leave him. I turned around and saw the expression on his face.

' I know I'm a freak. Nobody should wear them.' he said.

I jumped at him. I landed on the couch and I pulled him back on top of me. He had a look of surprise and happiness on his face.

'Take those ugly things off. I hate boxer briefs. I want to see you in your little women panties' I said sarcastically.

He stood up in front of me he slowly removed his jeans and then his boxer briefs. He removed his t shirt and I sat there and stared at this wonderful example of a human. His thong was bulging and It looked wonderful on him.

I made a gesture for him to turn. His ass was so beautiful. I grabbed him and pulled him on top of me. I felt him all over. His dick was pushed into mine as it was trying to squeeze out of its cloth confines.

He pulled my shirt off and I kicked my shoes off and he began unbuttoning my pants. He looked at my briefs and he said

'AB makes briefs?'

'yeah their wonderful' I said

'Hmm maybe I should get some.' he said.

I kissed him.

'you have some. Take these when were done. Ill wear your thong and just take your boxer briefs with you.'

I pulled his dick out from the pouch. It landed on my chest and looked down at it then at Anthony. he thought I was just going to give him a handjob. I reached down and put it right in my mouth. I took half of it and anthony let out a contunious moaning. My hands were around his ass and I guided him. He thrusted his dick in and out of my face. I pulled one hand out and stuck it in my mouth, wetted it and it went back towards his ass. I pulled the string out of his buns and found his little puckered hole. I pushed my finger in softly. He moaned. Soon the whole thing was in and he was thrusting faster now. I pulled my hand out and wetted it down and this time inserted to fingers in him. He groaned even harded, thrusted harder. Then I felt his magically spot. He moaned so loud I was afraid we were gonna be caught. He exploaded, filling me with his young seed. I swallowed all of it and he fell down on top of me exhausted.

I looked at my phone. We had 20 minutes till the bell would ring. Anthony was still laying on top of me and he moved his hand all over me. My dick was still hard in my tight briefs. He reached down

'were gonna have to take care of this' he said

He pulled the waist band back and did what I did. He slowly took my 7 inch dick in. I groaned as he made it to my balls. He went faster and faster. I pulled him up.

'Anthony have you ever fucked a girl?'

'yeah it wasn't that great. It smelled bad and wasn't that great.' he said

'Oh were gonna show you what its supposed to feel like.' I grabbed a pillow off the floor and sat it under me. I pulled my legs up against my chest and my pink little hole was right in his face.

'you want me to fuck you?' He said

'Do you want to? I mean if you don't thats fine. i don't want to be moving to fast for you' I said

'No its fine. I just don't want to hurt you.' He said

'Don't worry I play with that area enough that its not like I'm a total virgin. Now let me get some spit on your cock.' I said.

I put a lot on his dick then I put some on my hole and shoved some up.

'Okay now do what I did to you. Slid one of your fingers in, then two, then three, then you beautiful cock.' I said.

'You really think my cock is beautiful?' he said.

'I think your beautiful' I replied

He slid one finger in, then two, then three, He told me he was going to start and I braced yself. I felt him push against my hole. It began to open and I was hit with pain but as soon as his head made it in I was overwhelmed with pleasure. Soon I felt his warm pubic hair hit my cheeks and he began pulling out again. He started picking up speed. My cock was back in my briefs again and he kept going faster and faster. Soon my dick just couldn't contain it anymore.

'I'm gonna cum' I yelled!

Cum flew out of my cock and hit its warm fabric enclosure. Just then I pulled anthony down and I kissed him when he whispered in my ear

'Its here' he said.

I felt his warm seed fill up my stomach. He shot at least 5 large shots deep in my hole before he finally fell backwards. His cock leaving what felt like a gapping hole between my two cheeks. I put my hand over it as I felt his seed come out. I took a finger full and ate it as he watched smiled. I pulled him down and kissed him. I let the cum come out of my ass then I began getting dressed.

'anthony I'm sorry you made me cum while I was still in my briefs.' I said

'Its fine love. He pulled them off me and put them on. His dick was still slightly hard and he filled the package even better then me. I pulled on his thong and I loved the way it felt against my hole that was still wet from his massive cum shot. I puled my jeans on and got dressed. I gave him a final kiss and walked out into the hallway. I loved the way the thong felt when I walked and it gave me a hard on every time i remembered it belonged to the boy that just got done fucking my brains out.

I texted him that night.

'Thanks so much we shoudl do it again. Soon. Evan'

I got a text back.

'tomorrow during lunch?' he asked

'Sure bring me a your favorite underwear and I'll bring you mine. I think it will be fun having you wear mine and me wearing yours.' i said

'Sure lovebug whatever you like' he said

The next day same time same everything. Except clothes of course. I met him as we walked in. We made out even harder this time. I felt around under. He wasn't just wearing a thong. There were three waistbands.

'So what underwear are on today?' I asked.

'Well since I fucked you yesterday I thought about how awesome it must feel. So yesterday I went to the adult store. Lied and got a dildo about the size of your cock. I masturbated 6 times last night each time sticking that dildo up my ass thinking it was you doing it. I have never cummed so hard in my life and since I play football I have to have a jockstrap.'

He pulled down his skinny jeans revealing his boxer briefs then underneath a tight red jockstrap, which had underneath a bright leather thong that al I could see was a little of the strap remaining that wasn't pulled tight into his ass.

'I thought it woudl be so hot for you to fuck me in this and then you can wear it and I can fuck you so our cum is together and I can wear it al day during football practice.' he said.

I pulled onto him and pulled him tight against me. I took his jock off so I could get the thong off and then put it back on.

'But why do you need the thong if you wearing a jock I mean ins't that the point of a jock to hold your junk up?'

'Yes but not everything. Look I have a suprise for you.'

I spread his cheeks apart and I saw a small black butt plug. He went over to his back pack bent over so i could see a full view of his gorgeous ass then handed me a little black box that looked like a tv remote. Here push the power button. I did and I heard a small vibrating sound like a phone. He sat on my lap and I felt the vibrations.

'The plug vibrates and its controlled by this remote. I bought it yesterday. You keep the remote and I'll keep it in all the time. It had a distance of like 100 yards, So you should be able to control it from within the school.'

'Your gonna wear it all the time? I asked.

'yes This thong is small enough that I wear it during the game most of the time anyways so I'll even have it in during football.' he said.

I pulled it out and we started again. We fucked like rabbits. Each time we cummed in his jockstrap. I gave him a bag of my favorite underwear. A couple of thongs, a jock of my own, and few briefs. He then gave me his bag. Inside were one of his jocks, a very small g string and bikinis.

He put on his jockstrap and then i went over and hugged him. His bare skin touched mine and my dick jumped to attention again. I got down behind him and I spread his ass cheeks apart and I slid my tounge deep into his hole. He began moaning. Soon I saw as the leg straps were being pulled forward. His cock was getting so hard it was actually pulling the straps away. I then stuck a few fingers in. I twirled them around and switched between fingering him and eating his sweet little ass. Soon I felt his hole clench around my tongue. He was moaning and thrusting his hips back and forth. He was cumming and I never even touched his dick. He finsihed and turned around and kissed me.

'Come to football practice tonight. Bring the remote. I'm gonna be wearing my cup so if I get hard nobody will see it.' he said with a smile

Chapter 2 - The Football Team

I went to football practice that night and sat in the stands. Someone asked why I was sitting there and I simply told them that I was thinking about playing next year. I grabbed the remote out of my backpack. I pushed the power button. and looked out on the field.

Anthony was bending over waiting to hike the ball when I see him move and quiver a bit. I looked at the remote. There was 10 settings. I had it set on one and I slowly slid it up to number 5. He was shaking as he threw the ball. I hit the power button on and off on and off. He was out there before I finally heard him moan and watched him run to the coach.

He ran off to the locker room. I waited a few minutes and went in after him. I found him in the stall as he was pulling it out. His jock was laying on the floor and when I looked at the cup it was full of cum.

' i hate you you little bitch' he looked at me with a smile. His cock was standing straight up.

'I can help with that' and before he even knew I was on my knees his cock the whole way into the back of my throat when we heard the door to the locker room open with sounds of cleets running down the stairs into the back locker room door.

'Shit he ended practice early!' He whispered.

I had no clue what to do. I hear someone start laughing and I felt the door be opened behind me. I looked around to see most of the football team. Anthony was still on top of the toilet with his cock near my mouth and the butt plug laying on the floor.

'What do we have here?' said one of the football players I didn't recognize.

'Well it looks as if we have a couple of cock lovers here. Wait till the whole school hears about this!' Jake the top jock said.

'No you can't' anthony pleaded. 'Please I'll do anything just please don't let this get out.'

'Shut up cock sucker. Now both of you come over here!' Jake said

We both got up. We walked side by side both of us staring at his ass. He led us into the shower.

'Both of you strip! Get on your knees!' he said to us. 'hey everyone we have a gift for all of you!' he yelled out into the locker room.

The whole football team walked into the showers. Most of them in their jocks or competely naked.

'If you don't want this to get out then we all want something out of this. Your asses.' He said.

Anthony looked and smiled at me and I smiled back. I was wearing just Anthonys skimpy yellow thong and he was wearing his cum soaked jockstrap. Soon all the football players formed 4 lines. One behind me, one in front of me, one in front of anthony and one behind anthony. Soon I was having dicks inserted in each of my holes. I was in heaven. After about 5 minutes my first customer was pumping my insides full of cum. My cock was straight down between my legs and I looked over at anthony between 2 peoples legs. I saw two guys behind him. One below and one over top. They were double fucking him! I was so turned on I shot on the locker room floor.

Anthony was moaning. I had about 5 loads of cum pushed deep inside my hole by the time most of them began to leave or shower. Before I knew it Jake walked over and motioned for me to come over on top of anthony.

'Stick you dick in his ass.' he said

I quickly did and I felt pressure against my own hole. Jake was begining to fuck me too! We had a fuck train. But I saw a pair of legs underneath anthonys. He was fucking Jakes younger brother Brad. Brad was moaning as Anthony inserted his gigantic cock deep in his hole. Then Jake pulled out and pulled be back on the ground. Before I knew what was happening he was lowering himself on top of my dick.

'I saw how much you, anthony and my little bro were enjoying it so I just had to try it.' Jake said.

Jake was moaning as I jerked his cock. I knew he had to be getting ready to cum soon but then I saw anthony behind him. He slid his cock along mine and when Jake sat was sliding back down he took both of our cocks at the same time. Anthonys cock felt so good against mine. Jake moaned even louder. Then something extradionary happened. Brad got on top of me and began sucking off his brothers long cock. I took brads cock in my mouth and i felt cum dripping out of his young ass and stuffed a few fingers in and he moaned again. I couldn't believe this. Anthony and I were double fucking the quarter back as his younger brother sucked him off and I was sucking him off while fingering him. Then I realized. We were all in jockstraps. This made me even hornier which is why to this day I wear a jockstrap everyday as it always brings back memories.

I was the first to cum and when my warm jizz hit anthonys rod he began to cum uncontrollably. As we filled jakes ass with cum he began to cum in his brothers mouth and his brother started cumming in my mouth. I was in heaven. We all fell spent on one another. We were interlocked for a about half a hour when we realized the lockeroom was completely emptied. We all got up and began to shower the loads of cum off of each other. I rinsed by butt and I felt a stream of cum just oozing out. We were all joking around in the shower talking about our favorite things.

'So I don't know if this question is allowed'Anthony said 'But Brad you sucked your brothers dick. Whats going on there?'

'Well we've been getting each other off for years now. I'm only 10 months younger so were a lot like twins. And one night when I was jacking off we realized we both thought we were each asleep and then we just did it together. Then we started fucking each other.' he said.

'So are you gay or bi or what?' Anthony and I both asked at the same time.

'Well I'm gay' said Brad 'The Idea of a girls snatchs downright scares me'

'I don't catagorize myself but yeah I guess I'm gay. I talk about girls but I never enjoy fucking them. Its sorta gross really' Jake said.

'So the team isn't going to say anything to anyone about this right? Anthony doesn't want to be out of the closet yet.' I said

'The team got off. They don't care who did it they just want to get off. And I'm the captain so if someone says something I'll just convince coach to keep them from lplaying or get them kicked off.' Jake said

'And I just love getting fucked. I love anal. I've put my fist up there once or twice and the orgasm is amazing.' Brad said.

I was simply amazed. 4 guys all talking about how they love gay sex. All in the closet except for me and all okay with it. I knew this would last a while.

'Have you ever worn thongs or jockstraps while getting fucked?' Anthony asked.

They all said they havn't.

'You need to try it and try them. Anthony and I do it all the time. We trade each others underwear and I wear his thongs.' I said

'Anthony YOU wear a thong?!?' Brad said

'Yeah their awesome. I know its weird but yeah I do.' Anthony replied

'Can I try one?' brad and Jake both asked.

'Yeah. Here lets go buy some' he said.

We all got dressed. Anthony and I wore each others underwear. We decided on each others thongs. We both said how much we loved the feeling especially under our jeans. I loved how you couldn't see any lines under my skin tight jeans. I had to get more of these.

Chapter 3 Fitting room at Kaceys

We walked all walked into Kaceys and went straight to the mens underwear section. They carried Mockey 4xist Ralvin Dein. In New Yorks Kaseys they have a special fitting room where they make custom underwear and you can try them on before you buy them.

Anthony found a pair of 4xist with a Metalic waistband and gave them to Brad. He picked up about 4 different colors. Then he gave Jake a pair of Mockeys in teal and red. I grabbed a pair of Ralvin Dein and a pair of 4xist. anthony grabbed a jock by over armour and we all went in. The man working the fitting rooms was in his early 20s with a nice ass and a tight white button down shirt.

' Let me know if I can do anything for you guys. We can custom tailor a lot these. You know I have seen more and more young guys buying thongs. It makes me happy cause thats all I wear and I love them.' he said 'That was probably to much info but just let me know if you need anything. I'm adam'

We all walked into dressing rooms. I wanted to share one with Anthony but I figured it wouldn't be good.

I was the first to hear Jake say something about his thongs.

'Anthony and Joey get over here. I can't tell if this fits right.' Joey said.

'I can't' me and Anthony said simultaneously

'Were not dressed. We just have our thongs on.' Anthony said

'Its fine boys. Nobody comes back here anyways. I own about every brand so I can help. Boys come over too' Adam yelled in.

We all walked out and went into Jakes dressing room

'See is this butt strap to large? Watch' Jake bent over giving all of us a full vision of his amazing ass. The pouch bulging from his nice sized cock being inside of it.

'Actually it should be like that' Adam said 'See whenever you need more room in the pouch it moves forward so you have extra room' he said. He grabbed the string pulling it deeper into Jakes crack and then turned him around grabbed his cloth enclosed package and pulled it forward.

I watched as Jake stood there admiring himself in the mirror when I realized we all had raging hard on and the skimpy fronts of the thongs weren't doing a very well job of covering them up.

I looked up to see Adam's pants getting tigher and tighter. I closed the door and locked it. I gave a glance to Anthony, Jake and Brad and they all ken what I had in mind.

'Why Adam can you make these pouches bigger. You see we all have pretty big dicks' I said.

And right after that I pulled the pouch down and so did everybody else.

'See now were all fuck buddies and we fuck a lot during the day and sometimes just thinking about Anthonys big cock or watching the brothers Jake and Brad fuck each other makes us hard and I like my cock to breath. So can you help us?'

Adam gulped and then fell to his knees. I quickly shoved my dick in his face while I felt Anthony behind me preparing my ass and I saw Jake and Brad going at it. I unbuttoned his shirt and began undoing his pants whenever I felt Anthonys wonderful cock go in. He was realy fucking me hard tonight. I began moaning and i felt as anthony did his normal amazing job.

This time I felt something under me. I look down to see Brad with his tongue moving around my ass and I was in a trance watching Brad moving his tongue whenever i hear a ripping noise. I look forward to see Jake down behind Adams ass. He pulled the string from deep within his ass and began thrusting forward fucking the hell out of Adam. Then I felt pressure on my own ass. Brad was no longer using his tongue. Now I began to fill my ass open even further. It felt as if I was being split in half then I realized what was happening. I was being double fucked. Both of their cocks were going in and out of my ass. It felt so amazing. Whenever I felt this eruption from deep within inside me. I feel Anthony and Brad stop. On top of brads dick was laying a pile of cum. 'Youuuuu you had a ass ejaculation!' screamed Adam

'I had a what?' I said

'Its whenever the anal is so amazing you cum from within you. its so hard to do and some guys have never had it before.' He said.

'Well Joey if you stop being so selfish and you let us finish we can have to more cum going inside you' Said Brad with sarcasm.

This time I had Anthony lay down and had brad lay on top so their dicks were right next to each other. I began thrusting my ass down and I quickly engulfed both of their asses and drove them wild whenever I used my sphicter muscles to milk their cum cannons. They began screaming and I quickly grabbed both of their thongs and snapped them agains their balls which sent them off as I felt a river of cum go into my insides. I came again this time fro my dick spraying them and Adam and even Jake behind me I came so hard.

'adam are you going to get in trouble for this?' We asked

'No I'll just give my boss a blowjob and let him fuck me and we'll be fine. We do it back here all the time' Adam said.

I went back to my room and pulled out my debit card. I bought all of the underwear my new fuck buddies wanted and I made sure to give Adam a big tip like us all jerking off and cumming in his mouth and a monetary tip too.

The next day I go back to football at the end of practice and quickly undress to Anthonys bright yellow leather thong that I bought him and Kaceys and sit in the showers on my knees. I hear the guys come in and begin changing.

'Jake and Brad are you wearing thongs!?!' I heard someone yell

'Hell yeah man! My dick has never felt better and its the most amazing feeling in the world.' Jake said

'Yeah man and why do you care what underwear were wearing. Do you want to be getting fucked like anthony Jake Joey and I?' Brad said

'No way man I just like fucking you!' the still unknown football player replied.

Soon Jake and Brad walked in, naked, their beautiful almost twin meatsticks bouncing back and forth between their muscular legs. They each had a small amout of pubic hair around their cocks and balls that lead up to their belly buttons.I had never realized before just how beautiful they were.

They sat down next to me and Brad leaned over and started kissing me and groping me and started grabbing my leather covered cock.

The football team walked in cheering!

'Dude this is awesome. My cunt of a girlfriend won't suck my dick or let me fuck her. She would let anyone else but me fuck her. Fucking bitch' someone said.

He was the first one I went after. They started up the showers and started splashing water on my hole for lube whenever I started sucking two guys cocks at once. Then I felt one get inserted in my ass. Another day of fucking. Soon I looked up and saw that a circle was made around me and brad. The guys were cheering us on and one was getting sucked while the other was fucking us. They all switched and took turns until it came time for Anthony and Jake.

Jake went for Brad and just as he got his cock in his ass the showers went silent.

'Okay whats wrong?' I asked

'well its just Brad and Jake are brothers and isn't that sorta weird?' someone asked

'Do you enjoy fucking tight ass and getting blown?' i asked.

'Yes' he said

'Then stop bitching and get your dick in my mouth' I said.

Everybody laughed and we resumed our gigantic fuck fest. I was continued to be fucked like this for hours upon end. Each day the jocks became more and more into anal. Pretty soon we had half of them giving up their little man cherrys to their team mates.

Next Chapter- Anthony and Joey go to American Hawk



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