When I woke up I looked over Anthony was awake and he was staring into my eyes, he brushed his hand offer my cheek and smiled showing his perfect white teeth.

'good morning' he said reaching up to kiss my forehead

'good morning'

'how did you sleep'


'well then I guess that means I'm comfortable since you were on me all night'

'oh I'm sorry' I said embarrassed

'don't be babe'

I smiled 'I love it when he calls me that' I thought to myself

He got up and walked over to my side of the bed and knelt down on one knee, I sat up laughing

'umm what are you doing'

He took my hand

'Nate Thompson, will you be my boyfriend?'

I was shocked, was he for real; he couldn't really want me to be his boyfriend. I was a sophomore, I wasn't as popular, and most of all I was a guy.

'I don't think I'm good enough for you'

'how can you say that ,you're the only one I want Nate' he was almost getting mad

He stared at me with his gorgeous blue eyes. I couldn't help it

'yes Anthony I'll be your boyfriend'



He picked me up I put my legs around his stomach and held on to his neck while he held on to me by my back

'I love you' he whispered in my ear I jolted my head back and looked at him

'you do?' I looked at him confused

But before he could answer I said 'I love you too'

'you do?' he asked

'yeah you don't know how long I've waited for this moment.'

'how long baby?'

'since the first time I saw you freshman year, you ran into me in the hall and knocked the books out of my hands and picked them up for me'

'oh my god, I remember that!'

'I've loved you ever since'

Our lips met and we fell on the bed. I ran my fingers through his hair as he was kissing and sucking on my neck.

'make love to me' I said

A sexy, mischievous grin came across his face then he looked at the clock that read 8:30

'oh shit!' he exclaimed ' I'm going to be late for work he got up and ran to the closet and grabbed a fresh pair of boxer briefs and his uniform he slid his boxers off and his manhood was swinging around 'god he was hung' I thought to myself

He was still rushing 'sorry babe we'll continue when I get back'

he had his pants on and was buttoning up his shirt,

'Can you help me with this he held up a tie'

I got off the bed and began tying his tie, he had to where one because he worked as a waiter at one of the nicest restaurants in town.

In between tying it I kissed him and grabbed his package between his pants

'please stop I don't want to drive to work with a hard on' he smiled ' I'll be back tonight'

'love you' I said

'love you to' he said running down the stairs.

Once he was gone I went to the restroom and turned on the shower since I was already naked I just stepped in I didn't know how long I was in there but I stayed in till the hot water was being replaced by cold.

When I was out I dried off and went back into Anthony's room I opened his drawer and grabbed some boxers and slid them on.

Suddenly the doorbell ringed I went to the closet and took a pair of sweat pants and put them on and ran down stairs. The doorbell rang again before I opened it. Standing in the door way was a guy who looked a little older maybe a year, and a little taller than me, he had short wavy blonde hair and was wearing a tank top and basketball shorts.

'hey I'm Adam, I'm moving in across the street.'

I looked out the door and saw a big moving truck with three or four men moving stuff out of it.

'hi I'm Nate'

'we were wondering if you had a ladder that we could barrow for the day'

'actually I don't live here so I have no idea if they have one'

'oh it's fine' he said

'you want to come in and look around'

Ok maybe I shouldn't have invited a stranger into my boyfriend's house. With him not here, but Adam was kinda cute.

'nice house' Adam said


'are you watching it for someone' he asked

'no my boyfriend lives here, he just left'

His eyes got wide when I said 'my boyfriend'

'oh so your gay?'

'yeah but no one knows about either of us so'

'don't worry I know how to keep a secret'

We both smiled

We both looked around but couldn't find a ladder so we walked back to the front door

'sorry I couldn't help you out, see ya around'

'it's fine, thanks anyway, bye' he said walking away with a grin

I shut the door wondering what his smirk was for.



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