This story is another fantasy of mine and the guys are Jamaican of course. None of the names have been changed either because I don't know the correct ones of some of these guys. So here goes. In this one we have: Chyna-man, Tesfy, Bubble-g, and me. **

I was walking down the main road of my housing scheme one day when all of a sudden, bubble-g drove up beside me.

'Hey there how are you?' he asked politely.

'I'm doing fine. How about you?' I replied.

'I'm great, I'm great.' He replied

'Good to hear that. So what can I do for you?'

I could sense that he wanted something from me but I just couldn't pin-point what it was. And I knew he wanted to ask me something but he couldn't muster up enough courage to ask me to do what he wanted of me. So he finally replied:

'Nothing. Nothing really.'

'You know that I'll squeeze the answer out of you if I have to.' I replied, wanting to know what he had up his sleeve.

Let me side track here a little and describe my characters for you: Chyna-man is of Indian origin, which means that he's VERY hot, not tall and not short, don't know his weight or height. He's around 18 years old, very nicely built, and very handsome.

Tesfy on the other hand was black around 16 years old, awesome looking, and still in school. He has pearl white teeth, tall, and has an average body with a height 5' 9. Bubble-g is very handsome and that pretty much says it all. Well getting I to strike up a conversation was like trying to get the devil to be good once more (impossible).

'Okay I'll tell you. Only if you promise not to tell anyone about it. Okay?' he replied.

'Okay, I promise. So what is it that you want from me on this fine and warm day? Hmm!' I replied.

'Well I was wondering if you would like to go out with me some time.'

'Really now. And why would I want to go with a guy? Hmm? I don't want to set the tongues of this town on fire you know. And I know that you know that when the flames start to blaze their will be no quenching them.'

(** English might be our official language, but it is not used a lot. We use our native language patois pronounced patwah)

(This is very true my readers. The people of this town dip their noses in other peoples business and let it out in to the open. And once its there out in the open your reputation is tarnished for life. But let's continue with story shall we)

'Well nobody will if we are on a date with me or anything unless you tell them so.' He replied.

'That's true.'


'So what?'

'Are you gonna accept my humble invitation or not?'

'Okay I accept. But I am gonna bring two friends of mine along. I don't think you know them but I'm gonna bring them anyway.'

'What are their names let me see if I know them.'

'Sorry. No can do you'll know them when I bring them along. So when do you propose our little rendezvous happen?'

'Friday is a good day for me. How about you?'

'Friday is also a good day for me too, considering I don't have a job as yet.'

'Friday at 10:30am it is then. See you and your cut little friends then.' He replied and then drove off.

I went on to complete the days proceedings that were on my agenda. This included calling my two friends Chyna-man and Tesfy. When I spoke to Chyna-man he immediately agreed and plus he was so very excited at the prospect of finally meeting bubble-g because he had secretly admired him from afar for a very long time. And he also had the hots for me as well.

When I called Tesfy he was so eager to go out with three of the cutest guys in town. I told him the day and time we would be going out to party and have fun. This would all happen in the day of course. Tesfy also had a crush on bubble-g as well.

So Friday came and BG came to pick me up at my gate. At 10:00 am in the morning. We then proceeded to pick up my two friends in the town square. I introduced my two friends to the guy they both had a crush for so long and for not so long. But of course they didn't tell each other that they had a crush on the same guy as yet and they most certainly didn't tell BG that they each had a crush on this hunk of a junk man. So I asked BG:

'So where are we going today?'

'First we head to the Ocho Rios pier where we'll watch the cruise ships dock in port. Then we mosey on down to island village complex where we'll grab us a bite and for some entertainment we head to the annual carnival beach juvert (pronounced juvhay). Then since we'll be beat I booked us for a weekend in a three bed suite at the Iberostar Grand Resort in Rose Hall Montego Bay. What do you guys have to say about what I have got planned for the weekend? Eh?

'You sure planned everything down to the last T. didn't you?'

'He sure did.' Replied chyna-man

'We are gonna have one hell of a fun filled weekend aren't we?'

'We sure are gonna, we sure are gonna.' Replied BG

After a 2hr drive or so we finally reached the Ocho Rios pier. We then settled under a cool shaded area (I've never been to the pier so I don't know the set up) to watch the ships and you sexy male tourists come in. while I was watching the tourists disembark from the ship through my trusty binoculars I recognized KPAUL (I read and love his stories the most) my favorite author from this site coming off the ship.

'Hey guys I recognize someone. I'll be right back.'

I then ran over to the beginning of the boardwalk to see if I could not only get a close up picture of him but greet and meet him as well. I did get to take the picture with my camera and I got to meet the man himself as well.

'Hey there how are you doing, I'm Paul aka Kpaul.'

'Hi I'm Jake (not my real name). I'm doing fine. I must say you are one of my favorite internet story writers of all time. You know that?'

'No, no I did not.'

'I'm also a young 18 year old and up coming author myself. You're my inspiration.' (As I write I'm reading one of his stories on my phone that can pick up the internet.)

'That's good to know, that's very good to know. So how are the stories coming along so far?'

'There coming along great. I just recently published my first story 'My Jamaican Hot Boy(s)' under the fetish category and I'm working on my second (the one you're reading now) Annotto Bay Boys'

'That's great. I'll be sure to read it when I next go on to the site. Okay?'

'Great. Please comment on it. And its been a pleasure meeting you. But I got to get back to my friends now; they must be wondering where I am so long. Well it's been a great honor to meet you.'

'I'll be sure to comment on all your stories when I read them. Bye.'


I then left Kpaul and went back to my friends.

'Hey who was that? Asked tesfy

'Just a friend I met on the internet.'

'Ok, so didn't you introduce us?'

'I was so excited to see him that I forgot. I didn't even know he was coming here to Jamaica. And just incase you want to know how I know it's him, I saw his picture on the site that I met him.'

'Ok sir. If you say so.' Replied chyna-man

'Yow guys I'm gett'n bored and tired of this place. What do you say we head on down to beach juvert and get our party on. Woo! Yeah!' bubble-g said. We then proceeded to James Bond Beach Orocabesa St. Mary.

When we arrived we proceeded to the beach where we stripped down to our boxer briefs and jumped into the sea to have our selves a good time. This party is a part of overall carnival celebrations in Jamaica each. It is associated with paint because every one that attends the party is painted with water based paint of course (so you could wash it off later). Anywho back to our story...

After we frolicked up a storm in the water it was time for the stage-show (what you guys know as a concert). Various artists from Jamaica and the Caribbean performed their songs and what not.

Then it was time to go home but as was said before we weren't going hooome. We were headed for the Iberostar grand resort in Montego Bay St. James for a fun filled weekend. After the show we all pilled into BG's car and headed for the resort.

'yow this is going to be a weekend to remember.' Said bg

'you said it bg, you said it.' I replied

When we arrived at the resort, the staff there greeted us with warmth and love that I have never felt any where else at all.

We were shown to our room by the bellhop whom each of us gave a generous tip for which he thanked us gratefully. Once we were in the room we got settled in nicely. We then proceeded to use the shower one by one so each of us could wash off the paint off our bodies and not cause a mess and more irritation for the cleaning staff. When we were all cleaned up we went to one of the hotels many restaurants to have us a scrumptious dinner.

After dinner we went back up to our room to have ourselves a good time.

'if your ready to have a fun filled weekend let me hear you scream!' shouted chyna-man

We all screamed. (like idiots of course)

'lets have a good time then shall we'

I said and without further hesitation I leaned over and kissed tesfy on his lips very passionately and he responded with the same vigor and vitality that I attacked him with.

'awh shit man you waste no time in getting down to business.' Replied BG

Breaking the kiss I responded: 'damn right I don't.'

'I wanna suck that thick chocolate ice-cream of yours and sit on it too.' Said tesfy

'its all yours to do whatever you want my boy. Do with it whatever you want.' I replied

By this time the other two had already stripped and were fondling each others cocks to the max. Both I and tesfy went straight into a 69 position on our sides and attacked each others cocks like hungry wolves that have not eaten for days.

'wow that's cool!' replied bg

And they both went at it the same way we did. Tesfy then said:

'I want you to fuck me.'

I replied: 'as you say sir.'

I then placed him on all fours and proceeded to lick that juicy love chute of his with my very, very broad tongue.

After that was done he went back to sucking my cock to keep it all wet and slimy for easy entrance to his love hole.

By this time my cock as you would have guessed already was at full mast. It was a modest 16½ inches when hard.

'slip that anaconda in me babe.'

'I'll be happy to oblige with that request my boy. I'll go slow at first so you can get used to all this up your ass ok?'

'ok.' Came the response.

I then slowly but surely slipped the head of my dingy past his small entrance. He let out a slow painful moan which was replaced by a pleasurable one. I then slid all of my man meat all the way to the hilt into his little tight man pussy.

'oh yeah that fells great.'

'I'm gonna fuck you now. Are you ready?

'as ready as I'll ever be. By all means go ahead.'

And so I did go ahead and pounded that ass until I was at the brink of cuming.

Then all four of us at the same time shouted:

'I'M GONNA CUM, I'm GONNA CUM!' We all had a fun time that weekend and we all fucked each other and went home.




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