This is my first erotic story. I promise more sex comes in latter chapters of the story.


Andy didn't like what he was feeling. The feelings he had for Mark were so powerful it made him feel weak. He wanted to do and say so many things to Mark but he was afraid; afraid to lose his best friend. Mark and Andy were best friends since the fourth grade.

Even though they were best friends they were a strange match. Andy was short, average build for a 17 year old, red hair, dressed too formal, very intelligent, and spent too much time indoors. In other words he was a nerd.

Mark in the other hand had the build of a rugby player. He had the body and the personality to make any girl melt in his arms. He had blond, hair, charming smile, and packed a big juicy dick inside those white briefs. Mark loved the outdoors, and was the captain of every school team.

However they did share one thing in common. They both loved to play video games. Their houses were right next to each other, and after school they loved to play together.

One day mark got home late upset that he had lost a basketball game match by only one point. Andy called him over to play video games. Mark thought this was a great way to relieve his stress. Mark didn't think that he should take a shower first; he packed some clothes and some of his games.

When Mark got to Andy's house he wouldn't take off his shoes because of the smell. 'Hey sorry dude I forgot to take a shower before coming here I hope you'll let me use your shower.'

Andy started to sweat, the idea that the hunkiest man in the world was going to be showering in his house made him lose his mind for a second.

'And are you ok man you look like you're about ready to faint?' Mark said getting closer to Andy.

'Yes I'm fine feeling a little weak that's all, follow me up stairs you can use my bathroom to shower.' Andy's bathroom had two rooms one for laundry and another for shower and toilet. 'Throw your dirty clothes in there I'll be waiting for you down stairs.' Andy lied.

Once Mark was in the shower Andy nervously grabbed Marks dirty clothes. First he smelled his T-shirt. Ohh that that smell... sweet sweet smell of cologne mixed with sweat and body odor. Mark had a very distinct smell to him especially after a work out. Andy already got a full hard on by the time he touched Mark's white boxers. They were so big and they had a yellow spot where the dicks head would lye... And the socks' smell was so strong he put it up to his nose not even touching it with his nose and he immediately pre-cumed. Andy could not take it anymore he took the underwear and sock to his room.

Andy lay on his bed with Mark's underwear on his face. And in his hand held marks sweaty yet silky white sock. When Andy pulled his pants down and started stroking his dick with the sock: he was in heaven. He breathed in as deep as he could through Mark's pee stained boxers. Andy imagined Mark laughing at him at how pathetic he looked right now. Andy imagined Mark spitting on his own foot and pointing to it so that Andy would kneel down and lick it off. He felt so humiliated: A straight-A student masturbating to his best friend who had the reading level of a third grader.

He loved the humiliation he felt. And with that he cumed into Mark's sock like a little whore. He laid there before he realized that the water from the shower had sloped running and that after he took the boxers off his face his friend was towering over him with a confused look on his face with nothing but a towel on.

To be Continued...



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