It just happened so fast, I didn't have time to react except drop and cover. Chaos was everywhere, as the entire place deafened with sirens and alarms. I could barely hear my own voice or thinking, besides anyone else nearby. Then it went dark, like the last candle just ran out of wax, the whole place was silent and empty.

Moments ago I was standing behind a thick glass screen, monitoring the practices inside the sealed room. Dr. Freun, pacing in a calm manner on three volunteered male patients. I had been told nothing of the operation, everything was 'classified' so to speak, and I wasn't able to publicly announce anything after. I too, had volunteered through draft, not to be injected by anything, but that I was to film the report in secret, nobody I knew could guess I was here.

A co-worker by the name of Dawson, friends with my dad found my expertise with the camera. Photography just happened to be my thing, and so was filming if not slightly behind pictures. Dawson offered me privately a way to earn money over the summer, and as a desperate teen with unstable hormones and desire for cash, I accepted without further discretion.

It didn't occur to me then, that everything that was going on in the building, was in fact illegal within the borders and I had just signed in on it. Besides the point, I was blindfolded and muted all throughout the drive and had no idea where I was except the limits of the gallery where I taped the ongoing procedures.

I had been paid early as to calm my nerves it appeared, though besides the money I was still clueless of my location even if I had tried to leave. Before anything began though, after adjusting my tripod I decided to ease my curiosity some more, asking of the whereabouts of the washroom. A young male security guard followed me through, this time his palms providing the utter darkness instead.

I had expected him to stop following as I passed the swinging door, but as he shadowed me, my thoughts just assumed he needed to take a piss too. Oh how wrong I was, he stood beside me closely examining my actions as I unzipped my fly. It was uncomfortable I guess, but at least I was aware that he was a guy too and quite handsome himself.

"Aren't you gonna um, give me some privacy, sir?"

"Oh no, security form prohibits rascals wandering the halls or trying anything... Peculiar."

His grin came to me, as I felt myself redden while I averted his gaze. This guy was trying to suggest something, it didn't feel insulting of course to refer to me as a punk but he was clearly trying to stir a mood. I felt a light throb inside my briefs as I tried and failed to take it out, taking my dick out wasn't the problem, but trying to explain my arousal would be.

"Um... Er..."

"Ah don't pee your pants kid, I knew you were gay the moment you blushed. The good thing is I am too, and I know just how to solve a boner issue."

With that said, I heard the sound of cloth rippling as his rifle slid behind his back providing the freedom of two hands. His outstretched fingers unraveled the precarious button of my jeans, as he crouch down tugging apart the flaps that once connected. Warmth soon wrapped around my balls, as his gloved palm cradled it gently through the fabric. His other finger slowly trailing my length that hugged the right side of my waist, I couldn't help but let out a soft moan.

"Oh boy, you got a big one for a kid your age."

The man whistled, as he focused his hazel eyes on my meat. I felt both uncomfortable, but excited to have someone describe my cock positively. Turning towards him, I saw him lick his dry lips as though dreamy with lust for my schlong. He leaned forward with his nose pressed against my quivering sausage, taking in the scent slowly. I felt a wet prod through the cloth, as his saliva coated the side of it making me ooze precum now from my slit.

"Can't wait to taste it boy, let me see how huge it really is."

I gave out another groan, as he pulled down my briefs from the fold and released my imprisoned cock with a 'Schlop!' His greedy fingers snaring my semi-erect prick, while he brushed back my brown pubes with his other hand. Intoxicated again, his nasal holes never seemed to withdraw from my dried cum soaked skin.

"Wow, and your not even fully hard. Damn, you're probably 8 inches at most. Makes up for girth I suppose."

Bathing his fingers over my shafts collected precum, he nearly made me cum on the spot as he pressed his thumb onto my pouring slit. His other hand still rolling around my balls, with the occasional tender squeeze. I tried to hold back from moaning too loud, the structure still housed people working even if we were alone in the washroom.

Pulling back the skin in a gliding motion, his fingers curled around effortlessly from the moist fluid I secreted. Biting my lip frequently, his divine touch kept me on edge yet that wasn't even half the motion. I closed my eyes only to feel an elaborate thick wetness, slathering my mushroom headed glans and forcing me to eject further liquid sweetness from my tip.

My hands found their mark as they entangled his short, spiked hair and I gave a jerk of surprise as he mildly bit down on my tip. Then he engulfed my cock with his mouth, the warmth and wetness of the environment brought me so close to orgasm. He was a professional, his teeth had not even scathed my length besides on purpose and the tongue seemed to develop a mind of its own.

Leveling back out, he lapped at my frenulum circling it with deadly precision before returning the humid cavern over my pulsating dick. After a repeated pattern of my constant whines and moans, with his head bobbing and stroking. I felt a deep residing pressure build up, before it exploded and released a hose spray of cum that he eagerly swallowed.

It appeared to be far too much he could handle, cause no sooner I saw the dribbles of a cloudy white substance slide down his chin. Dripping and forming a viscous puddle of seed, he continued to gulp down until content, pulled off miraculously having not drowned. My last few sprays covered one of his eye lids, and went down one side of his nose before streaming into his gaping, exhaling jaw.

My knees wobbled, and my breathing was just as erratic as his. Holding onto his broadened shoulders, I managed to help the residual issue by scooping up some of my own sperm from his cheek and licking it just before he got up.

"You shoot gallons kid, god my throat is gonna be sore... Hope you can pee now."

He chuckled wiping the sludge of ivory coalescence off his closed eye, and the curves on his face. I pouted at him, with a silly glimmer in my eyes that showed content while a line of translucent, pale yellow foamed the bottom of the urinal. Surprisingly nobody had burst into our charade, as though it had been setup that we'd meet. But reality kicked in as soon as we exited the swinging door, the same hands although cleansed contained the whiff of jizz permeated in them.

He brought me back to the gallery, and decided to sit down with me besides guarding the doorway out. Neither of us aware that our little get together was only the start of a terrible event, one that would potentially take us both from a normal sanity into a sex crazed lust with a twist... Steroidal overdosed effects.


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