My company transferred me to San Diego from our Atlanta office. I flew out and found a place to live then called a moving company to come pack up my things and move me. The company gave me three weeks to get moved and settled in before starting my new position.

I left Atlanta, my new car racing down the highway, the top down. I began to think about the condo I had rented in San Diego. It was near the beach and only a few blocks from both the Naval and Marine bases. I wondered how many of those horny studs I might be able to get in my bed. Yes, I'm gay and although I do it all, my favorite thing is sucking cock and eating the reward.

Having the top down on my car gave me a perfect view of the truckers behind the wheel of their big rigs. If they were hot looking, I'd smile then get ahead of them for a while then gradually slow down, letting them eventually pass me.

Then, after a few more miles, I would slowly pass them again only this time I'd be rubbing my crotch when I did. If I got a positive reaction from them, I'd lick my lips and find a place to pull off as soon as possible. If they followed me into the rest area, great. If not, I'd move on to the next one.

If they pulled in, we usually ended up in their sleeper with me sucking their cock and sometimes them sucking mine.

Between Atlanta and central Oklahoma, I sucked numerous truckers. They are always horny and wanting to get off.

I was about to leave Oklahoma when I saw a figure walking along the side of the road, a large duffel bag slung over his shoulder. As I drew closer, I could make out the familiar blue Navy work uniform. I slowed some and as I passed him, I looked into his face.

He appeared to be around nineteen to twenty-one and damn good looking. He was extremely well built and his uniform was snug.

The skies were getting dark with storm clouds and I pulled to the side of the road to put up the top on my convertible. Seeing me pull to the side of the road, the sailor began trotting toward my car. I watched as he neared and a large smile formed on his face.

"Hey, sir, thanks for stopping."

"No problem, and besides, I needed to put up the top before that rain hits. Besides, you didn't need to be out trying to get a ride in the rain. Throw your bag on the back seat and let's get the top up."

He did and we secured the top and pulled back onto the highway.

"I'm Mark Rogers," I said. "Where you headed?"

"San Diego, sir, and I'm Brad. Brad Thomas."

"Man, you're in luck. So am I and stop calling me sir."

"Okay Mark, and are you really going to San Diego?"

"Yes, I am. My company transferred me there," I said, then asked, "Doesn't the military give you traveling money?"

"Yea, but I partied too much while home on leave and didn't have enough for a ticket. I need to be there in two weeks so I started hitching figuring it might take me that long to get there."

"Well, that's not the case now," I said.

I knew that having Brad with me ended my getting to suck truckers, but if I could get Brad's cock it would all be worth it.

"How long you think it might take us to get there?"

"Two to three days at the most," I replied.

We talked as I drove and I found out that Brad was indeed nineteen and that his mother had passed away when he was a child and that he had been raised by his dad. He was in administration in the Navy and was scheduled for shore duty in San Diego. He said he had no steady girl friend back home in Arkansas and wasn't ready to date just one girl all the time.

The clouds had grown darker and suddenly torrential rains started pounding us. Driving was difficult with the strong winds and I suggested that we find a motel and let the storms pass.

"Mark, I don't have enough money for food and a motel. I'll find some place to stay dry till the storm passes."

"Like hell you will!" I snapped back. "My company is paying for my room and I'll get a room with two beds. You're staying with me. End of discussion."

"Aye, Aye, Captain," he said with a laugh. Then getting serious, he said, "Mark I really appreciate it. Thanks."

I soon found a motel with a restaurant and pulled in. I went in and registered and we went to our room. It was large and roomy, with many extras, including a small fridge stocked with beer.

"I know you're underage, but would you like a beer? You're not driving."

"I'd love one."

I got us each a beer as he turned on the TV. He began channel surfing and when he fund a local station giving a weather report I told him to leave it there.

"Let's see what we're in for,"I said.

The announcer was saying that the storms had stalled over the area and that major flooding was possible. He advised listeners to stay tuned for road closures.

"I wonder if we'll be able to get out tomorrow morning?" he said.

"We'll have to wait and see. If not, we still have plenty of time to get there. Make yourself comfortable."

"Well, I do want to get out of this uniform. I wore it thinking that if people saw that I was in the military it might help me get a ride."

"Well, you've got your ride so wear what you want. I think I'll change also."

We both began changing, stripping down to our briefs. I couldn't help but stare at his muscular physique. His chest was well defined with nice pecs and 8-pack abs. His chest and stomach was completely covered with a light coating of dark brown hair. And the bulge in his briefs was awesome.

"Nice bod," I said when he looked over and saw me looking him over.

"Thanks, I work out every chance I get,"he said, adding, "Yours isn't bad either."


I continued to watch as he dug through his bag for some casual clothes. He had his back to me and his ass was beautiful, even if it was covered. I wanted to go over and pull his briefs down and start eating it.

As he began pulling out some casual clothes, I said, "If it won't bother you, why don't we just stay like this until we're ready to go eat dinner."

"It won't bother me at all," he replied. "In basic, we stayed this way in the evening in the barracks and after, I as on an aircraft carrier and we stayed this way off duty in our bunks."

"Did you have private showers or communal?"

"Communal, both in the barracks and on the ship. Only the officers has private showers they shared."

"So you're used to seeing guys nude," I said.

"Oh yea, all the time."

"Well, the reason I brought it up, Brad, Is that in the evening I usually relax nude and sleep that way."

"Hey, man, I sleep nude also, so go for it. It won't bother me if you want to go nude."

"I might later," I said not wanting to push it too far too soon. At least I had the storm to thank for getting things this far so quickly.

As we lay on our beds watching TV he asked what type work I did for a living.

"I've just been promoted to accounting manager of our San Diego office with a very nice raise in salary. I was there a couple of weeks ago and found a nice condo near the beach and just a few blocks from both the bases."

"Hey, that's cool," he said. "Maybe we can get together some weekends and hang out when we're off."

"You can count on it," I replied.

We later dressed and went to dinner as the heavy rain continued. When we returned to the room, I casually stripped to my briefs, waiting to see if he followed my lead. He did, and as he stood in only his briefs, I decided to go all the way and casually removed my briefs and tossed them over with my other clothes. I propped myself up in my bed and waited for his reaction.

He looked over and saw me and I noticed a slight smile on his lips. He turned and went to the bathroom, leaving the door open. I could hear him peeing then flush the toilet. He didn't come back out immediately. After a few moments, he came out with his briefs in his hand and tossed them with his clothes.

"I thought I might join you. I have to admit being nude is much more comfortable, and besides, we both have the same equipment so what's the big deal."

"Yea we have the same equipment, but yours is a larger newer model than mine," I said with a laugh.

"Hey, if it works don't knock it,"he replied as he lay on his bed.

"Oh, it works just fine just not often enough."

"I know what you mean. Mine has been in the garage for a while now."

"Same here," I said. We both laughed.

After a moment I said, "I guess when you're out on a ship, things really get tough."

"Oh yea. You have to sneak off to the head and get a stall and take matters in hand and hope no one else comes in."

"If they do, they are probably there for the same reason."

"If they leave immediately, you now that's what they were there for. We all know who does it but we never say anything."

"My last activity was self induced," I lied. I had had a hot sixty-nine with a trucker not long before I had picked Brad up.

After a few minutes I said, "I bet that duffel bag does a number on your back."

"You better believe it."

"How would you like a good massage?" i asked.

"Fuck yea. I'd love it," he said as he flipped over onto his stomach, adjusting his cock under him.

I got up and walked to my bag and got out some lotion. I climbed onto his bed and straddled his body just below his ass cheeks. After putting some lotion on my hands, I began massaging his shoulders. He moaned softly.

I worked my way down his back and to his waist. I moved to his side and after a quick massage of his ass cheeks I went to his thighs. As I massaged them, I worked my hands low and let my fingertips rub gently against his balls. Continuing down his legs I soon reached his feet and massaged them.

After I finished his feet I said, "Flip over."

"Well, I have a slight problem," he said.

"Flip over. It's no big deal."

He flipped over onto his back and when I saw his huge boner I said, "Holy shit! He woke up and that IS a big deal." His cock was at least eight inches long and thicker than average.

"I told you I had a problem."

"We'll discuss that later," I said and he looked at me questioningly.

I started at his feet and worked my way back up his body. When I reached his crotch area I again let my hands and fingers brush against his balls. I continued up his chest and when i finished at his shoulders, I asked how it was.

"Man, it was awesome. I really needed that. Thanks."

"Now, about George down there. Does he need a massage also?"

"Well, uh, yea, but the only ones to ever touch him are me and the doctors."

"Well, there is a first time for everything,"I said.

"Go ahead if you want to. I'm kind of curious to see how it would feel for someone else to work on him."

I smiled and as I gasped his hard cock he let out a soft moan. I began to slowly and gently stroke him. He moaned again and after a few minutes I said, "I want to show him something that feels better than what I'm doing."

"What could feel better than what you're doing?" he asked.

"I'll show you," I said and quickly swallowed his cock burying my nose in his thick dark pubic bush.

"Oh Fuck!" he exclaimed.

I began working my mouth up and down his cock massaging it with my tongue. As I did he continually moaned.

It wasn't long before he said he was close. I wanted his load desperately and continued sucking. Seconds later his cock exploded into my mouth as he let out a loud 'Ahhhhhhh!'

I collected his entire load and as I pulled off, I hungrily swallowed.


"Man, I've never had anything done to me by another man before but that was way better than what you started out doing. Do you do that often?"

"Every chance I get, Brad. I'm gay and love sucking cock."

"If I had said no would you have stopped?"

"I wouldn't have wanted to but yes, I would have respected your wishes and stopped."

"I just can't believe what just happened. I knew it went on on board ship but never considered having it done. I have to admit, though, I thoroughly enjoyed it."

"Well, as long as your with me if you want it again just say so. I'll gladly take care of him anytime."

"I just might," he said with a smile.

I leaned forward and gently kissed him on the cheek before going back to my bed.

The next morning, the storm was still raging and we checked the weather reports. The highway ahead was closed due to high water and would be for the entire day they said.

We dressed and went for breakfast. We took our time and realized that the motel had filled to capacity during the evening. I immediately ent to the desk and told them that I would be staying another night and maybe more depending on the weather.

We returned to the room and left out the 'Do Not Disturb' sign. Without thought, we both stripped, and Brad looked at me and said, "Come here. George needs some attention."

I smiled and went to his bed and got between his legs. I soon received his hot thick creamy load.

After swallowing, I lay beside him and put my arm under his head, pulling him to me.

He looked over at me and asked, "You swallow the cum?"

"Always. It nothing but pure protein."

"Mark, what else do you do with guys?"

Well, most everything. I suck them of course. I enjoy being sucked. I like getting fucked and fucking them. I love to kiss and make out, and I love eating a guys ass."

Mother fuck! You stick your tongue in their hole?"

"Oh yea. I enjoy doing it and having it done to me. It feels awesome."

"And you let guys stick their cocks up your ass?"


"Doesn't it hurt?"

"The first few times yes to start with, but the pain subsides and becomes pleasure."

"Damn," he said. "is kissing a man different from kissing a woman?"

"Not really, but I find guys get into the tongue action much more than women."

"Damn," he said again.

A moment or so later, he sat up and turned to look at me. Our eyes met and he leaned forward to me and pressed his lips to mine. soon our tongues were exploring each others mouth.

When we parted, I asked what had brought that on.

"You have done so much for me. I figured it was the least I could do for you since you enjoy it."

"Brad, it wasn't necessary. Just accepting me as I am and letting me do you is enough."

"Shut up," he said before kissing me again. After the kiss, he said, "I'll kiss you any time I want."

We stayed nude and later he jerked me off and seemed to enjoy doing it to another man.

After lunch I told him that if he wanted to I would love to have him fuck me. He agreed and I got on my back ad raised my legs. He lubed his cock and my ass and was soon sliding his massive cock in and out of my ass, saying how tight and hot my hole was. He soon climaxed and filled me with his hot load as I told him how great it felt.

After he fucked me, I went to shower and a second later he stepped in and joined me, again kissing me as we showered.

While drying off, I said, "I think your getting into the kissing thing."

"I am, I guess. I've always loved kissing and like you said, the women don't get into the tongue part much. I like the tongue part and kissing another man isn't much different from kissing a woman. It's kind of good to find someone else into tongue action, even if it is another man."

"I definitely agree," I said.

Later in the afternoon, I lay beside him and began fondling his cock. "May I?" I asked.


As I fondled his cock, I began licking and gently sucking his nipples. As he moaned, I licked my way to his balls ad gently sucked and licked them. Lifting his legs, I smiled at him then buried my tongue in his ass. As I did he exclaimed loudly, "OH FUCK YEA!"

I ate his ass for several minutes then moved to his cock and again sucked him dry. With the remnants of his load in my mouth, I kissed him letting him get a slight taste of his own cum. He didn't pull away.

We later had dinner and after returning to the room we immediately stripped. Being nude together was a regular thing now. I lay on my bed and to my surprise he came and lay beside me resting his head on my shoulder.

A moment later he kissed me them shifted position and began sucking my nipples.




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