I had suggested to Brad that if he found any other sailors int getting sucked, straight, bi or gay, to give them my number.

Two weeks later, on a Friday evening just after I arrived home, my cell phone rang. After answering it, I heard, "Brad said to give you a call."

"Oh, really? For what reason?"

"I like to play and I need some action bad."

I told him to be on a certain corner in fifteen minutes and I'd pick him up. I asked his name and he said "Cory."


As I approached the corner, I saw a sailor in his whites pacing back and forth, looking up and down the street. I lowered the passenger window and as I pulled up next to him I said, "Hey Cory. Hop in."

Looking at me he asked "You Brad's friend?"

"Yea, get in."

He quickly opened the door and got in. As we drove back to my place, I asked how Brad came to give him my number.

"A couple of nights ago real late, I went to the showers. Everyone else was asleep. After I showered, I checked out into the barracks again. Seeing no one awake, I went back in and started jerking off. I as horny and needed some relief. Brad happened to come in and caught me. I started begging him not to turn me in and he said he had no intention of turning me in. He said he knew just how I felt, but if I was willing, he knew someone that could take care of me better than jerking off. I agreed and he gave me your number."

"You said on the phone you liked to play. Have you ever done anything with another guy before?"

"No, sir. Nothing, but I'm willing if you can do something more satisfying than me jerking off."

"I think I can," I replied. Then as we drove, I found that he was just eighteen and from a small town in Kentucky.

We arrived at my place and went in, with me telling him to make himself at home. With him being under age, I didn't offer him a beer. I didn't want him to possibly have the Shore Patrol check him for something and smell alcohol on his breath.

He was nervous and I had him remove his top and began giving him a back rub to try and relax him. After a moment he relaxed some and I suggested that he remove the rest of his clothes. He looked at me nervously, and I said if it would make him more comfortable I'd remove mine also. Seconds later, we were both nude and he was staring at my slowly rising cock.

He sat back down on the sofa and I sat on the floor between his feet. I had him slip closer to the edge of the sofa and told him to just put his head back and relax. He did, and I slowly began to fondle his cock with my right hand as I massaged his balls with my left. He jumped slightly then moaned softly. His cock began to stiffen and once it was hard, I went for the gold.

His cock was just average, only about six and a half inches long, but slightly fatter than average. I aimed it at my mouth and swallow it completely, massaging it with my tongue.

"MOTHER FUCK!" he exclaimed loudly.

I began pistoning on his cock with my mouth as he moaned audibly. I paused for a moment and gently sucked his large firm balls. I soon returned to his cock and sucked slowly and lovingly. I wanted him to totally enjoy his first blow job.

a short while later his breathing grew more heavy and rapid and i knew he was approaching his climax. I began sucking more aggressively and soon he let out a loud yelp as his cock exploded in my mouth, with the first three or four shots firing all the way to the back of my throat, before slowing down. I milked him dry with my mouth before swallowing. As I pulled off, I looked up into his face. He was breathing heavily and his eyes were closed.

"Well?" I asked.

"Fuck, that was as good if not better than pussy," he said.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it. Any of your girlfriends ever suck it for you?"

"No, they think it's gross but they sure like me eating them out. It's not fair."

"So that was the first time anyone has ever sucked your cock?"

"Yea, but I don't think it will be the last."

Well, just relax now and enjoy the after glow. I'm in no rush."

He asked a few questions about gay sex and I answered them honestly. After a while his cock began to stiffen again.

"You think he's reloaded and ready for another round?" I asked.

"Oh yea."

I got back on the floor and sucked him again. this time he began raising his hips, fucking my face. he soon fed me another hot thick load, which I devoured.

"I can't believe you swallow it," he said.

"There is nothing wrong with swallowing. Basically, it's mainly pure protein."

I got us each a soda and some snacks and found out more about his life. He was raised on a farm with strict parents. He said he joined the Navy to get away from them. He said his older brother joined the Navy two years before to get away from the strictness and told Cory if he was smart he would do the same. He said his brother was taking leave in a couple weeks and coming to visit him.

"If you feel comfortable telling him about this, bring him by and I'll take care of both of you."

"Damn, it might be cool watching my brother get his cock sucked."

I gave Cory a third blow job before he said he was supposed to meet some friends in town. I took him back and dropped him off several blocks away so he wouldn't have to answer any questions should any of them see him in my car.

As he got out, he smiled and said, "I'll be in touch. You can count on it."

"Anytime," I said.

Saturday, Brad came by for a while and I told him Cory had called.

"You take care of him?"

"Oh yea, three times."

"I'm jealous," he said. He's so hot looking."

"Nice big loads, also," I added.

"Shut the fuck up and feed me your cock. I'm hungry," he said.

I immediately shoved my cock in his mouth and he sucked it hungrily, devouring my load.

Cory wasn't the only one to call me. Over the next few weeks several other sailors called, with only one being gay and sucking me in return.

Then I got another call. "Brad told me to call you," he said. I asked his name and he told me it was Drew.

I set up a meeting place and when I arrived, I was surprised to see a hot tall muscular Marine standing on the corner.

"Drew?" I asked.

"Yea. You Brad's friend?"

"Yea, hop in."

He got in and I asked how they met. He said that there was one base exchange for both the Navy and Marines to use. He said he was there and saw Brad and began a conversation with him. He said that there was a silent connection and Brad went to the restroom and he followed. He said that they did some stroking of each other and that they later went to a nearby motel and got a room for a few hours and had sex. He said that Brad told him that he had a friend that would love to meet him.

We got to my place and Drew waisted no time in letting me know he was gay. As son as the door was closed and locked, he began kissing me and groping my cock. Soon we were totally naked in my bed kissing and making out. We started with a hot sixty-nine and eventually fucked each other. Drew said he would love to get Brad and I together in bed and have us double fuck his ass. he said he loved having two cocks up his ass at the same time.

I told him that I would love that also and would gladly set it up. Drew stayed for several hours and to my amazement after he fucked me, and filled my ass with his hot thick load, he immediately began rimming my hole. I was floating in space.

The following weekend we did have our three way ad it was awesome feeling Brad's cock up Drew's hole with mine, our cocks rubbing together. Drew was loving it also. It was also watching this hot muscled Marine sucking our cocks and begging for our cum. He was a total cum pig as the saying goes.

Brad and I grew closer and closer and on one weekend that he spent with me he said, "Mark, I never thought I'd ever say that I had fallen in love with a man, but I have fallen deeply in love with you."

"Brad, I've fallen in love with you also. Do you have to live on base?"

"No, why?"

"Move in with me and be my lover."

"I'd love that," he said.

He made arrangements to move in with me, saying he was renting a room from me.

Drew had also given out my number and Brad and I together serviced those that called, both sailors and marines, if we were both home at the same time.

Unfortunately, Drew was reassigned to duty on another aircraft carrier. We agreed that we could both continue to play separately. We developed a code and use it in our letters to describe our sexual encounters.

Cory's brother did visit and Cory told him about visiting me for blow jobs and his brother, Jim, agreed to join us. It was hot sucking both brothers. As I was sucking Jim, he confessed to Cory that he had let many guys suck his cock and that he also sucked cock. He asked Cory if he would let him suck him. Cory agreed and as I sucked Jim, he sucked Cory. Before the day ended, Jim had convinced Cory to suck him. He did as I watched then sucked me off. Cory was a new convert to gay sex.

Brad eventually completed his enlistment and got out of the Navy. He and I began our more normal life together with Brad going to work for the company I worked for.

It's been three years since he left the Navy but my number is still being passed around. We both continue to service both sailors and marines.

Somehow my number reached a few officers and Brad and I service them when they call. They are all married but enjoy male sex, mainly mutual oral.

We love it here in San Diego and find plenty of cock to enjoy. We will never leave the area.




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