Stuck in the motel Brad experiences his first male kiss, receives his first blow job from a man, and fucks a mans ass for the first time.

Now the continuation......

After another hot kiss, Brad began kissing my neck, then my upper chest. He soon reached my nipples and I wondered just how far he would go.

He gently licked and sucked my nipples, seemingly enjoying it. He then moved lower and soon was licking and sucking my balls. I was in ecstasy.

After a few moments of working on my balls, he gently lifted my cock and looked at it. A large droplet of precum formed at the opening.

I watched intently as he took a deep breath and licked off the drop of precum, then he opened his mouth and swallowed all he could. He began sucking my hard cock, managing to swallow more on each downward movement.

It was just a normal uneventful blow job to start, but he suddenly began to concentrate on what he was going and began sucking more enthusiastically and really getting into it.

I began to moan softly in pleasure and as I neared my climax, I gave him a warning. He continued sucking and before long my cock exploded into his mouth. He gagged slightly as my load shot to the back of his throat, but after recovering, he worked every drop of my load out of my cock and into his mouth.

Once he had it all, he slowly pulled off and swallowed.

We were both breathing heavily as he lay back up next to me and kissed me.

After the kiss, I looked at him and asked, "What brought that on?"

"Fuck, Mark, I don't know. I was curious and wanted to try it. Then I didn't want to do it, then I wanted to do it. Hell, I've got so many emotions going through me right now, I don't know what I want or who I am. I may never do it again but I had to find out what it was like and it wasn't near as repulsive as I thought it might be. The taste was sweet, yet slightly salty. It was definitely different, yet really good. I'm just really confused right now.

"Brad, I totally understand how you feel and I never expected you to do it but I admit I did enjoy it. I don't expect you to do it again. That is strictly up to you. It's just something that is not for everyone."

"Thanks for understanding," he said.

Nothing more was said that night until we got ready to go to sleep.

Looking at me he asked me to go down on him again. I did gladly and sucked him dry. Then after swallowing and returning to my bed, he asked, "Mark, I've never done it before, but may I sleep with you tonight? For some reason, I just feel the need to have a warm body next to me tonight."

"Of course you can. Come on over here."

He climbed into my bed and I wrapped one arm around him and held him close. With his head on my shoulder he asked, "Mark, am I gay?"

"Only you can answer that question. What I do think is that you have had the curiosity of male sex hidden deep inside you. You never realized it was there until I made advances to you and brought it to the surface. For that, I apologize, but you are so fucking hot and good looking I couldn't resist my urges. What happens from now on, is up to you. Only you can make those decisions."

He lay quiet and I knew he was fast asleep when I heard him breathing deeply. I held him close and wondered if I had ruined his life or helped him find his inner feelings. If a guy is not drawn to male sex, any participation in it can scar him for life.

Soon, I drifted off to sleep waking later to find him on his side facing me, my arm still around him and his across my chest, holding me.

At some point during the night, I woke up to find the covers pushed back and Brad leaning over my cock sucking me again. I remained quiet.

He soon got me off and swallowed, and as he lay back down he said softly, "I know you're awake. I had to do it one more time to find out."

I didn't ask what his decision was.

The next morning, we awoke and although it was still extremely cloudy, the rain had stopped. The weatherman was saying that the highway department was saying that the highway should be open to traffic around noon.

We were still cuddled together and after a morning kiss, he looked at me and said, "Mark, I can never thank you enough for our time together."

"No thanks necessary, but why?"

"After I sucked you the second time, I lay there thinking back to my dating days. When I was with a woman, there seemed to always be some tension when we fucked. I knew i was getting pleasure but I always wondered if she was getting as much out of it as I was. It decreased my pleasure in trying to satisfy her. It was just so dramatic. but with you, and I can only assume it is the same with other men, I know that your getting as much pleasure in what your doing or having done as I am. There is no tension or drama and the sex is so much more satisfying. I know now that I am only interested in sex with men now. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm sure I'm gay. I know I will have to keep my desires hidden but I can handle that."

"Brad, with me living as close to the base as I will be, you know you can come to me anytime you want to."

"I know that and believe me I will. Right now, though, I want to suck you."

"Why don't we do each other and have a hot sixty-nine."

He looked at me and smiled. We got into position and were soon devouring each others cocks. We climaxed seconds apart and after swallowing we kissed passionately.

We dressed and went to breakfast and by noon, the clouds has decreased and the sun began breaking through. We loaded our things into the car and decided to put the top down.

We headed out and found the road clear but all the land to each side was still flooded. Later as we drove, Brad reached over with his left hand and took my right hand in his holding it. I looked over at him and saw him smile. I smiled back and squeezed his hand.

We found a truck stop about three and decided to stop and take a break. Before we left, I went to the restroom to pee and found a young tall slim trucker at the other urinal. There was no privacy partition between them and as I took out my cock, I noticed him glance over at it for several seconds. I glanced toward his and watched as he milked out the last few drops of urine. He continued to milk it as it slowly stiffened. He made no attempt to hide it. I looked at him and smiled as he smiled back.

"You play?" he asked in a whisper.

"Yea, but I have someone with me right now," I whispered back.

"Damn!," he said.

He put his cock away and turned and left. I came out and saw him headed to a big red rig in the lot. Returning to the table, I watched out the window as he pulled out and headed west, the same direction as we were going.

We soon left and as we drove down the road, I looked at Brad and asked, "You think you're ready to take on sucking a strangers cock?"

"I'd certainly give it a try. What did you have in mind?"

I told him about the trucker in the restroom and about the trucker's offer. I told Brad he was just ahead and that I was sure I could get him to stop farther up the highway.

"Let's give it a try and see what happens," Brad said.

We later approached the rig on the highway and as we passed it I slowed and drove right next to his cab. Brad and I looked up at him and smiled. He smiled back and as he looked down at us I reached over and began rubbing Brad's crotch. The driver smiled again and licked his lips. I motioned for him to follow and he nodded he would.

I pulled ahead and after an hour I saw a sign for a rest area. I turned on my right turn signal for a couple of seconds to let him know I was stopping. He turned his on to let me know he would follow.

We pulled in and parked. Brad and I walked to a picnic table near the truck area. The driver puled up even with us and motioned for us to come to his rig. As we walked over, we saw him step back into the sleeper.

Brad looked at me and said, "I'm nervous as hell."

"Just relax and enjoy the fun," I said.

I opened the passenger door and climbed in with Brad right behind me. I entered the sleeper to find the driver already shirtless. "Lock the door," he told Brad.

Once we were all in the sleeper we exchanged first names only. the driver was Clay and he quickly suggested that we all get comfortable. Soon all three of us were totally nude and Clay was taking turns sucking our cocks. I looked at Brad and whispered, "Go for it. Suck him."

While Clay was sucking me, Brad knelt and began sucking Clay's long slim hard cock. After a moment, Clay stopped sucking me and pulled me closer and we began kissing there on his bunk as Brad sucked his cock.

Brad soon got Clay off and swallowed his load. Clay then sucked each of us off, one after the other, swallowing both loads. As we dressed, Clay thanked us for stopping saying our loads were just the thing to help him get through the day and that he sure needed the blow job Brad had given him.

As we pulled back onto the highway, I asked Brad what he thought.

"Fuck, that was hot. He had a huge load and I loved watching you two kiss while I sucked him and watching him suck you."

"Yea, it was hot watching you suck him and him suck you. Did you notice the wedding ring on his left hand?"

"No, I didn't. He's married?"

"Brad, a lot of truckers are gay or bi, ad a lot of them are married. They basically lead two lives. When home they play the straight roll, but on the road they live the gay life."

"Damn," he said.

On the rest of our trip to San Diego, we got a room with just one bed and had sex nightly. during the day, we would manage to find one or two truckers to have three ways with.

We arrived in San Diego a week and two days before Brad had to report for duty. My things had arrived, and I made arrangements for them to be delivered.

Brad helped me settle in and I gave him the pass code for the entry doors on the first floor.

We explored the area and checked out the beaches, finding a nude beach. We visited it one afternoon and it was awesome.

Sex was frequent and Brad was more comfortable in his new lifestyle. All too soon, he had to report for duty. I began my new assignment and found it challenging.

Brad visited when he could, saying he now looked at some of the other sailors in a lustful way instead of just other sailors. We had a good laugh over his comment.

After a month or so, I suggested to Brad that if he found any sailors into getting sucked or that were gay to give them my private cell number. He said he would, and that he knew of two that might be into male sex.

Two weeks later, on a Friday evening just after I arrived home, my cell rang. After answering it, I heard, "Brad said to give you a call."

"Oh, really? For what reason?"

"I like to play and need some action bad."

I told him to be on a certain corner in fifteen minutes and I'd pick him up. I asked his name and he said "Cory."

TO BE CONTINUED.............



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