It was the night before our big game. The whole team was maxed out on stress. We had just finished our warm up as we headed to the showers to clean up before we headed home.

My name is Dustin Johns. I'm a senior in high school. I have dirty blonde hair and sky blue eyes. My body has a nice build from hours of football practice and countless times at the gym. I have nice pecs, and an almost perfect six pack with a slight happy trail. My biceps and thighs are my best features, besides my dick. It lays at 7 inches soft, and stands at a firm 11 inches when I'm hard. I've got a slight amount of light brown hair covering it.

As we get to the lockers, I strip out of my clothes and head towards the showers.

As I reach the showers, I look over and see my two buds, Mark & Jason.

Mark just joined the team last year, he's pretty good. His body is close to mine, but I've got him beat. He has dark brown hair that flips over his forehead, and his eyes are the color of seaweed. He's got a nice package, laying at 6 inches soft, and 9 inches hard.

Jason has been here as long as I have, we've known each other since 2nd grade. He's got a slimmer body, but with abs that anyone would kill for. He's got jet black hair that is usually spiked up, and his eyes are dark brown. He's also well built in the bulge department. His dick is 6 inches soft, and 8.5 inches hard.

We've hit it off since we've meet, and have been buds ever since. We're all single.

Me: That was one hell of a practice, guys. Coach almost killed my ass.

Jason: I know, dude. My legs are killing me from those fucking sprints he makes it do.

Mark: I hear ya, I'm about to just sit down and die.

Me: How about we hang at my place? We can order pizza and just relax. We could all use it before the game.

Mark: I'm in.

Jason: Me too.

Me: Alright. Let's me at my place around 9?

They both agree and we finish showering. Relieved to rinse off the sweat and stress of everything.

20 minutes later, I leave for my house. After ordering the pizza and chilling in the living room, I hear the door bell.

Me: It's open!

I look at the door just as it closes. I spot Jason and smile at him, which he returns, but Mark is nowhere to be found.

Me: Where's Mark?

Jason: You didn't get his text?

Me: No..?

Jason: Oh, apparently it's just us. Mark couldn't make it, said his Mom was being a bitch.

Me: Ah, the usual. Pizza is over there.

2 boxes later, both of us eating a whole box, we're slung out on the couch, tired as fuck. I look over at the clock, it's barely.midnight. I walk into the bathroom to take a piss. Once I get back, Jason is naked in the living room.

Me: Dude, the fuck?

Jason: Sorry, man. I usually sleep naked at home. Just though I could do it here.

Me: Uhh, I guess.

Jason: Feel free to join.

I dismiss his offer and look for something semi-interesting to watch on TV. After countless channels, Jason moans.

Me: Is something wrong?

Jason: Sort of.

I look at him, puzzled by his comment. After seeing his eyes shift to his crotch, mine do the same. He's hard as steel. Unable to hide it.

Jason: As you can see, I've got an issue to take care of.

Me: Well, you can go to the bathroom and handle it?

Jason: Nahh, I'd rather do it here.

Me: Fuck no! Don't jack off in front of me!

Jason: Why?! It's not like you don't do it.

Me: Yeah, but it's sort of a private thing.

Jason: Sometimes, and sometimes it isn't. You've never jerked off with someone?

Me: No! Why would I?!

Jason: It's fun, all guys do it. Let's try it!

Me: No, man! I'm not even hard.

Jason: Fine, I'll do it myself. Got any porn?

Me: No, not in here. I do in my room, though.

Jason: Sweet. C'mon, show me where it is.

I walk into my room, Jason right behind me, filly naked. In my room, I sit down at my computer as Jason lays on my bed. I click the favorites tab and locate my porn stash. I click on a video of a girl blowing a guy.

Me: Happy?

Jason: Ecstatic!

Me: Just don't get your crap all on my bed.

Jason: You leaving?

Me: Yeah. Why would I watch you jerk?

Jason: You don't have to watch, just focus on the porn.

I reluctantly agree, and sit back down at the computer. I turn the screen a little toward him so he can see the screen. After about 5 minutes he starts to moan. Hearing his moans and watching the porn gets me going. I shift uncomfortably in the chair.

Jason: C'mon, man! I see what it's doing to you. Jack off, bro!

Me: Fuck it, what can it hurt?

I slide my clothes off, not even caring about Jason watching, just letting my hormones take complete control.

Jason: Damn, dude! I never realised how hung you were! Look at that cock!

Me: Oh, shut up!

Jason: I'm serious, man! I'd love to stroke that.

Me: What?!

Jason: Oh, c'mon. Drop the barriers. It's just us. Guys do it all the time. It's not gay.

Me: I don't know.

Jason: Quit being a pussy, get.over here.

Me: Screw it!

I walk over to my queen size bed, and lay besides Jason.

Jason: You going to move your hand?

Me: Oh. Sorry.

I remove my hand and let Jason take control. His hand is rough, yet smooth. It surprisingly feels good. I drop my barriers and just focus on the feeling.

Jason: Just sit back and relax, you don't even have to jerk me.

I listen to his command, enjoying every second of it. The feel of his hand sliding up and down my hard 11 inch cut cock. Fuck! It's amazing. His other hand starts to play with my huge balls. I'm on total satisfaction. After about 10 minutes, I feel my self start to stir.

Me: Dude, stop. I'm about to blow.

At that, he let's go of my cock, and takes just my cock head into his mouth. The feeling is so great, I cum in an instant. Rope after rope of my man juice fills his throat.

Me: Fuck! Shiiitt!! Oh My God!!!

I finally start cumming, and Jason stalls every bit. Then the realization hits me. I jump off the bed and slam a fist into Jasons abdomen.


Jason: I believe they call it a blowjo...

I slap him in the mouth.

Me: Quit being a smartass! Why'd you do that?

Jason: It felt good, didn't it?

Me: Dude, that's not the point. I'm not gay!

Jason: You sure? You seemed to be enjoying it!

Me: What about you?! You seemed to enjoy it, too!

Jason: I know, dude. I've had a crush on you forever. I've been gay for years. I was just afraid to feel you. I love you, man!

Me: This is too much! Get out!

Jason: Fine, I'll go in the living room, let you think about it...

Me: NO. Get out of my house!

Jason: Dude, calm do...


With that, I grappled him by his hair and led him to the door. Throwing his clothes at him, I slammed the door shut!

What the fuck? Jason is gay? He loves me? What's happening?

(This is my first story. Any comments? Please send me an email if you want a part 2! [email protected])



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