It was a nice July night, not too hot outside. So my family went to our friends house to hangout and go watch one of our friends baseball games down at the field which was in walking distance from their house.

There were three kids in that family, two boys and a girl. The oldest boy was a year younger than me and the other was two years. It was no secret that the oldest boy was very attractive, nice tan, nice body that he always shows off when we're at the pool. We all hung out for the day and we all walked down to the field to watch the younger boys game. The older boys name is Kyle and the younger is named Bryce. Half hour into the game I needed to piss and there were no bathrooms around, not even a place to go in the woods. So Kyles mom gave me the key to her house and told me to go there. I walked around back and unlocked the door, leaving it unlocked behind me. I walked upstairs going to the bathroom.

After I was done I walked past an open room with a king sized bed, there were lots of clothes on the floor and the light wAs on. On the door there was a paper that said KYLE on it so I got a little curious. I walked in turned the light off so nobody from outside would see me. I looked around not sure for what though. Until I came upon a pair of his boxers on the floor. I picked them up and pushed them into my face and smelt them. They smelt like sweat and it turned me the hell on. I figured since nobody was home I would just take off my pants and jerk it right there. I took the pair of boxers and put them on my face and started jerking off. What a coincidence too that he had some lotion right by his bed that I used. With his boxers on my face it didn't take long for me to blow my load all over my chest. I took one last woof of them and used them to wipe up all the cum. As soon as I threw them into the basket I heard the door close, panicked and got dressed as fast as I could and went down stairs To find Kyle standing there reaching into the fridge....





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