An Unexpected Private Strip Show

By : A. Williams

It was a muggy Wednesday evening in Marietta, Georgia as I left my downtown office and walked the six blocks to the closest gay bar. My name is Tony Gibbs, 30 year old junior partner at the Stevens and McCloud Law Firm. I needed a beer badly after the long hard day I’d had in court today.  I got my client off, but it wasn’t easy.  As I walked down the hot sidewalk I unbuttoned my suit coat and loosened the knot in my tie trying to cool off.

 With my briefcase in my hand, I entered the bar and plopped down on the nearest bar stool.

“What'll it be buddy?” the good looking guy behind the bar asked.

  “A nice cool pitcher of Lowenbrau and a frosty mug please,” I said removing my tie and unbuttoning the two top buttons on my dress shirt.

As I watched the ice form as I poured my first beer I felt a hot breath on my right ear. “Hello Baby, haven’t see you around lately. I’ve missed you,” whispered a deep familiar voice.

 Without bothering to look I knew it was Brandon, my ex-lover. Not bothering to reply, I finished pouring my much needed beer and raised it to my lips.

Without an invitation he took the stool next to me and called to the bartender, "A glass please." And when it came he helped himself to my beer.

 That was just like him, taking whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted it without any regards for anyone else’s feelings. But despite my annoyance I fondly remembered our year together.

Brandon might be an inconsiderate jerk but he was one hell of a stud.  30 years old, 6 foot-5, 275 pounds of hard muscle. Because of his Mediterranean ancestry he was naturally tan, black hair and eyes so dark they looked almost black. And the man knew how to kiss and how to use his 10 inch cut cock to full advantage. He was a master at lovemaking and never failed to make me cum multiple times.

The problem was that he knew it and was a man slut. He could never be faithful to just one guy and that’s the reason he’s my ex.

“Hello Brandon, please help yourself. Don’t bother waiting for me to offer," I said sarcastically. "I’m surprised that you’re alone. Where’s your male-harem?” I added in the same tone.

“Awe, come on Tony. Don’t be that way.  I’ve missed you baby. You know I love you… only you. You’re the only man I've ever lived with and tried to settle down for. I’m sorry it didn’t work for us. But I still long for you baby and that hairy body,” he murmured softly with a loving look on his handsome face.

 It would be so easy to let myself believe him and give my heart to him all over again. Just smelling him and being this close to him already had my cock on the rise.

But it had taken me 6 long months to get over him. Hell, who was I kidding? I wasn’t over him at all. I was still in loved with the bastard.

 My thoughts were interrupted by another familiar voice, “Hey Tony, I’ve been thinking about you and trying to call you for a week now,” said Lukas, another ex.

 Damn, what is tonight… return of the ex-lovers night? And all I wanted was a beer or two to cool off with, not a reunion.

“Hello, Lukas. Take a seat, get a mug and have a beer on me. Everybody else is,” I laughed, looking around at Tony accusingly.  Accepting my invitation, Lukas sat down on the stool to my left and indeed called for a mug. I eyed him as he poured himself and me a beer from my rapidly depleting pitcher. I couldn’t help remembered what he looked like naked and licked my lips.

 Another stud that didn’t work out for me. He was about the same size as Brandon but fair skinned, blonde curly hair and deep emerald green eyes. What he could do with those sensuous cupid-bow lips and long supple tongue always amazed me. He was hung too, 9 inches of thick uncut meat that got my ass twitching and balls boiling.

“Don’t you think you should introduce me to your friend Honey?” Lukas asked taking his first sip of beer.

 Why the hell not? I thought as I guzzled my third beer. “Lukas this is Brandon…Brandon this is Lukas. And before you asked, yes…I have slept with you both.”

“Really?” they said in unison. 

“YES… really,” I retorted with a sigh.

 I poured myself the last of the beer from my pitcher and waited for their response. Lukas spoke first, “So Honey tell us, whose better in bed?”

Brandon quickly added, “Yes, inquiring minds want to know.”

 I knew this was coming.  They were both too egotistical and conceited not to compare themselves to each other.

Overhearing their remarks, the bartender actual laughed out loud.

 I guess he found us intriguing because soon there was another full pitcher in front of me. When I looked up questioningly, he said, “Don’t worry my man,” in a deep base voice and a wink, “this one’s on me.”

“Thanks Buddy. Hey, what’s your name?” I asked because he was indeed handsome. He was 6 foot, broad shoulders, brown hair, brown eyes and a full brown beard. His arms were hairy and I could only image how big his pubic bush might be. He was more like me but I had black hair and a black beard and I’m hairy all over.

“Scott, my name’s Scott Evans,” he said with another wink.

“Thanks for the refill man. I’m Tony,” I said as I nodded to the right, then to my left. “And this is Brandon and Lukas.”

Ignoring them he said to me, “Nice to meet you Tony, Let me know if you need anything else.”

I watched him stroll confidently down the bar, and allowed myself to lean up and glance at his sweet ass before Brandon pushed me back on my stool.

“Answer the question Tony. Which of us is better in bed?” Brandon demanded……

Damn all this talk about sex, my hot ex’s on either side of me and the sexy bartender Scott in front of me was getting me horny as hell. “Brandon now is not the time or the place to be talking about old times in the bedroom or comparing notes between you and Lukas.”

“Well, let’s go to your place and talk, or just see what else might happen.” Lukas said chugging down his beer.

“I’m game. Sounds like a great idea to me,” Brandon added quickly.

“All right you’re on fellas. Follow me,” I said standing and grabbing my briefcase, tie and suit coat.

They followed and soon we were all crammed in a cab and on the way to my condo.

Once in the door, Lukas had me in his arms and his sweet tongue in my mouth. He was unbuttoning my shirt and running his hands through my chest hair when Brandon pulled us apart.

“What the fuck Brandon. Wait your turn.” Lukas said irritably grabbing me back in his arms.

“Never mind him, he’s a man slut and a no-good cheater.” I said taking off my shirt.

Brandon started to laugh. “Yes I am a slut. But a very talented slut. Just ask Tony, he’ll tell you how good I am. And I’ll gladly prove it to you too Lukas.” he said boastfully.

“Ooohhh, is that so? Is that a challenge Brandon? I never back down from a challenge. Bring it on man.” Lukas said surprising us both.

He released me with a quick kiss and strutted over to Brandon. “Come on big shot, let’s compare everything and see who is sexier and hotter. Tony can decide. Or maybe you’re all talk and no action, Put up or shut up!” Lukas said just as full of himself as Brandon was.

“Hell fire guys. If ya’ll are going to put on a show, I need a drink.” I said walking to the kitchen kicking off my shoes and socks along the way.

Behind me I heard Brandon call out, “Bring the bottle, I could use some of that good gin myself. Alright Lukas a strip show for Tony and he decides.”

I came back quickly, not wanting to miss a second of the action. I sat a bottle and two glasses down for them on the coffee table and walked over to my chair with my own bottle and glass. From here I had a perfect view of these two magnificent studs.

I got comfortable, threw my feet up on the ottoman and poured myself a drink. I watched as they both downed their first glass and poured another. They were similar in size and shape but so different in looks. Brandon was tan skinned, long shiny ebony hair and deep black eyes. Lukas so fair skinned, long blonde curly hair and those emerald green eyes. But damn, they were both hot as hell and damn near hairless.

I hit the remote for the stereo and selected some jazzy instrumental music and announced “Alright guys, let the strip show begin!” I was eager to see what they would do. So I relaxed, sipping my drink and watched intently.

“Just as I thought,” Lukas said to me. “All talk…no action,” he added pointing his thumb toward Brandon.

Staring at me with a cute sexy smile, Lukas started to sway to the music. His hairless chest and tight 6 pack abs came into view as he slowly unbuttoned his shirt, pulled it out of his pants and let it fall from his shoulders.

As he gyrated his hips, he rubbed his pecs and hard nipples for my benefit. Staring, I licked my lips wanting to lick those hard muscles and taste his body.

His shirt still in his hand, Lukas raised it above his head as he walked closer to me. Swinging it in a circle motion like it was a lasso, he caught me with it and pulled me in.

The huge bulge in his pants told me he was enjoying himself, getting aroused at showing off for me and trying to put Brandon to shame.

He tossed me his shirt and turned around. Looking at me over his broad shoulder, he slowly swayed his hips showing off his powerful ass. He flexed his back muscles and his glutes and began to rub his hips and ass.

I glanced at Brandon and he too was watching Lukas. It was clear that he too was enjoying his show. He was cupping his own crotch and licking his lips. Yeah, he liked it very much.

Lukas turned back to me and rubbed his hardening fat cock. He was pumping his hips back and forth in a fucking motion. He unbuttoned his jeans and slowly lowered the zipper as Brandon walked behind him and started caressing his back and ass.

Then Brandon quickly removed his own shirt and dropped it to the floor. Lukas allowed him to rub his chest against his back and sort of move with him as his hips fucked back and forth.

Damn this was getting good! ……….

Part #2 coming soon…….thanks for reading and posting comments….A.  


A. Williams

[email protected]


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