This Story is based on a True Story, it is not mine but about an intimate friend.

I guess it all started when I was thirteen years old, I had just started my freshman year in High school, I was a well rounded young man, with all those hormones and the usual things taking place in my body, just starting out in manhood or at least getting a running start.

My Father and Mother were both just your average wonderful caring loving parents and both worked to provide for me and My sister, who was three years older than me.

To make this story take shape, it was the middle of September that year, I was so happy because here I was thirteen and Mom and Dad was letting me go on a campout and fishing trip with Uncle Bobbie, Dad's younger brother, Now Bobbie was eighteen and had always been sorta my Idol, he was everything I wanted to be.

For instance he was a Tri-Captain on his High School Football Team, and first rate swimmer on the swim team in High School, had an awesome looking body, which by the way for some reason, whether it be hero worship or sexual attraction at that age I was not sure, but I was really noticing.

Well Bobbie picked me up that Friday Evening and Mom and Dad had told me that they were going to KC for the weekend and if they weren't back Sunday evening early, they would be back before Monday Morning, so just spend the night at Uncle Bobbie's Apt.

Well fate has a way of choosing your life for you, because Uncle Bobbie picked me up about four thirty that evening and we set off for the lake campsite, we arrived about and hour and a half later, Got our Gear out and set up our Tent, sleeping bags and as things usually happen to me, Mr. Forgetful, I had forgotten my sleeping bag.

Thank God it was not cold weather, but rather a lovely warm Fall time.

Uncle Bobbie was always a champion to me at anything he did, my hero, my Idol, my mentor, He really could do no wrong.

That night we had gotten everything set up when Uncle Bobbie ask if I wanted to take a dip in the lake, there was this little beach down the path a ways, I said sure, but I didn't bring trunks to swim in, He just laughed at me and said, 'Silly, your Dad and I never wore anything when we came here, we went Skinny Dipping.'

I looked at Uncle Bobbie rather funny and said, 'Whats Skinny Dipping,' once again Mr. Dimwhit, 'Swimming in the birthday suit, you know Naked.'

My mouth dropped open and I said 'OH, O.K.'

I was a little more than surprised and embarrassed but I did Agree, after this was Uncle Bobbie.

We got a couple towels out of our Bags and took off for the lake.

Uncle Bobbie just started stripping down like it was the most natural thing to do in the world, Me, a total different story, I had never stripped in front of anyone, I was a little hesitant.

Uncle Bobbie just smiled, 'Don't be ashamed Terry, we all got the same thing down there, you just not as matured as I am, I was the same way with your Dad when I was your age. That made me feel a little better.

My body was not as matured and I had gotten down to my little tidy whities, and turned around and saw Uncle Bobbie standing there like a Greek Statue and just as naked, My eyes went immediately to his crotch, OMG!!!!! It looked like he had a third leg hanging there, it looked like it was fifteen inches long and as big around as a fire hose, but as I matured I realized that was just a kids first impression, but one thing that did happen.

I began to feel funny feelings inside my stomach and attraction to Uncle Bobbie, I put it off to Hero Worship. But My little pecker felt something else and it got like a rock.

Well I was mesmerized with Uncle Bobbie and couldn't get that site of his gorgeous naked body out of my mind. But I couldn't have had a clue of what awaited me when we got home.

We had a wonderful time that weekend and it was time to head back. We arrived home about six Sunday evening, my parents weren't home yet.

Uncle Bobbie and I went up and took a shower, went downstairs and made a sandwich and at about eight oclock there was a nock on the door.

Uncle Bobbie answered the door and I hear him let out an almost yell, 'Oh God, No.' Uncle Bobbie started Sobbing and turned around and looked at me, I'll never forget his look. It was a Hiway Patrol Officer at the door.

My Parents had been in a four car pile up coming back from KC, My Father and Mother and Sister had all been killed in a Car Accident. I was devastated.

I felt like I was in a dreamlike world for almost a year and Uncle Bobbie was there for me ever day, I don't know what would have happened if he hadn't been there.

I Began to normalize out in this situation after a year or so, Uncle Bobbie had me move in with him and just took over for my Dad, he was the most fantatic man, I ever knew, outside of my Dad.

Six years had passed Uncle Bobbie had gotten legal custody of me and he was now twenty five or six, things were still happening to me over those years, I was maturing, filling out, doing great in High School and had adjusted to life without my parents. I would never ever forget them,I had to just adjust my life to being without them, I guess I had no choice.

Well I had grown such affection and attraction to Uncle Bobbie that It was almost hurting, I would notice everything about him, how awesome looking he was, how well built his body was, his awesome looking chest muscles, and that chest of hair, just light enough to be a smooth covering for that awesome chest, Many, many, night I layed in bed and jerked off to my Uncle Bobby, but as time went on it wasn't enough. There would come one day that I would have to have him or try and maybe get thrown out on my ass, but I had to know.

The one thing that I had become increasingly aware of was the Uncle Bobby never dated women or even men for that matter, and It was becoming more aware to me when I would see he laying on the sofa in just his briefs that I wanted to touch him, feel him, to show him how much I loved him.

Then this one Friday night, I had just got home from the place I was working part time, I was nineteen at the time, and Uncle Bobby was setting on the sofa with the T.V. on, watching something and drinking a beer. I went up and took a shower, then I got a can of soda from the refrigerator, walked into the living room, set down next to Uncle Bobby, he was wearing a tee shirt and a pair of white cotton briefs, and I noticed his cock laying to the side like a fire hose and I almost swallowed my tongue.

I was just in my boxers at the time, no tee shirt.

Uncle looked into my eyes and said, 'Hey Sport, how was work?'

'It was fine,' I realized I might as well let him know how I feel, Uncle Bobby put his arm around behind me and said, 'You look so much like your Dad, you know Terry I love you very much don't you?'

I said, 'Yeah, and I wanted to say thanks and I love you very much too Uncle Bobby, and I want to show you how much too.'

Uncle Bobby looked at me a little puzzled and I leaned my face close to his and kissed him on the lips, not just a pec, It was a lingering kiss, with heat and passion. I heard Uncle Bobby softly moan as his lips seperated and I felt the tip of his tongue touch mine, from that point on it was open the flood gated the floods coming thru.

I reached over and began to sensously rub his chest, tweeking his nipples, and then as he just layed back and allowed me the freedom to do what I wanted.

To be continued.



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