I vividly remember everything about that incredible day from the light pleasant scent of wild roses in the sand dunes at the beach, to the wondrous warmth of the sun. I was at Cranes Beach in Ipswich Massachusetts on a beautiful early June day. I had just finished my final exams for my senior year of high school and sports practice was over. I finally felt so free and so incredibly relaxed. I am 5'6' tall, 140 pounds and have blondish hair and am in great shape.

I have always loved the daring 'idea' of nude sun bathing and even though it was prohibited at this beach, the remote sandy dunes areas well away from the ocean had the protection of short trees, bushes and long grass. I had been to the area a couple of times a year before, and had noticed that sometimes as many as a dozen people, most always men, would find secluded spots in this area to sun themselves in either teensy bathing suits or in some privacy without clothing at all.

I also sensed the area was a 'gay' area. I was not afraid or particularly interested at all in gay men, but I was definitely curious about 'gay culture'. Men quite often wandered naked among the bushes and trees in the sand and I often found myself getting quite stimulated when men greeted me or when I caught their approving glances. I guess I liked being a bit of a tease, as I never considered myself gay having a couple of attractive girl friends. I had more than once witnessed men together in sexual ways in these remote places.

I once stumbled across one man sucking another man's cock and they never even blinked or were bothered by my presence as I slowly and quite curiously watched as I passed by. The scene seemed unbelievable as the nude man on his knees just went on devouring the other naked man's cock and the man standing on the receiving end just cradled the man's head in his hand, enjoying and being quite stimulated by his lover's enthusiastic efforts! I must admit I watched this incredulously naughty scene for quite a bit longer than I should have! When I wandered by a few minutes later on my way back to my blanket the bigger man was fucking the smaller man and I was aghast yet wondered what such a thing might be like. I found the scene quite a shock that day and made sure not to interrupt them again!

I set up my towel on the border of this 'gay' area, not wanting to be seen as 'gay'. The area is about a quarter mile walk across the dunes to the ocean beach. I soon felt comfortable enough in this fairly private area to shed my bathing suit and I covered myself with baby oil and luxuriated in the warmth of the sun and the wonderful feeling of being free of clothes. Sun bathing 'in the nude' stimulates me and I had an erection that wouldn't quit! I must admit at times I was unconsciously rubbing and fondling my erection, lost in the lust of my new found and naked freedom. I am not sure why but I love the feeling of shaving my hard body smoothly and having done so earlier this morning in the shower made me feel even more alive and sexy. There was a light smell of wild roses in the light breeze and I knew I was going to truly enjoy this blue sky and 85-degree bliss all day!

I lay there for about a half hour before I sensed there was a person nearby. I wasn't overly bothered by it because in my experience men would just say hello if no overtures were made. Men often walked around this area and the beach patrols avoided it because they would ruin the dunes or flora with their little four-wheel drive machines. I suppose the gay men were always checking out other gay men and I liked the idea of them 'yearning' or even lusting for me. It was a real turn on for me at times - a straight guy - in an interesting, perhaps even a little twisted way. I was so horny and hot and I often rubbed my slick, fragrantly oiled body, even rubbing my very hard and mast-like cock with my fingers as I lay on my back. I again sensed that someone was close by and I decided I wouldn't mind giving a little 'free naked' show in my innocent and lusty way. When I opened my eyes I was startled when I saw a man standing directly above me. He clearly liked what he saw below him as he was naked and rubbing his own huge, hard cock and smiling at me broadly before he winked at me!

I almost jumped off my blanket in surprise and in shock. Modestly I turned over, hiding my erect, stimulated eight-inch boner that I had been fondling earlier. I looked up at him again and he was still smiling broadly and wanking himself slowly, he complimented my sexy body and told me what a sexy bubble butt I had! Standing only a couple of feet from me he bent down and asked me if I needed a little lotion on my back. I demurred saying no thank you. He quickly countered with 'I think you're getting a little red, are you sure? I think you could use some lotion'! He then lightly touched my naked bottom to show me I was getting a little red - and I suppose when I felt his touch it melted me like butter. His touch was very stimulating and in my condition I said 'O.K.' I knew it would please him to touch me and when he began rubbing the lotion so excruciatingly well and so torturously slowly on my upper and lower back, I didn't regret it for a second. It felt so good to be touched and massaged this way. This man had a gentle and sensual touch and being naked just seemed to make it so much more incredibly exciting and enjoyable!

As his gentle touches and kneading motions moved to my lower back I suddenly realized that I was submitting and giving myself in surrender to this man. I realized how badly I wanted for him to touch me on my derriere. I hoped he would touch other places even more personal. I felt so lusty and was quickly melting in his hands and I wanted him to know how much I was enjoying his touch. Instinctually I reached back and gently rubbed and caressed his one of his massaging arms. I think he knew well before my action that I was going to be his as his fingers were flirting with my anus and his gentle touch was causing my backside to lift, begging for more of his warmth. I was about to submit and surrender and in a manner that I never allowed my 'conscious self' to acknowledge!

The man's caresses and lotion spreading continued and soon one of his fingers gently touched my anal opening. I responded lustily in an almost desperate 'natural' need by lifting my ass like I wanted and needed his finger there. With a sigh and long quivering moan I unintentionally signaled my delight. The strange, very handsome, tall and well -built thirty something man seemed more than pleased. As he caressed my opening with his fingers I once again moaned and soon was gasped in disbelief when his tongue caressed me there! I was amazed at how magical and stimulating his tongue's touch felt. I already wanted him. I knew men fucked where he was now lapping me. I wanted this man to fuck me as his tongue gentle fucked my virgin but wanton entrance. I was moaning and going crazy. He was making me shake and shudder and quiver all over as I became frantic and was panting and squealing breathlessly in lusty disbelief!

Suddenly he stopped and whispered in my ear. 'I can tell how much you need me to fuck you in your sexy bubble ass'! Follow me to my blanket'! I nodded and he knew and I too knew how much I truly needed him. He helped me up and I followed him through the sandy scrub brush. I though how incredible it was that I was following a handsome and sexy, mature, naked man through the sandy dunes and bushes so willingly while on the way for my first fucking! I felt so sexy, handsome and was so stimulated and filled with lust and need. My cock was so erect, hard and bouncing while I walked. We walked past a naked man with a back-pack and he must have known what was going on as he stared at us and our erect cocks as we passed! After a winding walk of about seventy-five yards he had me lay on his blanket, surrounded on three sides by low trees and bushes. He took out a condom and had me lay on his wide blanket on my stomach.

I felt him place lubricant onto my opening as my ass responded like a mouth desperately needing water. His finger went in to his knuckle and I let out a cry of joy. It was an inexplicable feeling and I never knew just how badly I wanted to feel such stimulation. He probed it deeper, twisting his finger and making my opening slick and more slippery. My ass raised upward to meet the thrust of his finger. I was almost ready to orgasm from the intense pleasure waves I felt! I was so stimulated! The stranger knew it and spanked me hard on my ass as he laughed. I was startled but he soon drew me up onto my knees. He spread my legs and ass and pressed his condom covered, huge, hard cock against my anal opening. I gasped as he thrust forward and I felt the searing pain of his entry. I howled in hurt yet wanted more of him. The pain was so bad and yet I so wanted more of his cock inside me. It was like I had been in the desert without water for weeks. I so needed his big beautiful cock inside me!

The tall powerful stranger soon had my slim waist in his big hands and drew me back onto his rod. 'OOOH' I grunted in tremendous pain, yet I still wanted his cock inside me so. Slowly his thrusts became smoother and the pain less extreme. As soon as we were in rhythm I soon felt an even sharper pain as his cock became so deeply embedded in me that his huge, long, thick hard cock was hitting against my prostate. In all of this pain I still wanted him and soon my sphincter and insides began to relax and accept this unnatural, powerful invasion. Eventually his balls and pelvis began spanking my anus as he firmly guided my waist and ass along his huge sex pole. He was so big and strong and I was but half his size, but I was taking him on as his lover!

He asked me how it felt. I could only groan and grunt and mumble 'Oh God it feels good'. I was so incredibly overwhelmed now by what was pain and now was slowly and gradually transforming into pleasure. I was now completely skewered by his cock and he was riding my ass like a stallion rides a mare. 'You are so tight' he said. Your ass is so sweet!' His comments were said in a much more composed state than I was in. My cock was bouncing like a tightly coiled spring with each of this studs rapid thrusts. The pleasure of feeling it bounce so wildly was as intense as the pain of each thrust as it pounded against places so deep inside. I was groaning and gutturally growling almost like an animal. 'He really loves it!' Said a male voice quite unfamiliar. We were being watched! I was in such a state that I didn't want my lover to stop and he most certainly did not want to stop either!

I saw the man right next to us, he had evidently followed us and his bathing suit was down at his ankles. He was masturbating at the sight of our actions and my lover seemed quite unmoved by his presence. He just fucked onward and harder as I closed my eyes again when suddenly his cock went 'past' my prostate, so deeply in my newly used bowels that I was aghast. The pain was now suddenly disappearing and his almost angry fuck strokes were so now all so pleasure filled that my whines and my state of dizzying lust and pleasure were so intense that I was getting near to orgasm. 'Oh yeah' shouted my lover, 'Oh yeah boy! You love cock and you're such a sweet fuck!'

Suddenly he growled loudly and grunted in a yell and I knew he was coming. I suddenly was so moved by his state that I came too, uncontrolled and in the manner of a freight train going down hill without brakes. I spurted stream after stream of cum onto the blanket below quaking and shaking, with the intensity and dizzying madness that was beyond description. It was so intense and so incredible that I saw stars. The leering, voyeuristic man next to me (who had quietly followed us) was cumming too as he purposely flew his squirting hot cum onto my back and backside. My lover pulled out of my naughty, needy ass and spilled his cum from his condom all over me as well. Both men apparently liked and enjoyed the actions of the naughty, needy, straight guy on his knees very much! I felt quite used but in a very wonderful way!

I collapsed exhausted and confused onto my stomach onto the blanket. My lover then lay atop me and kissed my ear as he whispered, 'I'd love to fuck you again some time sexy!' It was an invitation that sounded quite fine with me! I smiled, thrilled and never more satiated and feeling never more 'loved'! He turned me over and gave me a deep tongue-searching kiss that made my cock jump and get aroused! The other stranger had finally wandered off and we enjoyed each other's kisses. I wrapped my legs around his back and just revelled in this new feeling of submissive wonder and joy. This man 'so appreciated me' and found me very sexually stimulating. In a few minutes our kisses became more intense and he paused as I saw him struggling to find something inside his pack.

He found a condom and was soon rolling it onto his now once again hard cock. I too was so stimulated that my cock was pulsing and almost hurt. He spread my legs and kissed me as he slipped his cock into my ass once again, this time face to face. Now pinned helplessly beneath him, he began fucking me in the ass harder and harder. Soon he was bending my ankles back so far that they were on the blanket next to my ears and I was bent helplessly like a gymnast, only skewered in my depths helplessly. He was still kissing me deeply as I felt his wild thrusts once again go beyond my prostate and find places deeper than ever inside me. In spite of my discomfort, I never felt more loved and more needed. I held on for dear life as he pounded my ass to his balls when the friction between us caused my very stimulated cock to go over the edge for a second time.

I was cumming like a crazy person and my spasming sphincter put my lover over the edge too. We growled and groaned into each-others mouths as the intense orgasms caused our bodies to quake and shudder. The power of this act was so immense. I held on to his back with my hands and my legs were wrapped around his lower backside. My appreciation for his skill was like love. When it was over we kissed with his cock still deeply buried in my ass. 'That was awesome!' he said. When he eventually stood and I got up he gave me a long hug and a firm spank to my naughty naked bum!

I thanked him feeling like a puppy not wanting to leave his master. I had just been fucked for the first time in my life and twice - and I had to walk naked, all the way back to my blanket! I passed the voyeur who complimented my ass and my 'performance'! A bit ashamed I put on my sexy brief little bathing suit back at my blanket, while I lay exhausted, revelling in the warmth of the late spring sun. I knew now why tan lines were not a favorite of mine! I also learned that I could be loved and enjoy the wonder of surrender in being loved quite thoroughly by a man!

An hour later my lover came by again and smiled at me as I lay in my small bathing suit! He said - 'You don't need that suit ' and he pulled my bathing suit off me so aggressively that he almost tore it off me. His aggressiveness was exciting and made me feel so wanted and needed! He propped my up on my knees as I willingly allowed him to proceed in fucking me once again, only this time it was doggy style while kneeling on my own blanket. His thrusts were immense and needy. His cock was so huge and it felt like he was going to drive it through my entire body right out my mouth. He was so strong that he lifted me and turned me so that my legs were over his shoulders as he stood, holding me on his pole while he fucked me. I held onto his neck while he pounded my insides. He then put me down and made me kneel again for him. He spanked me with his balls and pelvis so soundly that it sounded like a huge commotion and like a spanking.

After holding on for dear life and this even more frenetic ride, he grabbed my cock while still fucking me and milked me into another unbelievable orgasm of such intensity that it once again dizzied me. With a hard smack to my ass he soon left me there on my knees, telling me what a great fuck I was! I never knew his name and we never met again, but he wasn't kidding when he said (after the first time) he wanted to fuck me again! My high school days soon ended but not as innocently as I would have guessed! I had learned that keeping an open mind and trusting my instincts enabled me to truly expand and 'double' the levels of enjoyment and excitement in my life!


Cari Christi

[email protected]


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