It'd been three months since Rick and I had gotten together. We pretty much lived together now, if we weren't at work we were together. And normally when we were together it was all sweat, testosterone and nudity. We also spent a lot more time at a gym in the city gym. Lots of eye candy, of both genders. Also it meant we could work on our bodies. Sculpting the areas of our bodies the other men favored most. We decided buffer bodies made manlier foreplay. Personally I thought if Rick let his body take a natural couse and allow that hair to grow back in it'd have the same effect. But I dare tell Rick that as he threatened that if I bring it up again the sexual torture would be unreal!

All of Rick's efforts to stay fit and sexy paid off. Short chocolate brown hair with matching, dominating eyes. Broad shoulders, big flat pecs with large pinch able nipples. Then there was his thick thighs, strong calves and a spank able hairy ass. With a off limits ass hole in the center of an inviting crack. Finally was his thick uncut cock, cup able ball sack and sweet sticky juices were the icing on the scrumptious beefcake.

To sum him up you could describe him as having his short temper sharpened by street fights, his body toned for and by his job and his sex drive quenched by me.

The pair of us slouched on Rick's overstuffed settee, him in the nude and me wearing a pair of his unwashed underwear. We had been drinking all night and continued through to morning, staving off any hangovers. We had recently turned to the topic of people we'd fucked. More specifically Rick telling me about the men he had fucked.

Out of the blue he ordered me to "stand!" I did so, slowly due to my alcohol consumption. Once stood, swaying a little Rick, my Portuguese - kind of - master, pulled me forward and down. Doing the same to my underwear. In one swift movement he had me bent over his knees, tight ass in the air with my boxers around my ankles. "Who would you fuck?" Rick asked. I was confused. Who? What? I paused. Stupidly for two long, I felt a hand smack my ass cheek. I winced. "What do you mean? I don't get it." I felt Rick's hand resting on my hairy ass cheek. "Friends first. Male friends." Rick replied. I paused but began to mumble sounds trying to prolong my thought time. I felt Rick's hand lift off my backside. "Umm umm, Callam!" I balled. The hand rested again and squeezed my cheek. "Now celebrities." Rick ordered. "Steve Backshall and Bradley James!" I shouted. Wanting to avoid another smack.

We always did this. Building our way up to the most extreme sexual foreplay. Wet. A wet finger, one Rick had been sucking on, was probing around in my crack around the edge of my hole. My dick grew even thicker! And as I turned my head and looked into Rick's lap I could see his had too!

About half an hour later, after Rick had enjoyed my hole for a while, I was at home in the same musky cum stained undies. The door bell rang. I had no appointments and Rick just barged in.

I opened the front door. It was Lenard! He was my mothers current boyfriend, standing around six foot three, hated that woman. What was he doing here?! "Umm hi Jack. Haven't spoken to you in a while, um this is a bit of a big ask can I stay with you a while? I don't have any money or things. Your mum stole and burned it all! Please?! I need somewhere far away from her! Please?!" He blurted in a rush. I was speechless. Trying to organize my thoughts.

I was still froze. Me and my mother had nothing to do with one another. Neither knew where the other lived. The only time we heard about one another was through family. And sadly, they like my mother, lived around two hundred and fifty miles away! I'd spoken to Lenard a few times, over Skype and the phone. Solely because he worked in ground maintenance and he cleared the grounds around and before projects I designed. "Yeah, I guess." Lenard was a nice man, shane the poor man wound up with her, and any way to get at my mother made me happy. "Oh god thank you! I've been in these clothes for ten days! I could only survive that long on the cash I had in my pocket at the time! Thank you!" He frolicked a little. Shook my hand vigorously, then gave in to temptation and gave me a rib crushing bear hug. Once he put me down I gestured for the man in brown trousers and a stained white shirt to enter my house.

Lenard strolled in, trying to hide his utter glee. "Stay as long as you want." I extended my offer. Lenard turned around. Face beaming. "Thank you so much!" He nearly screamed!

I closed the door behind us. Then got a wiff of what he meant by ten days. Then man reeked! "Phhhffft, phew! You stink!" I commented. Lenard didn't turn around. "Yeah sorry about that." He apologized. "No don't worry, just strip out of those clothes, have a shower and I'll throw them in the wash." I gave the idea. And Lenard, the enormous giant stripped down. "Can't disobey the house master." Lenard joked as the huge man with broad shoulder pale skin. His biceps were big and string. I'd seen them in action in woodlands hawling halves of trees around.

Lenard stood in his boxers. He turned to face me a pile in clothes buff arms. He passed them over to me thanking me again. "Are you ticklish?" I asked him. He looked confused. "Doesn't matter." I smiled, "showers at the top of the stairs. Your room is the first on the right." Lenard nodded then ascended the stairs.

Once I knew he'd been in the shower a while I made my move. I entered the bathroom, bearing a freshly ironed towel. "Brought you a towel." I shouted over the running water. "Thanks. And thanks again for everything." He called back. As I placed the towel on the floor I picked up his discarded dark grey boxers. I stole a look at Lenard cleaning himself through the steamy room. And he was at a great angle. One that showed his monster cock. This man was hung like a horse. I was straight, with the exception of pleasuring Ricardo but Lenard's cock was mesmerizing.

To avoid him noticing I got out of the room. Stealing one last glance as I left. I charged down the stairs, holding his sweaty underwear to my face. I groaned, the musk was intoxicating! I pulled them away from my face. No! This man was ten years older than me! Plus I don't even like men! No! I threw the underwear in the wash and sat in the living room.

Soon after Lenard came down, in a towel secured around his waist. "Where are my underwear?" He questioned. "Oh I put them in the wash, you can borrow some of mine if you want?" "Yes please." He responded. I wandered upstairs and grabbed a pair. Fuck it! I could still be straight if I'm just admiring him! When I got downstairs I passed him the attire and left the room.

A few moments later I entered the room again. Lenard. Was trying to squeeze into a small cheap black thong, one of many Rick brought me as he could tear them off me so easily. Poor Lenard was trying to squeeze his genitalia into the small black patch. He struggled to fit the elastic waistband around his waist and the string that went down the ass crack was across one cheek. "Need a hand?" I offered. He twisted his head and nodded.

I crouched down behind him. And pinched the waistband. Each hand barely a distance apart, I tugged it away from the skin. Then yanked apart, tearing the skimpy thong. I let it go as I stood. It began to slip and fell. Lenard tried to cover his privates with stuttering something. He turned to face me. "Sorry, all the pairs are like that." This is the first time I noticed but my dick was really really hard! Lenard looked down. "These are the only underwear like this." I lied. "And your not using my cushions." He went to pick up the towel again. "Or that." I enforced. He dropped the towel. I picked it up and threw it into the hallway.

We'd been drinking for a few hours now. Well I hadn't, I'd fought off a hangover. But as Lenard got drinker he got less bothered about his nudity. For a while he held his hand trying to cover his sizeable genitals. Now his hands were all over the place, just like his dick! We'd been chatting for ages! "No, no, no. No but seriously, seri, seriously is there any anything I can do to re rep repay yo yo you?" Lenard's words stumbled out of his mouth. I smiled. "Are you ticklish?" I asked. He looked even more confused than before. "and yes there is but we'll talk about it tomorrow." Len nodded. "And yes, yes I am."

I closed my eyes.

"Actually now's a good time." I smirked. Lenard nodded. I reached down and grabbed his one leg. He frowned. I grasped his might calf, checking out his muscular thigh. Lenard had more body hair than me, a black sheen of the stuff with an overflowing mass in the pubic regions. He had a red face and gentle smile, well most of the time I've known him, and very tanned forearms. Whereas the rest of him was a creamy pale. I squeezed his calf. And tickled his foot with the other hand. Lenard almost giggled but pulled away. "Stay still." I mocked. He laughed. I continued to feel and massage his muscular legs. All the while slowly pushing my boxers down. I stared at the mans bulging biceps. I could clearly see the veins standing string against the skin. Then there was the pecs. Not as large as Rick's but they bulged out further. Showing how his manual labor has shaped his body to be strong in certain places. Although it has ended up being so all over. He also had an incredible eight pack! Almost fully hidden under a forest of body hair organized by a thick snail trail. The man was like a muscular enormous ape!

I had pushed my underwear to my knees. "So you don't mind doing this. Oh and stretch your arms up." He did so while saying "because you're the house master who has taken me in." He smiled charmingly. "No I'm just your master!" Lenard frowned. But it was soon replaced by laughter when I tickled his clean underarms. He pulled away.

I moved across, spreading my legs and sitting over him. He felt my duck bounce on his abs. I smiled with embarrassment. He looked down. "Arms. Again." He raised them again. I stroked the back of a finger on each pit. Lenard smiled then shivered. As he lowered his arms. It was such a turn on. I pushed his elbows up. He raised his arms again. My dick began to ooze precum. Lenard looked down again. When he did I grabbed and twisted his nipples. He writhed and twisted. Arms still in the air. I got off him and sat where I did originally. "Kneel and face me." I stated. Lenard followed my orders. I shuffled forward on my knees. I leany forward ready to grab hid thick and meaty sausage...

I opened my eyes. I'd imagined it! A fucking dream! And Lenard had fell asleep!

As if on cue Ricardo barged through the patio doors, grabbed my atm and dragged me out into the darkening woods. Not even noticing Lenard. The nude hunk on my couch.

We moved through the undergrowth, both in underwear. We got to a tree. "Climb." Rick ordered. His only words on the journey. I did. Halfway up the tree Rick grasped my ankle, silently ordering me to stop. He caught up with me, the tree was surprisingly soft and easy to climb. "No climb further out, so your feet don't reach any branch, then do pull ups. Got it?" I nodded and followed his orders. Monkey barring along the branch until my feet didn't touch a branch below. Then I pulled up then down. Up then down. As I continued this process I felt a warm body press up against mine. Click, click. I was cuffed. "Let go of that branch and you'll probably dislocate your wrist." Rick reminded. As pulled up I felt him drop behind me. To a large lower branch out of my reach as I couldn't let go.

I was in heaven. As I lowered Rick would literally eat my ass while tweaking my nipples. And when I rose, he tickled my balls. It felt sensational. His warm lips against my hole. The saliva lubricating it as the tounge danced around the edge then dived in. Flicking around like a snakes tongue. While my highly sensitive nipples got teased. Then my balls. He glided his rugged fingertips along my hairy balls. Bouncing them. Making me groan.

Then it changed. He was gone. Then he was hanging behind me. Both of us with rock hard dicks. He was gonna blow his load over my ass cheeks. That's when it changed. His bellend pressed against my virgin hole. What the?! I gasped, and screamed. "Its only halfway in." Rick mocked. I could feel every vein. And my ass being violated like never before. It felt amazing. Sensational.

I could feel the heat and girth of the penis as it entered fully. My asshole like a furnace and his dick like a branding iron.

We just hung there. Him fully inside of me. All that ass play was to make this easier! I felt him pull out, like a burdening sexual unity had been broken. Then the cuffs unlocking.

Then it all went too fast! A bit blurred. The next thing I knew I was bent over my low glass coffee table. Dick in ass. I scream. Out. In again. Out. I was being thrown into a delirium. The incredible mix of pain and pleasure. I tried to run. But he pushed my sweaty hairy ass back down. And continued to fuck me. It was the best and the worse feeling.

And it all stopped when Lenard. Who had passed out on the sofa. Began to stir!

To be continued...



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