I stumbled back towards my Tudor styled home in Ings village, Cumbria. My mind racing. What the hell had happened?! I'd been sexually violated by one of my closest friends! What the fuck?! Why?! Why had it happened to me?! I'm straight! I wandered in through my expensive oak back door and into my neutral colored living room. And guess what I found sprawled across the sofa. My assailant. Rick!

Once he noticed I was in the room, as I was stood in the doorway behind him, he rose off my brown leather settee. Stretching as he did so. What the fuck was that son of a bitch doing here?! He turned to face me, him naked as well, and smiled. "Hiya Jack." Rick greeted, as if nothing was wrong. He stretched his body up, showing off his muscular physique. That bastard! Why didn't his cum taste bad? Why did it taste good? No Jack don't think like that!

In blind rage I charged at Rick, tackling him down onto my pale speckled carpet. As we hit the floor my arms were locked around him like a vice and my cheek pressed against his chest. This winded him. Although he still managed to both chuckle, and shuffle just often enough that I couldn't tear my arms from beneath him. "You best lick my chest or that tape will go viral." Rick blackmailed. I could tell he was smirking.

I paused. My family were very anti gay, and Rick knew that. I could have them see what happened, even though it wasn't my fault.

I ran my tounge a short distance up his chest. What choice did I have? Bastard! "That's it. Good boy." Rick praised in a slightly mocking voice. He gripped the hair on the back of my head. Directing me while trying to coax me into doing it with more intention. He let my arms loose.

"Oh and from now on you'll have to address me as either sir or master." Rick informed. Rick moved my head to his left pec and urged my to flick my tounge on his nipple. He groaned at the feeling. He moved his hand down my hairy abdomen and started working my cock. Why did this feel good? I'm straight! This is wrong! "Take over." Rick barked. I began to toss myself off. Rick now maneuvered his free hand along my back and down to my tense ass. He spanked the cheeks a few times.

Rick's chest was now covered in a sheen of saliva. He pressed his finger against my asshole. Oh shit bot again! Hmmm. This time it didn't hurt nearly as much. He must have made me looser last time. Wait! What the hell! Why is MY asshole loose! It shouldn't be played with!

I squirmed. Rick released my head and slapped my ass. Hard! I lay still but continued to worship his muscular, well earned chest as it was no longer a burden. But a pleasure. I tried my best not to, I even slowed my jack off massively, not wanting to stop at the risk of angering Ricardo. Ricardo was short for Rick. But still my big uncut cock was rock hard.

Once Rick had played with my asshole for a short while which wasn't painful but also wasn't comfortable. He pushed me up. I put my arms out to stop myself falling as Rick had pushed me so hard, and ended up straddling him while kneeling. "Back to my place then." Rick cheerily notified me.

We snuck round the back as even Rick didn't want to be seen butt ass naked with the next door neighbor as we streaked across the garden. We entered through his back door. My host slash master gestured for me to take a seat. I situated myself on his red fabric sofa.

As a person I changed like the wind. My lifestyle constantly changing. But this was something I'd never wanted to experience. But I couldn't tell whether my mind had changed.

As I sat, quite awkwardly, in the boldly colored room. Two white walls two red. A laminate floor and a black rug. I noticed what was playing on the large flat screen TV. It was Rick and I! In the teepee. I was disgusted in Rick, more so at the time, for what he did. But seeing it on video it was sort of hot. Unnoticed by me, I'd spread my legs wide and began jerking off. It was hot!

Watching me sweat as my asshole was probed by a foreign stud like Rick. His dark, dominating brown eyes. His macho hairstyle. My dick was getting harder and harder. The veins easily visible ad the blood pumped to my throbbing cock.

"Ahhh," I gasped and flailed. A freezing sensation on my ball sack. I reached down to yank the cause of the sensation away, "don't bother." Rick commanded. He had a handful of ice and was cupping it along side my balls. I desperately tried to obey, swinging my arms around frantically. I'd broken out in a cold sweat. The sensation was incredible, the sheer cold made my bullocks tingle and made me go crazy. It was phenomenal! "Hold onto me if you have to." Rick offered the idea, his voice slightly giddy due to the sexual torture he was putting me through. I gripped onto Ricardo's buff arms. My head was still thrashing out of control. I pressed it into a part of Rick's musclebound body.

It was moist and smelt a little of male musk. It was his left armpit. Hairless like the rest of him, bar his ass, and oddly the intoxicating smell was adding to the hardness of my dick. "You like that?" Rick asked as I sniffed his pit. I groaned in reply.

Suddenly it stopped, Rick had dropped almost all the ice. Bar two cubes. Which in a flash he raised them and rubbed them on my nipples. I gasped again. Now both my balls and nipples, equally and overly sensitive, were cold and tingling. I buried my face deeper into Rick's pit. The pit should've been paler but that was overshadowed by the darkness if the forming hairs. I felt sweat bead in his pit. I caught them on my tounge. It tasted sharp but erotic.

He rubbed and rubbed. I flailed harder. I clenched my hands tighter around Ricardo's tensed thick biceps.

"Upstairs," Rick ordered. He dropped the ice and I followed him up the black carpeted staircase.

His room had a pine wood wardrobe fitted along the entire right wall. The left wall was predominantly filled with a large window. He had a king sized bed with four tall bed posts. He had white bed sheets on and a laminated floor.

Rick threw me down. Onto the bed. He ordered me to spread eagle. I did. Ricardo straddled my chest. He crept forward until the bell end of his big, thick cock pressed against my moist lips. I think I understood now. This wasn't what I had planned for life, but then again I didn't have any plans. Just dreams. But then again this wasn't one of those either. It had started as nightmare but was now an erotic experience. His cock was forcing against my throat. Pushing out my Adams apple. I gagged. He kept face fucking my. Lifting up and down, I felt his weight rise and fall on my chest.

This whole experience was growing on me. SPLASH! The cum filled my mouth. Click click. Rick had pulled two pairs of handcuffs from his bedside table. And cuffed me to the headboard.

He got off me, slid his arms under the crook in my legs and lifted them. He spanked each ass cheek twice then ran his finger around my tight asshole.

"I'll choose when you cum." Rick gave me a swift wank, bringing me close but not over the edge. And then left the room.

Yeah this was growing on me.

To be continued...



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