I woke up to a struggle, two butt naked men fighting for power on my laminate floor! Rick was brawling with Lenard on the ground, Lenard beneath Rick. "You didn't tell me you had this hot piece of ass on your sofa last night!" Rick gritted through his teeth as he tried to force Lenard's hands, locked into his own, to the floor. "Fuck you!" Lenard balled! Continuously trying to throw him off, but Ricardo had straddled him and had impeccable balance. Oh god! Last night! "It was incredible." My thoughts became audible. "I know." Rick spat back understanding what I meant.

"Now help me!" Both men barked in similar words. I didn't know what to do, neither had the upper hand. Yeah Rick was on top but for how long? Lenard was by far stronger. Ricardo must have attacked him while he was asleep. "Get him off me! What the fuck is going on?!" I heard. Then "grab the cuffs, get him around the table!" Followed by "who is this freak?!" Finished with "hurry!"

I didn't know what to do! I looked around the room for something to pry the pair apart with. Nothing! If I pulled Rick off I didn't know how the muscle man Lenard would react. But if I got Lenard away... Yes I knew Rick better, I took a second look. Got them.

I ran around the other side of the wrestle. Rick cottoned on and pushed with all his might, angling Lenard's tremendous arms. Click. Click. I'd cuffed him to the coffee table. "Whaa! Jack! What the?!... Rick punched him in the stomach. "Shut up!" Rick ordered. Lenard tensed his furry abs as another punch hit home. "Jack grab some rope. And trust me you're doing the right thing. This dude is going to have the time of his life!" Rick beamed with glee. Lenard on the other hand, not so much.

I returned moments later to see Rick still battering Lenard's hardy body, red marks forming on his pecs and abs. Lenard hurled abuse and grunted. I passed the rope to Rick.

Rick bound Lenard's franticly shaking arms. Lenard was swearing and cursing. And his body hair was dampening due to perspiration. "Shh, shit! You bastards!" His breathing was erratic. Rick tied the rope so Lenard's arms were close enough to prevent escape but had a great enough distance so he could be un cuffed. More cursing from the naked giant.

This was crazy! After just one night we have this purely masculine. Naked! Hunk, I'll take some credit for getting him nude, bound to the table in my house! What the hell?! This was FUCKING incredible!

The hottie had a gentle, but currently angered and scared, face that was a mix of red and pink. The rest of him was a creamy pale. Then he had a thick neck, extraordinary broad shoulders and bulging thick arms, viens clearly visible along the biceps. This was coupled with an amazing torso, big furry abs, not as wide as Ricardo's but more prominent as they bulged out further. And a well defined eight pack also covered in sweaty, matter hair. He had small but tall pink nipples that poked out downwards because of his muscular chest. To add to this mass of muscle was his pair or tree trunk thick legs, with powerful thighs and calves. These area's were also very developed in the hairy department. Finally were his more personal area's. His pits were overflowing with hair, either stocking out in random directions or matted into a mass of hair. And his dick. So thick and meaty. It was literally like a German sausage, same length and width, but I bet it was tastier. Then were his drooping balls, so big and hairy, like a sack of oranges. And all of this sprouting out from a mess of sweaty pubic hair!

Rick walked me out of the room. "Right." He whispered. "First we get him up into the bedroom then we tie him to the end of bed. Then... You get the idea." His voice had a smug tone. I nodded, primarily in agreement but with an underlying emotion of glee, sexual drive and a hint of morality. This wasn't right at the moment but in reflection it'd be fine. I hoped...

We reentered the room. On a mission. Rick gave me a final affirming look, then un cuffed our sexual prisoner. "Fuck you assholes! You planned this the second I arrived didn't you! You devious little shits!" He balled with a few more swear words. Ironically, because of his foul mouthing, Rick grasped Lenard's large dangling balls tightly, "Shut the hell up!" He glared with a clenched jaw. "One! Just one more word from you and you will experience so much pain even I'll pity you!" Rick threatened. Everyone paused for a second. Then Rick released Len's sizeable testicles, and gripped his bicep,dragging the man up. His for arms bound closely to the elbow. Once we'd raised the hunk to his feet I gripped his sturdy shoulders, knowing I could slow his escape if necessary.

And it was! As we got to the stairwell our captured stud swung his body, trying to free himself from my grip. While trying to smash Ricardo in the face with his bound arms. But, Rick was smart. He meant back then grasped Lenard's bollucks. Giving them a warning squeeze. And a painful one at that. Lenard pulled back a little but I pushed against him, plus he didn't want to add to the pain of his balls. While wincing, biting through the pain and dancing like he was standing on hot coals.

"You're going to behave. No more stunts!" Rick barked a second order. While bouncing from pain Len forced a nod in reply. Rick then dragged him up the stairs. With me following closely. We walked him into the spare bedroom. The one with the metal framed bunk bed, a double bed on the bottom, and cyan blue carpet. It had cream walls, a small wooden wardrobe, at the far end of the room, and chest of draws. At the end of the bed, closest to the oak wood door that matched the furniture of the room. The roof was on a slant, the bed on the tallest side, the right. With a small desk and a group of bean bag chairs on the other. There was nothing in here to signify Lenard's stay. Apart from the window in the slanted roof, the other was at the far side of the room, that had been opened. I never left a window open in a unused room. We pushed Len into the room. And cuffed him once again but to the end of the bed that had a large and elaborate frame. He put up a struggle before he got writ strained but we beat him again. He tried to pull away but Rick grabbed his balls. He continued to pull so I bear hugged him from behind and dragged him further back, putting him in more pain. He must have known it was his last chance at escape.

It was quite useful really. Next to the door, fixed to the wall was an enormous full length mirror. Directly opposite the bed, and where Len was bound. He was bound sat down, legs out straight and arms stretched up above him. Then cuffed to a decorative bar on the bed.

Rick and I stood back, his arm around my shoulder, looking down at our handiwork. Rick looked at me, with the expression that read 'you go first'. I crouched and lent in. Lenard opened his mouth ready to protest. But closed it once again after remembering his vulnerability. I was down on one knee, my target shuffled in anticipation. After surveying his glorious body I made my move. I lent in, kissing and biting his right nipple, while running my one had along his abs, the other along his chest above my mouth. Lenard grunted and shivered in discomfort. Rick then moved in on the other nipple, also doing the same as me with the rest of his body. It was glorious! I could taste the sweat as it beaded on the end of his black body hairs. His nipple wad great for biting and running my tounge along and around. The nipples themselves had gotten erect making them protrude further from his firm pecs. Len was wincing through the ordeal, Rick slapped directly between as well as across both furry pecs. Lenard grunted. Rick pulled away for a second. "Nothing good to say?! Then don't fucking speak!" Rick balled. Lenard stayed silent.

I then pulled back squeezing Lenard's massive thigh. With both hands. It was insanely muscular and strong. For a moment Lenard pulled back, but then sat still knowing there was no way out. Then Rick followed my lead. He reached down and lifted Lenard's tree trunk thick legs, he ran his hand up and down them in the most sexual way possible. "Now Lenard, my masculine, sweaty friend don't you want to beg for our touch and moan out when we give it to you?" Ricardo asked in a almost rhetorical tone. Lenard paused. Pondering on an answer. All the while I was massaging his thigh, causing him to figit a little every now and then. "Go fuck yourself!" Lenard sarcastically responded. Rick was taken aback. While in this temporary state of shock Lenard brought his free leg at the time and kicked Rick with formidable force. Right in the chest. Rick staggered back. Lenses began violently thrashing and shaking to break free from his binds, whaling curses and swear words while trying to throw me off his hairy leg. Rick, the foreign sexual treasure, growled in pain and rage. "Right you fucking shit!" Rick dived forward and grasped Lenard's balls with force. Rick was pissed off. Lenard was thrashing and screaming "fuck off!" and "get off my balls!" and things along that sort of line. He tried to close his legs but Rick didn't release. "Rick!" I cried. Rick looked at me, I crouched down beside him as he held the muscular, hairy, giants balls. "Do something as effective but not as painful." I planted the idea inside his head. Rick walked out the room. A few minutes later ge returned. Lenard had took the time to try and plead with me for his release I had just cupped his balls and jiggled them a little. Giving them a hurtful ache as they had became sensitive from the squeeze. So he continued to thrash and cry out for his release, but still finding room to insult Rick and I.

Rick returned, one hand behind his back, using both mine and one of his hands, the pair of us wrestled with Lenard's leg. Raising the leg he'd used to kick Rick high, and cuffing it to the bottom the the top bunk bed. It wasn't easy, we firstly had to contend with his thrashing, which we couldn't stop because all hands were busy. Then his weight as to do it we had to lift him slightly off the ground. It looked really uncomfortable. But it was perfect. It reduced the amount he could move while showing off his tight and muscular ass. Trust me it was muscular, from all the cycling he did when he was younger I presume, and his crack was lost under a matt of thick black hair that accumulated along the crack. His free leg wound raise and wave, but would soon tire as it benefited no one. So would fall limp once again. Ricardo reached up, his buff body taking a leaner pose, then gripped Lenard's ankle. He slid his hand up, resting his fingers on Lenard's sole. Then let rip! "Bahahahaha, ha ha ha, P P P P pl ple please! Please! Haha haha." Lenard's screamed as his bound foot was tickled mercilessly. "F, f,f haha, fu, hahahaha, fuck! Fuck! Ahaha, ha ha ha, ha, ha, ha!" He continued to scream. Lenard tried to flail but was thwarted by his binds and awkward position. "Phahaha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haha, haha! Oh, haha, ha, my, haha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, God, hahahahaha!" Len called out. Tears running from his eyes and sweat dripping. I took this time to enjoy the hot giant as he was tickled relentlessly. I cupped his still sensitive balls with one hand, and rubbed the thumb of my over and across his bellend that the foreskin didn't quite fully envelope. "Hahaha, s, s, s, s..." Before Len could finish Rick stopped. "Now bitch, have you leant your lesson?" Rick asked. Lenard shuffled uncomfortably trying to free his enticing genitals from my hands. "Yes."

"Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, ha, ha, w, w, w, ha, wh, wh, haha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha wha, what? Wh, haha, ha, what did, ha haha ha, I do?" Lenard's words were split by laughter. "Prove it!" Rick stated not diverting his concentration from Lenard's large bound foot. "Phahahaha, do what every you want to me guys!" Lenard's words flew out of his mouth. Rick didn't stop. Lenard realized he needed to do better. "Bahahaha, m,m haha, masters, do, do what you want to my body, its all yours." Lenard descended into laughter as he waited for a reaction. "G, g, hahaha, go on Jack. Play with my, ha, ha, ha, ha, balls. I want to taste your cocks. Ha ha ha ha go on my ass is open. You hahaha own me!" With those words the tickle torture stopped.

Rick now ran his hands along Lenard's leg. "Don't stop." Rick advised. "That's it, enjoy my privates, masters I hope you enjoy my body. Do with it as you wish..." Lenard continued to babble. It was hot, just like the man saying it.

Rick then suggested I get the camera, use recordings we could film now as blackmail. I streaked through the back garden. Grabbed his camera then made my way back up the stairs.

I heard a shrill scream. I charged back into the room to a insane sight. "Guess what. He has done this before." Rick informed. Lenard still screaming. Rick had released Lenard's bound foot and his hand was completely lost up Lenard's anus! I was gob smacked. It was completely inside of him! "Quick get over here and shut him up." I ran over without thinking! And I came up with the perfect way to stop the cries. I ran the back of each forefinger along the inside of his now sweaty, hairy pits. "P, ha, ha ha ha, hahahaha, ha, ha, hahaha, ha ha!" A mixture of laughing and "Haha, s, s, st, sto, haha, ha, ha ha ha. Stop! Ha ha ha, ha, hahahaha!" orders to stop. I continued to tickle his pits as he thrashed and wailed. "Hahaha, st, st, sto, stop, hahahaha, stop!" He screamed the last word then descended back into laughter. His head was swinging side to side, being thrown left and right. As he so desperately tried to stop himself from laughing and trying to encourage me to free him. "St,t,t sto, stoppp! My, m, my assssssss!" He groaned as he tried to protest and escape his anal probing! How on God's Earth was he that loose?! He tried to raise himself off the floor but Rick swiped both his legs out from beneath him with his free arm and one leg. Lenard fell, feeling more of the intensity from Rick's fist. "Whaaa, ahahaha, ha, ha, ha, ha!" Every cry Lenard made soon defended into laughter. His armpits were exceptionally sweaty. I felt it drip onto my fingers as they ran along his pale hairy pits.

Rick pulled out his balled fist. From what I had seen he hadn't worked it round or anything. Isn't that what your supposed to do? I've never really done the kinky shit until I got with Rick. "You got anything to say?" Rick asked. I continued to tickle Lenard. "Ye, ahahaha, yeah! B, b, hahahaha, but stop tickling me!" Lenard rushed his words. I looked at Lenard, eyes tearing from laughter. Then at Rick. Then stopped. I didn't take me hands away but I stopped. Rick looked at Lenard. "Umm," "You best not fuck your dirty talk up!" Rick threatened. "Yeah, yeah, umm... Bahahahahaha!" I continued to tickle the helpless hunk. "No,no, hahahaha, no, ha, ha, ha, ha! Fist, haha, my ass!" He spat his words between laughter. I stopped. "Fist my ass, do what you want, yeah. You own me..." I cut him off by kissing his stubble coated cheek while twisting his nipples. He squirmed a little, then continued. "Yeah, that's it!" But I silenced him a second time by diving in mouth to mouth, tongues and everything! He returned it, reluctantly. Presumably to avoid anymore tickling. I continued to snog our captive while twisting and tweaking his erect red nipples. I groaned, he mimicked. That's it! I couldn't hold back any longer! My pulsating cock released its creamy hot juices over Lenard's admirable eight pack! I cried out in ecstasy! Rick chuckled, "Show us your cum dump." I moved my head creating a line of sight between Lenard and Ricardo. Lenard was confused. So Rick lifted Lens legs. Len understood. He, shamefully, raised his legs and lower back, showing off his exquisite ass. Rick then cuffed the same foot as before to the bed above, preventing any escape from this position.

While Rick checked out Lenard's hairy firm ass I wiped the remainder of cum off my bellend and onto Lenard's lips. "Swallow." I smugly ordered. Lenard's slowly licked his lips. Then brought his tongue back inside his mouth, swallowing it. With a remorseful gulp. I couldn't help but smile.

That's when Rick moved in. He began slapping Lenard's vulnerable ass then rubbing his thumbs around and along the hairy crack. Then repeating the process. I on the other hand lay on the double bed, my head beside Lenard's. I reached forward and slapped and punched his pecs and abs. Causing him to grunt, wince and writhe. Also every now and then my hand would land in the pool of dripping cum. So I would wipe it on Lenard's lips and he would be forced to lap it up. We kept doing this, causing Lenard's muscular torso to become plastered with red marks and his ass to ache. Lenard continued to squirm. But what I didn't realize was one of Rick's hands was tossing off Lenard. But he wasn't getting hard, well only a little.

Rick and I had a mutual agreement. I tickled Lenard's underarms ferociously, while Rick tossed him off and barked. "Now stop resisting! Just let yourself cum!" Lenard was crying out with laughter.

That's when I watched in delight. Lenard's enormous monster cock grow to an massive size, so it would take two hands to wank. Then his sweat, salty, sticky cum spewed over his body, our faces and all of Rick. It was incredible. Three hot sweaty bodies, blessed with this heavenly juice. "Your so busted!" I smiled as Lenard's eyes followed to where I was pointing, then widened in disbelief. The camera!

To be continued...



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