It was an average day for me. I was taking my early morning jog through the woods. Rick and I, Rick was my Portuguese next door neighbor, normally jogged together but moments ago I lost sight of him as we had raced. He was somewhere up ahead, out of view.

I wasn't a dedicated runner, yeah I did it most of the time but I didn't take it too seriously. For one we didn't follow the beaten track. There was a secluded, u trodden section of woodland behind our houses that was ideal. It was hardly ever walked through and normally if so it was stumbled upon. I didn't have running clothing either. Just a pair of faded jeans and a white v neck t shirt. The only item running related I owned were my shoes. They were expensive and specialized. Yet even with this advantageous price of equipment Rick still one.

Also the fact Rick was shorted about five foot six, and stocky with bulging muscle, he spent a lot of time on gym equipment, and me tall, six foot two, still muscly and broad but not as so.

I moved further along our unnoticeable route, we always aimed to get to the same place so I headed in that direction. Rick and I were good buddies. We both lived in detached houses, the two at the end of our road, where you could turn and double back on yourself. I was an architect and got paid big money for some of the projects I'd designed, hence why I could live in such a remote and tranquil area. While Rick was a bouncer at a high end club in one of the large cities about half an hour away. Rick would often bring back lady friends to his four bedroom Tudor styled house. As would I, only not as frequently.

Sometimes people presumed it was odd how I hung around with someone six years older than me. I was twenty two and Rick twenty eight.

As I rounded another corner I spotted something odd. It was a t shirt, blue with a tick on. It was Rick's. I glanced around. Why wad that lying around? Admittedly Rick early wore a top but he wouldn't discard it in the woodland. I took a second look and noticed another price of fabric. Shorts! Why were his shorts on the floor?! I headed in there direction. What was going on? Was Rick okay? I kept moving, but with a higher pace, my breathing more erratic. I saw his socks as I passed by.

A clearing. There he was. Rick. Stood in his boxers and trainers. He was facing the other way. The only other thing in this small leave floored clearing was a small wooden hut designed like a teepee. The entrance was almost fully out of view to me but I could just about see it was on the right of the structure. "Rick what are you doing?" I asked. "Smell this" he replied absently ignoring my question. He turned around and held out a damp handkerchief. Rick was hairless as always. I'd seen him shirtless often during workouts and when we were just hanging out. I felt confused but obliged anyway, so I could get back to my friendly interrogation.

As I leant forward Rick pushed it into my face. It smelt funny and made me feel dizzy. I tried to pull away but Rick pushed it further into my face. I grabbed his muscular arm and pushed it away. A moment later he brought it around, over my shoulder. Using his body weight to force me to the ground. I was still hazy. "Whaaa?! The hell!" I mumbled with unclear rage. Rick laughed and hushed me as he pinned he down. His body against mine.

I tried to punch Rick, I missed, he grabbed my wrist and flipped me over. He pushed my face down into the handkerchief. I passed out.

I began to stir. As I woke I tried to move. I couldn't. I tugged at something. I moved my head, I was tied up! My arms were bound above me. My legs were too! And spread out! I was inside the hut! I tried to call out then realized I'd been gagged. I let out a muffled cry as my vision returned fully. Guess what. My captor heard it.

Rick ducked back into the hut. "Hi Jack." He greeted as though nothing was wrong. I tried to shout but again it was muffled. "Don't worry," he assured me. That's when I realized. I was stripped! Down to my grey loose boxer shorts. Rick's were tight and tiger print. Rick ran his hand up my hairy muscly leg, past the solid calf and along the tensed thigh. Once he reached my abdomen he stopped. He smiled then pointed up. In the first glance I didn't see it. But then it hit me. A camera. Attached to the interior of the teepee roof. And it was recording me!

Yank. Rick yanked down my underwear to my ankles. I screamed, it was muffled again. Was Rick gay or something? "Oh and by the way, try and report me and this goes over the internet buddy." He hastily informed in his less cheery than usual voice. I was cold so my nipples were erect. Rick squeezed them. I winced and writhed. Unable to form a recognizable sound. He then ran his hands over my large hairy pecs, down my defined abs and back to my crotch. I was tanned all over. Rick then grasped my cock. It was soft. He pumped it up and down, each time his fist diving into my pubes. I was seriously thrashing now. Forcing out a inaudible roar. Rick cupped my hairy plump balls. This was so wrong! Why was he doing this? We'd been friends for so long. Why?! Why now? Why me?

"Drink this!" Rick barked. It was some liquid in a metal flask. Once I'd finished it Rick meant in. He began to kiss me. I swung my head to evade. Rick pulled away and pointed up. The camera. He meant in again, our lips locking. I hated this so much. Rick finally let go of my penis. Only to release his own bulge. Stripping down completely! Rick's cock was so thick. I'd seen it before in the gym shower but never erect! He grasped my innocent shaft once again and began working on it. Rick's warm tounge was slipping down my throat!

My dick twitched. Just a little. But then began to get harder and harder with each toss. Rick pulled out of our false embrace for a moment to smirk "Viagra in the drink." Bastard! My cock was longer, nine inches, but thinner than Rick's. His was about eight. I was starting to ooze precum. Rick pulled away again and ordered my to suck as he rammed a few of his fingers into my mouth. I paused but didn't have long to. I sucked. This was odd even for a gay fetish. After about twenty seconds. Ricks flicked his hand out, and pressed his oozing dick by my asshole. I was almost fitting. So desperate to escape. But Rick didn't push it in. He just rubbed the precum on my virgin hole.

But then he smiled. And pushed a finger into my ass. I wailed into the gag Rick had reapplied. He worked it around for a while. I though I was going to pass out! This shouldn't happen to me! What must I have looked like. Black hair on tanned skin, short on my head. Brown eyes brimming with fear and uncertainty. Sweat dribbling down my muscles, my bulging biceps tensing. And then Rick. Dark brown hair only on his head. And his ass! Sheer muscle, a ladies dream. Yet he's a cock sucker as well?!

After a short time Rick had squashed three fingers into my raw hole. Rick now pulled the out, after working them around a final time. Feeling my insides. And crawled towards my head. Pulled my gag down to my neck and...

Rammed his thick sick down my throat. I closed it to try and force the cock out, but Rick just pushed harder. He started to face fuck me. Why? The worst of all I was now his bitch! With that tape I'd have to bend over backwards for him. Literally.

SPLAT! Down my gullet. And I was disgusted myself for this thought but it didn't taste too bad. Salty, sweet and sticky. What?! Jack don't be so weird! My mind followed that thought with. Then the worst bit. A soft warm mouth engulfed my bellend, then shaft, then base. The whole dick in Ricks talented mouth. His tounge like magic on my cock. How? It must have been the Viagra.

The last thing I remember before waking up, unbound and nude in that shack with nothing but me around was blowing my load, then being drugged again.

Still in a haze, my nude, cold, violated body stumbled home, wondering what would happen next?

To be continued....



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