I hate Sunday dinners. Yet, here I'm (trapped) having dinner with my dad, mom, and big sister.

Because dad is a televised reverend, my family acts like they are God's chosen-as if they can be saved.

'Troy Evans Jr., on your 18th birthday, you will serve as my apprentice,' dad said to me.

'That's great dad,' I lied. This is ridiculous. I'm only 17 and dad has already planned my future.

I even have dad's smooth mocha skin, short wavy brown hair, brown eyes, and swimmer's build.

Despite our paternal resemblance, my dad and I share no loving bond.

His love for me depends on my serving God as a reverend-but how can a gay man serve God?

When I think about telling my family about my attraction to men-I recall dad's sermon on sexuality.

'Church, God intended for a man to lay with a woman. Only animals are homosexuals,' dad preached.

Dad's words chill my 'primitive' soul. Yet, I cannot voice my pain. Family peace is more important.

Unlike me, dad unconditionally loves my big sister, Marissa. Dad allows sis to pursue her own dreams.

'Family, let's honor, Marissa. Tomorrow, she begins her college studies. We are so proud!' dad praised.

Dad has always seen Marissa as an 18 year old angel.

Truly, she is a slut who seduces men with her bronze skin, brown eyes, dark curly hair, and full breasts.


I found out Marissa's secret identity last Sunday while we were in church.

While dad gave his sermon from the pulpit, I watched Marissa ride a stranger's cock in the basement. The guy was Melvin-a former prison inmate who lives in the local halfway house.

Also, Melvin is my secret crush. Each Sunday, I marvel at Melvin's dark chocolate skin.

I felt envious watching sis achieve a multiple orgasm from riding Melvin's long black dick.

Thankfully, Marissa never saw me watching her-but Melvin knew that I was there.

'I know you were watching us, shorty,' he said with a sly smile.

Although, I tried to deny my presence, Melvin refused to listen. Instead, he whispered.

'You know, that's why I was arrested. I like fucking little boys like you.'

I'm sure that Melvin made that statement to play with me. He's not a child molester.

Still, my asshole aches to feel Melvin's rod. He would be the 1st guy-1st person that I've ever had.


Sigh. Melvin would not be interested in me. Guys like him only love pretty girls-like Marissa.

Just like dad loves Marissa more than me. He believes only the best about her.

'Marissa, your mom and I have to attend a late church meeting, please watch your little brother.'

I want to protest-Dad, I'm 17 years old, I do not need a nanny-Instead, I sigh, 'Have a great time.'

Minutes after my parents leave, Marissa searches dad's liquor cabinet for a bottle of Grey Goose.

She walks into the kitchen to chill the bottle in the freezer. Then, she makes a phone call.

'Yeah daddy, my parents are gone for a meeting. Please come over. I'll be a good girl,' she whined.

Hmm. I bet she's talking with Melvin. I wonder how sis is able to manipulate both dad and Melvin.


While Marissa takes a shower, I hear the doorbell ring.

'Marissa, get the doorbell,' I screamed. However, she cannot hear me over the water.

So, I answer the door-wearing only tight white boxers, which snugly fit my apple shaped booty.

'Hi, Melvin,' I answered with a smile.

'Damn!' he remarked at seeing my smooth mocha chest, slender legs/arms, and firm ass cheeks.

Similarly, my nipples erect when I see his light brown eyes, circle shaped bald head, and sexy goatee.

He looks damn good for a guy in his late 20's/early 30's. His sexy swagger makes me want to cream.

Melvin is so powerful. His 5'10 muscular stature easily dwarfs my 5'9 slender frame.

'Come in, Melvin. I know that my sister is waiting for you,' I smiled.

After he enters the house, I turn my back on Melvin so that I may lock the door.

Unexpectedly, Melvin pushes me against the door like I'm a petty criminal and he's the big policeman.

His strong black hands cuffs my wrists behind me.

From feeling his breath lightly blowing on my neck-my 5' dick springs to life.

'You look damn good, shorty,' Melvin whispered in my ear.

'Melvin, let me go before my sister comes in,' I falsely pleaded.

He responds by spinning me into a deep kiss. Tasting his juicy brown lips makes my black dick throb.

'I told you last time, shorty-I'm gonna split ya ass-just like I did your sister's pussy,' he threatened.

'But what about my sister...' I said.

'Fuck that bitch,' he barked. 'Pussy doesn't compare to taking a young boy's tight asstwat.'

I wrap my arms around Melvin as he gently sucks on my nipples while squeezing my soft cushion.

As good as this feels, I wonder-'Melvin, what do you mean taking a young man's tight asstwat?'

'What the fuck do you think I mean,' he snapped. 'I told you, I love little boys.'

Immediately, my body grows numb as I finally realize that this dude is a CHILD MOLESTER!

In a flash, I hear my sister walking down the stairs. I slip out of Melvin's fierce embrace.

'Hi Melvin,' Marissa said.

WOW! Sis looks grown and sexy from wearing a slutty red mini dress that reveals her 42-49-40 size.

She's not even wearing a bra, I thought as my brown eyes hopelessly stare at Marissa's brown nipples.

I look away as the 2 share a kiss, which infuriates me.

Sis thinks that her stank pussy can control all men.

Maybe, I will remain quiet about the child molester. It should be fun to watch him abuse her slutty cunt.


Alone in my bedroom, my mocha body still longs for Melvin's touch.

'But he rapes little kids. What the hell am I thinking,' I said to the air.

Still, my right hand touches my soft brown lips-imaging Melvin kissing me-I WANT HIM.

Downstairs, I hear Marissa's light laughter, 'Ohhhh Melvin! Kiss me just like that!'

Oddly, her soft voice causes my dick to harden. I creep downstairs, hiding behind the stairway wall.

I quickly see a half empty bottle of Grey Goose beside 2 glasses. 1 is full the other empty.

'Yeah! Yeah!' Marissa whined.

As her pretty head drunkenly waves in the air, Melvin's full lips suck on her puffy areolae.

'Yeah! Ohh Yeah!' sis squealed as Melvin's left index/middle fingers rubs inside her pink clit.

Seeing Melvin take full advantage of Marissa's church girl pussy, makes me crave his large black dick.

'You like it, baby?' Melvin asked.

'Yeah, daddy! Yeah!' sis moaned.

Melvin stands up from the couch to take off his clothes.

Damn! That brotha's body is banging, I lustfully smiled.

Melvin's dark chocolate build is packed with muscles and tattoos.

On his right pec is a tattoo of Jesus and on the left pec are 2 doves in mid flight.

A picture of the Holy Cross is tattooed on his 6-pack stomach.

I lick my soft lips while staring at Melvin's swollen biceps/triceps.

A Valentine's heart is on each bicep. The left heart lists the name Frank and the right reads Gladys.

I assume that those are his parents' names.

Although Melvin's dark chocolate body is gorgeous, his uncircumcised black dick is truly amazing.

He has to have at least 9 inches and its still soft.

As my brown eyes make love to his body, I'm stunned when Melvin catches me hiding on the stairs.

While we stare at each other, he seductively licks his brown lips. Then, he slyly smiles and turns to sis.

'Girl, open your legs,' Melvin ordered Marissa.

Kneeling before her, I notice that a tattoo of Mother Mary covers his chiseled black back.

'Oh! Oh!' sis moaned as his red tongue enters her twat.

I grab my dick while watching Melvin suck on sis' juicy pussy lips.

'You taste so sweet, girl,' he moaned.

Marissa legs fly in the air as Melvin's tongue probes her clit.

'Don't stop. Please don't stop!' sis whined.

Marissa sucks on her bronze shaded nipples as Melvin renews finger popping her tender pussy.

'It feels so good!'

'You like that shit, girl?' he asked.

'Yes! I'm gonna cum, Melvin!' she said.

'That's right, momma. Cum on daddy's tongue,' he said.

Marissa's body tenses as she heaves.

'Oh, Melvin! I'm cumming! I'M CUMMING!!!'


Melvin's bubble butt slaps Marissa in the face.

'Lick my asshole, girl!' he ordered her.

Briefly, I can see my sister's disgust-yet, when Melvin's chunky booty slaps her again-she opens wide.

While jerking my dick, I think about how beautiful Melvin's ass is as it juggles on sis' sweet tongue.

Marissa moans as Melvin twists his phat ass on her tongue.

That's right, make sure that she eats each shitty crumb, I silently cheered.

Just then, the phone rings. Marissa answers while her tongue lathers Melvin's juicy ass hole.

It's my parents telling her that they will be home later than expected.

As Marissa responds that all is well, Melvin slams his round ass on her pretty face.

With her mouth full, Melvin turns to me and smile. He is enjoying me watch my sister's humiliation.

I wonder how dad would react if he saw his little girl slurping a child molester's chunky booty.

'Dad, I have to go. Everything is fine. I love you, too,' she quickly said.

After concluding the call, sis intensely munches Melvin's ass-causing her spit to drip from his hole.

I swiftly bring myself to a soft orgasm as Marissa's delicate hands separates Melvin's thick ass cheeks.

'Yes! God, Yes!' I whispered as my dick explodes on the stairs.

Melvin smugly grins as I climax. To excite him more, I lick the cum off my hand.


As I hide inside my bedroom, Marissa invites Melvin into her room.

I can hear Marissa's bed springs squeak as Melvin's dick slaps her pussy.

'Ahhhhhh!!!! Yeah!!!!' Marissa wailed.

'I'm in there, girl. Take my mawfuckin dick!' he yelled.

When I peek inside her bedroom, I'm amazed to see Melvin fucking Marissa's doggy style.

'FUCK ME!' sis whined.

'You like that, little girl. You like my balls bouncing against your wet twat?'

'Yeeaaahhh,' sis moaned.

He looks over to me peeping in the room. Our eyes connect in lust.

'Bitch, moan louder!' he ordered my sister.

'AH! AH! AH!' sis cried.

He wants me to be turned on, I realized.

'Keep screaming, bitch!' he commanded.

Melvin digs his dick deeper inside of Marissa's clit while his right middle finger pokes her asshole.

'OH! AHHHH! OHH!' she screamed.

From watching sis grind her wet snatch into his dick, I know that she is a total freak!

'Shake that ass on my dick, girl,' he commanded.

Just like a dog, Marissa pops her coochie on Melvin's black cock.

'Who's pussy is this girl?' Melvin asked.


'You damn right,' he said.

Melvin straightens Marissa's back so that the 2 kiss while he breaks down her pussy walls.

'Oh Melvin! Yeah! You are going to make me cum, again!' sis cried.

However, Melvin doesn't stop-he just fucks Marissa harder/faster.

'HAUH! HAUH! HAUH!'sis screeched.

His dick punishes sis' clit until a puddle of water gushes from her legs and lands on the bed.

'HUYAH!!!!!!!!!!!' she whined in pleasure.


After watching Marissa cum, my dick is ROCK HARD. But I have to take a piss before I masturbate.

'Blubbablubba' was the sound my piss makes hitting the toilet water.

After I finish, Melvin walks into the bathroom. His naked dark chocolate body smells like pussy.

'Yo man, what the hell are you doing?' I asked.

Melvin cages me between his muscular dark arms and the white porcelain sink.

He tempts me by rubbing his hard dick on mine.

'You enjoyed the show, shorty?'

I look away-trying to fake like I'm innocent.

'I'm tired of you playing games. How you gonna act like you wasn't watching me fuck your sister?'

I shrug my shoulder and he responds by knuckle popping me in the lips.

While I'm startled by his reaction, I'm strangely turned on.

'Now, I'm gonna ask you again, shorty. Why do you keep playing games? You know you want me.'

'I'm sorry,' I meekly whisper.

'You what? Say it louder.'

'I'm sorry,' I said.

'Damn right.'

Melvin places his fully brown lips on my bruised buttons. For some reason, I feel like such a faggot.

Why am I acting so passive? Why do I allow this dark chocolate man to abuse me? Why do I like it?

'Stand in the tub,' Melvin ordered me.

Having no will of my own, I do as I'm told.

'Kneel in the tub, shorty.'

What does he have planned? I wondered.

Sitting in the tub, I'm surprised when Melvin points his semi hard dick in my direction.

In a flash-Melvin's dick shoots piss on my innocent face.

'Open your mouth, boy!'

Not wanting to make him mad, I timidly open my mouth and guzzle down his bitter yellow water.

'Dang! You like the taste, shorty?'

I shake my head yes-while not missing a single drop.

Melvin halts his piss and asks me to turn around. Like a good doggie, I comply.

Shockingly, I can feel his piss trickle between my smooth mocha cheeks.

Along with the sound of his piss spitting on my nubile body-the room fills with his vulgar laughter.

'Dang! Shorty. You are the first person that I've ever done this to. Did you like it?'

I look at my piss covered body-I look him in the eye, 'I loved it. Please give me more.'

Upon hearing my confession, Melvin's black dick mushrooms to its full 9.5' long x 9' cir.

He walks closer to me and smacks me in the face with his mighty hammer.

'Now, you are my bitch and I'm your masta,' he said while slapping me with his monster cock.

I love the intense pain that he gives me.

'Answer me, Bitch,' he ordered slapping his dick in my eye.

'Yes, Masta. Please let me suck your dick,' I pleaded.

'Suck it then, Bitch.'

On my 1st time tasting dick, I fall in love. My tongue enjoys its meaty taste/heavy weight/musky smell.

'Yeah, boy. Clean your sister's pussy off my dick. She taste good, doesn't she?'

I nod my head yes. I love the pleasure in giving Melvin control over my young body.

'Damn, shorty. You suck my dick like a pro. How did you get so good?'

My mouth is too full to respond-Instead, my tongue glides up/down his shaft.

'oh hell yeah!' Melvin growled.


Sis knocks on the locked bathroom door.

'Melvin, are you ok?' she asked.

'I'm good, girl. I just gotta take a shit and a shower. Give me a minute,' he lied.

'Ok,' sis said.

Upon hearing the rejection in her voice, I feel more sexually charged.

Poor Marisa. Your stank pussy can't have everything, I thought.

Suddenly, Melvin turns on the hot water-cleansing my body of his GOLDEN piss.

He joins me in the tub. He stands behind me, sucking on my neck, as his dick presses inside my ass.

While the hot water rains on us, I lean on the wall-allowing Melvin to better penetrate me.

Without warning, Melvin abruptly pushes the full length of his black dick inside of me.

'AHHH!!!' I screamed.

'Shut the fuck up, Bitch. If you say a single damn word, I will tell your dad that you are a faggot.'

Oh no! My dad must never know about me. I have no other choice but to give Melvin my sweet cherry.

'Give me that pussy, shorty!' Melvin ordered.

His dick invades my aching asstwat. He brings me intense pain-yet, I strangely feel pleasure.

'I see you, boy. Your ass loves getting broken in.'

In this moment, Dad's support is meaningless to me-as long as Melvin fucks me-I am beautiful.

'Dang! Your ass is soooooo tight! What the fuck!!!'

He long strokes my poor brown eye until tears slide down my face.

'Don't cry, shorty. Just enjoy the ride.'

Melvin grabs my shoulders so that I cannot move. Then, he slams his dick in me HARDER.

Despite my groans of pain, Melvin will not let me go. He loves to torture me with his big dick.

My dick swings from side to side as Melvin transforms my tight ass into a water dripping snatch.

'Oh shit! I'm gonna cum in ya ass,' he wheezed.

'Please, Masta. Please bless me with your cum,' I begged.

Melvin moves faster/harder/Faster/Harder/FASTER/HARDER-until he screams in pleasure, 'OOOO!'

Ha!-I smiled in triumph. Unlike Marissa, Melvin has cum inside of me. Thank you, Jesus.


I leave the shower as Melvin washes my scent off. Thankfully, I didn't shit on his dick.

After I pat myself dry with a towel, I slide my left thumb inside my aching hole.

Damn! I can still feel his cum swimming inside of my ass. I must have MORE.

I decide to surprise my Masta by getting on all fours.

Melvin turns off the shower and steps outside the tub.

Upon seeing me in a doggy style position, he asked-'What the hell?'

'Fuck me, Masta,' I said stirring my hips-making my apple shaped ass bounce in the air.

'Damn, son. You are addikted,' Melvin said.

He kneels behind me and pushes his HARD black dick inside of me.

'Ah! Ah!' I yelped.

'Be quiet, Bitch. I'll fuck you, but I don't want your sister to hear.'

I wonder is this what he tells all the little boys. I wonder do they cry/do they ask God for help.

'Tell me, Melvin,' I said between breaths.

'Tell you what, Bitch?'

'Tell me what the little boys do when you fuck them? Do they like getting fucked?

He stops moving for 1 second, 'Dang, Bitch! You are a nasty HO!'

Melvin resumes fucking me with a rougher/brutal rhythm.

As I take deep breaths in silence, Melvin's dark hairy balls pummel my ass.

Again, I wonder how did those little boys handle Melvin's black monster cock?

I wonder were they like me-did they eventually learn to love his dick?

I wonder did they cum as Melvin broke their baby colon.

Eerily, these questions burn within me like an inferno.

'Yes Melvin!' I whistled.

His left hand grabs my dick while his right chokes my neck.

YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! I scream inside as Melvin short strokes my asstwat.

Melvin jerks my hard cock with his left hand-while still choking me.

'Oh SHIT!' I accidentally screamed as my cum gushes on the floor.

But Melvin isn't done-'I told you to be quiet, shorty,' he said.

With both hands, he chokes the life out of me.

Sweat forms around his brow-falling on my back-as he fucks me deeper/harder/Deeper/Harder/DEEP!

'Now, you gonna get my nut, shorty. TAKE MY NUT!!!!' he screamed.


In the bathroom, I lay my head on top of Melvin's strong dark chest as minutes pass by.

After cumming inside of me 2 times, Melvin passionately kisses me.

'Remember, you are my BITCH,' he said.

I nod my head yes-WANTING MORE.

However, Melvin quickly leaves the house. He doesn't kiss sis goodbye.

The poor girl is heartbroken while I hide my sinister smile.

Near midnight, My parents arrive home. Dad wonders who drunk his bottle of Grey Goose.

Marissa is tongue tied. I feel sorry for the naive girl.

'Marissa, why didn't you tell dad that your girlfriends stopped by to give you a toast?'

'Oh that's wonderful, Marissa. You are so popular,' dad cheered.

Poor pathetic fools.

While Marissa cleans up, I run into my room.

As I wrap my bed covers around me, I wonder will I ever see Melvin again.

Even, if this was a 1 time only event-I will always appreciate him.

Melvin made it very clear-I belong to him not God.




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