Man, I feel (trapped) at this family dinner.

All around me my family sits tense while eating in silence.

At the head of the table, Dad wears a scowl while at the other end Mom sits with pursed lips.

Both stare hatchets at their oldest child-my sister Marissa.

Neither approves of 19 year old Marissa dating a 27 year old ex-con living in a halfway house.

And the bitch had the nerve to bring the negro to dinner, I snickered.

"Troy Evans, Jr. is there a problem?" Mom said to me between clenched teeth.

"No ma'am," I winced, hoping to remain an audience member of this drama.

Thank God that my parents are not breathing down my neck tonight.

Typically, Dad is always nagging me with, "Troy you will be an excellent preacher just like me."

Since I was born, Dad always expected me to walk in his footsteps by being a Baptist preacher.

I want to tell him stop predicting my future. I am only 16. Let me decide who I want to be.

I feel so much pressure to constantly please him....but honestly....I hate Dad in every way.

Sigh....not even my looks are my own, I frowned.

Just like dad, I have mocha skin, short wavy brown hair, brown eyes, and a swimmer's build.

However, unlike me, Marissa can do no wrong. She can go to college to study music-MUSIC!

The bitch has a voice like a frog and the only instrument she plays is her bronze 42-29-40 frame.

Still, Dad has no problem in spending money on her lack of talent.

But I am getting even..... I know a secret about Precious Marissa's boyfriend....Melvin.

His dark chocolate skin and 5'10" height makes him look "all man."

Wouldn't sis be surprised by learning that her thug boyfriend has dicked me down...TWICE!


1 month ago, Dad and Mom left sis and I home alone.

Like the nasty cunt she is, Marissa invited Melvin over.

While she got dressed for their date, I answered the door wearing only tight white boxers.

"Damn!" Melvin whistled at seeing my smooth mocha chest, slender legs/arms, and firm ass.

His light brown eyes especially stared at my apple shaped booty and thick juicy brown lips.

Similarly, I was turned on by his circle shaped bald head, and sexy goatee.

Before I knew it he pushed me against the door and locked my wrists behind me.

When I felt his tongue in my mouth, I felt my (then) virgin hole pulse with life.

He even humiliated sis for me. As I hid out of sight, Melvin had the bitch lick his bubble butt.

Marissa looked pitiful as her tongue lathered his chocolate hairy hole.

When the two were done, I met him in the bathroom and he took my black cherry.

Thank you God! I cheered when I felt that nigga shoot his cum in my ass After he fucked me like I was whore in the shower, he fucked me again doggy style on the floor.

Oh Lord, I just want to have that nigga in my asshole and make it his pussy, I silently prayed.

With that thought, I could feel my 5' dick springs to life.


But that was some time ago and I have not had sex with anyone since, I frowned.

No one finds me attractive....I am not Marissa.

At the table, when I look Melvin in his light brown eyes, he looks away and holds sis' left hand.

This makes Dad and Mom appear even more if at any moment they will shank him.

Suddenly, the tension is broke by Marissa dramatically taping her glass.

"I have an announcement" she gushed with a smile that made her resemble an AIDS ridden cat.

"Melvin and I are moving in together tomorrow," she brightly beamed.

At this point, I am waiting for Dad to yell....scream...or call upon the Holy Ghost in vengeance.

Instead....crickets......then, Dad wheezed, "Marissa, your mother and I need to talk with you."

The three walk off in the study and close the door...leaving me alone with Melvin.

Lord, thank you for this moment of being alone with the man I love.

I wonder will my Boo tell me how much he misses much he loves only me.

Finally, our two eyes connect as I breathlessly hope to see his handsome dimples....

"What the fuck you look at you nasty faggot?" Melvin snapped at me.

What? What did he say? My Boo could not have been talking to me.

"I said what the fuck you looking at you nasty faggot nigga?" he said between gritted teeth.

My mind goes blank as Melvin's beautiful light brown eyes stare at me with such intense anger.

God, why is he talking to me like that....unlike my family....I thought he loved me...

Feeling rejected, my brown eyes look down at the brown oak square table.

In the other room, Dad whined, "Marissa, think how this will affect my social standing."

"Faggot, hey Faggot," Melvin snickered attempting to get my attention.

I look at him with such hurt and pity.

"What, you mad?" he said with a pure evil smile....not caring that he has humiliated me.

"Come here."

In disbelief, I sit in my chair praying for this moment to end.

"Seriously, come here Faggie," Melvin said with a grin that reveals his handsome dimples.

I don't know why....but I actually walk over to him as he turned his chair around to face me.

Although Melvin is sitting in his chair, I can see a large growth in his tan khakis.

"Pull your pants down, Shawty," Melvin said with a sly grin and a glare of evil in his light eyes.

I stand in front of awe...."You can't be serious...everyone is right in the other room."

Like lightning, Melvin stands from his seat and uses his right hand to knuckle punch my face.

"Faggot, I told you pull down your fucking pants...NOW NIGGA!" he ordered.

"Oww!!!!" I cried holding my aching head. Despite my pain, I don't want to make him mad...

I unbuckle my belt so that my pants fall down around my suede green loafers.

"Whowee!" Melvin squealed upon seeing my thick phat ass dressed in green bikini briefs.

"Damn! You stacked just like your sister," Melvin said and licked his sexy full lips.

"Strip nigga!" he barked.

"Wh-What" I stuttered. "Melvin...are you sure...I mean...."

Melvin balls up both of his fists as the look of anger returns.....

OH LORD! I silently screamed.

Slowly, I kick off my shoes, remove my green shirt and white t-shirt and....underwear.

I stand in front of him...feeling embarrassed...and so ashamed....

A small breeze lands on my hairless chest causing my nipples to ripen.

Melvin stands up to place his muscular dark hands on my firm booty.

I can't believe he is touching me like this while my parents are in the other room.

Overhead, I hear Mom plead, "Marissa, think about your future."

A part of me is scared and my body is tense, but when Melvin slaps my ass, "WHAP!" I submit.

Melvin pulls me in for a deep bear hug.

I wrap my slender arms around him as he gently kisses my neck.

"ooo" I moaned as my hole gets wet from Melvin rubbing his goatee against my face.

Melvin 5'10 chocolate stature easily shadows my 5"9 slender mocha frame.

"Why you fronting, Shawty?" He asked while squeezing my apple cushion.

He whispered in my ear, "You know that's why I got put in jail...I like taking little boys cherry."

Melvin is a filthy child molester...yet, I want him....I want his big dick in my tight little asstwat.

"Marissa, think! This man is nothing but a filthy animal" Dad screamed behind the locked door.

As the three talk in another room, my naked slender body is bent over the dining room table.

Behind me, Melvin stands with his pants zipper open revealing his erect 9.5" long x 9" cir. cock.

I am completely a stream of precum falls from my erected 5" dick.

Lord, what is this man going to do to me?

He licks his left middle finger, places it between my ass cheeks, and sticks it in his mouth.

"You taste good. Are you ready?"

Ready...what does he me-suddenly , Melvin pushes his large black dick directly in my ass.

"ehhh!" I lowly yelped in pain as my eyes fill with water.

He leans over to whisper in my ear, "You say anything nigga, I'm a tell your Dad!"

"Oh no! Please don't tell Dad," I whispered.

Melvin only responds by pushing his hard black dick deeper inside of me.

When all I feel are his hairy balls against my legs, I start uncontrollably crying.

How is this happening? How could this strong nigga rape me as my parents do nothing?

Shockingly, my thin body quivers when Melvin juicy lips kiss my frozen back.

His 9.5" dick goes in and out in and out in and out in and out faster-Faster-FASTER.

When I attempt to scamper away, Melvin's strong hands pins my narrow waist to the table.

Lord, please help me, I prayed.

But no one is coming to help me. My parents are too enraptured in Marissa's distress.

"Dad, why can't you see that Melvin loves me and would never hurt me," she wailed.

Melvin's heavy breathing takes my attention.

His massive dick continually forces me open...tearing down my tight ass hole like it was paper.

I am so lost at how in 1 minute I could pray for God to bring Melvin to me. that he is here....raping me......Lord, please help me take this pain!!!!

As his balls loudly pop against my ass, my hands desperately hold on to the table.

"That's right nigga!" Melvin said while thrusting his dick inside of me.

"This pussy feels so good when you fight back!"

My hole aches even more when Melvin stirs his hips....his dick is hitting all sides of my walls.

"eheheheh! Melvin, it's so big! Please Melvin!" I said with a slowly rising voice.

"Take the dick!" he ordered.

In order to drown out my rising voice, Melvin stuffs white dinner napkins in my mouth.

I'm not sure how much I can take....but he don't care....LORD HELP ME!!!!!

Just when I want to yell, I heard Dad, "Fine, I agree with you to move in with him."

"What?" Marissa asked in wonder.

"Yes you can move in with him, but we choose the apartment." Dad said.

"We will even pay your rent as long as we can stop by your apartment at any time," Mom said.

"OH! Thank you Mom and Dad!" Marissa cheered.

WAIT! I cannot believe this...just like always my parents give Marissa exactly what she wants.

Rage unexpectedly fills my heart...I want revenge against sis...and there is only one way....

I take a deep breath and move my hands to spread my mocha ass cheeks open.

"Fuck me, Melvin. Fuck my pussy!" I ordered.

"You ready for me now," Melvin grinned with a sly smile.

"Yes! I want you to take my ass!" I ordered

"BAP! BAP! BAP BAP!" was the sound his balls made as his 9.5 black cock pounds my ass.

Melvin removes his right hand from my waist as I twerk my brown apple bottom on his dick.


"SLAP!" was the sound of his right hand hitting my ass.


"Yeah Nigga!" I cheered. "Fuck this pussy harder Nigga!"


"Damn your ass is better than your sister's pussy," Melvin said while giving me his dick.


"That's right Nigga! Fuck me good!" I moaned while twerking my ass like a nasty lil faggot.


"Im'a cum! Im'a cum in your pussy!" Melvin squirmed.


"Yeah man!" I smiled while swiveling my ass. "Yeah nigga! Take this ass!"

Melvin painfully wraps both of his dark muscular hands around my waist

"AWWW SHIT SHAWTY IM'A CUM!" he moaned loudly not giving a damn who hears him.

My parents are so happy for Marissa that they do notice the smell lingering in the dining room.

No one cares that the room smells of a strong nigga fucking a young boy's asstwat.

Dad doesn't care that his only son just got raped by a child molester.

"Thank you so much, Reverend Evans," Melvin said with a shuck and a jive.

While sis' piggy cheeks are a glow with victory....once again, she has our parents on a hook.

I leave the room for privacy in the upstairs bathroom.

As I sit on the toilet, I am sad to feel Melvin's cum drip out of my former tight asshole.

It feels so good to have a grown man love my me.

"Unlike you Dad," I whispered.

A week passes. I lay in my bed angry that Dad has signed me up for summer bible camp.

Eventually, I have to tell Dad that his disrespect has to stop....but how do I say that?

Mom walks by my room, "Troy, go to your sister's house and help Melvin move in."

The thought of being with Melvin again...and remembering his fierce touch....

"Mom, I don't want to," I whined.

"Troy go! Melvin could use the help since Marissa has class tonight."

Sigh...I want to tell Mom the truth...I want to tell her how Melvin uses young boys like.

But if I tell her, she won't believe me...and she would only be more concerned about Marissa.

Instead, I walk to their apartment. Immediately, I see Melvin directing the moving men.

He is wearing timberlands, black shorts, and a wife beater shirt While Melvin has a small bit of fat around the sides, his body is ripped with muscles and tattoos.

I am mesmerized when seeing his biceps/triceps.

A Valentine's heart is on each bicep with his parents' name.

The left heart lists the name Frank and the right heart reads Gladys.

Few specks of dark brown hair cover his legs.

On the left shin, I can see a Chinese symbol 和平 (peace) and the right shin reads 战争 (war).

"Damn," I whispered...his touch was so brutal...yet, when he touches me I feel so alive.

"Hey Sweet T, you gonna keep watching me or get to work?" he mockingly said.

The moving men laugh....laugh at me....I feel so embarrassed.

After we unload their stuff, Melvin pays the men.

"Your father is a good provider," he said to me....I cannot believe Dad paid for this too.

Melvin welcomes me into his new apartment and locks the door. I feel tired from all of the work.

"You need to take a shower," he said to me.

"Why?" I asked with fear in my voice.

Oh no, what does he have planned? I thought Melvin only flexes his sly dimples and hands me a towel.

Finished with my shower, I step out of the tub. Melvin walks in and sees me completely naked.

"What do you want?" I said with fear....and my voice.

My naked slender mocha body stands drenched with water.

His light eyes stare at my narrow hairless chest...causing my nipples to stiffen and 5" to rise.

"Nuttin, I'm sorry. Let me give you some privacy," he said with sincerity and walks out.

Once again, I am in shock. Did Melvin just me....?

Quickly, I dry off and wear his blue terry cloth robe.

I walk to the terrace. There, Melvin sits with his shirt off.

My brown eyes lovingly dance on his firm dark chest.

On his right pec is a tattoo of Jesus and on the left pec are 2 doves in mid flight.

A picture of the Holy Cross is tattooed on his 6-pack stomach.

This man's body is so amazing.

"Come here Sweet T. Sit beside me."

I wonder about this change in his behavior...Why is he nice now?

His breath smells of steel reserve....which, strangely, makes me crave his lips on mine.

We sit in silence with him finishing his beer.

Without cue Melvin said, "I'm real sorry how ya Dad treats you."

"Wh-what?" I said tripping over my own words.

"Man, you gotta be blind to see how he treats you and your sister differently."

Finally! Someone besides me sees Dad's intolerance.

"I'm sorry he treats you like dat......But I love you, Sweet T," he said.

Our eyes connect and before I know it his soft juicy lips are pressed against mine.

In this moment, as this thug nigga kisses me...I feel so in love.

Melvin pulls away to answer his vibrating phone in another room in the living room.

I just don't in one moment Melvin can be so cruel...yet, so loving the next.

Melvin returns, "Hey, your sister will be home late and I...could use your help."

His light brown eyes reflect concern and sadness.

"Sure Melvin, What's up?" I innocently asked.

"Well....," he said with a sigh.

"In order for me to live with your sister and pretty much live my life, I have to be nice."

"Nice to who?"

"Nice to my parole officer and I need your help," he said.

"Umm sure. What can I do."

After I made that statement, I instantly notice a sly grin across Melvin's face.

I sit on the coach...only wearing Melvin's blue terry cloth robe....quivering with nervousness.

Man, I can't believe I agreed to meet Melvin's parole officer....with my clothes off!

With that statement, a smile appears on my face...Troy, you sure have done it now, I grinned.

The doorbell rings breaking my thought. Melvin answers as I sit in the living room. I can hear...

"How you doin man," Melvin said.

"Busy man with making money, but all is good," a baritone voice answered.

I hear the two men's hands "CLAP" in a sound of brotherly hello.

"So...." the baritone voice man asked, "Where the honey?"

"In the living room waiting for you, my nigga!"

The two laugh....the sound of their laughter stabs me like little needles throughout my body.

"Dude, if he anything like his sister...."

"He better," Melvin swiftly said.

The two walk into the living room where I sit stiff as a board.

The baritone voice man says hi and introduces himself as "Raulo."

I stand and shake his hand...noticing his crooked smile.

He is an older looking dark skinned gentleman with a shape up and a lean muscular frame.

We sit on the coach...he sits on one end and I sit on the other....

"Why you so far away," Raulo said.

I nervously laugh, "I'm sorry." I pull closer to him and say, "I've never done this before."

We talk some more. Raulo has been a parole officer for 12 years.

He explains how he likes to help people turn their lives around...I find him to be a nice guy.

Suddenly, I notice that we 2 are alone........ "Where's Melvin?"

"He probably in another room," Raulo answered. "But you hear with me now. Is that ok?"

My brown eyes connect with his pitch black lens...and I smile..."Yes."

"Besides, I got something for you," Raulo said pulling into his denim jeans pocket.

He pulls out a small round bottle that is tinted brown with a marble on the bottom.

"What's that?" I asked.

"It's Jungle Juice."

On the coach, Raulo sits with his huge black cock standing in the air.

I remove the robe and squat in front of him. With my face close to his dick, I instantly laugh.

"What's so funny?" he smiled.

"Your dick is so big. It takes up my entire face," I smiled.

We laugh...Raulo opens the bottle of Jungle Juice and places the bottle against his nose.

I wonder what that feels like....Raulo's dick responds by growing stiffer.

Awkwardly, I kiss his dick and massage his hairy balls.

"Hey, I really don't like my balls to be touched," Raulo said.

"I'm sorry," I said upset that I made him uncomfortable.

Hoping to make him happy, I open my wet mouth to devour his piece in a big gulp.

"Yo!" Raulo said interrupting my meal. "Sweet T! Slow down."

"I'm sorry. I've never sucked a dick before," I said with a smile.

He returns to inhaling the substance in the bottle....while I close my eyes and kiss his tip.

I love his taste...although he is an older guy....his dick tastes so good and thick.

Unexpectedly, Raulo places the Jungle Juice against my left nostril and closes my right.


Immediately, I feel my heart racing and the room spinning...but his dick is still in my mouth.

My face feels like it is burning and my ears are quickly drumming.

I feel completely disoriented....yet, I lovingly swallow Raulo's manhood...slowly...gently.

As if it is the only thing to bring peace and calm into my life.

I move my head in a slow circular motion gradually taking in each and every inch.

"That's right Sweet T! Take your time," Raulo said.

He places the Jungle Juice against my right nostril and closes my left.


Again the room spins....but...the taste of Raulo's black dick in my mouth...its delicious!

I slowly go up and down its spine...loving the taste...wanting his dick to love me.

"That's it! Ooo you suck dick better than your sister," Raulo cheered.

WOW! What did he say?????


While my eyes are closed, I bob my head up and down up and down on his big dick.

He caresses my head...not wanting me to speed...but wanting me to enjoy the taste.

"You like the way my dick tastes, baby?" Raulo asked.

I nod my head yes as his cock fills my mouth.

He inhales more Jungle Juice as I rotate my head on his throbbing cock.

I've never felt this way before.....not even with's like I am discovering sex.


Raulo begins to pump his cock in my mouth....and I hungrily feed like a bitch thirsty for cock.

Without words, Raulo places a wet substance in my asshole.

I open my eyes and I see that there is a bottle of lotion in his hands...where did it come from?

Nonetheless, my mouth gently massages his dick....taking it all in and not missing an inch.


My heart quickly paces again...yet...oddly, this feeling makes me wave my brown apple.

When I feel Raulo's middle finger in my ass, I open my eyes in shock.

Oh Lord, is he going to take my ass?

With that thought, I can feel my body tense from fear...I don't want to feel pain.

"You all right?" Raulo asked with his right middle finger deep in my hole.

My mouth sadly let's go of his black cock..."I'm ok. Just don't hurt me."

Raulo smiles and kisses my lips. "I won't hurt you, baby."

I feel like everything is going so fast...almost as if I looking at myself outside of my body.

However, this feels so right.

Having this older black man passionately kissing me....wanting me...treating me as if I matter.

"Would you like the bottle?" Raulo asked handing me the Jungle Juice.

I turn away from him and sit on my knees like a begging dog so that he may finger poke me.


Man, Jungle Juice feels so good!


Raulo has three fingers in my tight asshole and kisses my neck with such love.


"You gonna give me some of that pussy?" he asked.


I sit on all 4s bouncing my brown apple in the air...wanting Raulo to fuck me!


Raulo lays his thick black monster on my mocha bunns.

He is enjoying my ass smothering his dick.

Raulo points his blunt tool directly in my ass.

As he pushes his phat black dick inside of my suffering hole, I take a deep hit.


My face is a blaze and my ear drums pound...but Raulo's dick is deep inside of me...I smile.

Raulo grabs my hips thrusting his black dick deep inside of my hole.

"ooooooo" I moaned in pleasure....wanting this dick more than life itself.

Maybe it's the juice...maybe it's that Raulo is an older man...but this feels so good.

I bounce my ass moving my hips from side to side up and down...pushing his dick deeper in me.

Unlike my time with Melvin, Raulo's dick isn't hurting me.

His dick glides inside of me so naturally.

"Yeah Raulo! Fuck this pussy!" I cheered wanting him to take it all.

I throw my ass on his dick wanting him to have all of me.

"Dick feel good?" Raulo asked me while pounding my pussy.

"Yea Nigga!" I answered never wanting this moment to end.

"DAMN! Melvin this pussy is good nigga," Raulo said.

He may be an old head, but Raulo is throwing his phat black dick deep inside of my pussy.

It's taking all I can to keep up.

"What's up baby? Can you take it? Can you take my dick?" Raulo asked.

"Oh fuck yeah!" I said and twerked my ass in a faster rhythm.

I want Raulo's dick and I want Raulo's dick to want me.

His big black dick glides in and out of my ass making me want him more.

While his hard cock fucks my sweet hole, I turn my head around and we passionately kiss.

"Tell me you like it, baby."

"I Love it!"

My slender mocha back relaxes on the floor with my legs in the air.

Raulo squats in front of me. His dark lean body isn't even sweating.

"You are so strong Raulo for an old dude."

"I'm a teach you what an old man can do," he said with a grin.

I smile and open my legs wider.

Raulo pushes his hard cock inside of me causing me to moan, "uhhhhh!"

When he is all inside of me, he holds my legs with one hand and begins to fuck me...HARD!

"UH! UH! UH!" I moaned in loving him fuck me in the buck.

"That dick feel good baby!" Raulo said while thrusting his dick deep inside of me.

"Oh Lord! This feels so good," I said with joy while holding on to my 5".

"Tell me you love that dick!"

"YES!!!!!" I screamed.

I grab ahold of my legs so that this nigga can teach this young pussy.

"DAMN! THIS SUM GOOD PUSSY!" he said while thrusting his dick deep in me.

"GIVE IT TO ME NIGGA!" I screamed.



After Raulo pumps his load in my pussy, he goes to wash himself up.

I continue to lay on the floor twirling my pussy hole with my right middle finger.

"It felt good, huh?" a voice said from nowhere.

Shockingly, the voice came from the closet...and out comes Melvin holding his camera phone.

My brown eyes awed as he steps forth wearing only black shorts showing off his toned chest.

"Oh my God! Did you record the whole thing?" I asked...scared at what he may do next.

"Yup," he said with his sly smile. "I got it all here, Sweet T."

Oh Lord, I thought frozen on the floor...wondering what is he going to do.

"If you tell anyone about me, faggie, then your whole family will know," he said.

"Melvin...please don't!" I pleaded.

"Shut the fuck up, you faggot!" he laughed while putting his left hand in his shorts.

I couldn't help but notice that Melvin's's humiliation turns him on.

"Come here, Bitch!" Melvin barked at me.

He unbuckles his shorts so that his beautiful chocolate body is on display.

Like the dick sucking whore that I am, I crawl on all fours over to him.

"Now suck my dick the same way, bitch!" he ordered shaking his 9.5" black dick in my face.

I open my juicy mouth to devour his tool.

"That's not it, bitch!" Melvin said. He grabs my neck and force feeds me his dick.

"There you go bitch! There you go!" Melvin said.

It takes all my strength to keep up with his manic pace.

With his camera phone still on me, he chokes me with his black dick.

My brown eyes look up above to see Melvin bright wide smile.

He doesn't care that I choke or gag...he loves it.

Unlike earlier, I love his having control. It's like I want Melvin to use me...abuse me.

Melvin pounds my throat with quick jabs and a steady rhythm.

"You ready for me to nut, bitch!"

I nod my head yes.

Melvin pushes my head down on his cock...strangling me....releasing all of his wet in mouth.

"WHOOOOOWWWWWEEEE!!!!" he yelled with pleasure.

Returning home, I feel if I have grown mentally.

I take off my clothes to relax on top of my bed.

In my right hand, is the bottle of Jungle Juice Raulo let me keep.

God, am I a freak....tonight, I had sex with a man whom I barely knew...and yet I loved it.

I jerk my 5" mocha complexioned dick while remembering Melvin's last words to me.

"You act like you so innocent, Shawty! But admit it, you love it! You love dick!"

He is right...I did love tonight. I did love the feeling of someone wanting me...unlike Dad.

I hold my 5' dick...and think how much fun I had today...and how I want to do it again....

"Yes Melvin! Yes Raulo! Fuck me!" I whispered as cum gushes from my dick onto my hand.




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