Each Sunday, I sit (trapped) inside of Grace Simmons Baptist Church.

My mom drags my older sister and me here to support dad in his service as preacher for this church.

'Is that little Troy Evans Jr.?' the old church ladies asked upon seeing me.

Even though I am 17 years old, when I enter this building, I am treated like a child.

'You look just like your father,' the old church ladies gushed.

While I admit that this is true, I hate it when people compare me to my dad. My looks are my own.

I have a smooth mocha complexion, 5'6' height, short wavy brown hair, and a swimmer's build.

Life as a preacher's son is stressful. I always feel the need to act like a holy saint-unlike my sister.

Marissa is an 18 year old beauty with a dazzling bronze complexion and 42-29-40 measurements.

Sis devours men with her stunning brown eyes and dark curly hair that falls to her large breasts.

Marissa is pretty and smart. She graduated valedictorian from high school and was accepted into JHU.

Sadly, Marissa disappointed our parents by ignoring JHU's invitation.

She is now finding herself by sleeping around the house like a fat hog.

My parents constantly nag her with,' When are you going into college? When are you getting a job?'

Unlike sis, I'm the apple of my parents' eye-mom dotes on me and dad wants me to follow his legacy.

Sigh. All I want is time away from Marissa's laziness and my parents' judgmental eyes.

Instead, I am stuck in church, where dad preaches God's word.

'Church we are not here to judge. We are here to love all men,' dad said to his faithful congregation.

Unexpectedly, the church's doors open. Inside walk the ex-cons who live in the local halfway house.

The church silently detests THESE PEOPLE for daring to step foot inside their holy temple.

Sadly, dad's sermon deliberately incites the church's disdain for THESE PEOPLE.

'A liar/thief/murderer has the greatest sin. You must pray to God for his love,' dad preached.

While I'm not happy with having ex-cons in my church-I love to stare at this 1 guy in the group.

Today, his dark chocolate skin is dressed in a navy blue suit, which snugly fits his 5'10' muscular stature.

While he looks so sweet and innocent, I know that he is nothing more than a hardcore prison thug.

But my heart is captive to his light brown eyes, circle shaped bald head, sexy goatee, and full juicy lips.

Interestingly, I've never seen him smile/laugh. Instead, he keeps his face frozen in a menacing scowl.

Although he's probably in his late 20's, he has definitely seen his fair share of life.

Lusting after this ex-convict makes me wonder how does God view my sexuality.

I'm afraid to tell my parents about my orientation, especially dad-he would become outraged.

Suddenly, Marissa leaves for the restroom. Soon, the former inmate leaves his pew.

After several minutes pass, I drift into a pleasant sleep only to be awakened by my mother.

'Troy, go check on your sister,' she ordered.


As I leave the church's sanctuary, I thank God for granting me time away from my parents' sight.

Arriving in the church's basement, I find an empty bathroom.

Where can sis be?- I wondered.

Suddenly, I hear a rising noise coming from the church's conference room.

'eh! Eh! EH!'

I slowly open the conference room door. On the wall is a mirror that captures the full sight of the room.

As my brown eyes stare in the mirror, I'm immediately shocked to see sis sitting naked in a chair.

Marissa's squeezes her erected nipples while the ex-convict kneels before her.

'Ohhhh!' Marissa moaned from the former inmate kissing her shaved pussy.

OH MY LORD, I screamed inside. My lean body suddenly becomes stiff from awe.

I've never seen people having sex-I've never read a porn magazine or even jacked off.

So, seeing a stranger eat out my sister is truly amazing.

'Yeah, Melvin. Lick my clit,' sis whined.

My body trembles upon learning the ex-convict's name is Melvin.

Acting like a true freak, Marissa sucks her dark nipples while Melvin buries his face in her wet twat.

I can see Melvin's juicy red tongue licking/sucking/nibbling on my sister's pussy lips.

'Yeah! Yeah!' Marissa moaned.

My brown eyes are enthralled from seeing Melvin's full/curved brown ass.

Since I've never seen a naked guy before, I had no idea that a guy could have a bubble butt.

'Oh my God, Melvin. I'm gonna cum,' sis trembled.

Melvin's tongue eagerly sucks her pussy as if he is a thirsty man dying for water.

'OWWWW!!!!' Marissa whined signaling that she is cumming.

Wow! I can't believe that I am seeing this.

My 5' black dick stirs to life as Melvin stands in front of my sister.

While Melvin has a small bit of fat around the sides, his body is ripped with muscles and tattoos.

On his right pec is a tattoo of Jesus and on the left pec are 2 doves in mid flight.

A picture of the Holy Cross is tattooed on his 6-pack stomach.

My heart skips a beat when I stare at Melvin's swollen biceps/triceps.

On both biceps there is a heart-the left heart lists the name Frank and the right heart reads Gladys.

Those are probably his parents' names.

My mouth hangs open in an O when I see Melvin's HUGE uncircumcised black dick.

DAMN! That's gotta be 9 inches.

Immediately, I go into shock when he slaps my sister in the face with his divine hammer.

'Baptize my dick, girl,' he ordered.

Marissa pulls back Melvin's foreskin and proceeds to devour his blunt tool.

I can't believe my sister's sudden change in character.

She's turned from a naive church girl into a slutty bitch. Mom would go postal if she saw her daughter.

Marissa holds Melvin's hard cock in her left hand while she kisses his tip.

'Bitch, I said suck my dick,' Melvin yelled.

He surprisingly clutches Marissa's hair in his fists and starts pumping her mouth.

'That's right swallow my fucking dick!'

Watching this thug nigga violently humiliate my sister, automatically makes my ass moist.

Melvin pulls on Marissa's hair while his 9' black dick chokes her breath.

From watching sis deep throat Melvin's blunt monster-I realize this is how a man should be pleased.

A man's dick must be pleased no matter how much pain the woman feels.

Marissa proves me right when her pretty bronze complexion turns a sickening gray color.

Without warning, Marissa's pussy unloads a gush of water onto the floor.

'MMHHHFFFF!' was the sound she made with her mouth full of dick.

Despite this scene, Marissa continues to eat Melvin's dick.

'You want me to cum. Don't you, bitch?' he asked.

'HMMPF!' Marissa whimpered.

'Nah, my dick's not ready yet.'

God, I wish that I could get fucked like this.

'Get on top of the table, girl,' Melvin snapped.

Sis lays her back on top of the cherry table.

She reminds me of a rag doll when I see her head dangle over the table's edge. Melvin stands over her.

'Open wide, girl,' Melvin barked.

Marissa opens her luscious mouth allowing Melvin to push his 9' black dick inside.

'Ahh! That's right, girl. Take my dick,' Melvin whined.

Melvin's dick gags Marissa, but she refuses to let go of her bone.

Instead she rubs her clit, which causes another burst of water to pour from her vaginal lips.

'You'se a nasty bitch!' Melvin said as his balls bounces on my sister's lips.

'You want my dick in you baby?'

'MHMPF!' was her response of pleasure.

Melvin pulls his mighty black dick from my sister's wet mouth.

As he pulls away, a string of spit stretches from Marissa's mouth to Melvin's dick.

'Please fuck me,' Marissa whined.

As she holds her bronze legs high in the air-(V)-Melvin climbs on top of the conference table.

Damn, that nigga's a damn good lover.

Melvin rests on his folded legs while slipping his dick in my sister's twat.

'Yeah! Fuck me!' my sister cried as the ex-con plunges his black dick inside of her pussy.

Marissa keeps her legs in the air so that Melvin can deep drill her clit.

'You like this dick, Baby?' he asked while his dick pops her juicy twat.

'Yeah! Yeah! YEAH!' she yelled wanting more.

Melvin responds by sucking on Marissa's dark nipples.

'Yeah! Oh baby! Give it to me,' Marissa whined.

As his dick digs deeper inside of my sister, I pray to God that I will 1 day feel Melvin inside of me.

Suddenly, Melvin's strong hands twists my sister's nipples.

'OWWW! DADDDDYYYY' Marissa screamed in pain.

Melvin ignores her cries and starts thrusting his dick inside of her pussy.


The room fills with the sound of Melvin crushing my sister's pussy.

'Oh shit, Girl! Your pussy's so tight. I gotta cum!' he said.

'I can't take it, cum. Please cum!' sis whined.

Marissa wraps her legs tightly around Melvin's muscular waist-forcing him to go DEEP!

'DAAAAMMMNNNN GIRL!!!!' Melvin screeched as he dumps his wet in my sister's twat.


Afterward, I run into the bathroom.

Being a good christian, I made a private vow to never engage in self-pleasure.

Fuck that vow. My 5' dick needs release NOW!

Closing the door, I remove my pants and begin gyrating my dick.

I recall the scene-Melvin's strong chocolate body-Melvin's bubble butt-Melvin's PHAT BLACK DICK.

While enjoying the feeling of self-pleasure, I notice a plunger on the floor.

I decide that I need more than a hand. I slowwwllly sit my virgin ass on the plunger stick.

'Ahh!' I moaned upon feeling the plunger's tip inside of my ass.

While I wish to take the whole stick, there is no way that I can fit it all inside of my virgin ass.

I imagine that instead of riding the plunger, I am riding Melvin's dick.

'Ah! Ah!' I purr as his hairy balls bounce against my ass.

While jerking my dick, I bounce my ass upanddown on the plunger stick.

'Yeah Melvin. Fuck me,' I whispered.

My brown eyes close so that I can better fantasize about the ex-con's jiggling ass cheeks.

His ass was so large and round. I wonder what it would feel like to fuck his hole.

'Ahh! Oh!' I moaned like a bitch.

My black ass is loving the intense pain that the plunger stick brings.

'Yeah! Yeah! Hell Yeah!!!!!'

I pump my fist in a faster rhythm.

'OW! Fuck me, Melvin. FUCK ME!'

Quickly, I feel my cum rise.


When church finally ends, the congregation greet each other with smiles and handshakes.

Marissa has returned to her former adorable appearance and Melvin looks like pure sweetness.

But I know the truth.

'All right family, lets get some breakfast,' dad said. Like blind sheep, we follow his lead.

Just as I'm about to step out of the sanctuary, I hear a 'spzt' sound from behind me.

I turn about to see a grinning Melvin. The sanctuary is now empty of people. I'm all alone with Melvin.

'Whassup shorty,' he slyly said.

I immediately turn mute as Melvin walks close to me. I can feel his silky breath on my tender lips.

'I know you were watching us, shorty.'

'Wh-what are you talking about,' I replied attempting to act stable.

Melvin dismisses my performance by smiling.

Damn this sexy nigga. His smile-his breath-his swagger makes me want to cream.

'Whatever, shorty. I know what your people think of me. You must think that I'm a fool,' he said.

'N-'as I tried to deny the truth, Melvin placed his left hand down my pants.

'Yo man!' I said feigning innocence by attempting to pull away-but Melvin only grips my dick tighter.

'Shut da fuck up, shorty.'

From Melvin stroking my 5' dick, I instantly leak pre-cum.

'You better stop before someone walks in.'

'Fuck these people. You know, that's why I was arrested. I like little boys like you.'

Oh Shit! Is this guy a child molester?

'Next time, I'm gonna split ya ass-just like I did your sister's pussy.'

As Melvin continues to stroke my 5' cock, our brown eyes lock in a wanting embrace.

Just as I am about to cum, Melvin moves his hand from my pants.

'See ya soon, shorty,' he said.




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