It was one hell of a hot afternoon, the sweat was running down my face as I finally threw my fishing line into the water and sat beside the big oak tree, feeling the gentle breeze that was blowing in the shade of that old oak tree.

Watching the Big Barges as they tugged down the river, taking crops or supplies to cities along the rivers path, seeing the wake from the boats engines as they lashed against the shore and watching the minnows darting around and playing next to the shores, just setting back in the heat of the afternoon, relaxing and feeling awesome.

It was just downright a lazy summer day, I had decided to come fishing at the place where I had fished with my father as a youngster, now here I was alone, no father around anymore. But the wonderful memories came flooding back and even brought a tear to my eye, we had fished at this spot along the river as long as I could remember, so many thoughts about Dad, and my older Brother Greg, and my younger brother Paul.

I remember catching that big catfish when I was ten, it weighed almost ten pounds and Dad was so proud of me, that was then and this is now.

Funny how time changes things and when people find out things about you it makes them think differently about you.

So it was with me.

I remember that summer morning when Ronnie Isringhause, my best buddy and I came early one morning right here to the river where I was now fishing.. Wow! what a day that was, I lost my virginity to Ronnie, Damn just the thought of Ronnie's thick huge cock, such hot, awesome memories.

I don't think there was a young guy in town with a bigger dick than Ronnie, I had seen it several times in the boys room in High School and was astounded at its size.

We had been setting there fishing when Ronnie began to hit me with questions about the size of my cock and if I liked to jerk off, most guys do, and If I ever had tried it with another guy before.

Man here I was getting a boner and getting turned on thinking about that first hot time with Ronnie, Damn, I guess every guy's first time is a time they really remember with fondness, I know that day was.

We began by laying back and pulling our dick's out and stroking, Ronnie kept looking at my dick, I wasn't cut but Ronnie was, Ronnie said he loved my foreskin; and I loved the looks of that thick cut cock.

Before I knew it we were jerking off together and actually doing each others cock, I felt so grown up and big as I lay next to Ronnie and slid my hand up and down his thick long cut cock.

But when it started shooting it's white creamy cum I almost lost it, it was the most exciting thing I had ever done or seen, Ronnie was really enjoying it too.

It took me about two minutes to shoot my own load, I remember shooting the biggest load I had ever shot, that morning, and I was in Love with Ronnie, it was almost an insatiable feeling, I needed to get with Ronnie as much as possible, and we did, every chance we got we would stroke each other off, He wanted it as much as I did.

Actually for some reason it blossomed into sucking his awesome cock and that's when I developed a love for the taste of cum.

I was just sixteen, then and loved being with Ronnie, and without a doubt we would have sex with each other.

Then one afternoon Ronnie ask me if I had ever had anything stuck my asshole, he wanted to fuck me, he had read about guys doing that in a little porno book he had seen.

I was not aquainted with it but if it was Ronnie was it to doing it I was open to try anything, as long as Ronnie wanted to do it.

I let him take my male cherry, I will say having eight inches of the thickest cock I had ever see shoved full lenght into my asshole and fucking me till he came in my intestines didn't feel all that great the first time but I was going to endure and Ronnie was exhausted but my dick was still like a rock when he finished, I felt so awesome haveing let my boyfriend take my cherry and I wanted more.

Then came that fateful day, I was in the garage with Ronnie, Mom and Dad had gone to town I wasn't expecting them to be home and Ronnie had me leaning over the front of My older brothers Mustang that they were working on, and I had Ronnies cock to the balls deep inside me and he was moaning and grunting and I felt his body start jerking and his hands pulled me tight against his body as he filled me with his seed. I was in heaven, when I heard and I'll never forget the sound of my Dad's voice.

'Mother Fucker I've got a fucking faggot queer for a son.You little Bastard.' and If it wasn't for my older brother my father would have probably killed me.

I ran to the house and Dad Followed me and beat the shit out of me told my mother I was a faggot and he caught me in the garage getting fucked by Ronnie, I felt like shit, What had happened to that kind wonderful guy I had known, he had always been so sweet and understanding, now he was like a person I didn't know.

I finally came down the stairs to the kitchen, Mom would speak to me, and finally Dad just said, Son, I'm sorry but I have to do this, I want you out of our house, you can forget you even have a family here, you not welcome here anymore, My mother was crying and my brother looked like he had been slapped, and he began sobbing.

I went up to my room and at the age of eighteen I was sent packing and had no Idea where I would go.

Ronnie was more lucky than I was, his Mom lived alone with him and she didn't disown him like my Father did me.

A friend up the street told me about a homeless shelter that I could stay at so I went there and got free meals and a place to sleep for a couple weeks.

I finally got me a good job at a factory, but I was in a dreamworld, the world as I had know had come to an end.

I had never felt so unwanted and unloved in my life.

I even went to a church and tried to get some inner peace and it took me a while but I finally came to the decision that if I wanted any happiness in my life I would be the one to give it to me.

I began to look up different things and finally I Hooked up with Ronnie again and we got an apartment together and we began to have some sort of life together but I missed my family so much.

I sat there at the edge of the river looking out across watching the pigeons flying around coming down from the bridge up the river a ways.

I listened as a train went by on the tracks up a way from where I was fishing and smiled.

Nothing had changed except my life now it was up to me to make it what I wanted.

I was just setting there in all the past had sorta faded away in my mind when I heard this voice.

Hey mister, would you have something I could drink, I'm awful thirsty.

I looked and there was this young man standing there, I smiled, 'Sure right in this cooler' I said.

I reached in and gave him his choice of a Coke or bottle of water, he hose water.

I could tell from the troubled look on his face he was in dire straights of some sorts.

I new something was wrong with him, 'Well have a seat if you'd like, and set a spell,' I said.

He came over and said 'My name is Taylor.'

'Hey Taylor, glad to meet you, Mine is Jessie,'

'Taylor are you o.k. you looked really troubled.' I said.

'Awh, I'm alright,' he said.

'I noticed since he hadn't had anything to drink for a while I wondered if he might be hungry.

'Hey Taylor, I got some tacos in my bag, want to share a Taco with me, they aren't warm but the will do in a pinch. you hungry?' I asked.

I handed him a Taco and he ate it like he was starving, I gave him another one, and another, and since I had bought the special 10 for ten dollars I just kept giving him tacos, he had eaten six and drank a Coke.

'Hey Taylor, how long has it been since you ate anyway?'

He looked over at me and said. 'Almost a week, Thanks for the tacos.'

'No Problem man, where are you staying,' I asked.

I was really feeling for this kid, I wasn't sure if I wanted to get involved or not.

'I been sleeping down here by the river, I ain't got a place to stay.'

'I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable, but I have a spare bedroom at the apartment if you would like to come and stay with me for a while, just until you get something going.' I said.

I finally saw a smile through all the sadness forming on his lips.

'Well, I don't want to impose or put you out.' he said.

'Hey truth is, I would enjoy the company.' I said.

'we got things ready and it was getting later in the afternoon and I took things to my suv. Taylor got into the passenger side and off we went.

'Sorry man, I'm not very clean, I need a bath and some clean clothes and all I got is whats in this bag.'

'Well, Taylor, we'll see what we can do about the when we get home.'

We got to my apartment and I told Taylor to get himself settled int he small bedroom, then I told him he could take a shower if he'd like, to which he jumped.

Taylor came out of the bedroom with just his dark briefs on, dark gray I think, or very dirty white.

I went into the kitchen and put a casarole into the microwave for supper.

I made a salad, set the table and went to the bathroom to tell Taylor that supper was about ready.

I called his name and he was silent, I opened the bathroom door and he was laying in about half a tub of water naked, gorgeous young body, and had fallen asleep in the tub, he was exhausted.

I reached, down, and began to wash his body and finally he woke up startled and said, 'Oh, I'm sorry Jessie, I hadn't had a good nap or sleep in a while.'

I told him I understood, and then I had him stand up and I dried him off, he smiled and told me how awesome this felt, I was surprised as he turned around for me to dry the front and his awesome cock was standing straight out.

I smiled and he blushed, 'well sometimes it does that he said with a giggle.'

I wanted to lean down and swallow that cock so bad, my own was hard as a brick in my shorts, and I thought it might not be the thing to do here and now.

I let him finish the drying of his body and I was loving what I had seen, his young lithe body was gorgeous, and that thick black pubic bush and nice thick cock was beautiful.

I gave him a pair of shorts that was too small for me.

He put them on with a clean white tee-shirt and he looked like he had just stepped out of a dream, I could tell by the looks of his body he was athletic, his body was muscular and awesome looking.

Taylor ate like he was still starving, with the continual gratitude and praises flowing from his mouth, appreciating each and every little thing I would do.

I took a shower that evening and we got ready for bed.

I walked into the kitchen to get a drink and was just in my briefs, I guess I was really hoping that Taylor would notice my cock laying to the side inside my briefs and show some interest.

Taylor smiled at me as I stood there drinking and complimented my body for an older guy, 'Hey man, I'm only twenty nine, How old are you?' I asked.

'I'm almost eighteen, next month.'

Is your parents throwing you a birthday party?' I ask.

'Sorry I don't have any parents anymore,' He said.

I didn't want to press him for explanations so I just said well, 'have a good night.'

'Well Jessie, could I have a good heart to heart talk with you?' he ask.

'Sure, want to come lay down with me in my bed and chat a while?' I ask.

Taylor smiled, 'I would love too.'

I went into the bedroom and told Taylor that I slept in the nude, he smiled, 'No problem, I wanted to but I wasn't allowed at my parents home.' he said.

I dropped my shorts and briefs, and noticed Taylor's eyes never left my crotch.

I had him crawl into the bed beside me, 'Hey man I feel a little weird being the only guy in this bed naked,' I smiled at Taylor and watched as he stripped naked beside me and threw his briefs over to the side.

'There is that better,' he said with a smile.

'Now what you want to talk about, Taylor,'

I watched as the somewhat happy looks on his face turned to a very sad, forlorn look.

Well the reason I'm homeless is that I got caught'........ he paused.

'Caught, caught what?' I said with a puzzled expression.'

'Well truth is Jess I'm gay, I like guys, and my oldest brother caught me sucking my best friend off in the basement and told my Dad and mother, Mom was o.k but Dad went ballistic about it.'

'I got kicked out of the house I was not allowed to live at home any longer, my Dad never wanted to see me again.'

As Taylor spoke I began to relive my own life, same feelings, same situations, I felt for him as he sobbed and told me, I grabbed him and held him close, something I never had.

'Hey man, time will heal all your wounds and you'll get on with your life,' I said.

' Know what your going through Taylor, I've been there.'

'What are you talking about, did you get kicked out or something too?'

'Taylor, you need to know that I'm also gay, and I got caught too, with my boyfriends cock all the way up my ass, as he unloaded his cum into my body, by my Father, I was disowned and thrown out.

I learned to fend for myself, but I know the feeling of lonliness and sorrow.'

Taylor reached over and said. 'I had no Idea that you were,,,,,,, well just like me.

Would you let me sleep with you tonight please?'

to be continued in Pt. 2




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