As I ended my " kings speech "

Sean took my head in both hands and gave me a tender kiss.

I closed my eyes to feel if this kiss would be different than a kiss of a women. It wasn't. I felt his tongue dividing my lips and entering my mouth. He broke the kiss and told me " when ever u feel uncomfortable let me know and I stop. I don't want to do anything u don't want to. Is that capich? "

Since it was the very first time for me with a man I was glad that he understood.

He than started kissing me again.

Our tongues battled inside and I felt my penis getting stiff. His hands moved up and down my arms. The boxer short I had on didn't cover my dick anymore. It was standing out like a light pole on the streets. My hands where exploring Sean's body. I could feel he was working out, his six pack was well build and hard as a rock.

I touched his hard nipples and he moaned inside my mouth.

One of his hand went straight to my left nipple and rubbed it. Now I moaned. His other hand enterd the waistband of the boxers. Since I'm shaved down there his finger slided right onto my shaft. He broke the kiss and started licking my Adam's apple , than further down to my nipples. He sucked really hard on both. I don't like to be inactive so I tried to reach for his dick but he just laid me back and said" let me show u how we play in our league" and smiled. I let it happen. He licked every inch on my belly til he drilled his tongue In my belly button. The only thing I could do was moaning. It drove me crazy when he finally reached my boner. He licked my shaft upwards and engulfed my fore skin and sucked on li. By doing that he stretched it almost 2 inch. With his one hand on my balls he pulled back the skin with the other one. My penis head where total sensitive and I felt his warm mouth and his hot tongue. After a few minutes I couldn't hold it any longer and was about to cum. I told him so but he kept going up and down my penis. I erupted like a volcano. He tried to swallow all my cum. I don't know how much it was. He just moaned but continued sucking and swallowing. " thanks that was awesome and thanks and thanks" he said. I smiled " one thx is more than enough " I said. " no I have to thank u for ... Well that wasn't the first time I swallowed your cum" he started" the second night I sucked out your condom and when u came all over my hand I couldn't resist to run to the bathroom and .... "

" so accidentally took my briefs" I laughed. I pulled him up and kissed him. I could still taste my cum in his mouth. I started swallowing my own cum shortly after he left Germany. Around the time I started using the carrots.

I still waited on my coffee and I asked Sean about it. " I forgot to order your coffee after that kiss sorry"" but I saw Sven outside and asked him too" I said. " so that little shit head is spying on us now. "

" why do u think that " I wanted to know. " I don't know but sometimes he is really creepy. I'll get your coffee."Sean said but we heard a knock on the door that moment and Sven entered the room. I covert my nakedness with the pillow but he didn't even looked at us. I wanted to break the ice again and asked what time it was.

He just pointed at the alarm clock at the night stand and turned around.

It was already 4.30 pm. " I have to call my aunty she is probably worried right now. "

Sean looked at me " ask her if you can stay with me for the rest of your vacation. " Sven was almost outside the door, when I said that would be great he stopped his movement turned around and shook his head.

Then he where gone.

I made a quick call to my aunt and told her that I would stay in my friends house for tonight. While I was at the phone with her Sean started to lick my ears with his tongue. As soon I hung up the phone he tried to kiss me and wanted to push me back.

" no no mother fucker it's my turn" I said and pushed him on the bed, a little bid harder as wanted. " oh I like that, talking dirty already " he said laughing.

He was the very first man I made love to,so I did everything the same he did to me expect I drawed the outline of his visible six pack with the tip of my tongue. The only sound was his ahhhhhhhhh.

His, until then soft dick came to live and stopped me. I saw a few drops of precum on dis head and since I never had other sperm as mine, I licked it to try if there would be any differences in taste. There was none. I took his penis head in my mouth and moved my head downward. Since I have a very low gag reflex I am able to take any objects down my throat without gagging.

I only stopped on the bottom of his cock. He yield in pleasure " my good V aaaaagggggghhhhhh.

I rested there for a few seconds and started the up and down motion. All the way up to let go of his dick and all the way down to his pubic hair.

When I started going down on him I held his hands with mine. Now I moved my hands and he,in a quick move had his hands in my hair trying to push me down even further. I started to rim his anus with my fingers. That was to much to compensate I guess. He let out a scream" I'm cumming""

This is my first time to swallow a guys cum I thought and here it was

His load was gigantic I had to swallow four times and still some where running down my cheek.

His dick softened and I let go of it

" my god ur sure that was your first time u must be a talent by nature" he said.

Thanks was all I could say. Man I was so horny when he pulled me up and started kissing me.

I wanted to shoot my load again and started jerking my dick. He let go of the kiss and said" oh no my friend not like that. "He opened the nightstand and grappled inside to bring out a bottle of Vaseline. I never fucked a guys ass before but I know from experience with Susan's butt how that feeling will be.

I where laying on the bed on my back. He pulled my knees up and positioned them in 45 degrees angle. Then he squeezed some of the liquids out the bottle over my erect cock and some on his ass. He then seated himself on my knees but only for seconds, moved down my angled legs and pulled up my dick. He aimed my dick head on his hole. " ready " he said and with his body weight as leverage he rammed his ass down my shaft. We both screamed. I out of excitement, he out of pain. I bed that must have hurt a lot without any stretching of his anus. If somebody was in the house they must have heard us both. Well I know Sven was here. After 30 sec.his painfully aaaaahhh turned into a pleasure ohhhhh and when I couldn't hold it any longer und let a river of sperm into him it changed again to a wooooooh. "Don't even think I led you go so easy " he said " I wanna have that feeling for a little bid longer. I only flipped him the finger and he started to laugh. With that his ass muscle flexed and reflexed with each laugh.

That drove me crazy and not even 3 min.after my first orgasm I came again. That is what I call multiple orgasm lol

He started to move up and down my legs now. I felt my own cum splashing out of his ass every time he slided downward. After 15 min or so I had my final orgasm and my cock started to softened slowly. He took his dick in his fist and jerked off. His cum hit me in the chest and at my face. I liked as much as possible of my lips. He slided to the side next to me. " hey you wanna try to kill me the first time I having sex with a man" I said and kissed him and cuddled close to him.

" I'm starting getting hungry I said " what about pizza" " ok I'm gonna order one " he replied but its gonna take a while". was fine with me i needed a shower anyway. He showed me the shower and i admired the size of the walk in shower. It took me about 5 min.and I went back in his room and onto his bed where he was still laying there. He pulled me on his body and we where kissing tenderly until the pizza arrived. And after eating and with all the exhausting love making we both felt asleep in each others arms.

I woke up the next morning Sean still in my arms. I don't know how long he was awake and watched me sleeping.He said. "I just wanna make sure it wasn't a dream I will wake up from. " hey " I simply said back. " I need coffee and a shower." I added. " we'll for the coffee we have to go the kitchen to get it."

I didn't felt to meet his parents right now , not after we screamed our lungs out yesterday." Who else is in the house despite you and Sven " I asked. He told me that his parents where over the weekend in her cabin at big bear. Wow I thought. " Are u rich " I wanted to know. " we'll not really we just has been lucky to have rich grandparents " he laughed. " Lets go I want my coffee." After coffee and some. French toast made by Sean we went back to his room. " I have to go to my aunts house to get some cloth". I said and started to get ready. Sean's face told me that he had something different in mind. And his growing tend in his sweatpants told me exactly what. He pulled me towards him and kissed me forcefully. Suddenly he dropped to his knees and pulled down the boxer shorts I still had on.

My half erected dick sprang into life and he, obsessed with my for skin , took only that into his mouth and sucked on it. That turned me on and I let out a pleasure full aaaaahhhhhh. I could feel his tongue entering the little pice of skin over my piss hole. With his hand he pulled back my skin to expose the mushroom shaped head of my dick. It felt like heaven on earth when he started to push his mouth forward over my dick. The first time I experienced a deep through performed by a man. Pleasure is not a word to describe this feeling. He suddenly stopped. " let's take a shower first. He said. A little disappointed I agreed. He went in first and turned on the shower. There where multiple shower heads on the celling and a few in the walls. That was cool I thought already yesterday.

Sean was in first and reached out to pull me inside the shower booth. It felt incredible with all the water on my body. He took a squeeze out of a soap bottle and started washing my torso.i just closed my eyes and enjoyed it. He than turned me around and started with my back. From my shoulders to the line of my ass he covert every inch of my body. I heard him open the shower door and turned around. " what.... "

I started but he laid a finger on my lips " hold on a sec. he said and left the shower and the room and I was standing there with my already hard cock. Not even a minute later he came back with something in his hand I only have seen in my aunty's kitchen. The thing u use to keep the turkey moisture. Turning me around he kneed down on my backside. He than pushed a little on my spine to let me know to bend over a little bid. I did,when I felt his finger rubbing on my ass hole and then I felt something entering my ass. He pushed it in about one inch and squeezed water inside me. Pulling it out , filling it up and started to push it in again to empty it he said" push it out as u would take a shit". I did and the water came out in one big stream. Incredible feeling. He did it again and again. " it turned me on a lot and i had a boner again faster than u can count to three.Now its my turn " he said handing me the moisturizer. I filled it up with water and pushed it into his black hole. " deeper " he said and I pushed it further and further inside of him. I emptied the water in his guts and he only said "more". The repeated it two more times when he finally let a river of water out of hiss ass. It almost looked like a horse peeing I thought. " what is that all about" I asked but he only smiled at me. He turned of the water, opened the door and tossed me a towel again a bid disappointed and with my boner still standing in front of me he tracked me to his bed and pushed me on it. I was trying to crawl up on the bed when he held me on my angles and pulled me down so my feet where hanging out of the bed and touched the floor. " I can not provide u with a chick sitting on your face but I can give u that" and he kneed down and took my dick down his throat. He didn't even pulled back my fore skin. Ohhhhhhhhhhh I let out and I felt a finger rubbing on my hole. The scene of the DVD was all I could think of. That was such a great feeling to have it finally in real live not only in my phantasies. " I want you to be the first one who fucks me Sean " I pleaded. " It will be a pleasure " he said but instead of coming up he went down and I felt something chanced on my anus. He replaced his fingers with his tongue. What a feeling to be fucked by a mans tongue. I could only moan. " what I wanna do right now " he said," will hurt a lot believe me even you think u had carrots there it will hurt. So whenever it's to painful tell me to stop and I will stop right there. "He took my legs and pushed them up above his shoulders, so that my ass was exposed, laying in front of him. Aiming at my hole with his mushroom head he stops right there. " ready ?" Yes go on I wanna feel you inside of me " I answered. And he pushed his head inside. "" fuck that hurts I thought and gasped in pain. Yes I thought the carrots would prevent me from getting hurt like that but god that was painful . " relax he said. And he slept me on my butt cheeks. " that will relax ur butt muscles." And he slept me again. He was right the pain was down and he pushed further, pain came back and I moaned again. " you want me to stop" " no no " i only hoped that pain will go away. He pushed one more time and he was in. The hole nine inch where inside my butt. For almost a hole minute he stood still so my muscle could adjust to that. The pain subsided and the feeling was awesome. Believe it or not I could feel his heart beat inside of me through his dick head. Slowly he started to pull out halfway and pushed his cock back in. Every time I felt less and less pain. After 4-5 stroke acutely I enjoyed it. I stopped gasping like a women giving birth and my breathing slowed down. Every time he pulled out and drove his head back in I felt a beautiful sensation when he past my prostate. I lost my virginity to Sean. He drove in and out faster now and with every stroke he yield " you r mine. You r mine. Faster and faster. I came and I felt my on sperm hitting my chest and chin. With his last stroke he drove back in further than ever before and the pain came back. " you r mmmiiiiinnnnneeee. He yield as loud as his lungs aloud and I felt his hot cum in my guts. " be quiet Sven is gonna hear us,do you really want that" I said and he only laughed.



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