When I came home that night he wasn't here. Again I checked his room but his cloth were still there. He cleaned all the dishes and he also mopped the flor and vacuumed the living room. I sat down and turned on the TV when my doorbell rung. It was Chris. I handed him the keys as soon as he stepped into the apartment. He avoided eye contact this time and out of his mouth came a thank you. He was on his way to his room when he stopped and asked still not looking at me" can I watch TV with you?" I had a old TV in my spare bedroom and I told him he could use it. I was surprised but I said " sure but at 11 it's time for both of us to go to bed. We have school tomorrow." He nodded and sat down in my favorite chair. Well I thought let him feel home and sat down on the far end of the couch. We watched jeopardy and to my surprise he ether know or guessed all the question right. Smart boy I thought. At 11 I turned of the TV and went straight to my bedroom. " good night" he said. " good night. I said but wasn't looking back because I know I would get a erection. I think I heard him crying that night. I wondered why.

He opened up more and more in the next few weeks and Christmas was coming up shortly. I took him shopping for his Christmas gift because he needed cloth for school and for the gym. We both still went almost every Sunday. One day I asked him" how come you had a membership card with the gym?" And he told me a bid embarrassed that he is good in computers and had hacked into the gyms files to gain access.i laughed but from that day on we used my card to go in. I invited Susan with her son for Christmas. When I talked to her on the phone I asked her to help me find out about Chris past." I know he has a stepdad but he don't wanna talk about him. I have to find out who he is." I told her. And smart Susan came right to the point. " you wanna get rid of him. Why? Is he stealing money or is he not controllable?" She asked and" or is there something more that bothers you V?" I only asked." Are you coming for Christmas and will you help or not?" She knows me to good I thought. " I'll be there. And I try to help you".

Christmas came and I had of a few days off between the holidays. So I cooked a 3 course meal on Christmas Eve. Chris wasn't home for the last four nights. And every time he came home late I heard him crying in his room. I didn't asked where he spends the night or who he spends the night with. I hoped he will tell me one day. In Germany it is tradition to give out the gifts on x- mas eve.and after dinner I brought out a little bike for Hans. Susan started crying. And I gave her a silver necklace with the word friends on it. She cried even more. She gave me my gift a cashmere turtleneck shirt. " wow are you crazy, that is way to expensive" I said. " no you are worth it" she replied and kissed me on my lips. I kissed her back and divided her lips with my tongue. She found mine and we stood there for quite a time, kissing. Chris watched us and let out a cough to let us know he still was here. Susan and I broke the kiss and both of us flushed a bid. I went to my room and brought out a wrapped box and gave it to Chris. He looked at me and in his eyes I could see the glow of a kid when he gets his present. He took it and looked at me with his divine eyes, which filled up with tears. He ripped it open. It was one google chrome book. Now he had his own computer. He looked me in my eyes and came running to give me a hug. I heard him sobbing in my ears. After only a few seconded he let go of me and run to his room. But those few sec. were enough to give me an erection. Susan looked at my tent and asked" I doubt that is because I kissed you. So that is the reason you wanna find his family". I stepped closer to her so I could explain with my voice down. " Susan, he is 16 years old, I can not fall for him but I do. I'm running around 24/7 with a erection only looking at his amazing body and his beautiful eyes. I can not stand that any longer. Sooner or later I do something stupid. Please help me out". She looked in my eyes." Do you think he stays16 forever. One day he is old enough. Is he gay, do you know?" " that's the problem, I told him to bring his girlfriend but nothing. He is out two nights a week and every time he comes home he's crying. I can hear him" I felt quiet when I heard his door opened. He came out and had a bag in his hand. Susan and I saw that he had cried in his room. He handed me the bag " that is for you V". He never called me V before. I had a brief look at his eyes but he lowered his glance quickly. In the bag was a tracking suit of my favorite soccer team Bayern Munich. I know that wasn't cheap, it was the real deal. Susan asked before I could " wow that is a real one. How can you afford a suit like that". He looked at her and answered " I saved all my money". He didn't had work, but yes every time I gave him money he paid me back ether Wednesday or Friday. And now that. I didn't wanted to ruin the evening and only said thank you but avoided a hug. I only squeezed his shoulder. But I had to find out where he has the money from.

Later that night Chris and I had a buzz. I made " Gl├╝wein", that's a hot red wine with some spices, mostly cinnamon. And with oranges and lemons headed up. It's pretty good but it gives you a buzz really fast. Chris liked it, he had already 5 or 6 mugs. And me too. I told Susan she can spend the night. She and Hans could have my room and I would sleep on the couch. Hans was already asleep. Susan was the only one sober. She was sitting at the far end of the couch. I was in my favorite chair and Chris laid on the couch with his feet in Susan's lap. His feet appeared to be to big for his body. He wore shoe size 9. Susan gave his feet a massage. He seemed to enjoy it. Than Susan started a conversation with Chris. I was looking the whole time at Chris crotch without being caught by him or her. When she started with his feet I could swore I saw some movement in his PJs. And I was jealous. I wanted to be the one sitting there with his feet on my lap. I closed my eyes and was listening to their conversation. " Chris you seems to be a good boy. Where are you from?" Chris: I'm from Town Susan: V told me your mom died 4 years ago, how was she? Chris: she was so good to us. I opened my eyes " us" there are more than him? Susan also had the same conclusion: so tell me about your dad. She said. Chris: I don't know nothing about him. He was an American solider, and I guess his deployment ended shortly before I was born. Susan: and your brother or sister. In that moment he removed his feet from her lap and sat upright. He said sadly" mike is five years older than I am. He left the house after mom moved in with that looser. He wanted to be our dad,ha that mother fucking asshole. I was 11 when Mike came crying to mom telling her that Tony tried to crawl in his bed when he was drunk. Mom cried too and was furious. Mike never liked Tony, and mom thought he wanted him out of the house. When I saw mommy crying so badly I screamed at Mike to shut up with his lies. He was 16 back then and left the house the same night". Chris started crying like a child and I wanted to hold him, to comfort him,but Susan hugged him already. I had tears in my eyes, and stood up to join them in a group hug. When I laid my arms around them both,Chris wrestled out of my hug and went straight to his room. He didn't slammed the door this time. Susan also had tears in her eyes and she hugged me. " was it worth that?" She asked and hugged me tidier. No it wasn't.

She went to bed and I made myself comfortable on the couch. I couldn't sleep at all. My thoughts were around Chris and his brother. Another complicated brotherly relationship. I turned on the TV and watched a stupid channel were they wanna sell every crap. Chris door opened and he went to the bathroom. He only had his PJ pants on. Again I was blown away from the sight of his upper body. A minutes later he came back out and walked over to sat down on the couch. I had to ankle my legs to made room for him. He laid one hand on my knees. Boner here you come. " V I'm sorry I'm ruined the great evening. I'm so grateful for everything you did so far. I won't disappoint you". I looked at him with my aching dick. " why don't you tell me your brothers full name so I can start looking for him?" He suddenly stood up and in his deep voice he sad. " V please drop it. I don't wanna see him. Or better he probable don't wanna see me". And went to his room. Please don't slam the door I thought but he quietly closed his door. And I was laying here with my hurting hardon. Again I jerked of by pulling my for skin till it was painfully enough. With the other hand I rimmed my ass hole. I was imagine what size Chris dick will have when hard. How his sperm will taste. And then I heard a voice in my had when I reached my sexual heights. " somebody told me I look handsome with glasses".



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