My name is victor and I'm born and raised in Germany

I'm 17 years old,about 5.9 feet and 165 pounds

I'm not skinny but not well build ether you can see a little 6pack on my stomach

I'm the goalkeeper in ouer soccer team at the high school I'm at.

My home towne is a little village, well it's not that small but when u have to live here is pretty small at least u think so

I'm straight ( at least I thought so ) and have a girlfriend. Susan is the same age as I am and We know each other since 6 grade. We are together only for the sex.

I'm into asses I have to admit and I love bubble asses

She has one great looking ass and I love to drive my stick into her tight ass hole

I did it twice already and she didn't mind it at all

Yeah I'm totally into assess and I also love to be touchy at my anus while she gives me a bj and that she does without complaining

It drives my crazy when she does that.

My dick is not big about 7 inches but I have a foreskin which is longer as average about 1 and a have inches hanging over my dick head even when I have a boner.

I have to pull it back ,but then it will stay in place once done.

She love to munch on that foreskin

While I eat her out

Everything started one day shortly before winter break at school when Susan told me she wanna have a threesome . I, straight as I was, thought she means two girls and me so I agreed instantly to that

Do u have somebody in mind I asked her " there's that cute black guy in ur team .... Wait a guy I asked no no no

There's no way I'm doing it with a guy I'm not gay

" u don't have to touch him or he will touch u but I wanna have 2 dicks inside of me" she answers

Ok I agreed " but I make it clear before we start"

I actually know who she had in mind

There was that black guy in my team he's name was Sean about 6.2 and well build .he was a offense player and he also run the short tracks thou he was in shape

" I think he is hitting on me " she said

" And I wanna ask him if u don't mind"

" Well ask him and let me know I will think about it"

We have training twice a week and I saw him naked in the shower so I know how he was build and hung

Well on Monday Susan came at me at school and told me he agreed to come to her pool house on Friday

Once agreed I don't wanted to disappoint her " what the heck Friday it is " I gave in I wasn't sure cause I was a little bid unsure but I didn't wanted to show her

On Thursday we had our final training before winter break and Sean came to me after showering " I'm looking forward to tommorow night " he said " we'll me too I lied

I still wasn't sure about it

When he walked away only in his boxers I noticed his bubble ass.

It really curved out wow I thought that would be great on a girls body.

Friday arrived and I prepared myself.

I always take my condomes with me just to make sure I don't ending up being a dad in 9 month

I came a little bid late and Susan's mom opens the door " Susan is in her pool house and her friend is already there " " thanks" I said and went to the pool house a little bid nervous I opens the door and could hear laughter. no I thought I don't wanna do it,get the hell outa here and I was about to turn around when Sean caught me standing outside still the door ajar.

" V come in we r waiting on u man"he said and was smiling at me

My nickname at school simply was V

And he used it as we know each other for a long time

No way to back out anymore, I steps inside and closed the door.

Susan said lets have a shower all together

Well I agreed let's shower what harm could be done right

I was last to take of my cloth and where watching Sean get undressed

Well I saw him naked before. But this time I noticed his chocolate colored skin with was glimmering as it would be silk . He was looking at Susan in all her nakedness and than he where looking at me while I dropped my briefs actually he where looking at my dick and my foreskin witch where pretty small by the time

Some Guys have flesh penises witch are almost the same size erected or not. I on the other hand had one of those blood penis witch will grow as soon as blood is pumpt into it tho my dick was small and my foreskin must seem to be twice the size at that time

I think I have seen him licking his lips looking at my private parts

Once in the shower Susan was standing between us so Sean where at her backside and I faced her

She started kissing me and my tendency felt a little bid I could feel her tongue inside my mouth

I touched her well build ditties and started getting a booner

During all of that I had my eyes closed but now I opend them just to see Sean going down on her ass

He must also be into assess cause he started rimming her

Susan stop us and said she wanna lay down on her bad to continue there . Knowing her dreams having two dicks inside of her I told Sean I'm gonna fuck her from behind while u will do fuck her in her pussy

He than said he rather wanna have a bj and Susan said "cool still 2 dicks one in my ass and one in my mouth " so we started I put some lube on my dick and a lot more on her hole I was about to enter

Without any force I was able to slide into her witch felt great.

Man I was love it to have my dick inside her ass.

Sean where watching me all the time and where smiling while I was fucking her behind. he seems to enjoy his blowjob as well because he moaned loudly.

I started to get more active and moved faster by the minute

I could feel my nuts tiding up. I know I where about to blow my cum

With my last moves I bent forward to lay on her back when i felt Sean's hand on my shoulder.

That gave me a shiver and I jerked a little bid and he removed his hand. It was a incredible feeling.At that moment my dick must be doubled his size and was hard as German Krupp steel. Susan squeaked and shouted "v what's wrong with u? that was the first time u where hurting me coming of inside my ass"

But that was a climax I never had before wow

Sean also came the same minute and shoot he's load into her mouth and she was gagging on it " hey guys what's wrong with u both" she yelled after her cough subsided

After all ,it was a great time and she wanna do it again

Sean and I agreed looking at each other " so next Friday it is " Susan said

Late at night at home I was Laing in bed and thought about that encounter. what was the reason to cum like this. I never did hurt her when we where alone

Was that hand on my shoulder .....



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