After I dismissed the call i searched for single gay partner. A link showed up " GAY ROMEO "

It was free, the only thing you has to do is open up a account. You can use your own name or a username and you are free to upload a picture. I only typed in my initials and my age. I know there will be a lot lies about ages but I decided to be truthfully. As soon as I uploaded my information , I had 15 requests. From " what u r into,till wanna fuck?" there was everything. So I typed in my profile" looking for relationship " and some of the requests vanished.

I thought I'm gonna check out my hometown. There where 469 registered and 312 online. Wow I thought quite a few. Some had pics in there, some only a written profile

As I zapped thru the profiles, I saw a very familiar face. With that guy I played in the sandbox already.

Curios I typed, hello Martin how r u.

After 5 min he wrote who are u?

We played together in our diapers I typed. Him: Who r u?what does V B stands for? Me :For my name idiot and added a smile face. Him: I only know one V B. is that you Victor? Me :Yes it's me. Him :What r doing here you know it's a gay site. Me:its a long story. I was about to ask you the same. Aren't you married. Him : not anymore. Its also a long story. But I don't like to type to you all the time do you wanna meet . Me ; when and where. Him: In the " Stadtcafe" in an hour. I agreed.

When I arrived Martin was already there. " hey there, how r u?" he sad , stood up and embraced me in a hug. I know him literally since we were in diapers. He is 2 years older than I am and I haven't seen him since his wedding. That was 4 years ago. " how come you left the straight side of the street?" He asked and laughed. He was my best friend till my parents accident. Then I had to move in with my half sister. I only know he left school early to become a hairdresser. And fathered his 19 year old girlfriend while he was only 16. " how is your son what's his name Josh right." " he is my sunshine even when it's raining outside. He is 6 now and he is still living at Brigit's house. I'm divorce now for 11 month." Wow how come?" I wanted to know. " later first tell me all about you. And why you are at that gay site. I told him about the threesome and everything else.

He only looked at me puzzled and sometimes smiled. And I finished with Susan telling me to try out my gay side. " aha nice, well she is right don't be ashamed of yourself. "

" come on now tell me how come u r not married anymore. " " ok but i have to go back to tell you everything. You remember my brother Alex. He started sucking my dick for the very first time when I turned 15. And I sucked his,of course. I liked that feeling to get sucked. And I wanted to know back then if I'm gay or not. So I slept with Birgit. Lucky me she was hooked up,the very first time we mad love. I know,should have wear a condom but ..... Her and me,it turned out our marriage was a mistake. I liked to fuck girls too, so she wasn't the only girl I slept with. But I still sucked Alex twice a week. I am a sperm guy you know , I love to swallow. " your profile says you in a relationship, who is it? " I wanted to know." We'll you may know I left school early to become a hairdresser. I worked 3 years in that shop,and I found out early that my boss has something for men. He made a move on me and I agreed to fuck him under one condition. It's stays a secret to anyone else and I will become a partner in that hair studio. He was happy and agreed. So,he is in Spain right now ,to establish our new studio there. And I , well I run our shop here. " " isn't that blackmailing? " I asked and smiled. "No it's an arrangement " he replied and laughed." But tell me what you are into?" I really don't now what I like the most,so I said " I like to fuck bubble asses. I'm totally into asses you know,but when you talked about sucking and swallowing I almost got a boner, so I think I like that too. " and I had a big smile in my face. " you wanna come to my house. " I added. " I thought you never ask V. Of course how can I say no with a hard on right now".

10 minutes later we were in my apartment and he hang on me like fly on a fly trap. He kissed passionately and his tongue was very tender. His hands where playing with my nipples still hidden in my shirt but hard as steel. I put my hand under his shirt to play with his nipples as well when I discovered that he had a pretty hairy chest. I pulled of his shirt and said " I like what I see. " leaving his lips,I moved down on his nipples to play with my tongue on it. The hair didn't bothered me a bid. Instead I felt more horny. He moaned and I know what do do next. I moved further down on his hairy body. On his belly button I stayed for a few sec and from there moved further. Removing his jeans,no briefs or boxers,with my hands I discovered a soft penis. " oh " I said maybe I didn't turned him on. " I'm a passive guy it takes a little bid longer for my engine to run. " he said. Well, i thought and took his softie in my mouth. His dick was about 8 inches already ( soft ) and his penis head where almost dark brown. Mine where more of the pig pink color. When I took his little man,and I took it down my throat he moaned and said " for a rookie you know a lot of stuff already. " it didn't took long and I felt his dick growing in my mouth. He stopped me right there. And told me to get rid of my pants and lay down so we could suck each other of. I did as I was told to,and he sucked , no really he sucked on my head. He was not a bid interested in my for skin, he just pulled it back and started sucking. Now it was my turn to moan. I looked at his boner now. his head was bigger as his shaft. The dick head was almost a half of an inch wider as the shaft below. And I thought that must be a incredible feeling to have that dick in my ass. I told him so and he just said " you can have it right now,as soon as you give me your load " and he went back on my cock. Deep into his throat ,he twisted his head by 90 degrees and pulled it back out. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh was all I could say. After 5 min I was ready to blow my cum. My balls went hard and at that moment he fingered my ass hole. He pushed one finger inside of me and the sensation of my dick getting even harder came back and my cum came out like a cannon ball. He swallowed every drop. " mmmmhhhhhhh" he made still with my softened dick in his mouth. He needed another 5 min to climax. I don't know why I didn't swallowed his sperm, it came out very fast. He noticed that I didn't swallow because he asked sadly " you don't like to swallow?" I didn't answer, usually I do. I turned to face him and sad " as much as I would like to fuck you, I have a exam tomorrow and I need to go on my com and work a little." He looked at me and shock his head. " of course " he answered. Sadly he picked up his jeans, pulled it on. " so thats it " he sad. " I don't know what you are talking about, I wanna have your dick in my ass by Saturday. " I smiled at him " so you wanna do this again ?" He asked. Of course, my profile says " looking for relationship ,not for a one night stand or a two night adventure. ". He kissed me tender and sad " thanks " " for what " " just for existing " he sad and went out of the door.

With the knowledge to get fucked by that beautiful dick I couldn't resist and jerked of two times only looking on Martin's profile picture.

It was Friday night and I was working on my computer when I had a call in Skype. It was Sean. Feeling like a little boy I accepted the call. " V I miss you ,I wanna fuck you right now , I wanna suck your dick ....."

He was drunk. My happy feeling turned into a sadness. " hello Sean how are you? " he held up a bottle of whiskey and took a deep gulp out if it. Itsonly 11.30 am over there " I said with a look at the clock. " and you are dead drunk. "

" what the fuck " he said " u are not my fucking dad. I was your first one, i took your virginity. You are mine for ever and ever. Nobody can fuck you anymore like I did" I couldn't believe I felt In love with that guy. "Sean please, I still love you and I don't wanna see you like this get some help. I'm sure there will be one A A in Palmdale " Who the fuck told you I'm in Palmdale. Oh I know my cocksucking son of a bitch brother. I'm gonna kill him. He yelled at me. I was worried and tried to calm him down but he broke the connection. I thought I better call Sven and let him know. Picking up ,after only two rings, he was on the phone. That was the home phone i called. I didn't had his cell number." Sven it's me V, how r u ". "Hey V nice hearing you how are you? Missing the Goodman's already". " I just talked to your brother and he was pretty upset. He threatened to kill you because you told me he is back in Palmdale". I spoke slowly so he would understand every word. " Don't worry he is still up in Palmdale. He probably had another fight with Snoopy. And if he comes to LA ,I know how to handle him". Yes I know,I thought but asked instead if he please would let me know what's going on in LA wIth them. " ok I call you if I hear something. You only have to give me a number of yours". I gave him my cell phone number and my e- Mail address " was really nice to hear your voice". He said. I flashed a bid but he couldn't see me so I said" yeah same over here. Bye" and hung up. I really liked to hear his voice.

I couldn't concentrate on the homework I had to make for school so I logged into GAYROMEO.

Martin was also logged on. I wrote on his account in private but he didn't responded. I checked some requests, only one was worth answering, but this one was far away in the United States. I turned the com off and watched tv for a while. I thought about jerking of, but I wanted to be extra ready tomorrow.

It was only 10 pm in Germany when I went to bed.i woke up from a terrible nightmare. There has been Sean with a axe swinging at Martin and me and out of nowhere came Sven to save us. But he stepped to close to the axe and it hit him right in his head. I screamed and that was the moment I woke up. It was 4.30 am. Dammit I thought why do you let that come so close to you. I decided never to accept a call from Sean even I still had some feelings for him.

I finished my homework, what else can you to at 5 o clock in the morning.

Martin was right on time and I couldn't wait to let him in. He was a little bid taller than myself maybe 5.9 about 35 pounds heavier. But he wasn't overweighted.

He smiled at me and gave me a kiss. I told him what happens last night and he offered to come back a other time." No way you are gonna be mine tonight and don't try to back out" I said and kissed him.

My lips locked to his, I led him to my couch and started to undress him. His tongue was so tender and I wished I could feel that tenderness inside my anus. His shirt was off and I rubbed my hands in his hairy chest. I don't know why those hairy body's turning me on so much. I had known from last week that he had no underwear underneath his jeans. So I opened the zipper and this time he wasn't that passive at all. His dick where popping out of his pants and was hard as a bullet.

I couldn't resist and went down on my knees. I embraced his head with my lips and tried to drill my tongue into his piss hole. He must enjoyed it a lot. I could hear him breathing loudly. But I has something else in mind so I broke of the sucking and took his hand. I led the way to the bathroom. Turning on the water I stepped inside,pulled him in and started kissing him again. I squeezed some soap out of the spender and with both hands I washed his hairy chest and moved slowly deeper. " oh like I sad before you know a lot for a rookie." " thanks but wait I can do more. " after taking care of little Martin I turned him around, pulled him back of the wall approximately 3 feet and pushed gently on his neck. He understood what I was trying to do. He bended over and his hands on the tiles kept him from falling over. He spread his legs apart and I could see his anus in all it's glory. With soap I washed first the hairy outside and with much more intensity the inside of his butt. I drove my soapy middle finger without any resistance into his hole. His appreciation was a loud aaaghhhhhhhhh. Pulling it out und back in seemed to amuse him. " I had much bigger finger inside of me " he laughed. I stood up and aiming my steel hard dick onto his hole I pushed with force my hole body forward. Again I heard his moaning. My penis drove all the way in and it felt awesome. I also let out a noise of joy. With my dick as deep inside as possible I stayed still and started to kiss his neck. He grabbed with one hand my hair and pulled me to his face so he could kiss me. Standing there with my dick buried in his ass and his tongue in my mouth I felt happy again, not horny, happy.

He broke the kiss and what now came out of his mouth shocked me. " I want you to fuck me hard, really I mean it , fuck me as hard as you can. I enjoy pain , sort of ! " he relaxed the grip of my hair and I started to find a rhythm to satisfy his needs and my pleasure. I drove my dick hard back in. " harder, harder" was all he moaned. I rammed it in with all the body weight you can get standing on a wet floor.

Finally he stopped asking for more.

I did this for more than 5 minutes. It was hard work but it paid of. He moaned even louder and I saw his sperm shooting all over my tiles. " oh no" I sad, but he turned his head and replied" you keep going I wanna get that as long as possible " and smiled. But I was on the edge already. I took one of his hand of the wall and guided it to my ass. He know what I wanted and started to finger my hole. I was ready. My dick again hardened even more, my cum hit the inside of him. He probably had felt it because he moaned loudly. I came in 5 big shots and after the last blast I pulled out my softened cock."who taught you to fuck like that?" he asked and i replied " i never fucked neither a man nor a woman like this before. " I looked down on his ass. " I hope you are healthy" I said. There where more than only sperm running out of his hole. " that was so great , don't worry I am HIV negative. I have to do a test every half a year. " he said. I never heard of that ,but i read once, that actors in the porn industry has to the test once or twice a year. "The last time I had it tested is two month ago. " he added.

I hoped neighbors didn't heard us or at least wouldn't report us to Margot , my half sister.

Totally exhausted and with a weak feeling in my legs, I left the shower,took a towel gave him one. He used his towel to dry my back and my butt. I dried my front side when suddenly I felt something very soft touching the middle part of my ass. Martin kneed behind me and where rimming me with his tender tongue.

I stopped him and told him I wanna lay on my bed so he could continue. He agreed.

I laid face down and he kneed behind me and started right there where I stopped him. His warm breath and the hot saliva gave me a incredible feeling. First he kept it all outside. But I felt that he pushed the tip of his tongue inside me. More and more I felt him inside me. He than literally fucked me with his mouth. What a feeling. More than 10 min and I enjoyed every second.

Replacing his tongue with one of his finger, I moaned my approval. " you going of if somebody plays on your " he asked. I didn't gave him an answer but moaned louder when I felt his knuckles on my hole. First one finger, two , three and then four finger went inside of my still tied butt hole. " do you have any Vaseline " he asked and I pointed at my drawer. He than put a good amount on my ass and on his already hard dick. Any moment now I would feel that amazing dick head. He stopped on my hole for a second and I only moaned again. Carefully he pushed his dick inside of me. Painfully I squeaked a bid but he continued to push deeper and deeper his dick head felt really wired. My ass muscle spread apart and when only the head had entered, it flex back on his shaft. But it was awesome.

I thought with that climax I had earlier I wouldn't be able to get a boner again but I was wrong. My dick came back to live and was hard not even 30 seconds later.

Martin started his rhythm, carefully to make sure his dick head would stay inside of me. That was great and the only thing I could do was laying there and enjoy it. My moaning became wilder with each stoke. It wasn't the pain pain anymore, it was the joyful pain. After a few minutes his strokes where more intensive and I felt him gliding out of my ass a couple of times. But went back in right away. Faster and faster and suddenly he stood still, his cock deep inside me and he started growling, yes growling like a dog. It ended in a loud aaaaaggggghhhhhhh and I felt his seamen bursting out of his, at that moment very hard dick. He collapsed on my back and laid still. The moment I felt the warm fluid inside my guts I came on my pillow,I had under my belly to elevate my butt.i could feel his hairy chest and the heavy breathing.

We both didn't move for more than 2 minutes, till I said " you are getting heavy". " sorry V " he said and rolled of my back. His soft dick, still inside popped out , yes literally it popped out. Like a champagne bottle you open. Not as loud as that but still pop. I started chuckling and he joined in. Laying on my left side he turned me over, looked in my eyes and sad" V that was incredible, thank you. It's early in our relationship, yes I see it that way but I think I'm falling for you " and he kissed me. Not to know what to answer I kissed him back. What did he expect me to say right now. I had no clue how to explain myself. I only wanted to hold him and so I rested my head on his chest to avoid eye contact. And exhausted as I was and the rhythm of his heart beat i fell asleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night and felt him right next to me. He had moved and lay with his back at my belly and I had my arm around him, holding him tight. In that moment i felt right, just right.

The next morning I woke up and Martin wasn't there anymore. I heard noises out of the kitchen and smelled fresh brewed coffee. Getting out of bed with my usually morning stiffness ,i went straight to the bathroom. He must had heard the toilette flush because he stood in the doorway, naked as a fresh born baby. I must have looked puzzled. He instantly said " I can get dressed if its bother you". " no no usually I walk around my house nude as well. Especially in the summer time". He smile and turned around. He wiggled with his butt on purpose. " nice nice" I said. " if you want coffee it's done and the eggs as well. I found everything in your cub boards". I walked into the kitchen. He had already plates and mugs filled with coffee on the table. " we'll if you do it once you will do it every time. "I sad jokingly. He looked at me and with a smile on his face he asked" does that mean I can stay another night?" Of course, after last night you are welcome anytime". Now I smiled. He came closer and kissed me this time no French kiss.

I had my coffee, toast and eggs and some cereal. "What are you doing today" he asked." I have to finish my homework, I stopped on Friday after Sean's call and yesterday I was occupied with something more important ". I smiled at him" and I enjoyed that a lot". He walked over, looked in my eyes and touched me gently on my cheeks. I stood up and kissed him." What are you up to?" I asked. " I wanna go with my son to the movies, he likes cartoons so much and there is that new Disney movie " brave" running right now. You wanna go?" He asked me when he turned away. " it's a lot I have to finish today to be prepared for tomorrow. And I had something else to do he don't have to know about. " I'll call you later then if you don't mind". He said.

Martin left shortly after 9.00 am. I tried to concentrate on the exam I had to prepare for. Two hours later I found the strength to finish it all and was proud of what I had accomplished in those hours.

What I was about to do now needed more strength. I checked Skype if Sean was online. He was and I hesitate a split second but called him anyway. After the 10. Ring I hung up. I waited a few more minutes and tried it again. No answer. I'm not the guy who brakes of a relationship by short messages or by phone but I had to do that once and for all so I started to type :

Hello Sean, how are you. I wanna tell you that I found somebody , who I think is good to me. Let me tell you. you has been my first love and I will always love you. But I am thousands of miles away to help you with your problems. Yes you have problems and you know it. It breaks my heard to see you and hear you talking like that. If there is any love for me left inside of you please I'm begging you get some help. I hope you find the way back to be the guy I felt in love with. I will never forget you as the friend you has been but right now I don't have the strength to go on like this. So I am very and truly sorry to say fare well. I am always yours and you are always mine. I love you Sean and good by:

I started crying like a child. It was hard to write him that but I had to do it, for my own good. Still crying I turned of the computer. I think I cried like never before. My heart felt heavy like a stone. Two hours later I was still crying when my cell phone rang. It was Martin" he V what's up out of the movies now and I have to drop of Josh at his moms....... " I probably was sobbing because he stopped mid sentence" what's wrong?" He asked. " can you come by later on please?" I asked back. " of course ill be there in 30 minutes. Don't move". He was here 25 minutes later. Somehow I managed to stooped crying but my eyes where still red. Martin stood in the doorway with a bottle of wine. " hey V what's wrong?" He looked into eyes and kissed me shortly but with a tenderness. I told him what I had done and turned on the computer so he could read on his own. When I singed in in Skype there was a new message. Sean wrote back two words : FUCK YOU. I started crying again and Martin took me in his arms and guided me to my couch. There he sat right beside me and pulled my head on his chest. I was so glad he was here right now. I finally calmed down and stopped sobbing and crying. " I hope you will love me one day only one tenth of the love you have for him. I would be the happiest man on earth". I looked him in his brown eyes but I couldn't say anything to him. He finally broke the awkward silence. " When ever you are ready V. I will wait " and kissed me "



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