Chapter 6

Primary Characters:

Doug Meat:  

  • CPT U.S. Army Special Forces aka "Meat"
  • Team commander of Alpha Zulu 69 task force

Steven Goodman:  

  • CPT U.S. Army Special Forces
  • Assistant Team Commander of Alpha Zulu 69 task force

Randy Best:  

  • COL U.S. Army Special Forces
  • Director of Security, Worthington Industries

Adam Mann:  

  • COL U.S. Army Special Forces
  • Head of Army AZ Security

Robert Masters:  

  • MG. U.S. Army (Ret.) Alpha Zulu Security
  • Husband of Gloria Worthington

Gloria Worthington:  

  • Code Name:  “Mama Bear"
  • Emeritus Chairwoman of the Board, Worthington Industries

Luke Worthington:

  • Code Name:  “Papa Bear”
  • CEO of Worthington Industries Married partner of Liam McIntyre

Logan Worthington:

  • Son of Luke Worthington
  • Adopted son of Liam McIntyre

Liam McIntye:

  • Chief Financial Officer, Worthington Industries
  • Married partner of Luke Worthington

Aiden McIntyre:

  • Son of Liam McIntyre
  • Adopted son of Luke Worthington

John Worthington:  

  • Director of Research and Development
  • Worthington Industries

Conner McLain Mann:  

  • Son of Randy Best and Adam Mann
  • Married partner of John Worthington

Randy Adam Worthington:  

  • Adopted son of John Worthington and Conner McLain Mann
  • Leader of the trio of “imps”

Magnus Savage:  

  • MAJ U.S. Army Medical Corp Code Name “Doc”
  • Combat Medic, board certified trauma surgeon, internal medicine and psychiatry

A New Generation

This story is an original work of fiction.  Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner.  Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. This is a free electronic story. No part of this electronic story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means electronic or mechanical including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the author.  If you are not of legal age in your location to view and read adult material, please close out of this story and delete any material you have downloaded or copied to your computer.

It was the best days of our lives:  Christmas with our extended families.  Mama Bear continued to spoil her grandchildren and really didn’t need a holiday for a reason.  It was one of the perks of being the matriarch of the family clan.  The General supported her in all her endeavors:  Corporate, philanthropic and family.

Adam and I finally had a life to call our own.  Enough work to keep our minds busy and enough time to enjoy Connor and John.  True to her word, Mama Bear had found our happy couple a “forever child” and both parents dotted on him trying not to let Mama Bear or themselves spoil him.  (That made for some interesting conversations when the family got together.  Mama Bear refused to be over ruled.  Her word was law and finite!) Adam and I were proud grandparents when we were introduced to Randy Adam Worthington.

(John graduated with honors from M.I.T. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and a year later Connor received his degree in Music from M.I.T.  They had stayed committed to each other through all the challenges their education created.  Shortly after Connor’s graduation the two wonderful men we had watched grow and mature were bound as partners for life.)

Luke had worked his way up the corporate ladder and was phased in as the Chief Executive Officer as Mama Bear phased into her “Emeritus” role as Chairman of the Board.  Her social and political connections were without equal.  Luke had some big shoes to fill and at times felt inadequate.  The General, Adam and I were always there to support him when he found the times challenging.  We knew we had a fantastic leader in Luke since the day he accepted responsibility for the “Climbing Mt. Meat” fiasco.

After Luke graduated from Harvard he became an active parent in the raising of his son Logan.  Mama Bear and the General accepted this reality and reluctantly phased out of the day to day decisions in Logan’s life which Luke accepted without reservations.  The results of his “one night” fling with the only girl to ever share his bed had stolen his heart and he loved him dearly.  True to his word Luke was asexual throughout his college years and only after meeting Liam through Worthington Industries did Luke resume being the over sexed individual who had conquered Mt. Meat. 

Liam had been married and had tragically lost his wife to a drunken driver.  His son Aiden miraculously survived. Liam’s long repressed gay tendencies surfaced when he met Luke.  It was a romance they kept out of the office until one night after a session of fantastic sex with Liam Luke knelt on one knee and asked Liam to be his partner for life.  Luke now had to face Aiden and ask his approval for his father to be married and if Aiden would agree to be part of his family.  Aiden was ecstatic as was Logan.  A small private wedding was held shortly thereafter.

As Mama Bear and the General were firmly entrenched in the Penthouse at the Washington Marriott and only death would make Mama Bear give up her beloved residence.  In reality, it was as secure environment as possible for such a wealthy and influential woman to reside.

Luke, Liam, John and Connor jointly resided in a secure family compound in a rural Washington Suburb.  Their three children Logan, Aiden and R.A. (as he was known) were kept safe and secure, raised by a nanny until they were of school age and then home schooled by a governess and experts in every field of education.  Logan flourished but Aiden and R.A. found it most challenging.  Luke and Liam didn’t always agree on how to raise their two sons but always seem to find a mutual common ground after some heated discussion (Usually ending up with some hot and heavy makeup sex).

Luke, John, Connor, Logan and R.A. accepted their security details as part of their normal life.  To Liam it was quite an adjustment.  Liam found it difficult to rationalize how he or Aiden could be of concern to anyone.  He soon found that cutting corners and not paying attention to his security detail would cost him dearly.

All of us, the family, Worthington Intelligence and Security and even the Alpha Zulu program had become complacent and lacking in “due diligence” due to the lack of a credible threat in such a long period of time.  Mama Bear’s resolve in the assassination attempt of her children sent shock waves throughout the terrorist community and underworld that her family was under her protection and any action against them would be met with dire consequences. 

Not everyone got the message.  One Saturday afternoon Liam and Aiden were out shopping and decided to ditch their security and have a little father and son time together.  They were barely out of the parking lot when their car was run off the road, they were bound, gagged, head covered and whisked away to parts unknown.  Luke was at his wits end when he received the Email requesting $100,000,000.00 Cash USD for the safe return of Liam and Aiden.  It took longer than expected to raise the money and to every ones horror the next Email had an attached graphic file which included the scene of Aiden suffering through multiple rapes as Liam was forced to watch and beg them to stop and for Luke to pay.  (Getting $100,000,000.00 Cash USD isn’t an easy task in these days of electronic money.) As they watched the horror of Aiden being repeatedly penetrated, with semen and blood running down his thighs, his screams and cries of desperation, begging for help only accentuated by the pleas of his father who was forced to watch in horror.  Liam would blame himself for years regardless of how much Luke and John would tell him it was a risk of being part of the Worthington family.  Liam now understood how seriously a situation it was to have a security detail.

Worthington Intelligence was able to glean enough electronic data from the second message to determine the IP address and physical location.  The Alpha Zulu team raided the place and recovered both Liam and Aiden without further injury.  Liam was a psychological wreck and Aiden had the additional trauma of his sexual assault.  The only fact that saved the abductors from a fate worse than those that ordered the assassination of Luke and John was there being saved by the F.B.I. and removed from the custody of the Alpha Zulu team.  (Our professional men had little respect or tolerance for men who sexually prey on children.)

To say the security of their family compound was increased was an understatement but in a complete review of all security it was determined it couldn’t be defended against an outside incursion.  With much dissent from Liam… Luke, John and Connor decided to implement the Alpha Zulu 69 program to full status to protect their three growing children.  It was going to be a major challenge for “Doc” to get Aiden through all the terror of his rape. 

Luke, Liam, John and Connor would stay in residence at the family compound and continue there work with Worthington Industries.  Connor decided to be a stay at home spouse and was soon providing gourmet meals when the trio of workaholics returned every night.  (Luke actually enjoyed unwinding in the kitchen after a hard day at the office.  [A holdover from his 60 day sentence of kitchen duty for “Climbing Mt. Meat”].)  As soon as the Alpha Zulu team could be refitted for “custodial service” the trio would be moved to their secure island base.  It took the combined effort of Logan and R.A. to get Aiden to join them willingly in the relocation.  Aiden had been severely traumatized and the effect it would have on his social and sexual development had yet to be determined.

Meat and Steven put in many 18+ hour days expediting the refit of their base.  Worthington technicians spent hundreds of hours installing and/or upgrading state of the art electronics and hardware.  Training of Operational personnel went on 12 hour a days in addition to assigned homework.  Physical training for all personnel was accelerated.  The size of the platoon was increased to three squads of 25 men each.  Everyone was working long hours and with the commitment that no “corner” would be cut.  (Nothing less than perfection would be accepted.)

The final stage of the upgrade was when Meat and Steven escorted Luke, Liam, John and Connor on a physical review of the base, its security, medical facilities, educational program, and living space (Less the knowledge of the secret cameras installed in the trios living quarters).  Even Liam was impressed and reluctantly encouraged Aiden to try and see if he could enjoy living with Logan and R.A.  (His “Uncle Meat and Steven” would always be there for him when needed.)  Luke, John and Connor were impressed with the improvements and upgrades that had been made to the base since they left for college.  Liam was unable to comprehend the technology and security it would offer Aiden.  In visiting Ops he was shown a new satellite that Worthington Industries had launched six months ago and the high resolutions images it could show of the base and surrounding area of the island and waters regardless of the weather.  The one last item that Meat and Steven wanted to broach with the fathers was the imbedded chip that was a part of their security plan.  (Luke, John and Connor were told of this deceptive item when the left for college.  After the assassination attempt they understood the necessity.)  Meat asked Ops to bring up the display on the big screen and Steven started to explain the advancements that had been made in this security item.  Now, it would be trackable anyplace in the world.  (Again, showing the location of the chip to within 10 feet.)  Liam cried when he remembered Luke offering this for Aiden and himself when they first were married.  Like a fool he felt it unnecessary.  It alone could have prevented Aiden from being raped when they were kidnapped.  It would have provided an instant location instead of the time consuming method of locating them by a computer IP address.  It was all agreed the Liam, Logan, Aiden and R.A. would be chipped.

After a dinner meal in the mess that was equal to any feast the Pentagon would serve to high ranking guests… Liam was told this was the norm not the exception.  Aiden would have 75 big brothers to protect him with their lives, develop interests and learn skills outside of the high tech classroom which was also upgraded for the Trio.

Luke, Liam, John and Connor were invited back to Meat’s and Steven’s quarters for a nightcap of the finest 20 year old single malt whiskey.  (An offer than none of them could refuse.)  After being well liberated Liam’s tongue was loosened enough to turn to Steven and ask if Luke really did “climb Mt. Meat”.  Steven smiled and asked if he would like a demonstration. 

The physical relationship that Luke and Liam shared was stable and secure.  Steven walked over to Luke and gave him a kiss that left his throat burning from the probing of Steven’s tongue.  (Not to mention the blood flowing south to his now above average manhood.)  Steven whispered in Luke’s ear that his partner wanted proof that he could ride Mt. Meat.  Meat overheard the conversation and held Luke and Steven in his arms and assured Luke it was his choice.  He had never forced anyone in his life and he certainly wasn’t going to start now.

John and Connor quickly got the idea of what was being proposed when Luke and Meat headed for one bed and Steven and Liam the other.  After a battle of the tongues Luke did his best to get Meat’s head in his mouth and Liam was astonished at the size of the meat between Meat’s legs.  Steven kept Liam occupied with his cock in Liam’s mouth as Luke licked and sucked Meat preparing him for the main event. 

As Meat was reaching the point where his hormones demanded satisfaction he reached into the nightstand and produced a big bottle of lube.  Luke GENEROUSLY applied the lube to his ass and the Meat’s meat.  As Luke straddled Meat’s thighs John and Connor helped to guide the massive head to Luke’s tunnel of pleasure and Luke slowly applied pressure until the corona slipped through his ass ring muscle.  His face showed the pain and pleasure as he rested after the head penetrated his ass.  Meat stroking Luke’s cock, Luke slowly lowered, raised, lowered, raised and lowered his hips until he was resting on Meat’s thighs. 

Everyone was watching the repeat of the event that was for Luke’s a repeat of Luke’s entrance into the world of sex with a man.  Luke was in Nirvana as he rode Mt. Meat and as Meat reached the point of no return he rolled Luke over and drove his man meat hard and deep bringing forth a screaming orgasm as he filled Luke’s ass to overflowing with his seed.

Meat’s cock was removed with an audible sucking sound as copious amount of his seed gushed from Luke’s body.  Liam rushed to his lover holding him, kissing him and telling him how much he loved him.  Liam viciously attacked Luke’s cock as his balls exploded being overstimulated from the ride on Mt. Meat.  Liam then turned the Meat and boldly stated:  “You ready for round two”?

As Meat and Liam kissed, tongued, tweaked and readying this Mt. Meat Virgin for his date with destiny.  John and Connor cuddled with Luke and remembered the wonderful times they shared growing up with Meat and Steven.

As Liam was lavishing his mouth and tongue action on Mt. Meat unable to get much more of the head in his mouth than Luke had.  Steven was showing off his trained tongue (compliments of Adam) eating his ass till he was a quivering mass of man flesh.  Steven grabbed the bottle of lube, generously coating his cock and sliding 1 then 2 then 3 fingers in Liam’s ass preparing him for a fucking he wouldn’t long forget.

Liam felt the burning sensation of a cock entering his ass and all he could think of was riding this beautiful piece of monster man meat before him.  Steven rode him hard and fast opening him up with random thrusts of his cock.  When Steven’s body shuddered and his balls exploded he rolled off Liam.  John and Connor knew it was their time for to sacrifice a “virgin” to Mt. Meat.

John and Connor pushed Steven aside as they pulled Liam mouth off Meat’s meat,  As Liam straddled Meat’s thighs John applied copious amount of Lube to Mt. Meat and Connor stuffed copious amount of lube up Liam’s ass till it was dripping down his thighs.

The helped to position Mt. Meat at the entrance to Liam’s body and as Meat held Liam steady with his hands on his hips, Liam forced himself downward feeling the massive head start to enter his body.

Luke was a passionate lover and Liam was definitely not a virgin but the pain he felt as he forced the head into his anal sphincter was more than he could imagine.  He remembered the look of extreme pleasure on Luke’s face as he lowered himself onto Mt. Meat and he knew that once the head slipped in the pain would turn to pleasures he had never experienced in his life.

Meat held Liam steady and allowed him to lower himself at his own rate.  Luke was torn by the look of pain on Liam’s face and he could not love him more for wanting to share this experience with him.  Suddenly, there was an audible gasp as the head of Mt. Meat entered Liam’s ass and a deep breath of relief as he rested being held securely in place by Meat.  Unlike Luke who begged Meat to stop the first time he rode Mt. Meat, Liam was committed to ride every inch of this beautiful man.  He lowered himself inch after inch as his cock leaked copious amount of pre cum onto Meat’s abdomen.  Without warning Liam’s body shuddered and his balls exploded coating Meat in Liam’s sweet cum.  With his chest coated in cum and running down his face, Meat just licked what he could with his tongue and savored the flavor of this horny man.

Slowly, inch by inch and with the commitment of an out of control lover, Liam finally sat at the bottom of Mt. Meat.  He grasp his abdomen and his hands could feel the massive piece of flesh now contained in him.  As his body returned to the realm of the living he started to ride Mt. Meat and the words that escaped from his mouth only drove Meat into a wild sexual frenzy.

As Meat started to lose control he flipped Liam onto his back and proceeded to pile drive his ass giving his prostate a pounding it had never experienced in its life.  Luke was begging for someone to fuck him and Steven immediately granted his wish.  As Steven finished, John and then Connor added to the hot seed Steven had deposited. 

Everyone was astounded at the screams of pleasure both Liam and Meat brought forth as Meat filled Liam’s ass with a massive amount of man cream.  Liam grasp Meat’s ass and ask him to stay in him forever.  Meat smiled and knew he had a loyal new member to the exclusive club of all who have conquered Mt. Meat.

Everyone adjourned to the expansive shower and the shower bidet that Randy and Adam had installed was invaluable.  Both Luke and Liam had very tender asses the next morning but they were smiling and then had shared a bonding experience that few others in life would ever have.

On the way to breakfast the next morning, Luke and Liam showed up at medical and requested that Doc chip Liam and both gave permission for Logan and Aiden to be chipped as soon as possible.  John and Connor had previously made that request as soon as they decided to send R.A. into the care of Meat and Steven.

An immediate relief of terror and some small indication of security was returning to their lives.  Now they all had to deal with the residual trauma of Aiden’s rape.

With a tearful farewell a week later, Meat and Steven escorted Logan, Aiden and R.A. onto the sleek black jet and to their new life and hopefully a wonderful future.  Meat and Steven knew what challenges they faced and were frankly more frightened of the future than the fears of the unknown that raced through the minds of the trio of young monsters they were escorting.

Mama Bear made certain (Through her less than honorable connections) that the rapists had life prison sentences with no chance for parole and greased the wheels to have them assigned to the cell of prisoners who were known to be “hung like horses” and had the sexual appetite for fresh meat.  Mama Bear had no shame in telling Luke and Liam of her actions and without verbal acknowledgement they approved.  The convicted individuals were destined to be “prison bitches” and have their asses destroyed every night during their life sentences. 

Luke, John and Connor helped Liam through the rough part of learning to live with the rape of his son.  John shared how helpful a “shrink” was when he was dealing with PTSD from killing an assassin trying to take his life and Luke’s.  Liam slowly leaned to accept, although it was a stupid act to ditch his security, the rape wasn’t his fault and he should learn to live with it and help Aiden with the “monsters” that would be with him forever.  He’d never forget what happened he could only learn to accept the event and not have it ruin his future.

Aiden had been inseparable from Logan and R.A. when he returned from the hospital after his ordeal.  They slept with him, held him through his night terrors and assured him no one would ever hurt him again.

Luke and John shared with Aiden the attempt on their lives and how it cost the life of a person they loved dearly, the man Connor was named after.  They assured Aiden he would have 75 big brothers that would lay down their lives to protect him and no harm would ever come to him again.

A few days before they were scheduled to fly off to the base Luke asked Logan and R.A. to join him in his study.  He had mixed feelings about whether to do this but he wanted Logan and R.A. to know what Aiden had experienced.  Luke, John and Connor were open about sex with their sons and nothing was off limits so they had a far better understanding of sexuality than peers their age.  They then learned the real reason why Aiden had his night terrors and it wasn’t just from the kidnapping, he had been brutally raped.  Luke played the Email he had received and Logan and R.A. just sat there in horror with tears streaming down their faces.  Luke simply asked:  “As your father and as your uncle all I ask is you try to understand and help him through this ordeal”.  As Logan and R.A. cuddle Aiden that night, it was an act of love and commitment they would share the rest of their lives.

Logan and R.A. couldn’t comprehend the trauma that Aiden had experienced.  R.A. made the decision he was going to ask his father to have sex with him and “go all the way”.  Logan understood the rationale and was committed to ask Luke for the same.  Luke held Logan tight and told him he was never prouder of him but he felt it would traumatize Liam more if he was the one to “go all the way” with his son.  A quick call to “Uncle John” and a cryptic comment of “Whatever Logan asks of you I approve.  Use your own judgement.”  The plan was now set in motion for Logan to seduce his Uncle John.

Liam and R.A. knocked at the bedroom door of John and Connor.  It wasn’t unusual for them to crawl in bed and cuddle with their father/uncle.  This was a family that believed in physical contact.  R.A. (who was the plot leader) spoke to his fathers and said “You have always told me I could ask anything of you and if it was possible you would do it.  I want to have sex with you and go “all the way”.  Liam turned to John and asked Uncle John to be the first man in his life to “go all the way with him”.  Dad (Luke) didn’t want to keep it from Liam and felt it was too much for him to handle so soon after his ordeal. 

As they explained their rationale John and Connor were astounded at the resolve and commitment these two “imps” had to helping their brother/cousin.  John and Connor looked at each other and nodded their consent as Connor said:  “Do what you will with us, our bodies are here for your enjoyment”.

John and Connor were already naked in bed and sporting serious “wood”.  R.A. and Liam had seen these two naked in the pool and hot tub but never fully hard.  They were now starting to understand the pain and trauma Aiden had suffered.  John reached into the side table and produced a big bottle of lube.  Handing it to the two virgins he suggested they use copious amount both on them and in their asses.  It didn’t take much licking and sucking to have these two adults leaking like an old worn our faucet and both Liam and R.A. knew it was now or never.  As their small hands liberally coated these oversized adult sex tools with lube, John and Connor used their fingers to loosen their small asses and make certain they were both well lubed. 

John and Connor refused to force Logan and R.A. to be fucked doggie style and insisted if they wanted this they would have to lower themselves onto their adult hardness.  If the pain became too much there was no shame in quitting.  Our two little horny “dogs” straddled each “victims” thighs as the willing victims helped them to position their hard pieces of meat at the entrance of each virgin pleasure tunnels.  John and Connor held their waist steady and told them to breath easy and lower themselves slowly.  As the pressure mounted at their anal opening they started to realize the pain incurred in losing one’s virginity.  (They couldn’t imagine the pain when Aiden’s virginity was taken forcibly, without lube, and only to inflict torture and pain.)  Committed to this endeavor they applied more force till each scream indicated they had seated a cock head in their ass.  Then it simply became a matter of taking each inch slowly, retreating, repeating and gasping until their asses could feel a hairy pelvis and “firm ground”.

John and Connor couldn’t believe how committed these two were and even through the tears streaming down their faces Logan and R.A. never once waivered in their commitment.  John and Connor lifted each up and let them slide back down.  They wanted them to know the pleasure that comes from having sex with a man and that rape is an act of violence through sex, not an act of love.

Logan and R.A. were too young to have a wet orgasm but their body definitely shuddered a few times as they rode there “mounts”.  John and Connor held back as long as possible because the pleasures were more than they knew possible.  All good things must come to an end and as the adults screamed they flooded their young lovers with copious amounts of man sperm.

Logan and R.A. collapsed in the arms of John and Connor as the adults slowly withdrew their cocks out of the young conspirators.  R.A. turned to Connor and said:  “Now we have some idea of what Aiden experienced and hopefully it will help us to help him”.  Logan said the same to John.  The foursome cuddled the balance of the night and were the not embarrassed by the morning wood each had at sunrise.  Luke hugged his son at breakfast the next morning and asked if he was successful.  Logan and R.A. smiled as John, Luke and Logan had a man hug of a committed family.

Meat and Steven were still contemplating what to do with the leadership of this new third squad of men.  They would have liked to promote from within but with so many new individuals they nixed the idea.  They didn’t want to steal from the existing two squads as they felt it might ruin the cohesion they had worked so long to develop.  As if it were a miracle they received a conference video call from Colonel Best asking if they had resolved the leadership issue with their new squad.  Explaining their views on the situation they had no scenario that wouldn’t be detrimental to the existing two squads.  The Colonel stated he might have a solution to the problem and to hold off on any decision for 48 hours.

The Colonel as the now head of the Worthington Security and his partner as head of the Alpha Zulu program had tentacles that reached throughout the military.  He reached out to Adam and followed up on a discussion they had a few days previously.  A First Sergeant was caught having sex with a staff sergeant and was currently being held in confinement pending an investigation and charges being filed.  He explained the problem Meat and Steven were having and suggested this might be a solution to all person involved.

Adam immediately put a “hold” on any additional investigation and charges being filed against the two.  He headed for the airport and his jet made record time to the base.  The base commander wasn’t happy with the intrusion into a problem that should be handled through the chain of command.  Adam simply reminded him of his Alpha Zulu clearance and he could take up his concerns with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs if he wished, noting the last person to challenge Alpha Zulu authority was no longer in the military.

Adam asked for a secure conference room and the two individuals charged to be brought to him.  He had never done an interview with two individuals before so this was new ground for him.  As the two individuals were brought to him under armed guard and handcuffed he ordered the handcuffs be removed and the guards wait outside.

He then introduced himself to the pair and asked if they knew what was an Alpha Zulu clearance.  The staff sergeant looked bewildered but the First Sergeant had been around long enough to know there were few people in the military chain of command who could or would overrule this man.

All I ask is that you be honest with me and I’ll do my best to help you.  Lie to me and military justice will take over and the best you can hope for is a dishonorable discharge that will follow you the rest of your lives or at the worst case scenario confinement at hard labor at Leavenworth.  Did you two have consensual sexual relations?  They meekly admitted they had and it was more than sex they loved each other.  (Now where had Adam heard that before?)  He asked the staff sergeant to explain the scenario and he admitted being the one to seduce the first sergeant.  He had been gay since he lost his virginity at age 14.  Regardless of the homophobic Army he wanted to serve his country.  He then turned to the First Sergeant and asked for his side of the story.  The First Sergeant admitted being flattered at the man propositioning him and frankly his duties didn’t allow for much free time and much of a sex life other than the palm of his hand.  What started as a way for both parties to release their sexual desires and hormones had turned into a loving couple that was preparing to leave the Army and be partners for life.

They had a fantastic love life and none of their military responsibilities suffered until the night someone forgot to lock the door and the Officer on Duty walked in and all hell broke loose.  Adam had read the full file in the plane on his way to the base.  The record of the pair was outstanding up to this incident.  He then asked them if they were interested in staying in the Army where they could share their love and not hide their sexuality from the men they served with.  They couldn’t believe such a unit existed.

Adam then explained the Alpha Zulu 69 team and that there was a third squad being added to it as they were speaking.  They were in need of a squad leader and a patrol leader for all three squads.  If they were interested I would conference with the team leaders right now and let the four of them work out any questions they had.

Adam also explained the detail wasn’t without risk.  We have already had a dozen men wounded and one killed in action from an assassination attempt and multiple kidnap attempts.  If it hadn’t been for the new improved ballistic armor from Worthington Industries my partner would have been killed.  Both sergeants acknowledge the risk of Army life whether it be from a sniper, a suicide bomber or an I.E.D.  It was simply a risk of being in the Army.

The conference with Meat and Steven went flawlessly and Meat thanked the Colonel profusely for his assistance.  Adam could only think:  “Chalk one up for the good guys”.  Adam asked that the provost marshal be summed, verified his Alpha Zulu credential and was then informed that all investigation material and charge sheet(s) were to be gathered and brought to him immediately.  The two men were to be taken by a “protective detail” to gather their belongings and brought to his jet within the hour.  The Provost Marshall knew the authority Adam held but was reluctant to assist him.  Adam simply whispered in his ear:  “The last person who refused an Alpha Zulu directive immediately received a call from POTUS (President of the United States) with a footnote “If a warning shot was deemed appropriate aim between his legs and remove him from the gene pool”.  You have verified my credential, you have your orders and I suggest you follow them expediently and without question.”

Our two sergeants were amazed at the power Adam held and how in a few hours their lives which they felt had been ruined had been given a reprieve and the love that they shared given a renewed hope of fulfillment.

The Provost Marshall personally brought all the documentation and handed it to Adam.  He advised the sergeants would be at this plane by the time he arrived.  Within the hour the three men were flying off to a new future and life.

On the plane Adam discussed their future.  He would hold their paperwork in his personal files for one year and if they were sincere in their commitment to one another and to the Alpha Zulu program he would personally feed the paperwork through a cross cut shredder.  If they were just “pumping his ass full of hot air” he assured them ten years hard labor at Leavenworth and a dishonorable discharge was the least of their problems.  Mama Bear and Papa Bear were not ones to have on your bad side.

Meat and Steven met Adam and the sergeants at the plane when it arrived at their base.  It was late in the day and he invited Adam for their evening meal and to spend the night.  Their pilots needed some rest before flying him back to Washington anyway.  How could he refuse such an invitation from Meat.  The sergeants were impressed to be met with an armed detail contained as SAW and Mini Gun.  They were escorted to the armored Land Rover and deposited at their quarters to freshen up before dinner.  They found black BDU’s on their beds and their black berets.  They could get fitted for their complete uniforms on their first trip to Washington.

At evening mess Meat welcomed Adam back to the base to a warm welcome from all present.  Meat then introduced the new squad leader and the first sergeant who would assume the role of patrol leader.  He expected everyone to cooperate and assist these two with a fast learning curve so we could have this base fully operational when our trio of “imps” (A name that would stick with this trio forever) arrives shortly.

It was a normal feast of good Army food for Adam which brought back fond memories of the comradery he enjoyed as leading the Alpha Zulu team.  Much preferable to the politics he had to endure in his current position. 

Adam flew back to Washington after a night of simply holding and cuddling Meat and Steven.  He missed them more than he wanted to admit and not just for the sex.  They were wonderful people and ones he would call friends for as long as he was on this earth.

The sex flowed freely with Randy the first night back and Adam was so grateful for the help in solving his problem and helping Meat and Steven solve theirs.  The sex was great but holding this beautiful man in my arms and feeling his flesh on mine was what made our love and friendship endure. 

Doc was hesitant to share information of Aiden’s rape outside of the people who currently knew.  Meat and Steven overruled him and said all the men needed to know and understand any negative behavior that may result because of it.

The men were in tears as they watched the video file.  They were asked to be more than an armed detail to protect these children, help them to grow into fine young men, share you talents and knowledge with them, be their friend and if occasionally there is some inappropriate behavior especially from Aiden just let me know and we’ll discuss the best way to address the issue.  I ask this not as your commanding officer but on behalf of the fathers who have entrusted these young men to us for protection.  Every man here is gay and I believe every man here is as repulsed as I am at what we just watched.  Anything you can think of to help PLEASE make us aware of it so we can consider implementation.

As always, a NO GUN policy is in effect till further notice.  If any of the three touches a gun bring it immediately to our attention through the chain of command.  Also, until further notice the clothing optional policy is revoked and I think you can understand why.  We will implement the policy again as soon as we feel it isn’t detrimental to Aiden.

Steven and I will be meeting with all the new personnel individually as soon as possible.  No one is in trouble it is a simple “meet and greet”.  Right now, our priority is to have this base 100% operational and ready for our new members of Alpha Zulu 69.

There were many tears from both the adults and the children as they said their goodbyes.  “Uncle Steven” and “Uncle Meat” took their hands and walked them to the limousine.  As they sped with an armed escort to the airport the parents breathed easier knowing there was a platoon of 75 men who would protect them with their lives.

It was late in the day when the jet landed at the Alpha Zulu secure base.  Credentials were verified and the trio of imps were whisked off to their quarters.  They were impressed with the facilities, the wall size big screen TV, a new electronic “iPads” given to each and the sleek wrist communicators they were asked to wear 24/7/365.

Meat and Steven didn’t want to be dictators but they needed to emphasize two points to our young trio of minds.  First and foremost RESPECT and I hope your father shared with you how they learned respect.  It sure will be less painful on you if you learn from there mistake.  Secondly, and this goes for all of you till we revoke it.  Don’t ever touch a gun, rifle, any form of firearm or explosive.  Everything is kept loaded to protect you and they are lethal.  Touch a “gun” and I guarantee you you’ll be sleeping on your stomach for a week.  Do you understand these two basic rules.  They nodded their acknowledgement.

Meat and Steven rarely kept their quarters lock unless they were having a passionate bout of sex.  One afternoon, Aiden walked in while Meat was in the shower.  He saw Meat’s Glock on the bed in its shoulder holster and temptation was just too great.  As he took the gun into his hands, the shower stopped and he knew Meat would soon be walking into the room.  He dropped the Glock on the bed and ran out the door.  When Meat came out of the bathroom and saw his Glock out of its holster he saw RED.  He called base security and ordered the trio be found and brought to his quarters immediately.  He paged Steven and asked him to immediately join him in their quarters. 

The entrance to Meat’s and Steven’s quarters was under constant video surveillance.  He knew it was Aiden and that made it all the more difficult to decide upon the discipline.  As the three lost souls were brought forth two of them not knowing what had been done… Meat calmly asked who had touched his sidearm.  NO RESPONSE.  Again he asked who had touched his sidearm:  NO RESPONSE.  “If the guilty party doesn’t come forth you all will share in the punishment.”  R.A. knowing the trauma Aiden had gone through stepped forward and admitted it was he who removed the gun from the holster.  Meat was impressed but the die was cast.  R.A. was ordered to drop his pants, bend over Meat’s knee and ten thunderous whacks of his hand were applied to his bare ass.  Each produced a resounding scream, cries and tears of real pain.  Aiden and Logan looked on in horror and Aiden in guilt knowing the crime was his and the punishment should have been his also. 

Steven escorted Aiden and Logan to their quarters and posted a guard for the night.  Meat held R.A. in his arms and told him he knew it was Aiden and how proud he was of R.A. to stand up for his brother.  Aiden learned more from your sacrifice for him than if I had punished him personally.  Meat hugged R.A. and again told him how proud he was of him and how much he loved him.  If I hadn’t given you ten whacks as I would have as if you had deserved it yourself, Logan and Aiden would have known of my deception.  “Now get up on my bed and drop those pants again so I can put some gel on your beautiful bum so it won’t hurt so much.” 

When Steven escorted R.A. to his quarters.  R.A. undressed and crawled into bed naked, his red ass glowing, forcing him to lay on top of the covers, Aiden crawled in beside him, held him tight crying he was sorry he couldn’t face the punishment he deserved.  R.A. held him tight and said he did it because he loved him.  Aiden was starting to trust again and that was the first strep on his road to recovery.

The next morning R.A. was escorted to Meat’s and Steven’s quarters for a video conference with John and Connor. He knew Meat had told them and he expected repercussions from his dads also. He sat there trembling as his dads told him how proud they were of him.  “They were never prouder to call him their son!”

As sore as his ass was from Meat’s hand R.A. was walking on air the rest of the day.  He loved his dads and he loved his “Uncle” Meat and “Uncle” Steven.  Even with rules and regulations he was going to throw his heart, mind and soul into being part of the Alpha Zulu 69 team.

The next news wasn’t as pleasant.  He was informed of all three being required to visit Doc and their shot records needed to be updated.  “I hope you and Logan can help Aiden get through this without too much trauma” was all Meat had to add. 

Doc broke the bad news about updating their shots and if that wasn’t bad enough he informed them they had to be given in their butts.  R.A. and Logan accepted it as fate but the thought of someone touching his ass terrified Aiden.  R.A. was called in first, dropped his pants, bent over and accepted his fate.  (Doc then told him he was aware of the punishment he received last night and if he would lay on the table Doc would apply some numbing gel to help with the pain)  Logan went next without incident.  When it was time for Aiden he went into panic mode.  As R.A. and Logan took his hand they held him and said they would be with him “all the way”.  Doc only lowered his pants enough to get at the upper part of his hip, used a micro fine needle to inject a local anesthetic and then injected the chip with minimal discomfort.  As long as he had Aiden trusting him at the moment he decided to draw a complete blood workup just in case the hospital missed any STD’s which had happened in the past.  Doc was relieved when Aiden’s bloodwork came back negative. 

The jungle telegraph was ablaze with the information of R.A. taking the punishment for his cousin.  The team was becoming impressed with the dedication this young man had in helping Aiden on the path to recovery.  Where ever R.A. went on base the next few days he suddenly found a candy bar or soft drink handed to him from a smiling soldier.  The team wanted him to know his sacrifice was respected by all.

“ALERT ALERT UNSCHEDULE PLANE ON APPROACH TO BASE!  ALL PERSONEL TO ASSIGNED STATIONS!  THIS IS NOT A DRILL, I REPEAT THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!!  Not a great way to wake up in the morning Meat was screaming as he and Steven hurriedly dressed.  Steven locked himself into the “imps” room and had it locked down to “panic room” mode.  Two armed guards stationed at the door, the imps in a new reinforced bathroom (within the secure locked panic room) and Steven with his Uzi trained at the door.

Meat received a message from OPS that the plane was squawking the ID of “DOD-1”… SHIT that is the last thing he needed in life more bureaucratic bull shit!!!  Meat met the plane with an armed security detail and the man first down the ramp was the Secretary of Defense.  He presented his ID for verification and vouched for the individuals on the plane.  Meat knew something was up when the next person off the plane was the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, then Major General Masters, Colonel Best, Colonel Mann, Mama Bear, Luke, and John.  Meat just about shit his pants.  Meat welcomed them to the base and asked what he could do to assist them.  Advised to assemble all staff for a meeting at 1100 hours for a presentation by the Secretary of Defense. 

The base was taken off Alert Status and Luke and John asked if they could see their sons.  They were given a driver who was advised they had total access to the base.  The imps were excited when the door opened from the lockdown and their fathers were there to greet them.  They jumped into their arms, hugging them, kissing them and telling them how much they were missed.  Luke and John told the trio they were certain some ice cream could be liberated from the dining hall.  (What a way to ruin lunch.)

As the formation was assembled promptly at 1100 hours, the Secretary of Defense was brief and to the point.  This base was being eliminated!  Meat and Steven were in shock as Luke and John smiled.  From this moment forward this “base” will be known as “Fort Connor” in memory of Connor Williams one of our fallen brothers in arms.  Randy and Adam unveiled the dedication plaque in addition to a framed picture of Connor along with his Purple Heart, Silver Star and commendation certificate.  Meat had tears in his eyes as John and Luke held his hands and squeeze gently knowing the courage it was taking not to break down.  Even as much as Meat loved Steven, Connor would always be in his heart.

After the presentation the Secretary of Defense excused himself stating he had pressing business and had to be returning to Washington.  John and Luke would be staying for a few days to have some quality time with the “imps”.  As all the “brass” headed to the airstrip for an immediate departure, Meat and Steven breathed a sigh of relief.  Meat instructed security to put Luke’s and John’s luggage in his quarters. 

Luke & John gave the imps a personal tour of the base and all the nuisances they had learned when they were in residence.  Many of which none of the current personnel even knew existed.  When it came time for the evening meal and retreat the imps were exhausted and excused themselves “crashing” in their quarters.

Meat turned to Luke & John and asked if they weren’t too tired would they join Steven and him in their quarters early.  Luke and John didn’t need a second invitation and followed as if it was a command from God.  The door of their quarters had barely closed and all heard the lock being set.  Luke and John excused themselves and headed to the shower to freshen up.  Wrapped only wearing a towel the two emerged and found a pair of naked Army studs waiting with massive boners.  This day may have started abruptly with an alert but it would end with four lovers enjoying multiple orgasms till they collapsed from sexual exhaustion.  Mt. Meat was again conquered and although John was still hesitant to “climb the mountain” Steven kept his ass stuffed and his balls drained while Luke rode Meat till his ass was raw.  Liam was going to have to take it easy on his ass for a few days when he returned home.

Between the hot sessions of sex Meat made his confession to Luke and John and brought up the video feeds of the imps quarters.  Luke and John finally realized how Randy and Adam knew so much about their lives and activities and now as fathers they were glad Meat and Steven could now do the same for their sons.

As Aiden had his nightly terror attack the two fathers wept as R.A. and Logan held him until his body slept from exhaustion.  Meat and Steven assured him Doc would do everything in his power to help Aiden back to a normal life and the all personnel of Fort Connor would also.  Liam was seeing a psychiatrist three times a week and even in the short time that had passed the results were showing positive.  Not having the pressure of Aiden’s monsters definitely helped to relieve the guilt which he still felt.  Hopefully, by the next time he saw Aiden he would be able to see the improvement that the team had help in Aiden’s progress to a new life.

The imps were harassing their fathers about their strange walking style “the morning after” and Meat and Steven had to remind them about RESPECT.  R.A. and Logan knew how much their asses burned and hurt when they lost their virginity and they couldn’t imagine anyone, even their fathers, riding “Mt. Meat”.  Sex was the furthest thing from Aiden’s mind.  Hopefully, that would change in the future and Aiden would be the normal horny teenager we all expected.

Luke sent a message to Worthington Security requesting he and John be picked up by his Jet the next night.  The time they spent with the imps was precious but both knew their commitment and duty to both the Army and Worthington Industries.  The last night Luke and John shared with Meat and Steven was without sex, just four men which intense intimate feeling for one another being held tenderly and cuddling in a bond that would never be broken.

As Luke and John arrived at the runway to depart they were surprised to see 100% of the off duty personnel working to build a “Welcome to Fort Connor” arch which all future visitors would enter through.  Meat and Steven were so proud that it was done by the men and not from an order issued by them.  Fort Connor was becoming a new “Band of Brothers” and dedicated to helping the three little imps that were stealing every ones hearts.

As their black jet few Luke and John into the evening sunset we all knew the Alpha Zulu Base had a secure future as Fort Connor. 

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