Chapter 4

Characters in order of appearance:

Randy Best:  LTC. U.S. Army Special Forces

Robert Masters:  COL. U.S. Army AZ Security

Adam Mann:  LTC U.S. Army Special Forces

Gloria Worthington:  Code Name:  “Mama Bear"  CEO Worthington Industries a major multi national defense contractor

Luke Worthington:  Code Name:  “Luke Doe"  Teenage (twin) son of Gloria Worthington

John Worthington:  Code Name "John Doe"  Teenage (twin) son of Gloria Worthington

Doug Meat:  1SG. U.S. Army Special Forces Code Name "Meat"  Head of Security, Expert in hand to hand combat and firearms expert

Magnus Savage:  CPT U.S. Army Medical Corp Code Name “Doc”  Combat Medic, board certified trauma surgeon, internal medicine and psychiatry

Conner Williams:  SSG U.S. Army Special Forces  Killed in action and former love of Doug Meat

Steven Goodman:  SSG U.S. Army Special Forces  Squad Leader/Alpha Company, roommate and new love of Doug Meat

Conner McLain Mann:  Newest member of Twins v2.0+1  Adopted son of LTC Randy Best and LTC Adam Man

The Grieving Process

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 “We Lost Connor”! My mind couldn’t absorb the impact of the words.  Adam held my hand as he told me Connor was dead.  We both cried profusely.  A member of our close inter circle was gone.  I was concerned for Meat and Adam assured us he was keeping himself busy with work and the Twins and staff was committed he would never be left alone.  Doc had set up mandatory PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) counseling for Meat and the Twins.  He also made himself available to any and all staff who needed to talk.  The base chaplain who had been so much help when we had our emergency with John was there for Adam and me.  We had no shame with the tears we shed and the words of comfort and guidance he shared with us.  We all knew the risk when we signed on to this posting but it still hurt to lose one of our own.

Four men were wounded and would make a full recovery and demanded to be returned to their current duty assignment.  (We had created a close knit “Band of Brothers” and the Colonel was indeed impressed.)  I spent a month in the hospital and weeks of therapy (both physical and mental) under my surgeons direct supervision.  (He was a real hard ass taskmaster when it came to being a medical professional.)  When I finally returned to our unit Meat met me as I walked down the plane ramp with tears in his eyes.  Being the professional he was he verified my credentials and I asked him to ride with Adam and me to our quarters.  As soon as the door closed on the Land Rovers the damn of emotion he had contained all these weeks burst forth uncontrollably.  The three of us had no embarrassment showing our emotions.  When we arrived at our quarters I gave Meat a direct order.  “Collect what you need and I want you moved into our suite in 15 minutes.”  I gave orders to the security detail to assist him and not to let him out of their sight.  I knew Meat would now have to face his demons and without having the direct responsibility for the Twins and operational control of the unit, we were concerned he would “eat his Glock”.

While Meat was collecting his personal effects, I video conferenced with Doc and got a medical update on Meat’s mental status.  I’m certain Doc broke a few medical rules and HIPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) statues in sharing this information but we all wanted what was best for Meat.  I vividly remember the “trauma” when I was told of the death of my lover.  I had spent weeks wanting to eat my Glock and it was only the Colonel and this new position that gave me a reason to live.  Adam and I had to show Meat there was a reason to face each new day.

We took Meat off the duty schedule and Adam and I made sure one of us was always with him.  The Twins were told of our concerns and their love and affection for Meat was truly genuine and helped him on the road to recovery.  The Colonel was conferencing daily for updates and urging us to make a replacement for Connor and bring the unit back to normal leadership and strength.  As much as the extra workload taxed Adam and me, Meat wasn’t ready to let go of Connor’s memory.

One afternoon while Adam had Meat busy and out of our office I decided I needed a friendly face and voice as I dialed up Steven.  It was so good to see his smiling face as he came up on the computer screen.  He was so positive and supportive.  “How I wished you were in the Army”.  The words barely escaped my mouth as he replied:  “What makes you think I’m not”!  He stood at attention and introduced himself as SSG Steven Goodman, U.S. Army Reserves.  My jaw hit my desk with a thud.  I only knew him from the Marriott and here was the perfect man both to fulfill our needs for a squad leader but also to share Meat’s life.  I briefly gave him a thumbnail sketch of what he would be doing and asked if there was any interest.  The glow on his face spoke more than the enthusiastic “YES” which came from his mouth.  I told him I needed his military ID number and would be back with him ASAP.

Without contacting Adam I conferenced with the Colonel and told him I had the perfect solution to our staffing and personnel problem.  I explained that Adam and I had met Steven when we stayed at the Marriott and were impressed with his abilities and organization.  I gave the Colonel his name and ID number and asked him to do a “deep dive” security check.  I wanted it to be so thorough as to know how many times his mother had to get fucked for him to be conceived.  The Colonel advised it shouldn’t take long as all the permanent staff of the Marriott already had security checks done as part of Mama Bear’s security protocol.  The Colonel asked for Steven to be at the Penthouse 10am the next day and he would start the ball rolling.  I advised the Colonel he didn’t have to set a “honey trap” for Steven as Adam and I could personally vouch he was gay.

When I called Steven back he was ecstatic at the news.  I asked him to keep this between us as I wanted to surprise Meat and Adam when we next saw him at the Marriott.  (My conspiratorial plan was now in motion and I was certain Meat and Adam would forgive me after they got even fucking my brains out.)  The Colonel conferenced the next day saying the preliminary interview was good and the paperwork, medical and deep dive security check was being fast tracked.  He’d let me know as soon as it was completed.

I started laying the groundwork for Adam, Meat and me to make a trip to Washington, D.C.  It actually had a purpose other than Meat meeting and starting to bond with Steven.  We needed Meat to have closure and that wouldn’t happen till he was face to face with Connor’s mother.  When I breached the subject of taking Meat to Washington and meeting Connor’s mother Adam and Doc agreed it would help with the closure process.  Adam also agreed that a few nights with Steven would definitely help Meat’s sex life back on the road to recovery.

Within a week the Colonel contacted me and advised all the paperwork, medical and background had been completed and Steven had passed with flying colors.  I asked if he could expedite getting him fitted for a new uniform and we set the date for our arrival in Washington the following week.  I informed Adam of the date and the two of us coerced Meat into taking the trip with us.  It was only for a long weekend and we would take the Twins with us for some Mama Bear pampering in the penthouse.  I called Connor’s mother and asked her if she was comfortable meeting and talking with First Sergeant Meat.  She knew the grief and mental state he must be in and was anxious to help in any way possible.  I just asked her to be herself and honest with Meat.

Being with the Twins was great therapy for Meat.  They were constantly on his lap during the plan trip to Washington.  Meat relished all the positive attention the Twins were giving him and he reluctantly handed them off to Mama Bear and we adjourned to our suite of rooms.  As planned and scheduled Steven knocked at our door with a complimentary bottle of champagne and announced he had been assigned as our Valet for our stay in Washington.  He advised us he was here to provide for our every need as Adam and I could only smile from ear to ear.  Meat couldn’t read our body language but he knew something was afoot.  

The worse part of this conspiracy was when Steven excused himself for the night and left.  Adam and I needed time to prepare Meat for facing Connor’s mother.  I’m certain he would have refused the trip and avoided the confrontation if he had been given the opportunity.  As Adam and I cuddled a Meat “sandwich” in the luxurious king size bed we enjoyed and made love with this fantastic man.  Meat was concerned he would hurt me having sex so soon after my injuries and I assured him I was fully functional.  Adjourning my mouth from his, I worked my way to his groin and lavished as much attention as possible on his beer can thick cock.  (My mouth just wasn’t big enough to get it in my mouth and down my throat.)  Meat became an uncontrollable animal and I stopped licking his monster hunk of man flesh and begged him to fuck me.  This was a crucial moment as Adam and I knew he hadn’t had sex with anyone since Connor’s death.  I went into a doggie position and Meat slowly penetrated my ass till he was balls deep.  That was Adam’s que to slide his thick nine inches up Meat’s ass and the daisy chain fuck began.  It was a brutal attack on my ass which sent me to Nirvana.  I could feel Meat’s fuck and I could feel Adam every time he bottomed out in Meat’s ass.  The three of us orgasmed within seconds of one another and collapsed on the bed returning to our Meat sandwich holding and cuddling such a wonderful man, friend and lover.

As Seven rolled in breakfast the next day the three of us were naked and still in bed.  Meat blushed and Steven assured him he loved seeing the three of us ala natural.  (The bulge in his slacks definitely emphasized his comment.)  Adam now knew something was afoot and played along thank goodness.  I told Meat to hit the shower and put on his dress uniform after his morning SSS (Shit, Show and Shave).  As Meat hit the shower Adam was all over Steven and wanted to tear his clothes off and make love to this stud.  Steven looked at me and said:  “He doesn’t know”?  Adam looked at me and commented:  “Know what”!!!  I simply smiled ear to ear and said in my best “Yoda” impersonation:  “All will be revealed in good time”.

As Steven and I had planned he asked Adam if he could bring some fresh clothes and luggage with him and leave them in our suite as he was leaving town on Monday morning and didn’t want to make an extra trip back to his lodging.  Adam took the bait hook, line and sinker.  (Oh, was I going to pay the price for my deception when he got me in bed tonight.)  The four of us finished morning breakfast and we advised Meat dress uniform was the order of the day.  The front desk called up precisely at 10am advising us the Limo was at the executive entrance waiting for us.  

As the limo whisked us away Meat wanted to know what was going on.  I assured him all would be revealed in good time.  As we arrived at Connor’s home Adam and I walked on either side of Meat, the minute he say the name on the house he knew what was up.  As he tried to back away and headed toward the limo we gave him a direct order and he froze in his steps.

Mrs. Williams opened the door and begged Meat to join her in her parlor.  She lived in a small town on the outskirts of Washington but was indeed a refined southern lady of culture.  She sat with Meat and told him how happy he had made Connor, happier than he had ever been in his life.  Connor would want him to go on with his life, make friend, make love and have a future.  Meat would always be a part of her life and he could always consider her home as his and he was part of her family.  Finally, Meat broke down in uncontrollable tears.  As Mrs. Williams wrapped her arms around him we knew the healing process had begun.  

The four of us talked for hours, the wonderful anecdotes about Connor his mother shared.  How proud Connor was of his last posting and being made a Staff Sergeant.  How much he loved Meat which even made Adam and I tear up.  Mrs. Williams excused herself and went to the kitchen to make coffee for us.  The three of us now knew Connor would always be a part of our lives even in death.  Mrs. Williams “sealed the deal” when she said as much as she would always miss Connor.  He died doing what he loved and she knew his actions had and would save the lives of many fellow soldiers.  He couldn’t have left a better legacy.

Finally, we had to excuse ourselves and adjourned to the Limo and our trip back to the Marriott.  We would be conferencing often with Mrs. Williams as she now became the “Grandmother” to all of us.  We called down to room service and asked if we could have Steven bring us up dinner in two hours.  We ordered Prime rib medium rare, backed potato with butter and sour cream, corn soufflé for our mandatory vegetable and raspberry cheesecake for desert.  To be washed down with some good twenty year old scotch and plenty of champagne.  We ordered dinner for four which we had to confirm twice with room service.  We were honoring Connor.  Adam and Meat were yet to know the surprise in store for the evening.  

We were surprised at the speed of the service and before we could even think about enjoying some great sex with Meat, Steven was knocking at the door and wheeling in dinner.  He smiled as he said:  “Dinner for four?”  I quipped:  “You are invited for dinner and you are also the second desert of the evening”.  “I sure hope you don’t have any plans for the rest of the night”!  

As I could see the bulge in Steven’s pants snake down his leg. Adam and Meat could only drool in desire.  Meat was nibbling at the bait and I was ready to sink the hook.  We enjoyed a wonderful meal and as Steven cleaned always the dishes I broke open the Scotch to set the mood for the evening.  The champagne for dinner had relaxed us and the Scotch really set the mood for an evening of erotic pleasures.  Meat was not totally grasping what the evening held but when Adam attacked Steven’s tonsils with his tongue it was obvious this wasn’t the first rodeo for Steven.  I pulled Meat to me and kissed him passionately.  I held him tight as I stroked his massive piece of man flesh contained within his pants.  I whispered in his ear how I loved him and needed him.  “Take me to bed and fuck my brains out with that monster beer can dick of yours!”  (He never refused a direct order.)

Adam now had Steven naked, in bed and was taking his ass hard and deep in the doggie position.  I smiled at Steven as I lay on my back holding my knees to my chest and Meat leaned forward between my thighs, kissed me passionately and slowly tore through my sphincter with that thick beer can cock of his till his balls were resting on the cheek of my ass.  Meat pulled back and hammered me without mercy.  Steven was shouting words of encouragement and I was a gibbering mass of flesh out of control in a sexual overload of feelings and desires.  I held Meat tight as I knew he wouldn’t last long.  I soon was given a huge injection of Meat’s liquid love and he collapsed in my arms saying what a great friends we were and what a great ass I had to fuck.

Meat and I could hear Steven howl as Adam filled his gut with his hot seed.  As Adam collapsed in sexual bliss Steven looked at Meat and pleaded for him to fuck his ass.  Meat didn’t need to be asked twice.  Meat was a patient lover and was constantly asking if he was causing Steven too much pain.  Steven was truly “Army” and knew the pain was worth the pleasure that was forthcoming.  Meat finally bottomed out in Steven’s ass and the expression on Steven’s face spoke more than any words.  Steven had reached Nirvana as never before.  Meat gave him time to relax and then proceeded to fuck him to an unconscious state.  I lost count of how many times Steven’s cock burst forth coating the two of them in his seed.  This only turned Meat into more of an animal and a fuck that would rival any porn movie.

I was concerned if Steven would want his new duty assignment after the fuck Meat gave him.  My concerns were relieved when Steven turned to Meat and asked if he could fuck him like that again.  Steven had fallen down the “rabbit hole” and found a monster dick which he loved with all his being.  An all-night orgy followed with my ass and Stevens being enjoyed by Adam and Meat.  When Steven got dressed and went down to pick up our breakfast order it was time for me to play my final card.  The “Royal Flush” that was going to get my ass royally fucked!!!

After the four of us finished a wonderful breakfast I nodded to Steven who excused himself and said he had to change as he was going off duty and this was his last day at the Marriott.  Adam looked so sad and Meat asked if he would stay in contact with him.  Steven assured him he would stay in contact with such a wonderful man and passionate lover.

As Steven was in the bathroom with the door closed changing into his new uniform, it was time for me to spring my trap and accept my fate when my two friends and lovers retaliated.  I stood and being as formal as possible I knocked at the bathroom door and announced to the group:  “I would like to introduce the newest member of the Alpha Zulu 69 team Staff Sergeant Steven Goodman”  

As Steven walked out in full uniform, the look on Adam’s and Meat’s face went from shock to that look of “we will get even”.  (Steven quipped:  “Some fuckin’ Colonel transferred me out of the Reserves to Active Duty status and assigned me to a secret security detail out in ‘no-mans land’”.)  A big smile crept across my face as we all laughed at his comment.

As Adam and Meat questioned my family linage as to my powers of deception, Steven went to Meat, wrapped his arms around him and kissed him with the passion of a man possessed in the arms of love.  We were happy when Meat returned his embrace and passion slowly removing his uniform and carrying his beautiful naked body to bed and a beautiful session of love that Adam and I enjoyed as spectators.  We were honored to be the matchmakers of these two men who were now part of our extended family.

Adam and Meat quizzed me every minute of our plane trip return trip and the Twins were elated to meet the newest member of the team acknowledging their approval with a frequent “get a room” comment as to the two newest love birds in their lives.  Meat’s healing had a positive effect upon John and helped with his mental health at the trauma of killing a man.  

(We learned later that threatening the family of Mama Bear had dire consequences.  The man who had hired the assignation squad was found brutally killed, electrical current applied to his testicles before each was crushed with vise grips pliers.  Car jumper cables attached to his body, one shoved up his ass and the other clamped around his cock and electrical current run through him until his cock exploded like an over cooked piece of kielbasa.  A shot between the eyes confirmed he was dead.  One would think twice before ever threatening Mama Bear’s family ever again.)

The jungle grapevine didn’t fail us and the entire staff turned out to greet us at the runway and congratulate the newest member of the team, their new squad leader and the love of Meat’s life.  Adam and I video conference with Mrs. Williams that evening and told her of our success and that it wouldn’t have been possible without her.  She was wiping away her tears as she told us she did it for Connor.  She knew Connor wouldn’t have wanted Meat to be alone the rest of her life.  This woman was so special and one the Twins, Adam and I would love and cherish the rest of our lives.

(We learned over the years that “Grandma Williams” as she was affectionaly known was well taken care of by the Twins.  Between Connor’s life insurance and the death benefits provided by Worthington Industries she had received over $1,000,000.00.  Mama Bear and the Twins paid off her mortgage and all her debts (unknown to “Grandma”).  And the Worthington Industries sent her the equivalent of Connors salary every week for the rest of her life.  Nothing could replace the loss of her beloved Connor but Mama Bear and the Twins were assured “Grandma” would lack for nothing.)

(“Grandma” was kept busy video conferencing with a family of 50 uniformed soldiers, Mama Bear, the Twins, The Colonel and the two of us.  “Grandma” was the living personification of Connor and impressed all us with the strength and character of this wonderful woman and mother to us all.  As “Grandma” progressed in years, Mama Bear saw to it she found a wonderful residential home where she could enjoy her golden year and made sure it had high speed internet so we could stay in contact.  When she passed on years later we sent an honor guard and pall bearers for her funeral.  She was in our hearts forever.)

The Twins were not approaching fourteen years of age and Adam and I only had a short time left on our contract.  We talked about our future and that we wanted to be together and start a family.  We were shocked one day when the Colonel arrived on bases and asked to talk with us.  He asked what our plans were when our contract was up.  We were candid as always and said we planned a future together and a family.  He smiled at us and brought up Mama Bear on the “big screen”.  “Gentlemen, both the Colonel and I are impressed with you both in your abilities and character.  We don’t want to lose you.  The Colonel can discuss the monetary incentives but I want you to know I would consider it a personal favor for you to stay on until my sons enter college.  As for the family you desire, the Worthington Foundation funds many programs for underprivileged children and I assure you there are children who want and need parents like you.”  I’ll ask you to accompany the Colonel and my sons on a short visit to Washington and I’ll appreciate your answer at that time.  Whatever you decide, I can’t thank you enough for all you have done to make me a proud mother of my sons.”

The monetary incentives which the Colonel offered were obscene and something that couldn’t be refused.  When we arrived at the Marriott the Colonel escorted us to the Penthouse and settled us in the guest suite as the Twins ran off to be spoiled by Mama Bear and enjoy an orgy of video games.  After dinner and settled in obscenely oversized comfortable chairs in front of a beautiful hand carved marble fireplace… Mama Bear and the Twins asked if we had decided to stay on.  The Twins were vocal about not wanting us to leave and they would do everything in their power to make our job easier.  Adam and I looked at each other and I assured the twins of our only desired for them was to be normal teenagers and just to be themselves.

The Colonel then asked for the floor and spoke to the Twins.  “Luke, John, I want to ask your permission to marry your mother.”  “You sure took long enough” John quipped back.  The Twins smiled their consent and it looked like we would be attending a wedding in the near future.  Mama Bear turned to the Twins and quietly asked how they would like a baby brother in their family.  Luke sounded off:  “You dirty old man, you got her knocked up already”?  To which I looked at him sternly and simply said RESPECT”!  He vividly remembered that learning process and profusely apologized to the Colonel and his mother.  Mama Bear then handed us folders on five orphans that needed a home and a loving family.  As Luke and John would be integral in his life she wanted the four of us (Luke, John, Adam and myself) to make the selection.  Mama Bear assured us the four children not selected would be found good and loving family.  She asked that the selection be made before we returned to our base.

As the Twins adjourned to the quarters to make one of the most important decisions of their young lives the Colonel and Mama Bear turned to us and simply said:  “You two are so much in love, are you going to get married”?  We told her we had discussed it and decided the decision on marriage and adoption needed to be postponed until we separated from the Army.  Mama Bear candidly said to us:  “Don’t be old fools like us and try and hide your feelings from everyone for so many years”.  Adam looked at me, got down on one knee and asked me to be his partner for life.  Tears of happiness were streaming down my face as I accepted.  We asked Mama Bear if she could arrange for the base chaplain who had been such great help to us during John’s emergency to officiate the service at our base.  The Colonel advised he would make the necessary arrangements and security clearance.  Mama Bear quietly left and returned with the Twins.  She spoke quietly as she said we had something to tell them.  We both held them tight and told them Adam and I were getting married.  They exploded into overdrive with congratulations and comments inappropriate for young men of their age (Adam and I smiled and told the Twins they could get away with the inappropriate behavior just this time and only this time).  (A month later surrounded by fifty of our closest friends, Mama Bear, the Colonel and their security detail… Adam and I became partners for life in the eyes of man and God.)  

The Twins spent hours reviewing the information on the five orphans and then gave us the files to review.  After we had digested the material it was time for the Twins, Adam and I to make the decision jointly as we both knew the effect it would have on all of our lives and future.  Every child had a troubled past and if there was a common factor in their lives it was that they were gay.  We were surprised that the Twins had selected the same individual that stole our hearts.  A fourteen year old street hustler that was arrest for gay prostitution trying to survive on the streets.  A few weeks later the Colonel and Mama Bear contacted us and instructed us to fly out and meet this young boy.  Our hearts melted when we saw him, obviously lacking self-esteem and burdened with guilt from his street experience.

He hung his head as tears flowed down his face.  “I’m soiled goods, I sold my body to survive” came from his mouth in abject terror of rejection.  Adam and I hugged him and assured him no one would ever hurt him again.  We told him we were a newly married gay couple and we wanted him to be part of our lives and be a member of our family.  We also told him as much as we could about where and how we lived and he would have two twin “brothers” who would treat him as one of the family.  We both knelt before him and asked if he would do us the honor of becoming part of our family?  The three of us walked hand in hand back to the administrator’s office and inquired what needed to be done to allow us to take the beautiful young man home with us.  

We were advised the Colonel had provided them with all the security material necessary for a background inquiry and Mrs. Worthington vouching for us as parents sealed the deal.  We signed the adoption papers and proudly told him he was now part of our family.  When the Army legal department filed the adoption papers we asked to change his name to Connor.  We explained to Jason what Connor had been in our life and to our family.  Jason said he would be proud to bear the name of such a wonderful person.  There would be a six month trial period before the adoption was final and “Connor” would need to be returned and evaluated prior to the orphanage granting final approval of the adoption.  We assured Connor/Jason that his juvenile file would be sealed forever once his adoption was final.

Connor was in awe of the sleek black jet that flew him away to start his new life.  Staff accepted him enthusiastically as he started his new life and future.  The Twins insisted he share their suite and live in their remodeled guest room.  Connor was in culture shock at his new surroundings.  We let him get settled in and then it was off to medical.  Doc did a complete and invasive evaluation considering the life style he was forced into.  Doc advised us in detail of his finding.  Connor had a number of sexually transmitted diseases (STD’S) which wasn’t picked up on standard tests.  These could be corrected with potent antibiotics over the next few weeks.  The major problem was his rape that ended him in the hospital and in the custody of child services.  Whoever raped him not only gave him the STD’s but tore his rectal muscles and tissue.  Connor burst into tears and said we would want him and would send him back.  We assured him that would never happen and we asked Doc what option we had to correct the problem.  

Doc had a friend which was a top notch surgeon. He would conference with him in the morning, review his findings and see what options were available.  The next day we were informed Connor would need an intensive surgical procedure and that it was scheduled as soon as we could clear up his STD’s.  Connor was a frequent visitor to Doc accompanied by the Twins holding his hands as Doc injected the needed antibiotics.  Connor was starting to accept he was no longer alone in life.

We were so apprehensive when Doc finally advised us Connor was clear of his STD’s and his surgery was scheduled for the following Monday.  We broke the news to Connor and we could see the fear in his eyes.  We assured him we would be with him every step of the way.  Adam and I hugged him tight and reminded him he was and would always be part of our family and he had fifty men out there that would lay down their lives for him.

The Twins were the best teacher for Connor.  They were honest about everything and told him about all they had experience the past few years.  They recommended strongly he NOT learn RESPECT the hard way as they did.  We didn’t expect Connor to be a perfect boy but he definitely was smart enough to listen and believe the Twins.  

Connor broke down and finally confided in the Twins about the brutal rape he had experience.  The rage it brought forth as Adam and I wanted to destroy the monster who would prey on children.  The jungle grape vine solved the problem as a small group of special forces men took leave and planned the scenario.  They located the individual and started a video confirmation of his actions and guilt as a child molester.  They abducted him and took him to an abandoned warehouse where he was stripped naked, electrodes applied to his balls until he was unconscious, he awakened to a massive dildo shoved up his ass followed by a full fist being thrust up his ass till it went in past the elbow.  The screams of anguish fell on deaf ears and after cleaning the area with bleach to remove any trace of DNA a 911 call was made to the police to “rescue” this child molester before he was killed.  The men waited in the shadows until the police arrived and claimed the predator and video evidence which had been left.  They saw on TV the following day the man had been arrested and in police custody with video tape evidence of being a child molester.  The team of men returned to our base and the jungle grapevine was ablaze with the knowledge of the retribution.  

The Twins wanted to accompany Connor and be there for him during his surgery and recovery.  Adam and I discussed it and decided it was too great of a security issue and they could video conference with him all they wanted as he recovered.  Connor was more understanding than the Twins but considering the recent attempt upon their lives they knew it wasn’t a subject for debate.  Connor went through a battery of tests prior to his surgery and he had more things probing his ass than I knew existed.  His ass was Xray’d, scanned, scoped, fingered and had his ass examined in every way possible.  This doctor was thorough and I kidded Connor I was getting 8x10 inch glossies of his ass for my desk.  Only Adam’s laughter brought a smile to Connor’s face.

Connor’s surgery was long and intensive but he came through it without any problem.  He spent a week in the hospital for recovery and the Surgeon assured us Doc was more than competent to handle the follow up and he could conference if needed for a second opinion.  Connor was now on his way to a normal life, that is if any teenager is normal in the eyes of his parents.  As the medical community was hopefully now done examining our son’s ass I asked Doc to chip him as he had done the twins as soon as convenient.  Another shot was getting to be the norm with our son and it never phased him.

The six month review by child services and the orphanage social workers went without incident.  They were impressed with the love and care we provided and the nurturing given to Connor.  The dining hall exploded in congratulations when the three of us returned with the news and ice cream and cake was liberated for all to enjoy.  The twins had their own plans for celebrating with Connor.  Back in their room the Twins gave Connor the first blow job of his life and his orgasm caused John to have cum shooting from his nose.  Luke laughed as he took over and gave Connor his second blow job and the three of them collapsed naked in each others arms on the bed.  When he awoke during the night Luke and John were at full staff pointing to the ceiling and Connor had no reservation as to showing them what an experienced and talented mouth of a former street hustler could do to pleasure them.  Both twins succumbed to the most erotic wet dream of their lives and Connor relished the quantity and flavor of their young sweet cum.  Connor was starting down the road of a normal teenager exploring his sexuality and healing from the sexual trauma of his past.

Meat and Steven were spoiling Connor more than Adam and I.  It wasn’t long before Meat and Steven gave Connor his black BDU’s and the trio of monster teenagers were bonded and inseparable.  

I doubt if child services and the social workers would have approved of Connor skinny dipping with the men but he had no reservation as to shedding his clothes and swimming ala natural with the Twins and staff.  Those three together were a walking prank factory and I swear they spent every waking hour planning new tricks to pull on our staff.  Putting itching powder in Meat’s and Steven’s bed crossed the line and some behavior modification was applied equally to three naked asses.  Connor wore his red inflamed ass with pride knowing he was accepted as an equal of the Twins.  Regardless, all three slept on their stomachs for a few days.

Things were getting serious between Meat and Steven and within a year they approached us asking for permission to be married.  We approved their request provided we got a huge piece of their wedding cake.  Staff was elated with the news and the wedding plans went into high gear.  We invited “Grandma” to the wedding and she accepted with tears of happiness in her eyes.  She broke into tears when we introduced her to Connor, our son, when she arrived for the wedding.  “Grandma” spoiled both Connor and the Twins with affection and presents.  It is difficult to say NO when it was gifts that came from her heart.  I’m certainly Mama Bear ordered high speed internet for “Grandma” because with all the attention she continually got from us, she was burning up her bandwidth.

When the wedding gifts were opened the assortment of sex toys and lubricants had Mama Bear and “Grandma” blushing like new brides.  The Colonel simply laughed and wished he had the balls to contribute such gifts to the new couple.  “Grandma” shared Mama Bear’s jet back to Washington and the two mothers shared tender moments each had experienced with their children.  

When all the festivities settled down and life returned to normal that evening.  Our three monsters were secured for the night and Adam and I settled in our quarters thinking of how tender and passionate the sex was that our newly married couple was sharing that night.  That had the blood flowing south of the border for both Adam and I.  I was in shock when Adam held me tight, kissed me, dropped to his knees sucking my cock into his mouth.  My mind was wild with passion and I was in desperate need of a hard fuck when he stood up, held me tight and looking into my eyes said he wanted me to fuck his ass.  My dedicated top stud wanted me to take his virgin ass.  My dick exploded and coated his chest with my first volley of cum.  He smiled and said:  “I take that as a yes”?  I simply told him:  “Get your ass in bed, you are totally fucked”!

I had on occasion slid a finger into his ass so I know how sensitive a prostate he has.  I was going to use this to make my lover a sexual animal he had never experienced.  Between my mouth on his dick, sucking his balls into my mouth and my fingers probing and stretching his ass, his body was convulsing on the bed screaming to be fucked.  I put him on his stomach and showed him he wasn’t the only great ass eater of the realm.  He was chewing his pillow as he buried his face screaming into it.  It was time to strike and my cock was harder than I had ever experienced in my life.

I knew I was going into virgin territory and I didn’t want to hurt the man I love.  His was a gift that could only be given once and I wanted him to remember this moment forever.  I positioned my hard cock at the entrance to his passion tunnel and firmly thrust forward breaking his resistance with my first hard thrust.  His body stiffed, I held him tight as I slow inserted every inch I had as his body fought the intrusion he mind desired.

Finally, I couldn’t hold back and I started the thrusting of a horny lover that wanted to cum and breed his “bride”.  I held him tight as my cock broke through his resistance and I claimed his manhood as my own.  I loved this man and I wanted all to know he was mine.  As I pulled free my cum gushed out of his body and I looked into the beautiful eyes of a man I truly loved more than life itself.

Elsewhere on base the newlyweds were celebrating their marriage and wedding night.  Steven was slowly opening his ass to Meats thick dick and screaming his love of Meat with every inch that entered him.  As Meat finally bottomed out he began a brutal fuck that had Steven grasping his pillow over his face to muffle his screams of passion and pain.  Meat was an animal possessed and his only goal was to claim his turf and breed his partner.  His eyes were glazed as his final thrust claimed his prize and his searing cum blasted forth.  Steven could feel the seed of his partner flow into his gut and he felt elated knowing the pleasure he received from such a man.  (Staff finally took the initiative and shot sound deadening expansion foam in the walls of Meat’s and Steven’s room so they could get some sleep at night.)

The jungle grapevine was alive with the news of the marriage being consummated and even in the absence of the newlyweds, glasses were raised throughout the base to toast the consummation of their love and the commitment of their marriage.  

The Twins v2.0+1 had found a new release for their pent up hormones and sexuality… they became cocksuckers par excellent and nothing could shock me more than one night when I heard Connor scream the words “Fuck Me” as Luke and John were working over his cock and balls.

I wasn’t concerned about his teenage experimentation, totally normal and to be expected.  I just hoped the twins had enough smarts and concern to use plenty of lube, loosen him up good and not destroy everything the surgeons had repaired.  I was assured when Luke questioned Connor if he really wanted to be fucked.  Connor assured him he wanted to be his “blood brother” and taking his sperm in his ass was the only way to make that commitment.  Luke must have used a full tube of lube pumping it in Connors ass and I was happy when Adam walked in and I told him to sit down and watch his son loose his cherry ass.  Adam was in shock and totally turned on to the max.  He kissed me passionately as we watched Luke massage Connor’s ass with his fingers, probing, stretching, probing deeper and stretching wider till we knew it was the time to take his cherry.  

Luke and John were eighteen months older than Connor and were sporting a good sized hard six inches and growing.  Luke positioned the head of his cock at the entrance to Connor’s ass and with unbelievable patience slide deep into his ass.  Connor was ecstatic with pleasure holding Luke’s hips and pulling him as deep as possible into his ass.  John wasn’t going to be left out as he slid his cock into Connor’s mouth and they began a tender spit roasting as a right of passion from being kids to starting on the road to being an adult.

Adam and I knew Luke or John wouldn’t last long this being their first intimate act of love making.  It was quick when we could see the muscles of their body spasm and we knew both Connor’s ass and throat were being filled with sweet teen cream.  Luke and John made a cuddle sandwich and I knew my young trio would forever be bound in love and friendship.

When Meat and Steven finally staggered out of their room their first stop was medical.  Steven’s ass was painful beyond description and Doc humorously told Meat he had broken his new toy.  No sex for seven to ten days and allow his ass to heal before any sex.  Doc gave Steven some topical medication and asked Meat to spread it as gently as possible and deeply as possible into Steven’s ass three times a day.  He also further added and emphasized “Use your fingers not your Cock”!

He wanted to see Steven back in 24 hours or sooner if the pain increased or he experienced any rectal bleeding.  Meat hung his head low in shame and Steven only held him tight and kissed him with the passion of an understanding lover.  

Adam and I were so concerned about the Twins v2.0+1 and our new newlywed friends that our sex life was suffering greatly.  I planned a romantic candle light dinner, Champagne, Oysters, Strawberry covered in chocolate, a vase of red roses on the table, romantic music playing, me cuddled up in our Marriott robe waiting for my “man” to come home.  He walked in, simply said “keep that mood” as he headed to the bathroom, a quick shower and he emerged in his soft white robe and into my arms.

Our lips were raw in the morning and our dicks were in need of attention from Doc.  He was chastising us that it seemed like all the newlyweds around here were losing control in bed on their honeymoons.  I simply turned to him and commented on how jealous he must be.  He threw us a couple of tubes of ointment and told us to go play doctor.  “He had real patients to take care of.”

Adam and I knew the love we had would last forever and the love we had for our three “sons” made our family perfect.  We soon would face the “empty nest” syndrome and face the new challenges every family must face.  

There was little doubt that John was gay considering the selection of porn he watch and the amount of time he and Connor spent making love each week.  Luke’s tendencies was more toward heterosexual porn and enjoyed watching a girl take it up the ass as well as her cunt.  He still enjoy a good three way with John and Connor and loved sucking cock as much as he enjoyed fucking ass and getting fucked.  He definitely had bi sexual tendencies.  Installing the security cameras were invaluable in learning to provide for the needs of our sons.

Sex among all our men was all consensual and I never heard of or knew of any problems arising among sexual encounters.  (Other than an occasional sore ass from an over zealous lover.)  The Twins v2.0+1 were developing into fine young men who could easily be the stud in the life of any man or woman.  They progressed to 20 miles a day on the treadmill and exceeded the normal for lifting weights in their age class.  Their bodies showed the effort they put forth and the positive comments they got from the men only gave them the initiative to better themselves.  (Even Connor worked hard and had most of the men drooling over his sexy ass.)  They were the studs I had wet dreams about growing up and they were my sons.  

All was calm in paradise, the birds sang in the trees, the wind blew gently, the air was fragrant with the smell of jasmine and no threats to our security was known by any intelligent agency.  The Colonel flew in and landed unannounced which immediately brought a security alert and sent every ones Adrenalin surging to the max.  We were stunned when he requested a formal assembly this evening with all staff present.  As he introduced himself and asked Adam and I forward.  The twins joined us, as Connor held  new insignia the Twins removed our Captain bars and put on silver oak leaves of a Lieutenant Colonel.  The Colonel congratulated us and said this was well earned.  Our men could be proud of their efforts that made this possible.  Connor hugged both his dads and said how proud he was of us.  I hoped he knew how proud we were of him.

Connor was academically behind his age group by two years.  He worked long and hard and within a year he was at the proper learning level.  Luke and John were instrumental in assisting him and encouraging him every step of the way.  I was so proud of my three sons.  Luke and John had surpassed the learning level for their age and were taking advanced placement courses and freshman college courses.  This impressed Connor and even though he didn’t have their “brain trust” it caused him to work hard and to excel beyond our expectations.

Luke had an interest in the business side of Worthington Industries and John was more into research and development.  Luke would soon leave for Harvard and John would be attending M.I.T. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).  It was a few years away but we all knew the reality of having an “empty nest” all too soon.  We wondered what changes the Colonel would make and how it would affect our family.  Adam and I planned to enjoy the time we had with Connor and be the best parents possible to this wonderful young man.

We would soon learn what the future held for us and our family.

Steven Becker
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