Chapter 3

Attitude Adjustment Begins

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As the security detail pulled up in front of our residence the twins burst from the Land Rover and headed into their quarters at a full gallop.  We could hear the door slam closed and the emergency deadbolts slide in place.  In theory, there quarters were now a secure “panic room”.  (Time to educate the twins to the new realm in which they now lived.)

I asked Meat to station two armed guards at the entrance to the Twins quarters with orders not to allow entrance to anyone under any circumstance. Meat then dismissed the rest of the detail.  Adam and I requested that he join us in the Twin’s quarters.  He looked at us quizzically knowing there suite was securely locked.  I brought up Ops on my wrist radio ordered a security release for the Twin’s quarters, authorization “Alpha Zulu ‘Best’ 69”.  The hand scanner on the door access started flashing and a computerized voice stated a hand print was required for access.  Placing my hand on the scanner I would have given anything to see the expression on the Twins face when the security bolts released and the three of us entered.

As if adding insult to injury the first words out of their mouths was “Get your faggot asses out of our quarters”!  Adam grabbed one twin by the neck and I the other as they spewed forth vulgarities that no ten year old should know yet alone use.  As we held them firmly they soon realized escape was futile.  It was now time to start the learning process and definitely not the way I hoped it would be taught.  As they were screaming homophobic slurs, a firm slap across their face brought some reality back to the scene.  “Mama Bear will have your bars (Captain’s bars) for that”!  “Listen up, close your mouths and engage your brains.”  “This will be easier on all of us and far less painful on the two of you.”  “For your information both Capt. Mann and I are gay and we are lovers and your scrawny asses certainly don’t turn us on!”  “Your attitude and language will change immediately, but you are now going to learn the hard way that actions have repercussions.  Adam and I looked at them sternly as we barked the command:  “STRIP”!  The Twin’s looked at us in shock and screamed:  “NEVER” to which we advised them this was going to happen the easy way or the hard way and the easy way would be less painful for them.

They stood before us defiantly as Adam and I nodded, asked Meat to get comfortable as this was going to be a long session of attitude adjustment.  Adam grabbed one Twin and I the other as we shredded the clothes from their body until they stood before us naked as the day they were born.  Totally in shock they couldn’t believe the next words out of my mouth:  “Over my knees”!  “It will be far less painful if you cooperate than if we make you”.  As if they hadn’t learned their mouths were their worst enemy they sounded off threatening to have us arrested for rape if we touched them.  “That is why Msgt Meat is here as a witness.  (Little did they know that this was all being recorded and would be sent on to the Colonel.)  Nearly simultaneously they found themselves face down over our knees their cute little bums in the air which almost immediately resounded with the sound of our hands forcefully applied to their posteriors.  The screams that were produced echoed through the security door and the armed guards could only smile as this was long overdue.  They could hardly wait to send the information round camp via the “grapevine” as to the current event.

As we counted off each stroke:  #1 R, #2 E, #3 S, #4P, #5 E, #6 C, #7 T!  Each stroke only produced a louder scream and the tears flowed profusely and were genuine.  “You will have respect for everyone, you will refer to every individual either by their rank or by ‘Sir’ or ‘Mam’”.  Don’t make us do this again.  And now for your defiance and failure to follow directions, we counted off five more strokes with our full hands each producing a resounding scream.  (We heard later from the Colonel they immediately called Mama Bear to complain, which fell on deaf ears.  She told them to “Man up”, what they received was long overdue.)  The twins cried themselves to sleep that night. 

As Meat, Adam and I returned to our quarters, the guards were left in place and given the orders the Twins were under “house arrest” till we repatriated them in the morning.  The physical shock of today wasn’t going to be as bad as the shock tomorrow regarding cleaning their own rooms, mandatory physical training and meals in the dining hall.  The twins were going to learn what growing up as a kid is really like.

When the three of us settled into our suite, I immediately brought up the Twins quarters on the wide screen plasma only to see two naked ten year old kids, on their stomachs, on top of the sheets and I swear their asses glowed red.  Meat was the first to comment what a shock it must have been to them.  I only added:  “They brought it on themselves”.  If any man had talked to me the way they did… they would have been spitting out their teeth.  Also, I’m certain what we did caused a great deal of pain but little if any damage.  Where I grew, up if one talked back or acted up it was a trip to the barn and a leather strip on a bare ass.  More than one of my friends (and myself) stood up in class in school because our ass was too raw to sit.  Today, it might be considered child abuse, back then it was the norm and it didn’t kill me.

As the three of us watched the two sobbing naked twins, we were getting hornier by the minute.  No one was interested in having sex with them but damn, those naked globes were as sexy as hell.  Meat was the first to comment on how horny he was and asked “pretty please” to join us in bed.  Adam and I looked at each other and pounced on Meat like a Tiger on prey.  It only took a few moments for all three of us to be naked and in a daisy chain of cock to mouth (plus a few fingers working on prostates).  After adjourning to the shower, a quick cleaning with our new Shower Bidet, Adam proceeded to share that Olympic qualified tongue with both Meat and I.  His kisses gave us both massive hardons dipping pre cum.  When he started eating my ass it was all I could do to keep from letting my balls explode.  Only the break as Adam switched between Meat and I kept me from orgasming.  I nodded to Adam and he knew I wanted him to fuck Meat first; I get so turned on watching my man Adam in action and Meat is part of our family.

It didn’t take long for Meat to orgasm and then Adam attacked my ass like a lover possessed.  I could never get enough of Adam and I knew this was going to be another night when he slept deep in my ass till dawn.  Meat eventually excused himself and returned to his quarters and into the arms of his new friend and soon to be lover.  As he was leaving we both asked inquisitively if he had fucked the corporal yet and he blushed saying “no”.  He was just too thick for his friend to handle. 

We asked if this was their weekend to rotate off the duty schedule and he say “yes”.  We extended an invitation to the two of them to join us in our quarters after the evening meal on Saturday.  Meat smiled from ear to ear and said he would extend the invitation and let us know in the morning.

We asked Ops for a 0430 hours wakeup call which puzzled them.  We extracted ourselves from our night of lovemaking and proceeded with our daily SSS (Shit, Shower & Shave).  0515 hours there was no signed of the Twins stirring on the monitor so we proceeded carrying through on our instruction given the night before.  We entered their room, pulled their naked asses from their bed and proceeded to introduce them to the effect of an ice cold shower on a sleeping body.  I hoped for their sake they had a fast learning curve.  We then let them dress and headed off to the parade ground for flag raising.  The Twins had little idea of what was going on and made a feeble attempt at a salute.  (We informed them later the proper “salute” to the flag by a civilian was their hand over their heart.)  When the Twins arrived at the dining hall for breakfast they received a standing ovation which caused their face to match the color of their asses.  They ate a meager breakfast and we asked them to join us in the Ops conference room after they ate.

We proceeded to outline the new protocols which were in place around the compound and those that directly affected them immediately.

  • RESPECT to and for all.  No Exceptions!
  • You will be present and suitably attired for 6am flag raising and at evening retreat
  • All meals will be with staff in the dining hall at the times specified
  • You will clean and keep their quarters to the same standard as all others
  • You are required to have daily physical training
  • Staff is there to protect and help you not to be your servants
  • Pool and PT areas are now clothing optional
  • Touch a gun and they would be sleeping on their stomachs for a week

These guidelines were to be implemented immediately and were not open to discussion or debate.  We would add additional items as deemed appropriate.  We were not totally heartless.  We recommended they stop by medical on their way to morning classes and Doc would apply some topical lidocain so they could sit comfortable in class.  We added we hoped we wouldn’t have to apply that learning experience ever again.

We met with Doc after the Twins left for class and he assured us no physical damage had been done, the only damage was to their egos and pride.  Although, they might need some additional lidocain gel applied for a few days before they would be sitting comfortably.  (That comment was accompanied by a big smile.)

The jungle grapevine was alive humming with the events of the previous night.  Meat was advised to inform all staff that if they had any problems with the Twins they were to bring it to his attention and he would discuss it further with us.  They were not to take unilateral action.  Emphasize we were there to “protect” and “help” the Twins not to “serve” them.  Of course, being a friend also would go a long way in helping us develop a positive relationship with the Twins.

Meat advised us later in the day that he and Connor thanked us and were pleased and excited to accept our invitation for Saturday night.  They would pick up a few bottles of liquid refreshments from the commissary for us to enjoy.  Meat smiled and added, “You just pick up a big bottle of lube.  My roomie has one tight ass that needs to be loosened up.”  “I still can’t get the head of my cock into his anal ring so hopefully you two can help us resolve the issues and help him learn to relax and enjoy the physical relationship we both desire”.  Adam later quipped:  “Two virgins and a ‘newbie’, this is some Army”!

The week seemed to fly by and the Twins returned to being able to walk normally and sleep on their back.  We weren’t surprised to see them both crawl into one bed and sleep with their arms wrapped around one another all night.  They basically only had each other as friends and this had to change quickly. 

Saturday night arrived and both Adam and I were looking forward to an exciting night with Meat and Connor.  When the knock came at the door I could see Adam’s basket double in size and his face greeted them with a huge smile.  “Welcome to our humble abode” as Connor stood at attention not knowing how to act with us in a social atmosphere.  When you are here with us socially it is a first name basis and Connor started to relax.  As Adam wrapped his arms around Connor he passionately kissed him and demonstrated the how talented his tongue was.  The desired effect was Connor’s basket protruding obscenely in his pants.  Meat and I wrapped our arms around the two lovers and my hand instinctively massaged Connor’s basket carefully not to over stimulate and have his first orgasm in his shorts.

The three of us undressed Connor and it was obvious how turned on he was when his erection slapped against his abdomen which an audible “thud”.  Meat and I settled onto one bed and watched Adam in action which immediately got us hornier than hell.  As Adam kissed his way down Connors body Meat was working over mine.  When Adam deep throated Connor’s cock he immediately got a mouthful of his sweet cum.  Meat smiled as he licked and sucked my balls teasing me as only he and Adam were allowed. 

Adam and Connor sprawled across the second bed and Adam immediately rolled him onto his stomach and proceeded to show him how erotic it can be to have ones ass eaten.  Meat was so horny watching the action he rolled onto his back with his erection standing proud showing me his challenge for the evening.  I took the bottle of lube and generously applied it to his proud pole.  I fingered as much as possible into my ass knowing I’d need plenty of help and mega determination to conquer the challenge before me.

Connor watched in disbelief as I straddled Meat’s hips and proceeded to lower my ass onto Meat’s monster cock.  Adam’s tongue was driving his ass wild and watching Meat and I was visually sending his brain into a sexual frenzy.  I gasp as my ass slipped over the corona of Meat’s shaft and Connor eyes bulged as I lowered myself inch after inch onto Meat’s cock.  Meat was on his way to Nirvana and the pain I was feeling was only surpassed by the sexual endorphins Meat was causing to be released by my body.

One hard full length downward thrust with my ass made me scream in pain as my ass settled on Meat’s pelvis.  My cock blasted forth coating Meat’s chest with my seed.  Adam pulled Connor so that his ass was in the air and his face was on the pillow and with one powerful thrust buried his thick nine inch cock balls deep in Connors ass.  We all knew Connor wasn’t a virgin but the shock of this entry had him screaming in agony but no attempt to get away.

As I continued to ride Meat’s cock Adam proceeded to fuck Connor to a near unconscious state leaving him a gibberish mass of writhing flesh.  Finally, all of us accepted it was time to consummate this first round of sex and within seconds of each other all of our balls erupted resulting in gasps and screams of pure pleasure. 

As Adam rolled off Connor and I rolled off Meat we all walked hand in hand to the shower and refreshed ourselves, cleaning our bodies externally and internally so we could continue to enjoy ourselves for the balance of the night.

The champagne was now chilled and Adam also broke out the Twenty Year Old Single Malt for us to enjoy.  We didn’t want Connor drunk but definitely well relaxed when he conquered “Mt. Meat” which was next on the agenda.

As Meat figured out what was happening he headed for the bed his erection leading the way.  He generously lubed his cock as we helped Connor into bed and astride Meat’s hips.  We helped position Meat’s cock at the opening to his pleasure tunnel and he slowly lowered himself onto this thick mount of man flesh.  He kept applying pressure and we could see his anal ring start to dilate.  Just as his ring was nearing the corona he couldn’t accept the pain and would ease up totally driving Meat wild.  Adam and I looked at each other and our eyes said “Enough is Enough”!  As Connor lowered himself again I knelt behind him supporting his back and Adam placed his hands on Connor’s shoulders with one massive downward thrust sent him over the ridge and half way down the shaft.  Connor howled in agony but his cock burst forth a tsunami of man cream covering Meat’s chest, face and most of the bed’s headboard.  The tears were running down his face as Meat pulled him forward and kissed him passionate.  Adam and I looked at the connection of Meat’s cock and Connor’s ass and fortunately there was no blood.  As Meat whispered into Connor’s ear how fantastic his ass felt Connor started to relax and we could see his ass dilate and he started to slide balls deep onto Meat tower of pleasure.

Connor had now conquered “Mt. Meat” and he knew the pleasures that only a beer can thick cock can produce even through the initial pain.  Meat rolled Connor onto his back, placed his ankles on his shoulders and proceeded to gently make love to Connor with full length passionate thrusts.  Connor was wild with passion and screaming for Meat never to stop.  We now had created two monsters who fortunately were lovers.  We actually felt sorry for the individuals who had rooms on either side of their living quarters. 

Adam looked at me and we both knew there was little left for us to do with this pair.  We adjourned to our bed, I lay on my back and pulled my knees to my chest.  There was little need for foreplay as Adam simply slid balls deep into my ass and gave me full length power strokes as I matched the screams of passion Connor was also producing.

All four of us lost track of the numbers of orgasms we shared.  After a trip back to the shower we settled in to enjoy some Champagne and finished off the scotch.  We all slumbered well that night, Adam in my ass and Meat in Connor’s.  Sunday would be another shocking day for Meat.  Connor was coming out to his mother and introducing Meat as his lover.  Meat was as nervous as a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

When Meat and Connor left formation in the morning we wished them the best and asked them to let us know how it went.  (Adam and I for once were fortunate not to have any living relatives.)  Connor dialed up his mother on video chat and she scolded him for not calling more often.  Connor then got serious and told his mother he had something important to tell her and he hoped she still loved him after he was done.  “Mom I’m gay!” he exclaimed.  His mother calmly said:  “Is that all, I’ve known that since you were fourteen.  A mother always knows.”.  Connor didn’t know what to say, he sat there totally speechless.  Finally, she spoke and asked him to introduce the handsome man standing with him.  “Forgive me, this is my friend, lover and hopefully partner for life:  Master Sergeant Doug Meat.  His mother proudly said:  “You’ve got yourself one fine stud of a man” to which Connor blushed scarlet.  “Duh, duh, duh”… was all that he could mumble.  His mother’s comment wiped his mind and train of thought blank.  Meat finally spoke up and thanked her for the compliment and assured her he indeed cared very much for her son.  “Is he good in bed”?  That comment from the video screen had Connor screaming at his mother:  “TMI, TMI, TMI”!!!  (Too much information.)  Both Meat and Connor’s mother were laughing hysterically as Meat assured her he was more than adequate between the sheets.  The balance of the conversation with warm and jovial and “Mom” looked forward to when she could meet Meat face to face.

When the video call was finished Connor gasp in relief, stood up, wrapped his arms around Meat and kissed him passionately.  “Take me to bed and fuck me!” was the only comment made and Meat was more than happy to accommodate his new lover.  Connor had a raw ass and was smiling from ear to ear when he met Adam and me at retreat that evening.  When we asked how it went with this morning he commented it was a long story and needed to be shared over a large quantity of single malt.

We all laughed as Connor turned redder with every word.  Meat not only had a lover in his life but also a mother who fulfilled a need he never knew existed.

I reviewed Meat’s file more thoroughly and was surprised to read he was an orphan with no family and was passed from foster family to foster family through his formative years.  I now knew why he could relate so closely with the twins.  Connor was a gift from heaven for Meat and not just for his sex life.

Over the first months the twins resented our new protocols less and less and as the staff started to warm up to them as they became friends with the adults and not just a job assignment.  What tilted the scales and told me we had succeeded in building a bridge of trust with the Twins was when one evening during free time the Twins showed up at the pool wrapped in towels, when they removed them they were totally naked and for the first time in their lives went “skinny dipping”. 

The men bonded quickly with this new “Twins v2.0”.  The Twins found they could learn many skills from these men and the men were happy to have the opportunity to teach them.  The Twins put their hearts into physical training and although they missed my goal of 10 miles run a day by six months they indeed were progressing rapidly toward that goal.  Their bodies were becoming toned and you could see the pride as they admired themselves in the mirror each day.  (Those cameras became invaluable in helping us assess the Twins.)

When our six month timeline came around Adam and I requested a formal retreat that evening (Full dress uniforms).  Everyone wondered what was up?  Adam and I called Meat forward and to every ones surprise when the Twins pinned “First Sergeant” stripes on his uniform, hugged him and kissed him as all of us congratulated him for what he had helped accomplish these first six months.

In our recommendation and evaluation to the Colonel we stated it wouldn’t have been possible to progress this far in such a short period of time without the tireless effort of Msgt. Meat.  His tireless work was a labor of love and not just a duty assignment.  He was truly deserving of the promotion.

When Connor finally got Meat where he could talk with him alone he promised a special treat when they got to their quarters that evening.  We all proceeded to the dining hall and liberated a few gallons of ice cream and gorged ourselves on a cake specially made in honor of our new First Sergeant.

Connor was a little ragged when he joined us in the dining hall the next morning.  Adam and I comment he must have had a hard night when caused the table to erupt in laughter.  “Eat your heart out” was his only comment and Meat just held him tight and whispered to him:  “They are just jealous”.

When the twins returned to their quarters that evening they found a gift from Adam and me.  When they opened the boxes they found black BDUs tailored for them, including the Presidential and Department of Defense logos emblazoned on them.  The accompanying black berets with the Defense Department insignia completed their outfit and we could have heard there screams of joy even if we hadn’t been invading there privacy with our television monitoring.  They were bursting at the seams as they proudly saluted the flag the next morning and the staff welcomed their two newest “members” with open arms.

Adam and I then made a fateful decision which neither of us could understand the repercussions the future held… We were going to allow the Twins to learn to fire handguns and rifles.  The Colonel wasn’t happy and Mama Bear was livid but they yielded to our judgement. 

The Twins saw this as a “rite of manhood” as much as the day they would lose their virginity.  When asked if they wanted to learn they screamed “YES” as they wrapped their arms around our necks hugging and kissing us.  All the barriers seem to have disappeared and now we had to build the characters of the men who would have so much impact upon the future of our great nation.

When we escorted the Twins to the armory the next day and authorized staff to allow the Twins restricted use till further notice.  The Twins were unhappy to learn they would be required to learn how to unassembled and reassemble the guns and rifles “blindfolded” before they would be allowed to fire the first round.  Amid much grumbling, within a week they had mastered the Glock and shortly thereafter the Uzi.  They were in shock when they were reminded they now had to unassembled and assemble the guns “blindfolded”. 

They were surprised at the kick a Glock gave their small hands when they fired their first round.  As a Glock was the standard sidearm for all personnel we wanted them familiar with it “just in case”.  When they qualified with the Glock Adam and I presented them each with a small frame Beretta 9mm with a 4” barrel.  A much better fit for their small hands.  There pistols were kept locked in the Armory and could be signed out when they were accompanied to the shooting range.  John was smiling from ear to ear when he proudly showed off his first full body target.  Two shots between the poor targets legs which made both Adam and I cringe with empathy and the final shot between the eyes.  Adam and I both quipped we were wearing Kevlar jocks before we took him to the firing range.  A good laugh was enjoyed by the four of us.  John proudly hung his target on the wall of his bedroom.  Had we created a new monster?

The next six months went by so fast and was so productive Adam and I finally decided it was time for us to have some “US” time and requested a week of accrued leave from the Colonel.  We advised him we felt comfortable leaving Meat and Connor in charge of the Twins and we boarded a jet (First Class of course) for an all expense paid trip to Hawaii.  Reservations in the Honeymoon Suite of the Hawaii Marriott courtesy of Mama Bear) which made us blush when we checked in.  We dined and were treated like royalty.  (I’m certain Mama Bear had made it clear to management as to what was expected.)  Unfortunately, it wasn’t as good as our week stay at the Washington Marriott and the fringe benefit of having Steven wait on our every need.  We video conference with Steven and told him we missed his services both professionally and personal.  He was looking forward to our next trip to Washington and promised to make himself available to our every need 24 hours a day.  (Now that was motivation enough to make a trip.)

The relaxed atmosphere and having no responsibilities for the Twins didn’t ease our concerns for them and their safety.  We video conference with Meat and Connor frequently to have updates and know everything was functioning at 100% without us at the helm.  We were proud to have such accomplished and talented individuals under our command but we yearned to be back at the helm and to wrap our arms around the Twins who were now stealing our hearts.

Our last night in Hawaii was so memorable.  Adam made love to me all night.  (We could sleep on the plane trip back.)  My ass was so sore in the morning I could feel his cock in my ass with every step I took.  I truly was in love with this man, he had stolen my heart.  Not only was the sex fantastic but the romance was magnificent.  His tongue was an extension of his cock and both drove me wild with passion.  Every time he would sink his monster cock in my ass my balls would explode.  When he would bend me double and power drive my ass I was a screaming nymphomaniac.  The stench of sex was always in our Honeymoon Suite and I’m certain it wasn’t the first time staff had this aroma fill their nostrils when they did their daily cleaning after us.  (At least there weren’t any used condoms for them to pick up and discard.)  Safe sex is a necessary evil of today’s society but sex without condoms can’t be beat.  When I woke the morning we were to check out, Adam’s cock was deep in my ass which was his customary position at sunrise.  My abdomen was cramping worse than usual and excessively distended.  When I extricated myself and headed toward the bathroom I barely made it before his “lovemaking” gushed from my body in quantities I had never experienced before.  When I looked up his beautiful naked body was standing in the doorway with that sexy smirk on his face my heart melted in love for this man.

“Sorry, I must have gotten carried away last night” was all he said.  His cock was extending to its full thick nine inches and I knew what awaited me in the shower this morning.  He helped me hobble into the shower and the warm water cascading over us renewed my flesh as he held me tight and gently slid inch after inch of his hardness back into my ass.  My ass sheathed his cock tightly and he tenderly made love as only he could.  As sore as my ass was from all the sex of the week I could never tire of feeling him deep in my body.  My cock was at full mast and my balls ready to blast off.  Adam was aware I was reaching the point of no return as his thrusts became more urgent and we both exploded at the same time. 

He turned me to face him, our arms wrapped around each other and our tongues danced the primitive dance of horny men from the beginning of time.  Our time in paradise was coming to an end and we now had to face the reality of returning to our normal lives and the love of our extended family.

I don’t know which Adam and I enjoyed more.  The animal or the passionate lover?  Connor and Meat met us at the airplane when we landed, the Twins running to us when they saw us, jumping into our arms, hugging and kissing us with wild abandonment.  They truly missed us and Adam and I realized how much we missed them.

Connor and Meat debriefed us on the uneventful events of the week and we lulled back into our mundane world which would drastically be changed in a matter of weeks.

A few weeks later John complained about some stomach discomfort and after being examined by Doc it was determined to be mild indigestion which did little to slow down this teenager.  He was still putting away food at meals like any growing teenager and was developing into a heartthrob of a young man that would steal any straight girl or gay boy’s heart.  We were lounging at the pool one afternoon when John was showing off on the diving board, missed his footing and did a major wipeout to end all wipeouts when he hit the water.  He came to the surface holding his abdomen to the applause and cheers of everyone present.  Luke helped him to his quarters and amazingly it was quiet for hours.  About 0100 hours Luke hit the panic button in his room and all hell broke loose.  Armed men appeared from nowhere as Adam and I unlocked the security door and looked in horror upon John.

He was unconscious, ashen, barely a pulse as the two of us rushed him to medical.  Adam and I had seen this before in combat and the outcome usually wasn’t good.  Doc determined he likely had a ruptured appendix which was bleeding causing him to go into shock.  I ordered the jet for immediate takeoff as we boarded the Land Rover for the fastest trip on record to the runway.  As soon  we were air born I had the pilot radio air traffic control, declaring a medical emergency and requesting air traffic be diverted and we be allowed immediate priority to the nearest military base with trauma facilities.  We requested a security detail meet us with an ambulance on the runway and used my Alpha Zulu security to emphasize the order.  The IV’s Doc had started were running low as the plane touched down.  A squad of armed MPs met us, verified our Alpha Zulu authorization as we speed lights and sirens toward the hospital.

We were met at the emergency entrance to the hospital by the head of emergency department who challenged our authorization.  This was definitely the wrong way to start a relationship with us.  I pulled my Glock and aiming it at him advised him to get out of my way or reserve a place in his morgue for immediate occupancy.  We asked the Lieutenant who headed the squad of MPs if they had a POTUS (President of the United States) protocol which he advised yes.  We ordered him to implement it immediately.

The head of the emergency department was aghast and tried to countermand the order to no avail.  He then proceeded to countermand the orders I had given to his staff and I warned him a second time not to interfere.  As we finally got John into a room and being evaluated by a trauma specialist, everything began to move in fast motion.  Squads of MPs flooded the hospital.  I had the Lieutenant order them to “lock and load”, safety off, use of lethal force authorized.  Armed MPs at the all entrances to the emergency department which sent the medical director into a major tantrum.  Enough is enough.  I had a couple of choices and shooting him isn’t the one I wanted to use as my first choice.  I hit my Alpha Zulu radio and asked to be connected with Mama Bear, briefly explained to her the problem, the name of the individual and where we were.  As she asked me to hold I could hear her on another phone line being connected to the Pentagon.  Mama Bear was advised that both the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs were unavailable.  She then requested to be put directly through to the President.  (The President of the United States at 0200 hours, this lady has balls!)

I could only hear one side of the conversation but when the phone rang in the emergency department I knew help was at hand and my life would be easier.  The nurse who answered the phone was asked to be put on speaker phone, trembling she complied and advised my “pain in the ass” physician the call was for him.  He screamed at her asking who it was to which she replied:  “It is the President of the United States asking for you, sir”.  I could see the color drain from his face.

The conversation was short and totally one sided.  There was no question who was in charge and the parting comment from the President was to me:  “Captain, you have authorization to use lethal force and I assure you my signature will be on your pardon before the body makes its way to the morgue.  If you wish to issue a warning shot, aim low and remove this idiot from the gene pool”.

The base was now on lock down, the hospital on a security lock down, even the base three star general wasn’t granted access without showing proper military ID.  Only military personnel were allowed access to the hospital and only after verifying proper credentials.  Any non-life threatening emergency patients were referred to local civilian hospitals.  Any individual that was triaged as “life threatening” had an armed security guard present with him throughout his evaluation in the emergency department.

The doctor evaluating John advised he indeed agree with our doctor and was taking John for emergency surgery.  Luke had his arms wrapped around Adam the tears flowing down his face.  I had the Lieutenant assign me an armed security detail to accompany me and assist in protect John. 

Adam was in touch with Mama Bear and bringing her up to date on the happenings.  She was on the way to the airport with a police escort and would be air born within thirty minutes.  The pilot was advised to “kick the plane in the ass” and not to worry about how much fuel he burned.  Her plane was given military clearance on a flight across the country which could have set a new speed record.  As she landed at the base airport she was met with an armed escort and the base general.  (At least someone knew there place in the pecking order.) 

While Mama Bear was in transit and John was in surgery, Adam was busy preparing for the post op security.  A four bed ward for John, Luke, and the two of us.  We would need an additional suite for Mama Bear and adjoining room for her security.  That wing of the hospital was sealed with armed MPs at every entrance.  The Lieutenant had the base MPs do a complete floor to floor search of the hospital for explosives and firearms.  Armed MPs were stationed at all points of entrance to the floor and entrance to the hospital.  In addition two armed MPs at the door to John’s room.  Mama Bears security team would definitely want to cover her room and security.

As per protocol, food would be randomly selected by her security team from the cafeteria and like all hospital food was disgusting but a necessary evil.  John came through surgery with a positive prognosis.  He would be on IV antibiotics and in the hospital for a few days.  Mama Bear cleared her schedule and never left his side.  She and Luke held each other and cried together.  She really did care for her boys and it became clearly evident we weren’t ever selected to be a simply babysitting service.

Adam and I stayed in John’s room until he was conscious and the doctor determined he was out of the woods.  We were all concerned he would go into septic shock due to the ruptured appendix but it looks like they cleaned up the mess in time to prevent that outcome. (One good thing that came from this fiasco, with the scar John now had I could now tell the twins apart.)  Mama Bear thanked the doctor personally, handed him a Worthington Industries “courtesy card” and told him anything she could do in the future to assist him don’t hesitate to contact her.  Her contacts extended throughout all branches of the military and the civilian world. 

Conversely, I heard her discussion with the base general and she wasn’t so gracious in her comments about the jerk who nearly cost her son his life.  Her initial reaction was to order a firing squad but considering that being “over kill” (pun intended) she settled for an administrative medical board of review to see if he was fit to continue in a medical role in the military.  This doctor had made a major career ending decision of his life.

Finally, Luke collapsed from exhaustion upon the bed next to John’s.  I’m certain he would have crawled into bed with him if it was possible.  Adam and I reviewed the security protocols with the military MPs and once we were assured they understood the use of deadly force, confirmed their guns were loaded and “unlocked”, we headed for the chapel for some quiet time to allow us to unwind and console each other.

The base chaplain quietly joined us and asked if there was anything he could do to help us in this time of need.  The three of us knelt and quietly offered our prayers for God’s help and mercy in this our hour of great challenge.  Adam and I were embarrassed when the tears ran down our cheeks and the chaplain assured us we weren’t the first soldiers who had shown emotion when someone they loved was in jeopardy.  We thanked him for his kindness and concern as we left and headed to the cafeteria for a large “injection” of coffee and some solid subsistence.  It had been over twelve hours since we had eaten and over thirty six hours since either of us had slept.

We returned to John’s room for some sleep time and he was just waking up from the anesthesia.  He called me over and asked:  “Did you really threaten to shoot off the guys balls if he got in way of me being treated”?  I smiled at him and simply said:  “I never threaten”!

We advised Ops to notify all staff our hearty thanks for an exceptional response and positive action in this emergency.  We would be returning to base in 7-10 days when John was released from the hospital.  Mama Bear kidnapped Luke and John for an additional week of pampering when he was released.  We returned to the base by ourselves for some down time from all the stress of recent events.

When John and Luke returned they were greeted as “conquering heroes”, the dining hall hanging banners of “Welcome Home” and every conceivable positive comment the men could make.  John still had a few weeks of recovery before he could return to a normal physical lifestyle.  We definitely didn’t want any of his incisions to split open.  He was told to:  “Cool his jets” until Doc released him for full activities.  Keeping a teenager quiet and inactive was the biggest challenge we had faced today.  The fun of being a “parent”.

Adam and I monitored the Twins on the closed circuit security system still concerned about the recent events.  It was no shock to us as the physical contact between the two young men became more evident and passionate.  To watch them crawl into bed together, kiss, feel, fondle and 69 gave Adam and I erections more powerful than a dose of Viagra.  We shared the memories of growing up, the first boy we kissed, sucked and fucked around with.  We were both sexual animals growing up so why should the Twins be denied the learning experience of every red blooded American boy.  We missed the night Luke took John’s anal cherry but the noise of John taking Luke’s cherry ass left nothing to the imagination.  We had two teenage brothers who were bonding in a bond that would never be broken. 

The Twins were much better at concealing their love for each other than Adam and I were for ourselves.  Adam was becoming a much more passionate lover and I was astonished at how my feelings exploded when I was in his arms.  I was no longer frightened to share my feeling and desires for our future with him and with every moment in his arms I knew we would be together till the end of time.

John received his full medical release and we then started his next level of training for the Twins.  “Hit the deck”… if and when he heard the word “GUN” they were to be flat on the ground with their face down hands over there head.  Staff was advised of this and the Twins sputtered constantly as to how ridiculous this was.  We knew we had succeeded when someone yelled “GUN” as they were carrying their food to the table and the next thing we saw was two teenagers flat on the ground with their face in there tray of food.  The dining hall erupted as Adam and I complimented them on their correct action.  We accompanied them to their room so they could shower and change clothes.  We indulged them and had their lunch catered to their room which they now considered a luxury.  They still couldn’t see the reason for doing this constantly and we assured them we hoped it would never need to be done outside of a practice environment.

We received an urgent Email from the Colonel advising us some rich foreigner was upset with Mama Bear for refusing to sell him top secret military grade electronics.  He vowed to take revenge for her insolence upon her family.  We immediately put the base on high alert, all leaves cancelled.  When we received a video call from the Colonel that both Worthington Intelligence and the CIA had confirmation an assassination squad had been hired to take revenge on Mama Bear through the Twins, we went into a secure base as never before.

Every Predator drone we had was in the air with a full complement of ammunition.  The Apache air ships were either in the air or on alert with their crews standing by ready at a minutes notice.  We tried to keep as much as possible from the Twins but both Adam and I knew a determined assassin would be successful if he was willing to sacrifice his life.  We were not concerned for our own safety we just prayed we had our teams trained enough to prevent any harm coming to the Twins.

Among all the chaos we were hit with a major summer electrical storm which played havoc with our radar.  Nerves were fraying knowing anything could and would happen soon.  Adam and I jumped to our feet as we grabbed our Uzi’s we heard Ops announce:  “Alert, ALERT!!!  Intruders detected in sector 08 (Ours and the Twins living area)”.  “All personnel to their assigned stations!”  The urgency in the voice made it clear this wasn’t a drill.  Adam locked me in the room with the Twins which was locked down to a panic room status.  The Twins were shaking as I put them in the bathroom which was the most secure area and I sat opposite the door aiming my Uzi on full auto.  If this was going to be a fire fight I was going to be the last man standing.

I heard shots being exchanged and I was out of my mind with fear not knowing if Adam was OK and/or if any of my men were injured.  I couldn’t start to count the number of rounds exchanged but the sound of the gun fire was horrifying to my mind.  I had been in fire fights with combat troops and had no problem with the environment.  These were trained armed soldiers who knew the risks.  Here I was with two teenagers whose worse sin in life was loving one another. 

I was thrown against the wall as an explosive charge tore the security door from its frame.  I emptied my Uzi into the first figure that entered the room.  The man who came in second emptied his clip into my chest.  Even wearing ballistic armor the impact of the slugs rendered me unconscious.  I would have been proud to have seen John in action.  He grabbed my Glock and pointed it at the intruder who laughed at him and asked who he was going to hurt with that gun.  “You Mutherfucker” was the reply as the first two shots removed his testicles and as he grabbed his groin in pain only to find his family jewels nonexistent a single shot between his eyes ended his screaming.

Adam came into the room, calmly talked John down and secured my weapons.  I was in a medivac on the way to a hospital as soon as Doc stabilized me with Adam at my side all the way.  When they were done stabilizing me from multiple broken ribs, punctured lung, bruised spleen, bruised heart and much soft tissue damage I was on a morphine drip going in and out of consciousness for days. 

I wanted to know the status of our men and all Adam would tell me was we had sustained causalities. He refused to tell me more until I was rested and feeling better.  I rested easy knowing Meat and Connor could clean up the mess and keep the place running till we returned.

Mama Bear video conferenced continuously wanting to know my status and progress.  She was truly concerned as were Luke and John trying to pull information out of Meat.    Meat was smart enough to know John needed professional help once he realized what he had done and that he had killed a man.  Even in combat the first kill is traumatic on the soldier and John was no different.

Apparently the assassination team did a high altitude halo jump and just looked like artifact on our radar.  Nothing triggered an alert till they hit the ground and triggered a sensor.  A tech team from Worthington Industries was reviewing the data and would find a solution and upgrade our equipment.  Adam still wouldn’t tell me about the injuries our men had received.

When I was strong enough Adam had tears in his eyes as he told me:  “We Lost Connor”!

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