Chapter 1

This story is an original work of fiction.  Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner.  Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. This is a free electronic story. No part of this electronic story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means electronic or mechanical including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the author.  If you are not of legal age in your location to view and read adult material, please close out of this story and delete any material you have downloaded or copied to your computer . 

Major characters in order of appearance: 

Randy Best:  Msgt U.S. Army Special Forces 

Robert Masters:  Col. U.S. Army AZ Security 

Adam Mann:  Msgt U.S. Army Special Forces 

Gloria Worthington:  Code Name:  “Mama Bear"  CEO Worthington Industries a major multi-national defense contractor 

Luke Worthington:  Code Name:  “Luke Cub" ,Twin son of Gloria Worthington

 John Worthington:  Code Name "John Cub", Twin son of Gloria Worthington 

Chapter 001:  Recruitment   

The phone rang on the desk of Msgt Randy Best and an authorities voice announced the request for him to report to the Generals Office.  A foreboding gloom hung over the call as the last time he was ordered to the Generals Office six months ago was to be informed of the death of his partner and lover.   His partner of 14 years was killed in the line of duty when he threw his body on a live grenade saving the lives of his patrol.  He understood and would have done the same if the roles had been reversed but the pain of losing a man he loved so dearly had him considering leaving the Army.  The last thing he needed at the moment is grief from officer country. 

When he arrived at the headquarters he was directed into a secure conference room and introduced to Col. Robert Masters.  He was advised the conversation was classified and divulging any part of it would find him court martialed for treason.  Col. Masters then asked him what his plans were for the Army.  Being honest he respectfully stated his desire to separate and return to civilian life.  Asked if he would consider a posting where he could have both the satisfaction of serving his country, staying in the Army and living the role of a civilian… it was difficult not to be interested.  If accepted, it would be a three year commitment and was guaranteed the money, perks and retirement would greatly exceed that of his current assignment.  If he was interested he would go through a battery of mental and physical exams before given details of the assignment.  Frankly, what did he have to loose.  Stating his interest he was told to report to medical the next morning to start the evaluation.  

It started with the basic head to toes physical exam, blood, urine, drug screen, etc.  The prostate exam brought back wonderful memories of his lover playing with his ass before he rode him hard and filled his ass with his hot seed.  All he could think was this isn’t the time to spring a boner.  He was then admitted for more advanced tests:  CAT scan, MRI scan, PET scan and the enjoyment of an upper and lower GI study.  Getting his ass filled to overflowing with radiopaque dye was uncomfortable and erotic as hell.  Then came the fiber optic scopes down his throat and up his ass.  If that wasn’t bad enough they inserted a large bore catheter up his penis into his bladder and filled it with dye so they could take more pictures of his guts.  He really wondered what was going on when one of the doctors commented this was more of a physical exam than they give astronaut candidates. 

He passed with flying colors and was asked to report to Col. Masters the following day to further discuss the assignment at which time he would need to make a decision and commit the next three years of his life. 

He was shocked to learn that he would be given the rank of an Army Captain assigned to Executive Security and also authorized as a Federal Marshall.  That alone was a hefty pay raise and then retaining all the perks and retirement as an officer, Executive Services would match his salary $3 for every $1 the Army paid.  Plus full medical, a $100,000.00 signing bonus, an additional $100,000.00 a year deposited into a 401k, travel by private jet or 1st class commercial and all personal expense paid while he was on duty.  As his brain returned to reality he meekly said “YES” and was handed his transfer papers and 1st class airline ticket to Washington, D.C.  He would be met at the airport and taken to the Washington Marriott.  Col. Masters would join him in 48 hours to complete the personnel transfer so he had some R&R when he arrived. 

He was treated as royalty in first class luxury and every flight attendant gave him their phone number if he wanted assistance seeing the sights of Washington.  Even the male flight attendant slipped him his phone number.  This definitely stimulated his male libido and got the blood flowing south of the border.  

As he walked out of the airport he was met by a chauffeur holding a card with his last name.  He was escorted to a stretch limo and in minutes pulled up in front of the Washington Marriott.  He was preregistered and immediately the hotel manager escorted him to an executive suite one floor below the penthouse.  He was advised if he needed any assistance day or night to call the managers office directly.  

After his long trip he needed some down time and a change into civilian clothes would allow him to be comfortable and make sneaking off to the Bar convenient.  As he chose a dark corner booth he could see the people coming and going as the night progressed.  He noticed a well built stud sitting across the room, obviously military from the hair cut.  He asked the waitress what he was drinking and ordered a refill on his tab.  As the drink arrived the mans eyes focused on his and he walked across the room and sat joined Randy in his booth.  He introduced himself as newly promoted Capt. Adam Mann.  As the evening progressed they felt most comfortable with each other and the two adjourned to Randy’s suite.  As Randy was slipping the key card in the lock. Adam held him tight, their lips met and his tongue explored deep into Randy’s mouth.  It definitely got the desired effect and 12 months of celibate life conclude with his balls emptying into his “tighty whities”.  As his body shuddered with his orgasm Adam felt this as rejection and immediately tried to leave.  Randy grasp him firmly and begged him to come in and let him explain…  He was hesitant as he took his hand and entered his suite together. 

Randy poured out his heart over the death of his lover.  His tears flowed unashamed down his face onto Adam’s shoulder as only two dedicated soldiers could know the feeling of losing someone in combat.  Adam offered to leave but Randy begged him to stay.  Their lips met and all hesitation was gone, their clothes were frantically removed and the soggy “tighty whiies” were pealed from his magnificent body.  As they were removed his hardness slapped against his abdomen and Adam was impressed with the size and girth of such a beautiful appendage.  Adam immediately took the lead and slid his lips down the length of the shaft till his lips were nuzzled in Randy’s pubic hair.  It took about ten seconds for Randy’s body to start shuddering again and his balls blasting forth filling Adams mouth and throat to overflowing.  Randy apologized profusely saying it just felt so good and it had been so long since he made love to a man.  As Adam licked the remnants from the shaft and balls his arms lifted Randy’s legs and he tongued his way to his super sensitive anus.  He was a master when it came to eating ass and with the monster piece of meat between his legs he needed to make certain the muscle was relaxed and well dilated before he attempted penetration.  Thirty minutes later Randy was screaming and begging to be fucked and the time had arrived to consummate this new friendship.  Fuck, no lube… Randy had the common sense to put some lube and a bottle of poppers in his night side table when he unpacked this afternoon.  He handed Adam the lube and started inhaling the poppers because he knew this fuck was going to hurt like hell.  He had been celibate too long and he needed to feel a man in him.  To feel him enjoying his flesh, to feel him filled with his hot seed, to be held in his loving arms if only for a night…  He needed this man to pleasure himself and use him every way possible.  He need not worry as a well lubed super thick nine inches of hard Army flesh penetrated his bowels in a single thrust.  The pain surged through his body as his mouth screamed into a pillow.  His body shuddered as his balls blasted forth another volley of man cream.  Adam knew how much pain he had caused his friend and now his only goal was to give him pleasure beyond any pain he had to endure.  He slowly withdrew every inch and they slowly slid back till he was balls deep in pleasure…  The ancient ritual of man love was slowly consummate as he held tight on Randy’s hips and power fucked him till his balls exploded and cum was leaking from Randy’s ass with every thrust.  

They collapsed into each others arms and the love that shown through their eyes said more than any words.  They kissed, cuddled and explored erogenous zones of their bodies until they were hard and ready for another horny encounter.  

Adam lifted Randy’s legs and looked at his dilated ass still leaking cum from their last fuck.  He knew his ass was well lubed with cum so he went balls deep again on the first thrust as Randy gasped in shock and pleasure.  This was going to be a hard rough piston fuck as Adam placed Randy’s ankles on his shoulder, pinned his knees to his chest and pistoned his cock showing Randy’s ass no mercy.  Adam lost count of the number of times Randy cock exploded coating their flesh with his cum.  Adam knew as many times as he had already cum this evening he was good for a long hard fuck session and he hoped Randy’s ass could handle the adventure he was planning on giving him.  Even though the fuck lasted over an hour Randy never complained or asked for mercy… he just held onto Adams body and screamed how much he loved the feeling of being fucked by such a macho Army stud.  Eventually Adam’s balls gave up and flooded Randy’s bowels with a torrent of cum…  When Adam removed his cock Randy’s ass stay dilated and his cum rushed out in quantities never known before by either of them. They again collapsed in each others arms, their lips met, their tongues danced the primitive dance of horny men and little sleep was obtained by either that night.  

When they parted in the morning, their lips met in a passion kiss as their body embraced…  Adam had sore muscles where he never knew he had muscles and his balls ached from having so many orgasms.  Randy had a sore ass like never before and a big smile from ear to ear.  He was in love and if only for a few days he wanted to spend it with Adam.  He stood in a steaming hot shower relieving the aches and pains caused by the night’s adventures and even the warm water sliding down the crack of his ass burned as it flowed over his tender opening.  He didn’t care… It was worth the pain to pleasure such a stud and hold him naked in his arms.  He wanted more and he hoped he and Adam would spend time together again.  As he walked out of the shower his phone was ringing and it was Adam asking him to join him in his suite for breakfast.  His wish had been granted and regardless of what was being served for breakfast he knew his ass was the desert to be served to the man he loved. 

They never left the room that day and Adam destroyed Randy’s ass in every position the two had ever used during their lives.  Randy had tears talking about losing his lover and Adam was in awe at the commitment the two shared.  From being a virgin and losing his cherry at 16 to a monogamous relationship for fourteen years.  Randy had stolen his heart with his truth and honesty and the tears that flowed were genuine.  They cried together and they both knew regardless of what the future holds they would always be more than simply friends.  Little did they know what fate awaited them the next day. 

Their smart phones went off that evening receiving an email advising both of them to meet with the Colonel in the penthouse at 10am the next day.  They were in shock with both being summoned and even more surprised to learn they both were applying for the same security position.  They spent the balance of the evening discussing potential scenarios and came to the conclusion whatever happened they would remain in contact and make the best of whatever future they had. 

9:55am they were on there way to the penthouse and as worried as a virgin bride on her wedding night they knocked at the door.  The Colonels aide opened the door and escorted them into a conference room.  The Colonel pushed a button as a projection screen lowered and the window darkened.  There on the big screen was Randy and Adam in the hallway to their suite embraced in a passionate kiss as Randy shuddered in his memorable orgasm.  They then proceeded into his suite and the video advanced to Adam leaving late the next morning.  The Colonel spoke in an authorative tone:  “Gentleman, I'd like an explanation!" As Randy and Adam looked at each other it was evident only the truth would suffice.  They both admitted their love for each other and vowed it would in now way conflict with their commitment to a security position regardless of which individual was chosen.  The Colonels face shown a big smile as he said:  “We have chosen the right pair” 

“We were set up” exclaimed Adam!  “Indeed you were” stated a meticulous dressed woman who now entered the room.  I am Glorial Worthington better known as “Mama Bear”.  I am the CEO and majority stockholder in Worthington Industries and as such required to have security protection provided by the Department of Defense.  That includes my two ten year old twin sons which is where you come in.  They were raised by a governess until they were seven and then assigned an protective detail.  It has been impossible to keep security personnel assigned, shall I say, to those two little monsters.  The last personnel assigned stated in his exit review he would rather be an MP on the streets of Fallujah than be assigned to the twins.  That gives you some idea of what challenges you will face if you agree to this assignment.  Three years ago the Colonel and I proposed a radical change in their security.  We have through attrition replaced all of their security with gay men.  You two are the last additions in that program.  You will be more than simply a security detail you will be “in locus parentis” and for all intent and purpose the father figures.  You will have the full support of the Colonel and I and the only restrictions are you can’t shoot them or kill them and believe me you will be tempted.  The Colonel will give you the files on Luke and John and any other information you need.  Please review the information and be my guests for dinner on Friday night.  The Colonel will see to all of your arrangements.  Whatever your decisions, I do believe we have the correct two individuals for the assignment.  I doubt if you will object to spend the majority of your time together during the next three year. 

As she rose and exited the room we thanked her profusely for the opportunity and a feeling of relief settled over us considering the thought of our military careers ending when we first entered the room.  The Colonel handed us a folder on Luke and a folder on John and asked us to review them tonight and give him a preliminary feeling as to the assignment.  He would meet with us at 10am the following day to continue our orientation. 

We thanked the Colonel for his professionalism in the review process and left for our suite.  As soon as the door closed our clothes exploded from our bodies and Adam was on his knees between Randy’s legs feasting on his hardness with a passion never known before.  He slipped a few fingers up Randy’s ass and all Randy could do is hold his head and beg him never to stop.  He fell back on the bed with Adam still connected to his cock and in one swift motion his ankles were lifted to Adam’s shoulders and a swift hard thrust buried his cock in Randy’s ass balls deep.  He leaned forward kissing Randy’s lips as he slowly made love to his ass, tender yet powerful thrusts, claiming his turf which is the right of every Alpha male.  Randy was in heaven and never thought he would have these feeling again.  He warned Adam his balls were ready to explode and as they did he felt Adam blast forth his hot seed searing his gut claiming it as his forever.  As they collapsed on the bed in a sexual bliss unknown before they looked at each other and the same word escaped from each mouth at the same time:  “SHOWER”!  Like two teenage boys learning that their dicks were good for more than taking a piss, the shower ended up with Randy’s ass getting pummeled by Adams cock again and a couple of intense orgasms filling it to overflowing.  Randy looked into Adam’s eyes and spoke two words:  “Coffee, FOOD”!  Over lunch they concluded they needed to review the information on their two “monsters” and develop a working plan to address whatever issues there were.  They actually worked on a plan to present to the Colonel and finished in the early evening as they dressed for dinner.  They were like a married couple returning to their bridal suite after dinner with no reservations as to what was on the agenda for the rest of the evening and all of the night.  They left a wakeup call for 6am which gave them plenty of time for some sunrise sex before they met the Colonel at 10am. 

As Randy was sucking on Adam’s morning erection his fingers strayed between his legs and gently massaged the muscle ring of his ass.  He was shocked at the tightness and comment on this virgin territory.  Adam admitted he had never been fucked and his ass was and will stay virgin.  He was all man and all top stud which suited Randy fine.  Adam gasp as Randy shoved one finger in and hit his prostate causing him to blast his first load of the day down Randy’s throat. Randy licked his lips and smiled from ear to ear as Adam exclaimed:  “BASTARD”!  Adam flipped Randy on his stomach and in one powerful thrust was balls deep in his ass a powerful “get even” fuck ensued.  Randy was astonished at the amount of cum Adam could produce and knew he had met the perfect man to spend the rest of his life, only hoping Adam would eventually have the same feelings. 

Randy and Adam presented their preliminary plan to the Colonel which emphasized Respect, Physical Training, Academics, Social Skills, Sexual Development, Consideration of Others.  It also included corporal punishment if and when appropriate which would be a new and shocking experience for the twins.  The Colonel approved their preliminary thoughts and then advised them they had a 1pm appointment with the tailor for new uniforms, dress uniforms, tuxedo and two black suits for wearing in public when providing security for the twins.  He also approved a couple of suits of their choosing for personal wear, an additional signing perk.  Before they left he presented each of them with a nickel plated 9mm Glock with black onyx grips engraved with a white gold “W”. Each gun contained a built in silencer.  They could have their pick of a backup pistol from the armory at their assignment.  They would need to qualify with each pistol within 24 hours of arriving on site.  The guns came with an ultra soft shoulder holster and they were advised to wear them to the tailor so he could fit their clothes accordingly.  (This job keeps getting better and better… eat your heart out 007!)  They were handed their new Captain’s Dog Tags, passports, marshal badge, and access codes for the Alpha Zulu network and a secure laptop on the Alpha Zulu network.  They now possessed the right to terminate any threat to the twins they protected.  Mama Bear smiled when she heard of their decision and knew she and the Colonel had selected the right people for the job. At 12:30pm their was a call from the front desk stating there was a limo at the Executive Entrance to pick them up.  They were whisked away to a small tailoring shop in the outskirts of the city.  As they entered they were warmly greeted by the tailor who escorted them to a fitting room and asked if they minded if he evaluated them together.  They smiled at one another and slowly started to remove their clothes.  The tailor asked them to leave their shoes, socks, shirt and shoulder holster on so he could take measurements.  It seemed like men with shoulder holsters was a normal occurrence to his work.  He spent plenty of time measuring the dimensions of their “baskets” so he could assure a proper fit and his last questions after taking all of his measurements was which ankle they preferred to wear their backup pistol.  (The man was a professional.)  They were to be back at 10am Thursday morning for their final fitting and their articles of clothing would be delivered to their hotel 8am on Friday.  If they found any problems, he gave them his card and said to immediately to call him as he knew they had a formal dinner to attend Friday evening.  That left Randy and Adam over 48 hours to spend and they weren’t going to waste any moment of it.  

They walked through the lobby of the Marriott as two professionals going directly to the elevator and to their rooms.  They undressed and lay on the bed discussing all the events of the past few days.  They knew they would be spending the majority the next three years every day with each other and that immediately caused the blood to flow south of the border.  Randy looked into Adam’s eyes and no words need to be spoken, their lips caressed one another and their hands caressed their partners hardness.  They were both so excited that neither could hold back and their balls erupted creating a soggy mess and two smiling faces.  They snuggled and slept till Adam’s rumbling stomach awoken Randy who announced food was required before more sex could be enjoyed.  They agreed on room service, prime rib medium rare, baked potato with butter and sour cream, tossed salad with oil and vinegar dressing, raspberry cheese caked and coffee for desert.  Donning the fluffy white robes from their bathroom they waited for their room service and was shocked at the speed of the service.  They both commented how they would have enjoyed having their delivery boy as the second entrée of the evening which brought laughter from both of them.  As they relaxed over their cheese cake and coffee they discussed how the events of the past few days had effected their lives and future.  Randy was in love and Adam had feelings he had never experienced before. Gorged on a four star delicious meal they relaxed watching a good romantic movie on the big screen TV.  Adam quickly learned Randy was more than a hot piece of ass to fuck but was a passionate romantic lover which he had never experienced before and these new feelings were going straight to his cock.  His hormones and endorphins were rampant and he responded to Randy’s advances with animal lust.  The sex than ensued rivaled that of any porn movie and left both exhausted slumbering together in the best night of sleep of their lives.  All Randy could think of is spending the next three years of his live with this magnificent man.  When Randy awoke he could feel the pain in his ass from Adam’s cock still buried deep in him.  His gut was ready to explode and necessitated a trip to the bathroom to expel the remnants of their love making.  He couldn’t believe the copious amount of semen that expelled from his body but with each expulsion the pain in his gut lessened.  He had never had such intense sex in his life and truly felt blessed.  What he thought of a career ending event when they watched their embrace on Colonel’s DVD turned into what he knew was the best future possible for him.  After what seemed like an eternity emptying his gut (He couldn’t believe the cum production of Adam’s balls) he silently returned to the bedroom and relaxed in the loveseat, gazing upon the beautiful naked man naked in all his glory on the bed.  He gazed upon the six foot four inches of chiseled muscle before him, his muscled arms, chest, abs, thighs and the massive python between his legs, nine thick inches of horse cock with massive low hanging balls that would receive a Olympic gold medal for cum production.  His body wasn’t shabby at six foot one inches, not as defined as Adam but a well muscled body from years of training in Army Special Forces.  He was proud of his eight inches of cock between his legs and not as thick as Adam’s he definitely was a grower and knew how to work it in a guys mouth and get him to open his throat.  He loved the feeling of a mans throat muscles tight around the head of his cock but always tried to pull back to a mans lips when he orgasm so he could see the expression on a mans face as his mouth filled to overflowing and he was forced to swallow the massive amount of cum his balls produced.  Adam was the winner in the cum production challenge but Randy was no slouch.  Adam enjoyed the taste of Randy’s sweet cum as much as he did emptying his balls up Randy’s ass.  Randy could just sit there all day and bask in the beauty of the man he gazed up.  A man who would be his lover for the next three years.  Adam aroused from his slumber and looked into the eyes of a man that was tearing his heart apart.  He had feelings which he had never experienced which would take time for him to learn that love happens when you least expect it.  At the moment his cock was at full staff and Randy wasn’t going to waste it.  He climbed into bed, straddled his lover and slowly stuffed that huge piece of man meat into his ass.  It was a slow decent because both Adam’s cock and Randy’s ass were tender from their intense all night of lovemaking.  When his ass settled on Adam’s thighs he looked into his eyes and lowered his face tenderly kissing the man who had stolen his heart.  He wanted so much to profess his love but terrified of the though of being rejected and still had some guilt of being disloyal to his dead lover.  The kiss was long and passionate and Randy was elated when Adam returned the kiss with the same passion.  Randy felt Adam’s cock explode deep in his ass which sent his balls off and he cemented their skin together with copious amount of his cum.  Both of their bodies spasm uncontrollably until Adam rolled Randy onto his back and proceeded to pile drive his ass as Randy covered his face and screamed into the pillow.  Adams balls produced so much cum with his orgasms that it gushed from around his cock every time he power fucked his lovers ass.  It took over a hour and multiple orgasms for Adam to finally roll off and feel his cock slide out of Randy’s ass.  They looked into each others eyes and the look of lust was indeed turning to a look of love.  After all the calories burned with their making love they needed coffee and food… their suite had the intense aroma of their love making when room service arrived and their sexy young valet couldn’t help but smile as he delivered their meal.  He only wished he could be a fly on the wall and watch two hot studs making animalistic love.  Randy and Adam couldn’t help but smile observing the major hardon he was sporting.  They both knew he could easily end up in bed with them and the big question was if he could survive a night of getting his brains fucked out, his guts filled to overflowing with cum and if he could put his legs together to walk in the morning.  They still had a few days left in Washington and requested he be permanently assigned to their suite.  A big smile crept across their valet’s face and he reminded them he was Steven and to request him from room service if they needed further assistance. The two lovers enjoyed their breakfast and over coffee discussed what a nice play toy Steven would be.  They knew how tight his young ass would be and that with the fuck they would give him would be good for jerk off sessions for years to come.  The seed of opportunity had been planted and we will have to wait and see how it grows over the next few days. The tailor called and informed them their order was ready for their final fitting and to please bring their shoulder holster and gun so he could make any adjustments if needed.  (This definitely wasn’t his first rodeo when it came to fitting men in Executive Service.)  Adam and Randy couldn’t believe the quality of work and how little time it took to complete.  They were advised all the material was a special fabric under development by Worthington Industries and would stop most bullets at point blank range.  (The perks of the job keep getting better and better.)  The final adjustment to the fitting would be made and their clothes delivered Friday morning.  They were thanked for their business and the tailor commented on what a personal pleasure it was to work which two such fine men.  Randy and Adam couldn’t help but notice a sizeable bulge in his pants, smiled and thanked him for his fine work. 

Back at the Marriott they decided to work out in the Gym, lifted weights, run on the treadmill and finished swimming laps in the pool.  Other guests using the facilities were amazed at the fitness and stamina of these two muscle Gods and even the straight men were sporting hardons watching these two in action.  To Randy and Adam it was a good workout but less than a normal day in Special Forces.  

Back in their room they both enjoyed the spacious shower and Adam was more than generous lathering Randy with the liquid soap.  As he soaped his taunt ass he hand slid between Randy’s legs and caressed his balls and stroked his cock making certain it was clean… he then applied a generous amount of soap to his hand and slide his fingers down the crack of Randy’s ass till he slipped them into his ass and hit his prostate.  Randy’s ass clamped down on Adams’s fingers and both cocks became rock hard instantly. Adam kissed the back of Randy’s neck as his free hand tweaked his nipples sending shivers down his body.  Both cock were leaking copious amount of precum and there was little doubt as to what was on the agenda.  As Adam’s talented fingers worked over Randy’s prostate he couldn’t help but scream “Fuck Me” and Adam’s reply was “Your wish is my command”.  His fingers were removed and one hard thrust had him buried balls deep in Randy’s guts.  The fuck was hard, fast and furious and with both hands now free Adam was a master at playing with tits, cock and balls as his hips drove him as deep as possible into Randy’s willing body.  Adam could fuck this hot stud all day and all night, he was in heaven and never had feelings as such for any man before in his life.  When he pulled out of Randy’s ass the cum gushed out also so he thrust back in the well lubed hole.  He relaxed and put his chin on Randy’s shoulder gently whispering into his ear the words Randy had longed to hear:  “I Love You!’  He then claimed his turf as the male species has since eternity…  Randy felt his gut swell and burn with a feeling he had never experienced.  Adam was filling his gut with hot piss and holding him tight.  He had never felt so full, so claimed, so wanted, so loved…  The pain was intense but he knew it was from love of the man who claimed his body.  Adam’s hands were massaging his balls and stroking his cock as it exploded in a major orgasm which felt like his body being torn apart.  When he returned  to reality, he looked into the eyes of his lover, kissing him passionately and the cum and piss exploded from his ass.  They both hugged, kissed and laughed knowing they had sealed a bond which could never be broken. 

Their new uniforms arrived early on Friday and they were impressed with the quality and shocked at all the insignias, medals and frills not to mention their new shiny Captain bars on their shoulders.  They were extremely nervous about a formal dinner with Mama Bear and did their best to contain and control their apprehension.  They arrived at the penthouse promptly at 7pm and the Colonel greeted them and offered them a pre dinner cocktail.  They both smiled at the offer of 20 year old single malt whiskey which couldn’t be refused.  As they were enjoying the warmth of the drink and the relaxation which it induced Mama Bear entered in formal entire, blazing with diamonds and the grace of royalty and the warmth of someone who could be a loving mother figure.  

Talk over dinner was social and covered a wide range of topics.  After dinner they adjourned to the main room of the penthouse and relaxed in comfort of any palace in the world.  Mama Bear was now in Executive Mode and said she had one final question for the two of them.  They both took a hefty swig of brandy and looked into her now steely eyes.  “You have committed your lives to the service of your country.”  “Would you give your life to save my sons?”  Randy and Adam looked at each other, turned and without hesitation:  “YES!”  The Colonel then handed them their Alpha Zulu 69” credentials allowing them to terminate any threat to the twins. (He explained that this was their “License to terminate with extreme prejudice card.) He then handed them a Worthington Industries platinum credit card (The card was solid platinum) saying it would be accepted in any credit card reader in the world and had an unlimited line of credit.  We are giving you two a lot of rope so please don’t “hang yourselves”.  We were aghast at all that had happened during the past few days and now we could somewhat understand the in depth background check, medical and psychological exams we received prior to being offered these positions.  We finished our brandies and Mama Bear excused herself for the evening.  We expressed our thanks for a wonderful evening and retired to our suite of rooms.  The Colonel asked to see us at10am the following morning. We returned to our suite and our minds tried to grasp all that had happened these past few weeks.  We looked at each other, wrapped our arms around one another firmly and kissed passionately.  I smiled ear to ear and said:  “Keep that thought”.  I went to the phone and dialed room service asking if Steven was still on duty.  He was so I ordered a bucket of chilled champagne to be delivered ASAP.  Almost immediately there was a knock at the door and a smiling face wheeling in the champagne when I opened it.  We were still in our dress uniforms and he commented on how hot we looked.  We both smiled at him and asked him when he got off duty.  He had forty five minutes left on his shift so we asked if he would deliver another bottle as he left for the night.  He agreed and as he left we asked if he didn’t have plans if he would like to join us for the night.  He nearly creamed his slacks.  His dick was rock hard and bulging down his pants leg.  (He was definitely going commando today.) 

As the door closed we hastily hung up our uniforms and headed for the shower…  No teasing for foreplay, we both wanted to be fully primed for the young stud spending the night with us.  We dried off and wrapped the luxury soft hotel robes around our naked body and waited in comfort hoping our young friend would return.  Forty six minutes later a knock on the door announced he had accepted our invitation and walked in rolling another bottle of fine champagne.  Adam stood up, walked over to Steven and told him how happy we were that he accepted our invitation.  He kissed him passionately as only Adam could and I could see every muscle in Steven’s body spasm as he was wracked with an epic orgasm…  There was no doubt as to the extent of his orgasm as his slacks we soaked with cum from his crotch to his knee.  Adam reached down and felt his wetness with his hand, cupped his basket and massaged his hardness.  One hand loosened his belt, pulled down his zipper and let his pants fall to the floor.  Yes, he was going commando.  Adam removed his shirt, helped him to take off his shoes, slacks and then licked the residual cum from his thigh, balls and cock…  He went wild, grasping Adams head and shouting how fantastic it felt.  Adam stood up, dropped his robe and Stevens enthusiasm turned to fear we he saw the length and girth of the monster between Adam’s legs.  He could hardly say anything but meekly commented he was a virgin.  We both were in shock.  I stood, dropped my robe and joined Adam in wrapping my arms around him.  We both held him firmly and tenderly told him we waned to make this special for him and he didn’t have to do anything he felt uncomfortable doing.  We suggested a hot shower to relax him and joined him in our massive bathroom.  Even just having his balls explode he was rock hard and a good seven hard inches to enjoy for the evening.  As he let the water cascade over his naked body we generously soaped his body, massaging his tight muscles, cleaning his balls, cock and especially his cock head.  I had to be carefully, I didn’t want him to cum in my hand I wanted his next orgasm to be in my mouth so I could savor his youthful cum.  Adam’s talented fingers worked his ass, massaging it, dilating it, working on his prostate making him convulse every time he touched it.  Steven was putty in our hands and we both wanted to make it a night he would never forget.  I vividly remember the night I gave up my cherry ass and I wanted the same pleasure for Steven.  

We took the thick soft towels and dried off his beautiful body knowing too much stimulus would have his nuts blasting off before the main event.  He joined us in bed and the look of lust in his eyes told us of his willingness to be with us.  He looked at both of us and said:  “I wish I could give you both my cherry ass but you’ll have to decide which one of you gets to be the first to fuck me”.  I kissed him passionately and as I lay on my back pulled him on top of my body.  His hard cock pushed into my stomach as I wrapped my arms around him holding him tight to my chest.  Our lips met, our tongue danced the age old dance of passion as Adam generously lubed his fingers and started to massage and dilate his ass.  I knew each time his fingers hit Steven’s prostate his body would jerk and he would gasp into my mouth.  When Adam had him well lubed and dilated, he inserted the bottle of lube, inserted the opening of the lube into his ass and squeezed half of lube into his ass.  He held my hands tightly to the cheeks of his ass to keep the lube from leaking out and stretched his body on top of Steven.  He calmly whispered into his ear for him to push out if it hurt and it would help relieve the pain.  All virgins have pain when they first get fucked and we wanted him to have as little as possible.  The moment of truth was at hand.  Adam nodded at me and I grasp each cheek of Steven’s ass pulling them apart and allowing Adam full access to go as deep as possible into this young man.  I helped to position his dick head at the slipper opening and I could feel the pressure he was applying to force himself to enter this pleasure tunnel.  Steven was whimpering and Adam was giving him words of encouragement telling him how great his ass felt.  We both knew a virgin ass couldn’t hold out against a determined hard cock so I nodded to Adam as my mouth clamped on Steven’s and my arms held him tightly to my chest.  The muffled scream told me the fat head of Adam’s cock had entered this wonderful boy.  I released my hold on his body and looked into his eyes as the tears streamed down his cheeks. “Breath easy and push out, the pain will go away faster.”  Both Adam and I could feel his body tense every time Adam applied pressure and inserted more hard flesh into his willing body.  He finally exclaimed it felt like a baseball bat up his ass and how much more was there to take.  My fingers felt Adam’s cock and I lied when I told Steven he had taken most of it.  Only about a third was inserted and his ass was in for some more pain as the thick base slid into his depths.  Adam was good and let the head of his cock rub over his prostate driving him wild with passion.  He body started to spasm and we both knew his balls were ready to erupt.  As I could feel his cock spew forth his seed onto my abdomen, Adam withdrew his cock until only the head remained in his ass and then with one forceful thrust buried all nine inches in his ass.  His teeth sunk into my shoulder as his body squirmed to remove itself from the painful monster which just conquered his ass.  Slowly he returned to reality and the tears started to subside.  Adam softly commented the worse was over and that he was one beautiful virgin and he was proud to be the one to take his cherry.  As the pain subsided and Steven returned to being a horny young man he commented to Adam:  “Well, old man… you took my cherry now see what you can do when you fuck my ass”.  That was a challenge he might regret making.  Adam withdraw his cock and I cold hear the head go “pop” as it exited Steven’s ass… and then the scream as he sank all nine inches back in balls deep in one powerful thrust.  “Old man, huh… you little twirp.  When I’m done with your ass you’ll be luck to walk for a week.”  Adam smiled at me and started fuck his ass forcefully but gently considering this Ex-Virgin needed to enjoy this fuck.  The night was young and he was going to find out what being gay and spending the night with two horny Army Studs could be one of the most enjoyable moments in history.  Adam really started a power fuck and Steven was moaning uncontrollable with words of encouragement.  I released my arms from around his body and Adam rolled him over on his back never taking his cock out of his ass.  He lifted his legs upon his shoulders as I climbed over him and took every inch of his cock into my mouth and throat… that was the signal for Adam to finish off his ass and flood his guts with his massive amount of seed.  Steven was babbling incoherently but there was never a word that even came close to meaning STOP.  Adam could feel his orgasm as I was tasting it and he went balls deep as his nuts blasted forth flooding Steven’s guts with his searing seed.  He boy had indeed lost his cherry and would never forget his first fuck.  As soon as he quit filling my mouth with his cum, Adam exited his ass and laid beside him caressing him and telling him how wonderful he was and what a great fuck he was.  Little did he notice me between his legs as I looked at the dilated hole that used to be his cherry ass and aimed my fat fuck stick to show him how much I wanted to pleasure him also.  He gasped when I entered him and I saw his cock jump as my cock head slid over his prostate.  Adam was passionate and supportive as I fucked my way through to a massive orgasm and then took his cock in his mouth and also enjoyed the sweet flavored cream of a beautiful young man. 

Adam and I made a cuddle sandwich of Steven and our fingers caressed his body and to our surprise he was hard again within minutes.  (Oh, to be young again!)  Time to get inventive,  I got him straddling Adam and helped him to slowly lower his ass down the full length of Adam’s cock.  He needed no encouragement to ride it like he had done it all his life.  He slide off a couple of times and I had to help align Adam’s cock with his ass but Steven was back to taking full length thrusts immediately.  Finally, I grabbed his waist and held him firmly all the way down on Adam’s cock.  Adam pulled him forward and kissed him passionately.  That was my cue to take all the leaking lube and put my cock with Adam’s.  Steven was in shock when two thick cock started to stretch his ass to the max.  He cried and begged but there was no stopping us.  This was the moment of truth and we wanted Steven to know he could handle any cock made regardless of size or thickness.  Hell, when we finished that night I could have put my hand up his ass he was so loose and happy.  The tightness his ass gave two cocks had the desired effects and within seconds of each other we creamed his ass.  We carefully removed our cocks and the cum gushed out and he was so apologetic about ruining our sheets.  We both laughed, grabbed a towel, held it against his ass as we helped him to the shower.  

Back in bed we made love to him all night, mostly oral sex, but a lot of cuddling, tweaking, stimulus, licking, sucking and the kid loved it all.  By the time the morning sun started to shine through our window Steven turned to Adam and with a smile meekly asked if he would power fuck his ass one last time.  What an idiot question, and Adam had an instant erection.  Using copious amount of lube, he knew Steven’s ass had to be super sore but the kid wanted to be fucked and he was sure going to oblige.  I looked into Steven’s beautiful green eyes as inch after inch of Adam’s thick cock entered his body and I only saw lust and satisfaction.  Adam started a slow thrust and Steven’s cock was leaking like a old water faucet.  I wanted this to be so special for Steven just as mine had been for me.  I held him, kissed him and whispered romantic words to him as Adam reached the point when the animal in him took over and he was hammering his ass in full nine inch thrusts.  Steven’s cock erupted in a massive blast of cum that coated both of our faces and continue to blast forth covering his abdomen and chest with cum.  That was Adam’s cue for his balls to blast forth burning his guts which were raw from a night of fucking.  

We helped him out of bed and into the shower…  he waned to keep our cum in his ass and remember us forever.  He had the day shift today so he asked us to wait fifteen minutes for him to clock in before we ordered breakfast.  He gave us his cell number and asked us the please call and let him know when we were back in Washington.  We had a couple of more nights in Washington before we flew out for our posting and saying good bye to Steven on Monday morning was tearful for all of us.  I for once was happy there were cell phones, text messages and video calling.  

We checked in with the Colonel Saturday morning and were advised the Limo would pick us up Monday morning and take us to the Airport and taking us to our destination.  We were given a briefing manual and were advised from that moment on we were required to wear side arms.  Uniform of  the day were our black suits in public and black BDUs on base and informal use.  (I never did enjoy wearing dress uniforms and to my surprise Mess (Tux) uniforms were waiting for us including engraved sabers.)  

The limo picked us up at 9am the next morning and deposited us at a private airport where a black unmarked corporate jet awaited us.  Our baggage was loaded and we were flying off to an adventure of a lifetime. 

Upon landing hours later, we settled into our quarters and left an order for a meeting of all personnel after breakfast the following morning.  Little did we know what awaited us! 

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