I'm Josh Sims. I began sxploring my sexuality with my best bud when I was fourteen. We started out jerking off together. Then, one Saturday he called me and said for me to meet him at our secret place in the woods and that he had something wild to show me.

We met and he had a paper grocery bag. Excitedly he said, 'Look at what I found.'

I pulled out several magazines out of the bag and realized that they were gay magazines, with guys kissing, sucking, and fucking each other.

'Where the fuck did you find these?' I asked.

He said he was walking home from his Aunt's house late the night before. He said he was cutting through the woods and saw a guy down the sreet from him come out to his trash can and after looking around suspiciously he put the bag in the trash.

Jim said he was courious and after the guy went inside he waited a moment then went and got the bag out. He said that just as he got back to the woods the guy came back out and went back to the trash. Jim said when he couldn't find the bag he began to panic, looking all around.

We looked through the magazines and leter Jim asked if I wanted to try any of what the guys were doing. We decided on trying the kissing.

However within to weeks we were doing it all: kissing, sucking each other and fucking each other. We both found we enjoyed it immensley.

We continued on into high school, finding other guys into the same thing.

I missed Jim when dad and I would go to my uncle's during the summer. The dairy farm had been left to both of them when my grandfather died but dad wasn't really into running it.

Dad, by the way, is Mark and my uncle is Mike. My cousin is Brad. Brad is a year older than me.

I began to notice that when we visited, dad and Uncle Mike, would go off deep into the pasture and stay for hours.

Then, the summer after I turned seventeen, things began to come together.

Brad had gone into town early to get supplies and dad and Mike were nowhere to be found. I decided to check the barn.

As I entered I heard strange sounds coming from up in the loft. I eased in and slowly and silently climbed the stairs leading up to it.

Easing up just high enough to see what was going on, I froze in shock. There, naked on a blanket, was dad and Mike in a sixty-nine. I kept out of sight and moments later they stopped and kissed.

Dad turned over onto his back and pulled his legs up and Mike got into position and began sliding his cock up dads ass. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Both my dad and my uncle were gay.

Mike soon climaxed in dad's ass and they traded positions with dad fucking Mike's ass. Soo he climaxed also. Afterward, Mike said to dad, 'Damn, Mark, I've missed your fuckings. Are you sure I can't convince you to move out here with me?'

'Mike, let me think about it and talk to Josh.'

'Have you sarted him yet?'

'No. I just don't know how or what his reaction would be to having male sex.'

'Mark, you know introducing sons to male sex goes back five generations in our famile and dad wanted us to continue it. I introduced Brad to it last year right after you left and he took right to it. He loves it. In fact, he's wanting the three of us to get together tinight after Josh goes to bed.'

'I'm just not sure about Josh though,' dad said.

'Boys play. Why don't I get Brad to see if he can get Josh started?'

As dad just shook his head in agreement, I wanted to scream out, 'Dad I already do it and love it,' but instead I eased down the stairs and out of the barn. I had to find a way to let dad know I wanted sex with him. And if Josh came on to me I knew I had to play innocent. Or should I?

Brad returned from town mid morning and I saw he and Mike talking. Brad shook his head and smiled and said something to his dad.

Shortly after lunch, Brad came to me suggesting we g down to the lake and see if the fish were biting. I quickly agreed.

Brad was six foot tall and very muscular and well built. His biceps were large and his pecs and abs very well defined from hard work. His hair was dark brown and his eyes sky blue, and when he smiled he showed a perect set of snow white teeth.

We arrived at the lake, and Josh and I fished a short while but with no luck. Finally he said, 'fuck it! Lets go swimming.'

Neither of us had swim trunks and I commented about it. 'Fuck Josh. Swimming nude is the best way. Come on, strip down.' Soon we were both naked and in the water. We began to wrestle some and I noticed Brad frequently fel my hardening cock. I began to brush against his.

We later stopped and Brad walked out onto the grass, his hard seven inch cock pointing the way. I followed, mine pointing the way also.

'Hey, cuz, nice tool you got there.'

'Well, yours is pretty big also,' I replied.

'Hey, I don't know about yours, but mine could use some attention,' he said sitting down and laying back grasping his cock and stroking it.

I smiled and lay next to him saying, 'Not a bad idea.'

After a moment he said, 'Hey, why don't we stroke each other?'

'Uh, sure. Okay,' I replied. If he only knew how bad I wanted to stroke and suck his beautiful cock.

We stroked each other to a roaring climax and after washing off in the lake he said, 'Hey, Josh, we can do this as often as you want. I know lots of places we can have some privacy.'

'Sure,' I replied.

'Just give me a signal. Just rub yourself.'

'Got it.'

That afternoon I was with Brad and rubbed myself. Josh saw it and said, 'Hey, dad, Josh and I are going riding.'

'Okay, have fun.'

We saddled up two horses and headed out. Soon we arrived at an old cabin in the woods. Inside was a bed but not much else.

We stripped and lay on the bed and without hesitaion, grasped each others cock and began stroking. Brad turned to face me and I turned and faced him. Then unexpectedly, he kissed me, gently at first, then more passionately, offering his tongue. I accepted his and offered mine.

After the kiss, he smiled and said, 'That wasn't your firs time was it?'

'With a guy, uh, yea, but my girlfriend and I kiss like that,' I lied.

'Well, you're damn good at it. My girlfriend and I kiss like that also. I love kissing.'

'Brad, have you ver kissed a guy like that before today?'

'Honestly, yes I have. I have a bud I jerk with and kissing gets us both turned on like crazy. It intensifies our climax.'

For several days, Brad and I jerked off and kissed. The one day by the lake as we were jerking he said, 'Want me o show you something else that feels fantastic?'


He stopped stroking and leaned over and began sucking my cock. 'Oh, fuck!' I exclaimed.

He sucked me to completion and as my climax approached I warned him. He continued an when I filled his mouth, he swallowed every drop.

'Damn, you swallowed it,' I said in faked astonishment.

'Sure. All it is, is pure protein.'

'Do you and your bud do that also?'

'Josh, look, I'm totally bisexual. I like pussy as much as I like cock. I enjoy kissing, sucking and getting sucked, fucking a guys ass ad getting mine fucked nd eating ass and having mine eat. O like it all. We've been at it for four years.'

'Damn,' I said, amazed at his open confession. I wondered if the bud he was referring to was Uncle Mike.

'Josh, would you do me?'

'I'll try,' I replied.

I began sucking him like a beginner but soon I was so wrapped up in it that I was deepthroating him and working him with all I had. He soon fed me his load and I eagerly swallowed.

'Josh, you can deny it all you want but you have sucked cock many times before this. No beginner sucks cock like you did. How long you been sucking?'

'About four years with a bud at home.'

'You fuck each other?'

'Yea, we do everything you said you and your bud did.'

'Nice. We can have a lot more fun now that we know about each other. Does your dad know?'

'Fuck no! Does yours?'

'Yea, and he's cool with it.'

'Damn, he doesn't mind?'


We headed back and later that evening Brad asked if I wanted to take a walk. We did and he led me out a ways to a grove of trees and we kissed, had a short sixty-nine and fucked each other. I was in heaven.

After we got back, I went to shower and after turning the water on, I sneaked back to the head of the stairs to listen in on their conversation.

'Well, what have you and Josh been up to the last week or so?' Uncle Mike asked.

'Everything. Uncle Mark, Josh has been having sex with his buds for four years according to him. He's into it all, and he's damn good at it all.'

'I so want to have sex with him, but I just don't know how to tell him that I'm now gay and want him.'

'Well, you and dad can go a it and let me and him 'catch' you and I'll suggest we join in or you two can 'catch' us and join in,' Brad said.

'That might work,' Dad said.

'Mark, I personally think he would be more accepting if we walked in on them going at it.'

'You're probably right,' Dad said.

I went in and quickly showered and hurried back to the group. I now knew what would happen but I didn't know when.

A couple of days passed with Brad and I going off to suck and fuck but nothing happened. Then on a Saturday, Uncle Mike and dad went into town, saying that they would be gone for several hours.

Brad and I stripped and were soon having sex out by the pool. We had kissed and made out a while then began eating each others ass. Then came a sixty-nine.

My back wat toward the house and suddenly I heard, 'You boys having fun?'

I jumped up to find dad and Uncle Mike boh standing there totally nude and their cocks as hard as stone.

'Uh, hi dad,' was all I could say.

'Mind if we join in?' Uncle Mike asked.'

Suddenily, Brad and I ere watching our dads kiss and amke out then get into a sixty-nine. We sat and watched as they brought each other to completion.

Then, looking at us, Uncle Mike said, 'You two are still boned. Why don't you two fuck us?'

Both men lay on their backs and pulled up their legs. Brad immediately got into position and began sliding his cock into his dad's ass.

'Josh, son, fuck me. You don't know how bad I've been wanting this.'

Seconds later I was fucking my dads ass and loving it.

'Fuck yea, Josh. Fuck me hard. Shoot that load up me,' Dad said loudly.

Soon, I said, 'Get ready dad. I'm about to shoot.'

'Do it son Fill my ass up.'

And fil him I did, with the largest load I ever remember shooting. As I climaxed, dad pulled me to him and we kissed passionately.

When It was over, dad looked at me and said, 'Son, we need to talk.'

'Dad, I've known about you and Uncle Mike since right after we got here.'

He looked at me questioningly, and I told him about seeing them in the loft and hearing their conversation.

'I see. So you knew that what Brad was doing was all planned?'

'Yes, I did. I was wanting it so badly, too.'

Dad and I then had a sixty-nine and later Brad and I lay side by side as our dads fucked us. It was awesome seeing dads face as he lovingly fucked my ass.

Late afternoon, Uncle Mike said, 'Mark, I think we need o trade sons.'

'So do I,' Dad replied.

Uncle Mike and I had a sixty-nine then later fucked each other. I found it hot to watch my own dad with my cousin.

Dad and I talked and decided to move to the farm and run it as Grandpa had wanted.

Dad and Uncle Mike became lovers and Brad and I both found women willing to bare us a child. Both women bore us a son and we began raising them, planning on continuing the family tradition.

We kept an eye on them and at fourteen knew that they were having sex together. The tradition was beginning. At seventeen, we brought them in with us and i was even more turned on watching my dad with his grandson. Brad and I became lovers also and our sons are planning on continuing the tradition.

Even though dad and Uncle Mike are lovers and Brad and I are lovers, we all have sex together with and without our sons. But when it's time to go to bed, we share our beds with our partners. And yes, we all have friends that visit and join the fun.

We are a very loving and devoted family.



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