This third and final chapter of "Young Wrestler From Alaska Bangs His College Coach" was suggested by J P who had commented on Chapter 2 of this story. J. P. becomes a player in this third chapter of fiction.

Zack shares this story of Chapter 3

As our college wrestling team planned a trip across state to a wrestling tournament, our athletic director coordinated the trip along with our college rugby team for a tournament in the same city to save traveling expenses. We charted a bus for the two teams. My wrestling buddy Colin, who had been part of the four way sizzling sex with Coach Toby, Tyson and me did not make this trip due to an athletic injury.

After a long 5 hour bus ride, we arrived at out hotel around 1 PM. Both teams had light workouts, returned to the hotel around 5 PM, showered and had dinner at the hotel at 6:30 PM. We athletes had the evening to rest, play games and watch TV until the curfew at 10 PM. Our Coach Toby and rugby Coach Rudy had a room while the players from both teams were booked four to a room. My wrestling buddy Tyson and I were assigned to room with rugby players J.P. and Ryder who both were forwards in their senior year on the rugby team. They both were 22 years-of-age while Tyson and I were 19-year-old sophomores on the wrestling team.

As we guys watched TV in the hotel lounge around 8:30 PM, I needed to piss so I went to the men's restroom just off the lounge. As I rounded the corner to the toilets, shit I could not believe my eyes. Coach Toby and Coach Rudy were playing with each other's crotches. Of course, I knew that my 38-year-old coach was gay and I had fucked him nightly for months (see chapters 1 and 2) while living with him at his condo. I had also brought my buddies Colin and Tyson to our bed as we had had a hot four-way some weeks ago. I also knew that 32-year-old rugby Coach Rudy was not married but the gossip on campus was that he was a lady's man and had many lady "friends". Fortunately, they had not seen me as I slipped back out of the rest room. I was furious at Coach Toby. How dare him make out with any man without my permission. Ever since I had roomed with him after transferring from the community college and becoming his fuck buddy and in charge of his sex partners how dare him betrayed me.

I decided to take action at once. I had to get Coach Toby back in line and tonight was the time to make that happen.

I asked my three roommates to meet me back in our room. After pissing, I sat them down and still angry I brought up the subject of sex. I knew Tyson loved man sex but I had to find out about J. P. and Ryder. I needed to recruit them for my mischief plan to teach Coach Toby a lesson. They were two incredible hot hunks as was 190-pound wrestler Tyson who I knew as a great gay fucker.

J. P. and Ryder were both around 5-feet and 11-inches tall, had very sexy unruly mops of curly blonde hair, blue eyes, and bodies to die for. They had ribbed hard muscled bodies with the most gorgeous big hard legs and thighs. Everyone knows that playing rugby develops the most rugged and hard legs and thighs from the game. And yes they were like Tyson and me in that they had above average cocks; in fact, at least 8-inchers.

I had to make my move. It was tonight that Coach Toby needed to hear from me. so I made a risky move. I pulled Tyson aside and told him my plan. He loved the idea as he agreed to back me up. Then we went back into the bedroom to try to recruit these two rugby players.

"Hey, J. P. and Ryder, Tyson and I want to tell you something that I hope you will keep secret. As we room together here at the hotel, you might catch Tyson and I playing around in bed at night. Yea, we are two young horny gay guys. We can't keep our hands off each other in bed. Our cocks stay hard when we touch and the heat is so intense. Gee, I hope I've not offended you."

"Oh my god, fuck shit, you need to know that Ryder and I are flaming fucking fags. We are fuck buddies and drill each other's man pussy almost ever night back at the resident hall as roommates. Man, maybe we can have a four-way tonight."

Oh hell, I could now put my plan in action.

"Well guys, I've got an idea. As you know, I live with Coach Toby and I've become his fuck buddy. We fuck ever night. And some time ago, I had Colin and Tyson come over for a four way fucking hot time."

They both looked totally shocked as J. P. said: "No way, you shit me. No way would your coach fuck with a student and especially a member of his wrestling team. That's a joke, right?"

Tyson spoke up: "Hell no guys, Zack is telling you the truth. We've fucked and the coach is a great lover. He has one mean cock."

"Yea, guys, let me shock you more. Remember when I went to the restroom in the lounge to piss? I caught your Coach Rudy and my coach fondling each other's balls."

"Shit get out of here, no way," said Ryder.

"Yea, it is true. I'm mad as hell that my fuck buddy, Coach Toby, would do that without my permission. We have an understanding about sex and he just broke it. Now here is my plan. Lets call their room and ask to come over for a chat about tomorrows' game plans. I'm sure they will say yes. Then we are going to tell them what I saw and they will be our cocks fucking assholes tonight."

Still looking shocked, the rugby players agreed with some excitement. To fuck both coaches had their cocks growing in their shorts. We all four were wearing our athletic shorts and jerseys. The shorts began to rise with big tents.

I called and Coach Toby answered the phone as it was about 9 PM, an hour before curfew.

"Hello, this is Coach Toby."

"Hi Coach, this is Zack. Tyson, Ryder, J. P. and I were wondering if we could stop by and ask some questions about tomorrows' games with you and Coach Rudy?"

"Sure Zack, come right over."

"Hey, guys it worked. Tyson get that bottle of lube and lets fuck those coaches. I get last take on Coach Toby, the little bitch."

When Coach Toby opened the door, he and Coach Rudy were in their workout shorts.

"Hey guys, come in."

I was determined to get right to the point. "Coach Toby and Coach Rudy let me get right to the point. After dinner, I went to the restroom and saw you two fondling those big cocks with one another. My buddies are here with me to take care of those obvious horny cocks and asses. You know you do not want the other guys on the teams to hear about this story. Coach Toby, how could you do this to me?"

Coach Rudy turned white as a sheet and all the blood drained from his face. He looked like he was about to faint.

Coach Toby took charge and said: "I'm so sorry Zack. I was so wrong but we both were so horny and it just happened. Again I'm so sorry. This is the first time Coach Rudy and I have done this together. Just before we went to the restroom, we had a long talk and he confided in me that he was curious about gay sex and thought after all those girlfriends, he might be gay. I was trying to help him understand that being gay was fine. But I'll not do that again."

I responded with a tear in my eye and felt pure love and forgiveness for Coach Toby and what he was trying to do to help Coach Rudy find his way.

I looked into Coach Toby's eyes, grabbed him in my arms and said: "I'm so sorry that I got mad. I do love you and that was such a nice thing you did. Guys we can leave now. By the way, all of us guys are gay."

Then the real shock when Coach Rudy recovered and said: "No guys, thank you for understanding. Don't go, tonight I have found my true self. Why don't you stay and teach me how to have real hot man sex. We can keep this as our secret and help me have my first cock sucking and man ass fucking."

I think the tables were turned and we athletes were the ones in shock. Coach Rudy was a hell of a hot stud. Man he was beyond a Greek god. He stood about 6-feet and 2-inches, had dark brown eyes, coal black wavy hair, looked to weight about 210 pounds, the most sexy rugged muscled body with huge arms, biceps the size of melons, legs and thighs the size of logs, scruff two day old beard and wow there was a big tent growing in his shorts. There had to be giant sausage in those shorts. Man, I wanted to have him first.

Everyone became silent and began to rush out of their shorts and jerseys until we all stood there butt naked. I'd never been in a room with six men all that well endowed, Shit there was not a small cock in the bunch.

We paired off with rugby players J. P. and Ryder taking on Coach Toby while Tyson and I grabbed Coach Rudy for his first man on man sex.

J. P. and Ryder put Coach Toby on his back on one of the beds. They spread his legs far apart, got on each side of him and began taking turns taking his rock hard cock down their throats. While one of them deep throated that throbbing cock the other guy used his tongue and mouth to devour his nuts taking them deep into the mouth. The noisy sounds of wild sex and smells coming from the three of them was so arousing.

Coach Toby began to beg: "Oh fuck, oh shit, holly cow, suck my cock, lick my balls and yea that is it, tongue my wet puckering asshole. Coach Rudy, shit, your big hard rugby players are so sexy. Man they know how to rim ass, suck balls and suck my cock. Give it to me, don't stop. mmmmmm, Ahhhhhhhhh, oh I'm on fire."

The two hot rugby players went wild as I glanced over to the hot scene. They were licking his ass, fingering his ass, sucking hard on those big balls and had his cock all the way down to the base as they deep throated that snake. The slurping sounds of their saliva, moans and body heat had the room temperature climbing. Their big cocks were totally erect and leaking pre-cum as they took care of Coach Toby's crotch. Man it was a hot scene. Coach Toby was thrusting his crotch up and down and moving all over the bed with pure carnal lust. My fuck buddy, Coach Toby, was in pure spasm mode. They were sucking a stream of thick pre-cum out of that piss slit.

It was now time for Tyson and me to stop watching that hot scene and take care to service the new gay Coach. We put the rugged stud on the other bed on his back, had Tyson get above his head and come down with his huge cock to Coach Rudy's lips and mouth. I watched as Tyson used his large sausage to part the coach's lips and drive his hard cock to the back of that hot throat. Coach Rudy was spewing gobs of spit on that big cock and gagging in a desperate attempt to take that horse cock all the way into his mouth. It was an incredible blowjob.

Soon Coach Rudy began to relax his throat, took all Tyson's cock deep in his mouth and thrust his butt and hips up toward my waiting mouth. Man, he had a big open butt and also rather hairy ass. I plunged my lips and tongue into his ass entrance and began to rim that manhole like it was a watering hole. I could hardly breath as his big patch of black pubic hair pressed against my mouth and nose. The smell and taste had my cock hard as steel. I went wild rimming the biggest ass I had ever experienced. The Coach was so turned on that he almost injured me with his hard thrust into my face with his big butt. Tyson rammed his cock down that eager throat while I ate that ass and yea I spent a lot of time licking his huge cock shaft and finally I took that sausage all the way into my mouth. I went wild sucking that cock with more and more speed. I could taste his salty bitter pre-cum. Man it was hot.

After both coaches had been rimmed, received hot blowjobs, and licked over their entire bodies by our hot tongues, it was time to get down to fucking those man pussies.

J. P. and I shared the bottle of lube as we got ready to fuck those coaches' asses. I watched as P. J. put his big cock head to Coach Toby's outer ass ring and with one hard thrust I saw that cock disappear into my Coach's fucking buddies man pussy. Ryder came down on Coach Toby's cock and sucked that tool while P. J. drilled that ass. I could hear my Coach screaming with joy as he got fucked and his cock sucked.

I put a pillow under Coach Rudy's huge ass, lubed his ass, moved my cock to the ass crack while Tyson came down on that rock hard cock of the Coach. I began to push my leaking cock deeper and deeper into that virgin ass until I was down to the base of my cock. I fucked him with no mercy as he got his cock sucked by big Tyson.

Coach Rudy began to grunt and moan with pure pleasure. Soon his ass muscles found a way to squeeze my cock so hard that I felt a ray of spasms all over my body. I was beyond the line as my semen gathered in my balls and flooded up my cock shaft and squirted at least six times deep into that virgin ass. It was an awesome ejaculation.

At the same moment, Coach Rudy unloaded his big load deep into Tyson's mouth.

As Tyson and I pulled off and out, we looked over at the sex scene in the next bed. I saw that common strain on P. J.'s face and knew he was shooting his load of cum deep into Coach Toby's experienced ass. Then I saw Coach Toby began to shoot his own load of cum deep into Ryder's mouth.

Coach Rudy, Coach Toby, P. J. and I had all shot our loads. Now it was time for Tyson and Ryder to get their nuts off. I grabbed Ryder, had him stand, spread those hard legs and hot thighs far far apart, I got down on my knees and took his horse cock deep into my mouth. I sucked him with great force while I fingered his ass. He could not take such a hot blowjob and ass fingering but for about 30 seconds when he put a flood of hot cum deep into my throat.

As I was the leader of this gang, I put Tyson on the bed on his back, I got between those hard wrestling legs, spread them far apart and plunged my face and mouth in his crotch. I came down on that big cock and began to suck him wildly. The feel of Ryder's cum in my mouth greased Tyson's cock that made him crazy with lust. The feel of that cum on his cock and the smell put his engine in high gear and he blasted a huge load of his jism down my throat.

We said goodnight to the coaches and went back to our room and showered. Before we turned in for the night, we took turns kissing and jerking those again hard cocks until we shot a second load. How great it is to be young and full of semen.


Naughty Eric


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