I nervously tap my foot on the floor as I sit in my psychiatrist's office.

The judge ordered me to see a psych as punishment for participation in prostitution.

While I feel frustrated at having to meet this person, its either this-or jail, so...

Hi Doctor,

My name is Akash Muhammad-my fans call me KASH- the Mandingo with the uncut 9' black dick.

You may have seen me in my many films or in different clubs where I perform.

Yes, I am only 18.

You asked when did I start performing-I started performing when I was 17.

It was easy to enter into the business at a young age.

All I had to do is smile-show my dick-shake my ass and the producers fell in LOVE.


No, I do not always like my work-but it helps me take care of my family.

As a 2nd generation St. Lucian immigrant, I have a strong sense of family commitment.

I raise my baby girl alone with my mom's help. All 3 of us live together-my dad ran out when I was 16.

As the only man in my house, I have to take care of my family in anyway possible.

Everything was going great-until last week-I got caught male soliciting.

So here I am. Sigh.

Yes, Doctor I am always in control. Like I said, if something goes wrong at home-its all on me to fix.

You want me to describe what I like best about my job-hmm...I have to honestly say that I like the sex. I love someone craving to touch me-my dick loves the tightness of fucking a moist ass/pussy.

You meet all kinds of people in my line of work. Matter of fact, I remember meeting Brenda-


It all started when I was over my best friend's -Demeeka (born Derrick)- studio apartment.

I laid naked-face down-on her bed-so that my large round ass was fully exposed.

Behind me, stood Demeeka holding a syringe of silicon estrogen in her right hand.

'All right, Kash. You ready?' Demeeka asked.

'Bring it on, sis,' I confidently responded.

You see, Doctor, while my body is beyond amazing, in my work you have to always look your best.

Besides exercise, a shot of sil highlights my honey complexion skin, muscular-toned body, hazel eyes and short dark curly hair.

'All right, here we go.'

'Fwinch!' was the internal sound that I heard as the needle pricked my left ass cheek.

'ah' I moaned as the sil surged through my veins.


Instinctively, my 9inch dick erected when Demeeka had hit my right ass cheek.


Demeeka interrupted the process with, 'Ok, I need you to lay on your back so that I can hit your pecs.'

I turned over with her bed sheet around my thin waist-so that I may hide my excited black dick.


Demeeka's injections had strangely caused my 9'cock drip pre-cum.

Ha! I told you that I am a freak.


'All done, how are you feeling?' Demeeka asked as she placed her needle on the dresser.

'I'm great. Thanks.'

'No problem. You should stand up and walk around so that the sil can move through your body.'

As I left her bed to quickly dress, Demeeka rolled a white boy on her circular coffee table.

'You wouldn't believe who has been asking about you,' Demeeka teased.

I stared at her dumbfounded-while she lit the green-instantly, the fragrant smell invaded the room.

'My neighbor, Brenda,' she responded.

'You mean your trans neighbor who lives above you?' I asked as Demeeka handed me the white boy.


I inhaled a deep breath of smoke as Demeeka explained that her neighbor owns all of my films.

'And guess what,' Demeeka said as I returned the white boy. 'She wants a night with you.'

Immediately, we loudly laughed.

Between chuckling, Demeeka said, 'She is willing to pay for a night with you.'

We laughed again-then, I saw the potential of a union, 'So how much is she willing to pay?'

Demeeka's laughter trailed off, 'You can't be serious. Kash, Brenda is not like me. She still uses her...'


Ignoring Demeeka's statement, I decided to pursue this union.

The next day, I rung Brenda's apartment doorbell.

'Hi Kash,' Brenda sweetly said.

'Hi, Brenda,' I said awestruck by how she looked identical to Buffy the Body.

My 9' black dick sprung to life as I noticed her brown skin, shoulder length dark hair, and sable eyes.

'Are those for me,' she said upon seeing the roses and bottle of champagne that I held.

'Yes. I thought that you may like these gifts.'

'That's so sweet,' she smiled.

While I have never fantasized about a trans woman-I could not believe how gorgeous Brenda appeared.

Brenda wore a fishnet dress that clung to her curvy frame revealing her chocolate milk jugs and a red G-String that embraced her plump ass.

As I followed Brenda into her home, my hazel eyes stared at how her plump ass jiggled.

Besides her amazing body, Brenda was a great cook, too-she made king fish with an avocado salad.

'For dessert, you can have me,' she seductively said.

With that statement, we shared a passionate kiss that felt like it lasted for hours.

Doctor, I've never felt so much energy from 1 person.

As I sat in her dining room chair, Brenda kneeled on the floor to unzip my pants.

Gently she pulled back my foreskin-tenderly she kissed my 9inch cock.

'ooooh' I sighed never before receiving such great head.

Brenda showed her appreciation for my body by caressing my cock with her tongue.

Her brown lips hungrily hummed-sucked my cock as if it were a lollipop.

Brenda knew how to deep throat a brother's tool. Her lips-her body only wanted to please.

Sensitively grabbing her short hair, I ordered her, 'Yeah girl, do that shit. Suck it, baby.'

Updownupdown her lips bobbed on my honey stick.

Receiving her kisses, instantly brought me to a climax.

'Oh-Damn GIRL!'

My wet quickly flooded her pretty mouth.

She devoured my cum-loving its bitter/salty taste-loving to see my hazel eyes roll in back of my head.

'Wow!' I said in full lust with this beautiful woman.


We quickly entered Brenda's bedroom where a dim overhead light illuminated our movements.

I lay naked in Brenda's bed while she sat on top of me-feeding me her chocolate jugs.

'O yeah,' she moaned as my tongue lapped her perky nipples.

'Yes, Kash. Uah,' she moaned.

My strong hands was in love with touching her soft body-yet-I never touched her below.

Kash,' Brenda moaned. 'What's wrong? Why aren't you touching me there?'

Brenda stepped off me and sat on her bed.

Her sable eyes stared inquisitively at my muscular honey complexion body.

'I am sorry, Brenda. I have never touched someone like you-I mean-I-'

Brenda silenced my rambling by placing her soft dark index finger on my full brown lips.

'I understand, Kash. It's not everyday that you see a special woman like me.'

Inside, I screamed-Shit, what am I going to do!

Seeing Brenda's di-DICK (I cannot even say the word) would destroy my image of her as a woman.

Enough! She is woman with money and I am a man who has a family to feed.

'Show me, baby. Show me how to love a special woman like you,' I smiled.

Brenda sent me a wicked grin. She stood in front of me and removed her red G-String.

Doctor, I was not prepared to see her reveal a circumcised and shaven 8.5'inch black cock.

You had to see her, doctor. Brenda's dick was not only large-but it was thick like a heavy baseball bat.

Each time I wanted to hurl at her sight-I remembered that I have a daughter at home who needs me.

'You look sexy, baby,' I lied.

Thankfully, Brenda could not see my anxiety-instead-she was delighted to have heard my praise.

'Do you like it, Kash.'

'Girl, I love it.'


'OH KASH!' Brenda screamed.

Brenda's delicate brown back laid on the bed as my juicy mouth sucked her 8.5' instrument.

'Yeah, Oh yeah,' Brenda whined loving the feel of her shlong in my mouth.

'Go deeper, Kash, DEEPER!' Brenda ordered.

Not to sound crazy-but when I saw Brenda's face flame with pleasure-I saw a woman's face.

Brenda's cock tasted so pure-sweet that even my tongue believed that she was a woman.

'Oh yes,' Brenda whined.

From how she tugged on my curly dark hair, I knew that she wanted more-and I aimed to please.

I love making a woman cum-I love to see a woman orgasm-I love to hear a woman screams of ecstasy.

'Yeah, Kash! Oh, yeah!' Brenda cried as she sucked on her own nipples like a good slutty girl.

More than anything, I wanted Brenda's dick to explode in my juicy mouth.

As I was ready to bring Brenda to an orgasm, she interrupted me- 'Wait Kash. I don't want to cum yet.'


I rested on my 8-pack stomach as Brenda rubbed her 8.5' cock between my tight honey ass cheeks.

I have never felt a woman's breasts on my chiseled back-her touch made my tight ass moist.

However, I had to be cautious.

'Brenda, please be gentle. Believe it or not you are my first,' I said.

'Really? But you have been in so many films.'

'I know, but no one has ever fucked me before. They always wanted my dick-not my ass.'

'Well, don't worry. You are in good hands.'

With that statement, Brenda moved her body down so that she could lick my honey comb.

'Ohhhhh,' I said upon feeling a tongue between my cheeks for the 1st time.

'Damn girl, you are good.'

As Brenda lightly nibbled on my inner ass cheeks, I moaned, 'I cannot believe how good this feels.'

As she licked my dark hole, Brenda silently grabbed a container of Vaseline.


Brenda stroked her 8.5' black dick between my lubed ass.

'We are going to do this very slow.'

'Ok,' I whispered like a bitch.

I closed my hazel eyes as Brenda slowly pushed the tip of her cock inside of my hole.

'Ahhh' I whispered.

'It's all right, boy. Just breath,' Brenda advised.

As her soft chocolate breasts rubbed against my back, I lost focus of Brenda's dick penetrating my ass.

I pushed my masculine face into the pillow as Brenda slipped her dick further inside of me.

'Relax, Kash. Let me in.'

'GODDAMN' I yelled when I felt Brenda's balls touch my tight ass.

'Breathe, Kash. Breathe.'

Taking deep breaths calmed my chiseled body while Brenda kept my ass full with her black cock.

'Ehya,' I whined.

When I opened my eyes, I saw Brenda's brown eyes scanning my face.

We kissed as she begun to stir her dick around my tight hole.

'That's right, boy. You got it all inside of you,' Brenda said as she grinded her cock in me.


'BOP-BOP-BOP-BOP-BOP' was the sound that Brenda's balls made against my tight hole.

'Eh! EH!' I screamed in pleasure of being fucked by a woman.


'Is it good, Kash. Huh, is it good boy?' she asked.


'Yeah, girl. Fuck this ass,' I moaned.


'That's right, boy. Give mommy your cherry,' Brenda ordered as her dick banged my colon.


Doctor, I have never felt that way before.

No 1 has ever looked beyond my own 9'cock-Men/women has always wanted me to fuck them.

I have to admit-I liked giving away control.

'Turn on your side, Kash,' Brenda ordered.

'Yes, mommy,' I responded completely in her trance.

As she dangled my left leg in the air, Brenda forced her 8.5' monster further into my tight hole.

'Plop-Plop-Plop-Plop,' was the sound she made as her black dick turned my asshole into a pussy.

'Oh! Oh!' I whimpered.


'That's right, Kash. You like a girl fucking you, huh?'


'Yes, Brenda. Hit me off faster, mommy.'


'Jerk your dick, Kash while I fuck you.'


I tugged on my erected 9 inch black dick as Brenda fucked me HARDER/FASTER/DEEPER.


'Cum boy, cum for mommy.'


'Oh Brenda, you are fucking me so GOOD!'


'I'm cumming-I'm cumming-OHHH' I screamed.


'Yes, YES, OWOH YES!' Brenda screamed as her wet filled my stretched ass.

Doctor, sex with Brenda was amazing. I have never had anyone fuck me so-so-BEAUTIFULLY.

Afterward, the 2 of us laid in her bed-worn out. Brenda rested like a lady in my strong arms.

But each time, I find peace-a glimpse of happiness-it never lasts long.

'That was excellent. Thank you. Your money is on the counter. I'll see you later,' Brenda bluntly said.


Instantly, I return to reality. Yes, my job is rough. I can never believe that someone likes-loves me.

Sigh. Still, it pays the bills.





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