On a cold winter's day in Baltimore, I sit in the doctor's (psychiatrist) office.

As punishment for male solicitation-I have to meet with a psych.

OK, doctor. Before we begin, I need to make 3 things clear:


I am not a prostitute-I am a performer who loves to entertain men/women.

My stage name is KASH- the Mandingo with the uncut 9' black dick.

I've made a successful living from knowing how to move my body.

People pay to see my honey skin, short curly hair, hazel eyes, toned-thin frame, and juicy brown lips.

Yes, I am only 18. What can I say-I know what people want.

People love seeing my young/firm body perform in adult films, night clubs, and private strip parties.


All my money goes to my little girl. Yes, I have a 1 year old daughter. My money helps me raise her.

I tried to go the legitimate route-but raising a child on a waiter's salary is practically impossible.

Thankfully, my mom watches her while I perform at night. All 3 of us live together.

My dad ran out when I was 16. And before you ask-No, my mom doesn't know how I make a living.

She wouldn't understand what I have to do to take care of our family-she's a strict 7th Day Adventist.


I am a high school graduate. People think that adult performers are either stupid-lazy-nymphomaniacs. Well, I am neither. I am a 2nd generation immigrant from St. Lucia who was able to get his paper.

1 day, I hope to go back to school.

While my fans like for me to act like a rough-neck-I am an avid reader who believes in education.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

You have to understand that I am not a ho-I just enjoy having sex.

I feel special when men/women beg to nibble on my dick's foreskin.

For instance, let me tell you about my date from earlier this month-


A month ago, I placed an ad for my 'massage services' on Adam4Adam.

That night, the ad attracted the attention of a guy living in Upper Marlboro.

His name was Malcolm.

After we negotiated a price for my services, I showed up at his house.

Showing up at a date's house is a big thing. For my own safety, I have never meet a date in their home.

But that night-I desperately needed coins.

So, after I rang his doorbell-my intuition immediately went on guard.

When the door opened, I saw a dark skinned male with short dread locked gray hair, and a trim goatee.

The guy looked in his late 50's or early 60's-yet, his firm build told me that he kept in shape.

'Are you, KASH?' the guy asked.

'That's me. So, you must be Malcolm.'

When I shook his hand, my hazel eyes noticed the old guy's dick growing stiff in his tan khaki pants.

He was sprung by my wearing a black leather jacket, a snug yellow shirt that revealed my nipple piercings and firm honey build, and tight denim jeans that accentuated my curved ass globes.

Stepping inside his house, I noticed that he had no pictures-except for a wall portrait of White Jesus.

'I see that you are very religious,' I said to Malcolm.

'Yes, My life belongs to the Lord. I am a Deacon in my church,' the guy bellowed.

How righteous-saved can this guy be, if he picks up male dates from an online website?

'So, Deacon Malcolm can you baptize my dick?'


Soon, we moved into Deacon Malcolm's basement. We laid on an unfolded futon bed. A sandalwood candle illuminated our shadows on the room's wooden panel walls.

I remember fucking the sanctified Deacon in a missionary position with his legs waving in the air.

'Ah! Ah! Fuck me, Big Dick, Nigga!' Deacon Malcolm moaned as my 9' dick plunged his ass.

There was something about this guy that made me want to fuck him harder/Harder/HARDER.

My intuition told me that the deacon was the type to preach that homosexuality is a sin on Sunday-

but fuck like a Faggot Monday through Saturday.

Maybe that is why I ignored touching his cock. It was about 7inches and bent like a chicken wing.

Regardless of how he acted-there was money to be made, 'Yeah! Take da dick!'


The Deacon's cries grew louder as my shaven balls'plopplopplop' on his old man's ass.

'Oh! God! Ah!' Deacon Malcolm moaned.

'That's right, Nigga! Praise God for this dick, bitch,' I said.

'God thank you for this piece! Your dick feels so good,' the old dude testified.

Now doctor, I have learned that some people can be easily pushed if you stroke them the right way.

With that in mind, I deliberately removed my blunt 9inch monster from his ass.

My hazel eyes watched the Deacon go through dick withdraws.

'Why did you stop?-'What did I do wrong?'-'Please fuck me.'

As the Deacon whined for my bone-I noticed a circle of shit had surrounded the tip of my dick.

'Come here and bless my dick with your mouth,' I ordered.

Deacon Malcolm's eyes cast a grave look. I could only imagine what he was thinking.

I am a man-I can't eat my own shit-it's not right-God would never forgive me for this sin.

But just like I expected-the righteous Deacon crawled over to me-and obediently opened his mouth.

'SLURRP! SLURRP!' was the sound Deacon Malcolm made as he eagerly swallowed my shitty dick.

I balled his gray locks in my fists and pushed his blessed mouth to swallow my 9inch length.

'Yeah, Deacon. You are a good dick sucking bitch!'

The Deacon's mouth felt like Heaven to my 9inch cock. My nut was ready to bust from his blessing.

Unexpectedly, the basement door opened causing me to enter a state of alarm.

'Who da hell is that?' I asked.

But Deacon Malcolm continued sucking my 9inch honey monster as if nothing was wrong.

I removed my shlong from Deacon Malcolm's hungry mouth as foot steps echoed into the room.

'No, please give it back,' the Deacon begged wanting my cock more than air.

'Yo man, who da fuck is that?' I whispered.

As much as I wanted to scream at the faggot for placing me in this situation-I could only blame myself.

At this moment, I prayed that God would please watch over my daughter if something happened to me.

'It's only my wife,' he said nonchalantly.

Doctor, I should have known that a hypocrite like him would have a wife.

A light turns on as a female voice called 'Honey, how can you see with only the candle light?'


My hazel eyes recorded the Deacon's wife's frozen face as her dark almond eyes studied the room.

She saw both her husband and a strange man laying naked in a bed together-

She saw her husband's brown lips next to a man's 9inch black dick-

She saw her husband's dark ass greased from Vaseline.

I planned to grab my clothes and run when suddenly the Deacon wife frozen face formed a smile.

From out of nowhere, a young boy screamed from inside the house, 'Mommy is everything ok?'

The Deacon's wife quickly left the basement to talk with the voice. I heard her say-

'All is fine. Go to your room and finish your homework. Stay there until I tell you to come out.'

While the Deacon's wife talked with her child, I grabbed my clothes.

'Please don't go,' the Deacon said.

'Man, are you crazy your wife is-'

'Standing right behind you,' she said returning to the basement.

After she locked the basement door, my hazel eyes noticed the sista's beauty.

I was sprung by her majestic cocoa skin, short frizzy brown hair, dark almond eyes, full round breasts and succulent lips. Like her husband, she was in her late 50's-early 60's. Despite her age, her body was lean and fit.

'Really, Malcolm. I didn't know that this was your mediation night,' she said.

'Yes, Sheryl. This is Kash. You remember we own all his movies.'

'Yes, I remember,' she said in a sly voice.

My hazel eyes stared in disbelief when Sheryl seductively licked her top lip.

Together, they said, 'Please stay. We would love to have you.'

Wow! I've done some freaky shit-but I've never fucked a husband and his wife.

'Sure, but it will cost you extra,' I said dropping my clothes to the floor.


Damn, there is no better feeling than 2 mouths on my black dick at once.

The Deacon and his wife proved me right by eagerly swallowing my 9inch black pole.

Just like her husband-Sheryl knew how to please a black man's spine.

'Oh Damn. You guys are the best!' I said.

However, the Deacon's wife was truly the best dick sucker that I ever had.

My toes curled as she gently placed my shlong in her slutty mouth.

I felt so at peace when she bobbed updownupdown on my dick.

'Keep going, baby. Keep going,' I encouraged her.

Sheryl was no stranger to dick-she knew how to please a man-unlike her husband.

'Move over, honey. I want to suck his dick, too,' her punk ass husband said.

Man, I wish I could get rid of his bitch ass and fuck his wife. Oh well, I have a job to finish.

With that in mind, Sheryl moved away allowing her faggot husband a chance to suck my dick.

But instead of me giving him my piece-I bounced my cock on his forehead.

Doctor, you should have seen him-the more that I smacked him-the more excited he became.

'PLOP' was the sound I made smacking the faggot in the face with my 9inch black dick.

'You like that, bitch? You like me disrespecting you in front of your wife?' I asked him.


'Yes, Yes. Give it to me.'


From beating him with my dick-short streams of my pre-cum fell on his face.


Cum splattered on his nose-his eyes-his mouth-his gray locks.


After I covered his dark face with my clear pre-cum, I told his wife, 'Come and kiss your husband.'

And you know what-she did.

Sheryl gave her husband a passionate kiss.


Damn! The Deacon's wife tasted sinfully sweet.

I lay on the bed so that her furry pussy straddled my face and her faggot husband swallowed my dick.

I had the old girl whining, 'Oh! Eh! Oh!' as my tongue glided across her slit.

Simultaneously, Deacon Malcolm's wet mouth slobbered on my 9inch honey stick.

My strong hands pinched her brown nipples as Sheryl's body trembled-She was ready to blow.

'YES! Oh! Oh don't move. I-I!'

Before you knew it-Sheryl's wet slid down my throat.

Mmm, I can still taste her.


Sheryl's reaction to my oral tickling confirmed that she has never been fucked properly.

'Man, I am going to teach you how to fuck your wife.' I said to the Deacon.

I placed Sheryl in a missionary position while the Deacon watched like a good disciple.

For an old girl, Sheryl's pussy felt incredibly tight and wet! Upon impact, my nut was ready to bust.

'Damn, Deacon when was the last time you fucked your wife,' I said as my dick stuffed her twat.

She grabbed my muscular arms as my balls bounced against her hole.

'Oh! Eh!' Sheryl cried.

'See Deacon, you got to get all the way in there.'

In the corner, the Deacon jerked his black dick.

But I could have cared less about him-I just wanted to fuck his wife-and she wanted me, too.

When my hazel eyes connected with her dark almond eyes-I felt her need to have a real man.

'Owww! Yes!' she whimpered while holding her large brown jugs.

'You have to move your hips, man,' I said to the Deacon as I danced the lambada on his wife's cunt.

While dancing, I moved my left middle finger into Sheryl's tight ass hole.

Maybe the feeling of having both holes penetrated is the reason why Sheryl had another orgasm.

'OH! YES! AH! MORE PLEASE!' Sheryl screamed while her dark cherry spit juice on my 9inch dick.


'Hey, I want to be fucked, too,' the Deacon whined like a fag.

'You do-do you?' I responded.

I know what guy's like the Deacon are into-they like their asses ripped open.

The Deacon sat on all 4's so that his wife may suck on his chicken wing dick.

'SMACK!' was my hand slapping his black ass.

'You want some dick, nigga?' I asked.


'Yeah,' the Deacon said.


'Moan like a bitch, faggot.'


'ah! Yeah, fuck me!'


'I want your dick inside my shitty hole.'




The Deacon stayed on all 4's while I fucked the tar out of his ass.

Underneath him, Sheryl lovingly sucked his chicken wing dick-but I didn't have any love for this punk.

'Say it bitch! Say it to your wife!' I ordered him as my 9inch black dick shaped his ass into a pussy.

I could tell from how this hypocrite faggot's ass clutching my phat cock-he enjoyed my abuse.

'Say it! Tell your wife the truth!'

I had to fuck the Deacon HARDER/DEEPER.

'OOHHH!' the Deacon yelled.

He was in pain-but he refused to admit the truth.

'OH GOD!' the Deacon winched as his dark face cast a purple cloud.

Shit! I screamed inside as my dick was readying to explode-but the Deacon still hasn't told the truth.

As Sheryl continued sucking him dry-I was preparing to bust a nut in the Deacon's ass-when suddenly-


Deacon Malcolm's words flooded the room-as his cum drowned his wife's throat.

Having heard the faggot's words echo inside the room-I released my wet inside his ass.

'YEAH! OH SHIT!' I screamed feeling the joy of releasing a nut and taking away a man's dignity.


You see doctor, I have power.

Men/women are willing to disrespect themselves-destroy their relationships in order to suck my dick.

My uncut 9inch black dick has all men/women on their knees-and I get paid to humiliate them.

So tell me-why should I change?




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