“Dude, what happened?”

I stared in shock towards my seemingly comatose roommate, Alex, sitting almost naked in a sofa, letting sperm dripping slowly to the floor.

Like a toy just abandoned by it owners who thought that it could take care of itself. Disgusting.

I then remember that he has a date with his girlfriend, a peculiar one as when I leave for my shift, she arrived with another guy, someone who was totally unrelated to her by blood, and someone who I would like to commit crime for his approval.

3 hours…damn. I grab a bottle of water from my backpack, given by my co-worker who already has his own Tupperware bottle.

“Drink this, and after that take a shower.”

While he drank, his eyes started to show signs of life, finally noticing my eyes, looking at his body. He face blushed and quickly ran upstairs to his room.

I am still worried about him, but for now I let him compose himself first while I manage my own situation, like cleaning our living room.
 15 minutes of cleaning and arranging my stuff, I heard footsteps getting louder.
 “Um…Jay? Are you hungry?”

I looked at him, dressed up as the Alex I know and ignore, and nodded.

We are now sitting on the sofa again, eating microwaved Poutine prepared by him. Just like usual, except that the distance between us are closer than usual.

“Well, don’t pity me” Alex said with his mouth full of mozzarella. “I mean it is really hot to see Lisa getting fucked by Tom while I am tied up looking at her. But when they let me immediately after I have been released, I suddenly feel…miserable.”

He sighed and I responded with a small hug, surprising him but he didn’t resist.

“Alex, you have just experience a drop, where you feel symptoms of depression after an intense kink scene. Like you remember the day when I suddenly yelled at night? Well, a day before that I have a date, and the last activity I did with him is encouraging me to have a gangbang with his friends, it is definitely intense and memorable, but after all this, he simply kiss me a little, dropped me to my house like a doll and left. It took him 2 weeks for me to start speaking to that jerk again.”

“And I remember that I also hugged you like you did right now just to calm yourself, and both of us just slept in the same bed, cuddling each other that night.”

We laughed at the same time.

“So right now just rest, and let me take care of you.”

Alex snickered.

“Like what, having sex with me?”

I put both of my hands on his shoulders, and squeezed it hard, then softly, then consistently.

“How about sleeping in the same bed, dummy.”



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