"Boyfriend?" My manager Lisa asked

"Yes! Girl yes!!! He asked me out over the weekend"

Lisa seem less than thrilled since she had been trying to get me to date her brother for the past few months. He is a cuttie don't get me wrong. After wasting time at work and joking around with Lisa I decided that I should text Landon since I hadnt talked to him all day. He started to tell me how he missed class because his car broke down. I told him that this weekend we where going to find him a new ride. After work I had class. My teacher told us that we had to do a review over a restraunt. So I called Landon and told him that I would be over soon to pick him up. Once I arrived to his house he was standing outside in some blue sweat pants and a black wife beater. I was so excited to see him.

"Hey babe." I said

"Hey, whats up?!

"Nothing much, I have to go home and get a shower do you want to go out for dinner later? I have to do a review and there is a new spot downtown called Raveman."

"Sounds fun let me run in and grab some clothes to wear!"

When he got back we went to my house. He came in and undressed.

"Uh.." I said...Oddly

"We are taking a shower right?"

The way the sun was peaking in to the room made him look like a greek god! Musculer and hairy with his soft dick perched on his balls. I was drooling. He was magnificant his brown eyes glistend in the light.


"Good I need one hahahaha" He chuckled

We made our way to the bathroom, while the water was gettin warm he reached over and grabbed my head and started to kiss me. I put my hands on his ass and started to massage his perfct cheeks. We got into the shower and statred to lather each other up. He started to get hard and so did I. I wanted to save it for later so I drew back and said...


He nodded and we rinsed off. When we got out and got all dyed off. After getting dressed we set out to the restraunt. Raveman was a prehistoric/disco prodomantly gay spot. We got in and took our seats and there was so many things to choose from on the menu. I decided to get the Ass'Kicking Chicken and Fries, Landon got a House salad. We both got wine. The scene was good there where gay couples all around. While taking notes and such I noticed a cute couple sit down next to us. One of them had blonde hair, he was very sexy. About 6"1' and had a athletic build. The other about 5"8' he on the other hand was very cut and musculer with black hair, his shirt was unbuttoned a bit so that you could see his patch of fur.

"Hi there" the blonde one said to us

"Hi" we replied

"I'm Kyle this is my boyfriend Landon" Boyfriend still excited

The shorter hairy looked up and said

"Im Nico and this is Kevin. Nice to meet you." He said

"Nice to meet you all as well" I smiled

"You all enjoying your meal?" Landon said

"Yes its quite well, quite well indeed" Kevin replied

"Yeah Kyle here is writing a review for his Food Lit class, My man here is going to be a cheff!"

"He is so sweet, if you dont mind can I use your all's input in my review. I may get some extra credit for someones opioion"

"We dont mind at all. Would you all like to join us at our place for some drinks later?" Nico asked

"Sure we dont have anything else planed for the night, I'm sure"

Landon said and looked at me, I shruged my shoulder and said

"Nothing at all we would be delighted, thank you for letting me use your input on the restraunt in my paper its the least we can do!"

We got into our cars and Landon and I followed them to there apartment. It was downtown in a very nice building.

"This is a nice place you all have" I said

"Thank you" They said at the same time and chuckeld

Nico went over to the fridge and grabbed out some beers, then turned on some music. After conversing and a few drinks Landon gave me a look, And I looked down and saw what time it was. We looked over and Kevin had his hands on Nico's chest and was playing with his curly fur. Nico grabbed his face and started to make out with him. I started to get a little turned on by it and Landon could tell so he started to kiss me. Kevin stuck his hand down Nicos pants and I could see that he was hard. Nico unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his dick he was about 8" and Kevin started to blow him. Landons pants quickly rose so I took the same approach that Kevin took and took out Landons dick and started to suck it. Nico started to undress Kevin I couldnt belive this was happening. Nico soon started to undress himself the where both naked and then Kevin got on Nicos lap and started to ride his dick. Landon took off his pants and I took off mine. Landon was strong so got on his lap and started to ride his cock his muscles started to get tense and I started to kiss him and I started to moan. Nico stood up and bent Kevin over and started to drive his asshole Kevin was moaning louder and louder. Landon then stood up but I didnt get off his lap he was holding me. He put my back aginst the wall and I stood up he started to suck me, I was so aroused that I came quick. Kevins moans stoped but Nicos started Kevin was rimming his ass then he stuck his hard cock in Nicos ass. Landon bent me over and started to fuck me. He was turned on I could tell. It hur a little I started to moan louder and louder, so did Nico. It became a compitition for Landon and Kevin to see who could make their lover moan the loudest. Nico started to yell

"Fuck me, Fuck me!! Ah give it to me"

Landon started to ram me!

"Ahhh yes, yes! Fuck me! Harder harder! FUCK ME LANDON!!!!" I let out a loud moan!!!

Kevin let out a moan.

"Ahhh ohhh" He came

Soon Landon jerked me close to him and blew his load in my ass. He tusted and poudned his huge cock into my ass with each blow!!

As we all got dressed, Kevin looked up and said

"You guys are fun, brave to! We have got to hang out again soon"

Nico nodded

"Maybe a foursome next time" Nico implied

"Maybe, we will"

Landon said then he kissed me, as we said our goodbyes to our new found friends I was kinda glad to be going home and getting to lay down and relax with the man that I love.



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