Nicky quickly settled into his new life at sea. Oh he was a bit queasy once as he got used to the constant rocking of the good ship "Jasper", as she ran quarter into the choppy sea. He never really did get sea sick though.

He grinned in a bit of self satisfaction as he saw the crews cabin boy Andy, a sallow faced lad of 14, violently heaving and retching at the rail, as he miserably and slowly got his own sea legs.

Nicky had it easier than most too. He was immediately bunked in the captains quarters, a spacious and elegant room instead of the crowded and rank crew quarters. He knew that his luck in being "up front" had a lot to do with Rocky the first mate.

The thought of Rocky sent a shiver up his spine. He knew now, a month into the voyage that the first mate was a cruel man. It wasn't just the way Rocky used him for his own sexual pleasure, that he was handling ok, it was also the way he treated the rest of the crew.

The "Jasper" was what was known as a "hell ship." It was ruled in the tradition of the day by the force and strength of the first mate, Rocky. All seamen of the time knew that was the way that the ships were operated, just some had especially cruel firsts, and the "Jasper" was one.

Rocky seemed to enjoy to no end tormenting his crew. They were an especially young lot, probably due to the ships reputation. A fair number of the hands were inexperienced boys in their teens. Lars was one of the more experienced of the deck crew, yet he himself was not over 19. At any infraction the first mate was quick to mete out punishment in the form of blows and at worst a lashing at the mast.

Rocky was not gentle with his new cabin boy either. After finding out that the boy was so naive and willing to submit to his desires he used every chance he could to fuck the boy. After the first month at sea the routine was firmly established. The first mate expect and got the use of the boy 3 times a day, usually after each shift change. He was brusque and to the point. No words were spoken as he entered the captains quarters. The boy would be expecting his by now. The muscular man would lower his trousers and expose his flaccid cock. Nicky would willingly lick and suckle the member to life with his by now experienced tongue and mouth. As the thick cock hardened and grew in Nicky's mouth, a feeling the boy truly enjoyed, the mans big hands would turn the boy around and jerk his fancy pants down. There Nicky's little hairless bottom and immature ball sac would be exposed.

With no gentleness the big man would thrust into the greased hole of the boy. Again and again he would roughly thrust into the tight little hole and Nicky, thoroughly enjoying the fucking would moan loudly and squeal as the big ball sac would slap against his ass. That Nicky enjoyed these rough fuckings was a shock to Rocky but he would have fucked him regardless. The boy was by far the best sexual experience he had had and he knew he would do anything to keep the boy in his possession. Rocky usually ended with a rough thrust as he shot his thick load up the boys ass and then with a grunt he would withdraw his cock with a juicy pop from Nicky's ass.

He always insisted Nicky wear light colored silk pants so that the cum would show plainly to all as is seeped out of the by now loosening ass. He had, after all been the first mates fuck toy for a month now and even Nicky, who was not good at math knew he had been fucked a lot of times.

The Captain too used the boy for his own pleasure but it was so infrequent and so much more gentle in nature that Nicky almost disregarded those encounters completely. Rocky, with his huge sexual appetite was what dominated Nicky's days and nights.

The rest of the crew was more than aware of Nicky and what Rocky did to him. For one thing the ship was small and the squeals of Nicky and the grunts of Rocky as he fucked the boy could usually be heard clearly. For another, they were too busy trying to keep clear of the first mate and when he was roughly fucking the boy he wasn't harassing them.

Rocky took to whipping the crew more and more. At first it wasn't as obvious that he was using any excuse to whip a hapless crewman but was time went on it was more apparent that he was using the whippings as en extension of his current sexual frenzy. An example wa s when he whipped Chris, the young deckhand.

Rocky had confronted the boy an deck. "Slacking, are ye", the big man hissed at the frightened lad. "Ye been leaning on that mop fer 5 minutes. A whippings what ye need boy."

The frightened lad was immediately drug to the mast and his shirt ripped off. His lank frame was exposed and as the boy was almost crying, the First mate, with an evil grin on his face slapped the bare skin with the cat-0-nine tails lightly. As the lad cried out he lashed him again. Rocky, flushed now had an obvious hard on as his pants were tightly jutting up in front of him. He lashed his again before releasing him. "That will learn ya lad", he smirked.

Nicky scampered in to the cabin as he knew Rocky would be worked up and want him. Sure enough the man strode in and still flushed, roughly fucked the cabin boy again. Nicky groaned and squealed as the hard cock thrust in and out of his ass. He just couldn't help himself. It just felt so good when the cock rubbed deep, deep in his ass.

Meanwhile, the crew, led by Lars started whispering amongst themselves.

They were planning to plot against the first mate and his heavy handed ways!

Meanwhile, Rocky was plotting a plot of his own. He was so taken by his cabin boy he was trying to think a way to keep him with him after the end of this voyage. He was stricken too by the thought of the boys upcoming puberty. Almost daily he checked for signs of hair growth or signs that the little ball sac was maturing. So far even the little cocklet hadn;t changed but the twisted first mate knew it was only a matter of time.

Nicky once overheard a heated discussion between the Captain, who he now knew was a drunkard sod who rarely decided anything without Rocky and the first mate himself.

"Yer cain do no such thing to the boy" the captain slurred. "Ye can hang fer such".

The first mate was using a wheeding tone that Nicky hadn't heard before. It wasn;t too long before the captain finally consented. "Alright, yer cain do that to the boy but on more."

The boy, who had been listening, was summoned to the cabin. Rocky, upon getting the captains consent planned on hatching his evil plan before the captain changed his mind or sobered up.

"So". the captian slurred. "My medical man on board needs ter fix a problem yer have."

"Problem?" Nicky stuttered.

"Yer gotta problem that needs remedying afore it gets worse. Yer could loose a foot iffen it spreads!"

The frightened and big eyed Nicky asked pleadingly. "What do I need to do sir. I don't want my foot off!"

"There there consoled the captain. "Rocky here will fix you right up."

With that he indicated that the boy should lay down on the hard wooden plank. Rocky appeared with his medical instruments and sharp scalpels.

"Yer should take this" the captain slurred as he gave the boy a sleeping drought as well as a shot of hs whiskey. With a sputtered boy downed the drink, fearful of the consequenses of whatever ailment the captain had found.

Thus the boy dozed off and didn't feel the first mate slide his pants off. Rocky wore his most evil grin as he took his sharpend scappel and sliced the tiny sac of the boy. The boy only groand softly as the man with an evil chuckle started to slice in towards the tiny immature veins attached to the boys little balls. One more slice and he would be castrated!

What happened next Nicky could only gather from facts after the fact. The boy was after all drugged and groggy on the hard wood plank.

With a crash and a splintering of the door in burst Lars and the rest of the crew. Lars' face was flushed and angry with a fire from within. The big first mate gaught offgard in the middle of his evil deed immediately got his wits about him. Roaring like an angry bull he and Lars went after each other. Lars his face bleding from a gash stumbled out the door towards the rail, with the angry and triumphant Rocky right behind.

No one knows what exactly happened next. Whether it was a foolish slip from the sure footed Rocky or an intentional push from another crewman, Rocky with a roar of an angrt bull suddenly slipped against the railing and with arms flailing went over the side and splashed into the water below.

A sudden silence filled the void left by the recent violence. The crew retreated to their cabin, like guiltily slinking cats. Would they hang for this?

Lars, on the other hand raced back into the cabin and scooped up the little sleeping boy like a limp ragdoll. Had he been on time? Had he saved the boy from the first mates dastardly plan? The captain, in the meantime snored in the corner, deep in an alchoholic slumber.

Long before little Nicky had emerged from his drugged sleep the crew had already covered their tracks. It was a serious situation, one they could all have paid a heavy price for. After confronting the captain, the old sot had with very little convincing entered a simple notation in the ships log. It read, "at 1650 hours on this date of August 17 1752 first mate Rocky Hess was lost at sea." As simple as that the life of this long feared sea farer was done and soon forgotten.

The captain with little thought except what to drink next promoted Lars to the position of first mate and retreated to his cabin.

It was a happy ship after that. The men fairly danced and sang old sea tunes as they went about their work onder the watchful eye of the youthful Lars. The ship was in the tropics now and the men were rarely dressed in more than their dungees. Their fit and muscled bodies fairly shown with the glistening of sweat, and the constant dank smell of sweat hung heavily in the crew cabin.

It was to this scene that little Nicky emerged from the dark cabin to and came to deck the next day. He blinked at the bright daylight and hobbled painfully to a stool and sat, soaking in the rejuvinating rays. Lars, tall blueeyed and handsome stopped work and went to his side. "How ya doin tiger", he touseled his hair playfully. Nicky grinned up at the tower of a man.

The rest of the day Nicky either sat, enjoying the sights and smells of the working ship or lay in his bunk. His wound did hurt by by the next day the worst had passed and he enjoyed another relaxing day on deck. This time he mainly enjoyed the sights of the crewmen themselves. Gads, he was already missing the daily fucking sessions!

It was towards evening when Lars bashfully told him he needed to inspect his wound for healing and infection. Nicky complaciently followed Lars inside and willingly shucked his clothes so the tall man could carefully look for signs of trouble.

At 19 Lars was hardly an experienced medic but he did know the rudiments of first aid so he proceeded as best he could.

As Lars carefully looked over the tiny undeveloped penis and wounded ball sac, Nickys hand deftly crept up the leg of the first mate. Lars blushed and kept up his inspection. The open wounds had healed. Only time would tell if he had rescued him in time. Meanwhile the gentle probing and exploration of Nickys little hands was getting more persistant. Despite Lars' willing it not to happen his cock was starting to slowly harden and extend down his left pant leg. Now that the little cabin boy was getting results his hands moved more quickly. The resultant bulge was impressive indeed. He could already tell that this man/boy outsized his former sexmate.

Lars let out a groan. "Ya really like it doncha" he muttered without even bothering to say what "it" was. "I heard ya whith Rock so many times and yer squealin and squacken sounded like ya liked it."

Nicky grinned. He was getting the result he wanted from this handsome young man. "It just feels so good." he breathed. "I just caint describe the sensation of when his member was a thrustin in me. I know he was mean about it but it was a fine, fine feelin." He looked coyly at the now fully blushing Lars. "I caint but wonder how it would be within a nice man."

Slowly his hands slipped the breeches down from the new first mate. A heavy swollen cock appeared as it was freed from its captive location. Nicky slowly flicked his tongue along the length. Lars groaned. As Lars recieved a heros worth of attention from the diminuitive cabin boy a small crowd quietly gathered to watch. There was afterall no privacy on this small ship.

Lars, his cock too long niglected, was now pulsing with anticipation. As nicky by now knew what to expect he deftly switched postions so his inviting bottom was pressed upwards and in full view of the horned up Lars. The first mate groaned and using the precum a s lube slowly slide his member in the willing hole. Slowly at first and then with more confidence he thrust into the boy. Nicky responded with squeaks and moans and enthusiastic squeals. The huge cock felt so good as it rubbed in and out of his hole. The big hairy balls slapped his butt wildly until all too soon came the familiar grunt and flood of warmth. Lars still red faced relaxed his rigid body and grinning slowly withdrew.

As he lay there panting a crewman by the name of Saul, tapped on his shoulder. "Sir", he said in a pleading voice. "Ah just gotta get ma ashes hauled, ok?" Lars looked questioningly at Nicky who grinned and nodded a quick yes. Lars had cum so quickly he was more than ready for more.

Saul immediately doffed his clothes and flipping the boy on his back quickly entered the still slippry hole. The cum from the recent fucking made easy entry for the older man. WIth vigor and not much style the man quickly humped the boy until he came with a groan.

It was a day of transition for Nicky. By days end it was well established that Nicky had the right to say yea or nay to sex with anyone on the ship. While Lars with his big cock and gentle ways was his favorite, he generally was more inclined to a yea with any of the crew.

It was always like opening a cristmas present to see a new cock for the first time and he never tired of the bulbulous entry and rythmic rubbing deep inside his hole. His favorites were the bumbling first times with a few of the teen crewmembers. The shaking sweaty hands, the fumbling of the teen cocks and the quick rapid thrusts as he helped make their first sexual memories.

It was a happy ship indeed that sailed these tropical waters. The only hint of a dark shadow was as Nicky waited in vain for the first signs of puberty. A sprouting hair and growing of his cock or balls. Indeed his self exploration of his tiny ball sac showed just the opposite happining. The little balls seemed to shrink even further. Privately he knew the truth.

The rescue had not been in time and he would be hairless forever. Secretly this did not displease him as he knew how men craved him and he wanted that so much from men.

Indeed this tranquil life could have gone on indefinitely except for an inopportune stop at a small seemingly deserted island. Nicky always up for a good fuck, was on the beach getting humped by Sam the husky sailmaker. He had heard shouts but he was in his estatic state and couldn't be bothered.

When the big man had cum and they looked around they couldn't believe their eyes. The rest of the crew was long gone, paddling away wildly. Sam and Nicky were surrounded by a huge group of armed cannabals!


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